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  1. Juan Chaparro says
  2. Yup
  3. Wanna see my cyber with SIlver?
  4. xD
  5. -*-His wide tongue begins to cover her pussy, as the heat could be felt against his nose while he licked her. The tongue savoring her human taste.-*-
  6. //. Felt the cold of his nose, the feel of the creature's heat against the cold making her extra excited. She was in perfect mounting position, vulnerable and naked as she enjoys the feel of his thick, velvety muscle running over her heated hole. Her nectar covers his tongue and nose, the scent of her heat thick and heady in the air, intoxicating to the wolf.
  7. -*-The Alpha Wolf's claws dug unto the ground, the thick muscle grinding against her cunt, and as her juices covered his muzzle, he'd savor the flavor. The sensation of her twat being exposed, and her ass in the air caused him to become excited. His tail wagging back and forth eagerly as he began the mating process, mounting the tiny female, and thrusting as his thick cock began to grow erect.<c>
  8. Those vicious claws pinning her down, as they pinned her by the shoulder blades. His thighs slapping her ass cheeks rapidly as he began to ram his cock inside her warm, tight cunt. Violently pounding his shaft into her, knotting the female so roughly that her tits bounced back and forth wildly.-*-
  9. //. She rested her cheek against the ground, a submissive whimper escaping her lips when he started to mount her that soon turned into screams and cries of pleasure. a
  10. Allowing herself to be bred she gave in to the pleasure of his much larger love rod, her fingers working at her swollen clit to speed her emminent orgasm. She tried to maintain her composure but soon Orgasm washed over her, her pussy coating his cock, knot, and balls with it's juices, giving him more of her body to work with. Each of his violent, purposeful thrusts pushed against her cervix <C
  11. and just a bit past, into the tighter, shorter hole which led to her chamber. Her walls tried to milk his member of his puppy juice, squeezing, milking, convulsing while she moaned and whimpered and cried.
  12. -*-The larger Alpha Wolf's claws sank unto her back, the claws were sharp and ragged, dangerous and vicious. Licking at her back, the massive wolf had full control of the situation, there was no compensation in size, she was simply smaller, and he was a massive wolf. The knot sank deeper into her tight cunt, violating the sanctuary of sexual pleasure, thrusting in and out with rapid thuds. Slap<c>
  13. slap slap! Those were the sounds which were heard each time he pounded his cock inside her. The hot red, throbbing, pulsing shaft indulging in her pussy. After quick strokes of long-lasting pleasure, to be enjoyed again and again! He'd come close to orgasm as he snarled. His thighs had caused her ass cheeks to become a scarlet red colour from the abuse. Shafting her was deliciously sadistic, as<c>
  14. he continued to penetrate into her tight, wet, juicy cunny, cramming his entire rod inside her, knotting her with a hard pound that she screamed and writhed, perhaps even try to get away as he violated the fuck out of her. The orgasm that she had was a lubrication to his cock, as it delved inside her. Finally the thrusting became faster and faster, as blast after blast of jizz came from his wolf<c
  15. shaft. The sheath was hot, warm like a fuzzy heat rod, and as the jizz continued to be blasted, wave after wave, he could feel her insides be filled by his wolf juices. Unmounting her, his cock would slide out of her cunt, the knot exposing her twat as he removed himself from her. The cum overflowing from her pussy, as it slithered and dripped from her gaping cunt, which had been used, abused, <c>
  16. smashed to his satisfaction.-*-
  17. //. The bloodying of her back was like a catalyst, the pain washing away by pleasure, the fear swept away by lust. Even at the mercy of such a violent beast she was not afraid, he would not hurt her, she was his. Her tiny body could easily take his cock, her belly stretching and molding around him, seen underneath her flesh, the beast's mating rod claiming her in such a way that could not be <c
  18. repaired. She tried to orgasm once more before he had knotted her, rubbing furiosly at her torn and violated clit as he pounded but ended up having to steady herself on all fours, losing the battle against the Alpha above her. She revelled in his stamina, her orgasms had already ended and she had begun to tire until he popped that knot inside her tight cunny, tearing her apart as both cum <c
  19. blood drooled down her thighs. Though in pain she was quite delirious, lost in the throws of pleasure as the mateship bond was completed, his cum flooding into her pussy and womb. Silver had believed he would stay, afraid of his knot tearing it's way out and damaging her and her fears proved true as he tore out, more blood and cum running down her thighs, pooling onto the floor as her <C
  20. stretched, abused puppy hole was open to his view.
  21. -*-The Massive Alpha Wolf sniffed her cunt, he could feel the heat still coming, but she was already down. He did not care, instead he mounted her once more. Bitting down on her neck, his claws pushed her torso down against the ground, his sheath rubbing against her bloody clit as the blood and cum lubricated it. Thrusting viciously once more and the cock would become excited again. There was<c>
  22. no mercy in his work, and he expected her rump to be raised higher into the heavens, so he forced her. His claws coiled slightly upon her thighs for a better grip, as he began to hump her ass. The hot , red rod shafting into her torn pussy again. Not only was her twat ripped and opened, jagged and almost destroyed, but it was warm, and pulsing as if she wanted more and more. So he pounded into <c>
  23. harder than before, disregarding her tiny frame and violently, viciously raping the fuck out of her. Blood continued to gush, cum squirting from her as he pounded into her. Because of his pelvis ramming her ass cheeks constantly, they became red, and bloody from the constant impact. Smack smack smack! Slap slap slap! OH The carnage! The unholy lust! The pleasure of flesh grinding flesh and warm,<c
  24. sweet ecstacy, as the cock punished her, destroying her. The intruding of the knot making its presence again as he ripped and forced. Smashing his cock wholesomely inside her rapidly, and wildly.-*-
  25.  - says
  26. .__________________________.;
  27. Juan Chaparro says
  28. //. felt the sniffing once more, whimpering as she already began to feel the ache of his earlier pounding. Panicking as he mounted her once more, his teeth on his neck, and the feel of his still hard cock preparing itself for breeding. She howled to the heavens when he penetrated her abused hole, stretching, tearing, claiming her in every way. She kept her rump raised, despite the ache in <C
  29. her body telling her to push him off, but she gave in to save his anger. Her ass smarted which each of his thrusts her pussy tightening painfuly around his swollen knot claimed her womb once more. She loved this though, the breeding, her heat demanded it, the beast wanting to only be sated by the strongest male and here he was, on top of her, claiming her, breeding her. Sweet was the scent <c
  30. of the sex and the blood and the fluids pouring from the two. His breeding much more enjoyable than anything she could ever imagine, the sating of her heat the greatest relief, like an itch to never be scratched. She enjoyed her feral attitude, the reckless abandon at which he had bred her, unlike any other male, human or animal, he had wanted her.
  31. -*-The Alpha Wolf yawned, if she thought this was over, she was far from wrong, no he continued to pound into her heated cunt, abusing her to an extreme. Forcing his knot even deeper than before, and now it was possible as she was torn and shredded due to his abusive thrusting. He had smashed the entirety of his member inside her, and as a result had reached full inside her, while he continued<c>
  32. thrust like Alpha Wolf that he was. Howling into the sky he rammed even harder, reaching the tiny hole of the depths of her cunt, threatening to stretch it as well, while he violated her. Now the blood flowed freely, overflowing as cum lashed out from her cunt from the previous fuck. He'd make her cum again over and over, his throbbing cock grinding against her cunt walls, pounding the g spot<c>
  33. violently over and over. The slight gyrating movement causing an odd sensation, heat pulsing through his cock, and seemingly melting inside her as she became tighter. Feeling like his second climax was about to come once more, he began to pound harder, twice, thrice! Ripping and tearing, slamming and cramming! Sweet ecstacy! Her sweat beads becoming apparent, the smell of sex and dirty lust <c>
  34. made into an aroma that seemed to linger even after so many times of pounding and flesh consuming. Stretching her to her limit, and if possible more. Knotting her so hard that it would be seen against her abdomen as a bulge, hard and thick, pommeling her relentlessly.-*-
  35. //.Began to dance under him, shoving her hips, meeting his thrusts, keeping him in, pressed against her womb. She enjoyed it, loved it even, the feel of him, the animal lust which rode him. Despite the pain she had forced herself to enjoy him. taking ever inch of his member with a moan, a scream, a smile. Her Alpha, her mate! Being taken was more than she expected those, this stamina, the <C
  36. pain and the pleasure of his ministrations, a psychotic dance of passion. Each thrust kept her orgasms going, milking, squeezing, wanting his cum which already coated her insides, his knot locking it in. Eyes closing face to the ground once more, letting him have her as she began to lose consciousness, blood loss, fatigue, hunger, and multiple orgasms.
  37. -*-Howled louder as he continued to thrust, faster and harder, deeper, blood-curdling screams that would be ushered from her as he violated her fully. The amount of force behind his thrusts carried on as undulations of her skin, the pounding becoming excruciatingly painful as he tore more of her cunt. Finally with a flurry of rapid thrusts, he began to release his seed inside of her, quite <c>
  38. literally inside of her. The hot, milky, thick, white cum rushing inside her pussy, forcing its way deeper inside her pussy as she milked him. The cum did not stop but it continued to overfill her, filling her stomach as he had successfully fully made penetration. The load was legendary, releiving himself inside her, as he finally pulled out, the cum overflowing and pouring from her womb. Her <c>
  39. clit was throbbing and torn, destroyed, her cunt just as much abused and smashed, twitching with pleasure. His cock pouring the cum that continued to be released unto her ass cheeks and back. Unmounting her as he saw her body forcefully tired out.-*-
  40. //. Felt the warmth of his cum and the sheer amount of it distending her belly and womb, her breathing deep. She tried to stay awake through the whole ordeal, passing out while he came and tried to turn about, his knot tying them together. Keeping his seed locked inside her womb to ease her heat, ass to ass they were locked, her soreness not easing even through her pleasure induced sleep.
  41. -*-The male pulled out, harshly, uncaring to the damage, watching as his knot slid out of her violently, and painfully. Licking her neck he nuzzled it, mounting her once more, but this time from the front. He began to thrust harshly as his cock became erect, being shoved into her mouth, and indulging her in the blood and cum that had lubricated it. Thrusting faster and faster, deeper into her <c>
  42.  - says
  43. ...o__________________________e;
  44. Juan Chaparro says
  45. throat as she savored his knot inside her mouth now.-*-
  46. //. Pressed her tongue to his underside, muffling her ragged scream, keeping him suctioned to the roof of her mouth, tasting herself on his member as he face fucked her.
  47. -*-He bit her ear gently as he continued to face fuck her, the thick cock slamming into her throat harshly, wanting to cum in her mouth as well. The tip of his cock being squeezed by her throat as it bulged against her throat.-*-
  48. //. She gagged upon his tip, convulsing her throat around his cock, seh tried to pull back, pull him out, her mouth not built for such a large cock.
  49. -*-he continued to thrust into her, ignoring her pleas, ramming and cramming his shaft, his trunk inside her so harshly. Finally releasing a load of jizz into her throat as he continued to thrust. Except he'd begin to pull out, while he thrusted, the cum spraying her entire mouth, filling her with his wolf cum, as it dripped from the corner of her lips from being overfilled. Pulling his knot out
  50. of her in the process.-*-
  51. //. licks her lips, tasting the bitter, salty wolf seed. She swallowed as much as she could but then gagged, some of it spitting onto the floor as she coughed.
  52. -*-The wolf unmounted her own physique and landed on the ground, stretching out, and although he could still continue, he saw that she was exhausted..Oh what the hell, he tackled her, mounting her rear once more, except this time he'd force the head of his trunk deep into her asshole. Thrusting back and forth had provided a challenge as she was a lot tighter in that area. His cock seemed to slirp
  53. and slap as it rammed into her asshole without mercy, the lubrication of the remaining cum upon his cock had provided him and easy entrance and penetration.-*-
  54. //. Pushes back, a scream tearing from her lips, she scrabbled at the floor, her ass being claimed by force yet again, "Off..." she growled, not wishing to be mated there
  55. -*-He growled at her, watching as she did not wish, but he did. She had once asked for this, and now he would deliver. A vicious bite was given to her neck in a dominant warning as he thrusted harder, and faster, she should have thought about the consequences in engaging this wolf, thoroughly. And thus he began to tear that shit up. The canines upon her neck tightening, he was raping her.-*-
  56. //. Whimpers lightly, giving in, her body limp below him, submissive, allowing him to rape her ass as he would despite the pain she had felt.
  57. -*-There was a snarl that was ushered from the depths of his taut vocal cords, the dominance of the wolf was greater now, and the bite had pinned her down fully. The submitting of the female was inevitable as he smashed his cock inside her asshole. Thrusting fast and hard, stretching her asshole as his cock entered and pulled out, her ass cheeks were already red, and bleeding from abusive impact,
  58. but this was worse, he was indulging in her and taking her for her worth, everything, and he enjoyed it. Whether she screamed or yelled, the pain would not end, only continue, that was until his knot sought inside her, and pushed in, grinding against the flesh between her asshole and pussy, stimulating the pleasure point.-*-
  59. //. Bit her lip, tearing through it, blood pouring down her thighs, by all reality she should've already been dead but she was made of stronger stuff, she gave into his brutal raping, starting to enjoy it, moaning out, crying out, trying to enjoy this as much as she could.
  60. -*-And his knot slapped inside her, grinded, rubbed, pleasured. The tip of his cock pleasing her asshole as he invaded her further. Pounding into her faster and faster as he rammed her. Finally, however, ending her mixed pain and pleasure, as he'd release his seed inside her once more, the hot sensation of his sticky, ivory milk filling her, and surround his cock as he began to remove himself from
  61. inside her. The load slithering down and dripping from her asshole.-*-
  62. -*-The knotting causing incredible pain, but he'd pull out slowly, as the knot slid out harmlessly, although stretching her to the limit.-*-
  63. //. Whimpers once more, feeling the warm enema of his cum in her ass, when he withdrew she fell onto her belly, into the pile of cum.
  64. -*-The Alpha Wolf yawned and laid down beside her, watching her as she fell against the pool of cum.-*-
  65.  - says
  66. ._________________________.'
  67. ...wolf on girl?
  68. WOLF ON GIRL?!
  69. Juan Chaparro says
  70. Lol
  71. ;D
  72. What ya think? ;D
  73.  - says
  74. Crazy...
  75. ...just crazy...
  76. >_>;
  77. Juan Chaparro says
  78. Haha
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