Silumgar's 2nd attempt, Fist hardening

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  1. Silumgar walks off from the tree village, heading towards the cave he created the other day while he was mining for silver. Approaching the cave he looked up at the great big hole he had created from his last mining session. Looking up at the rock face as he slammed his hands together as he focused his power in his hands before jumping up and bringing his hands down against the earth.
  3. Smashing his hands hard against the cave floor right in front of the back of the cave wall the rocks started to rapidly crack and fall. Boulders of all sizes came raining down to the ground Silumgar jumped back from the way of the falling rocks. Once the rocks settled down and stopped falling he walked up to the first boulder before smashing his fist into the rock.
  5. The rock shattered into a few pieces from Silumgar's punch, he stepped closer and looked at the rocks for a few seconds. Seeing the ones that contained some silver he tossed them out towards the entrance of the cave. Pulling back his hand once again as he focused all his strength into his next strike as he plowed his hand again into another boulder.
  7. The boulder shattered into a few large pieces as his hand connected with the boulder, sending some smaller fragments flying. He once again pulled his hand back only to slam it into the next boulder with just as much power. Shifting to the next boulder he quickly did a few boxing strikes against the rock before it too shattered into pieces.
  9. Pulling his hands back again he took a deep breath as he watched the rocks fall to the ground from his strikes. Bending down to the rocks he picked through the pile only tossing out the ones that contained silver. Piling them all in a pile by the entrance before he walked back to the cave wall, smashing one fist into the wall as hard as he could.
  11. Silumgar pulled his hand back as a boulder fell to the ground from the force of his strike. Looking at the boulder for a moment he took a deep breath before he started to box the wall, striking it fairly hard. With each of his strikes that connected with the wall, cracks started to spread upwards from the point of impact.
  13. He was slowly chipping away at the rock wall with each strike he made, maintaining his breathing as he did. Flexing his muscles tightly before letting loose a swift hard strike against the wall. His fists smashed into the rock as he was just starting to feel the pain from the impacts of each punch he threw.
  15. Several large boulders finally broke out of the side of the wall hitting the ground beside him. Pulling back he looked at each of the boulders carefully for any signs of silver before he balled his fists. He smashed his hand right into the rock making the rock shatter due to the force of his strike.
  17. Looking at the smaller rocks he had created only to find some nice sized pieces of silver which he then chucked into the pile he was making. Moving on to the next boulder he took a deep breath as pulled his hand back once more. Letting loose a swift hard strike against the rock causing it to shatter into several pieces due to the sheer force of his strike.
  19. He then collected the pieces of silver he saw tossing them into the pile before he moved back to the wall. Focusing his energy all into his fists again he jumped up before slamming his fists down against the earth. The rock wall in front of him shattered and large boulders fell around the dinosaur, and he batted away the ones that were going to hit him.
  21. As the rocks stopped falling he quickly went to work with the boulders that fell, walking up to them before he smashed his fist into them. Smashing the boulder into smaller rocks as he pummeled the boulders. His hands were beginning to hurt with each strike he made but he pushed forward.
  23. Once he was done one rock he would move to the next, quickly boxing the boulders into smaller rocks. His hands stung with pain as he was nearing his breaking point with his strikes being more painful for himself. He reeled in his fist before smashing it hard against the boulder cracking it into several smaller pieces.
  25. He kept on pummeling all of the remaining boulders into the smaller rocks with each strike his fists would start to bleed. Blood dripped from his fists as they were at their limits only to pull his hand back. Looking down at the ground towards the pile of smaller rocks he made before he quickly collected all of the rocks.
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