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  1. Data Engineer – Remote Working Available - Contract - Immediate Start
  2. Contract length: Initial 4-6 Week Assignment. Day Rate: £300-£400 per day dependant on experience. Start Date: Immediate
  3. Computer Futures are seeking an experienced Data Engineer for a key client based of ours, full remote working available for an initial 4-6 week project assignment.
  5. We are looking for a data engineer to carry out the following below:
  6. • Extract data from a variety of formats (JSON, XML and CSV)
  7. • build SQL schemas and load the data into PostgreSQL
  8. • provide queries for analysis
  9. Essential Skills Required:
  10. • Experience with PostgreSQL
  11. • Experience using AWS
  12. • Experience extracting data from JSON, XML and CSV
  13. Desirable Skills:
  14. • Experience with RDF
  15. Other Information:
  16. • If the position is of interest please get in touch with Roshana Anwar immediately on 0117-9103333 and I’ll look forward to hear from you.
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