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  1. strengthen gun purchase & posession restrictions for mentally ill individuals under the baker act. If a court involuntarily commits someone because they are a risk to themselves or others, they would be required to surrender all firearms and not regain the right to purchase or posess firearms until a court hearing. We're also pproposing a minimum 60 day period before an individual could ask the court to restore access to firearms also, we will require all individuals purchasing firearms to be 21 or older There will be exceptions for law enforcement, active duty military guard members, & their spouses.next, we will prohibit a person from posessing or purchasing firearms if they are subject to an injunction for protection against stalking, cyber stalking, dating violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, or domestic violence. We will establish enhanced criminal penalties for threats to schools like social media threats of shootings or bombings. we will also enhance pealties if any person posesses or opurchases a gun after they have been deemed by state law to not have access to a gun. and ban the purchase or sale of bump stocks
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