/asg/ Retailer Guide

Jul 21st, 2014
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  1. Disclaimer: There are no links because /asg/ does not specifically sanction or recommend any specific retailer. Use Google. This guide is meant to provide a list of reputable retailers for newbies. Your experiences may vary.
  3. If you have any retailer in your country or locality that you think should be on the list, quote the OP and mention it with a quick overview, I'll probably see it and update the pastebin.
  5. Japan:
  6. >Echigoya
  7. Probably the most accessible Japanese airsoft shop. Specializes in Tokyo Marui. Ships internationally.
  9. Hong Kong:
  10. >Redwolf Airsoft
  11. Good selection, rarer guns and parts listed, fast shipping. Tend to have higher prices, fewer shipping options. UK branch good for getting stuff without the high shipping in the EU. Good customer service
  13. >eHobbyAsia
  14. One of the most comprehensive selections you'll find, low prices, more shipping options including courier. Plenty of discontinued product listings, but fewer than WGC. Decent customer service.
  16. >War Gamer Club (WGC)
  17. Huge assortment which tends to stagnate after some time (especially for spare parts), they leave the oldest parts in their lists for a long time.
  19. >Airsoft-Club
  20. Fairly new retailer that only recently started selling guns, and has a large selection of budget Chinese guns. Mainly focuses on gear and apparel, though does have a decent albeit limited selection of parts and accessories. Pricey shipping unless you buy multiple items.
  22. >ebairsoft
  23. Recently began carrying airsoft guns, but is better known for their rather large selection of cheap Chinese knock-off optics. Order at your own risk, however, their customer service for those optics is fairly bad. Sells some pre-upgraded gas pistols. Cheap shipping but does not put on orange flash hider for US sales. Also has a dedicated Thai site.
  25. Commiefornia:
  27. >AirsoftGI
  28. Decent selection, though slightly higher prices. Pushes lifestyle airsoft. Has additional store in Texas.
  30. >
  31. Above average selection. Occasionally carries some oddball niche parts. Distributes Tokyo Marui. Prices are average but sales are pretty common and there are a few perpetual 25% deals. Good customer service. Has additional store in Virginia.
  33. >Airsoft Megastore
  34. Large AEG selection. Prices vary from excellent to terrible. Make sure to do research before placing an order. Big-box corporate feel. Will straight-faced promote and sell you absolute garbage, but carries high quality brands like LCT at better than average prices.
  36. >Airsoft Extreme
  37. Awful site layout, average prices, but carry the occasional niche part or custom build.
  39. USA:
  40. >Airsoft Atlanta
  41. Hit-or-miss selection. Carries AEP upgrade parts, GATE mosfets for cheap
  43. >Amped Airsoft
  44. High precision/HPA specialized shop out of Pennsylvania. One-stop shop for SMP and other HPA gun accessories. Best selection of top-level high quality inner barrels such as Origa and Prometheus.
  46. >Fox Airsoft
  47. Most reliable place to get LCT AEGs and accessories. Higher than average prices. Average selection.
  49. >Air Rattle
  50. Sporadic selection of AEGs, huge selection of gear. Occasionally has real steel gear at very low prices.
  52. UK:
  53. >Redwolf UK
  54. Same as HK Redwolf, just in the UK so britbongs get better mail service. Selection not as good as the Hong Kong outlet, but still reliable. Will transfer products from the HK store through their UK store so EU residents can avoid import duties, though will still charge you shipping for it.
  56. Poland:
  57. >
  58. Rather small assortment, but great prices (especially for STANAG mags) and service with competent English skills. Has frequent promotions and discounts.
  60. >Taiwangun
  61. Good for replicas of external parts and attachments (especially for AR-15 models). Reasonable pricing and fast shipping. Offers pricy custom guns made from demilitarized real-steel guns. Might not export guns to customers.
  63. Germany:
  64. >Begadi
  65. Small assortment, have an international export section (only parts and equipment), top-tier service and caries the only available Classic Army G3 and HK33 AEGs.
  67. Italy:
  68. >Safara
  69. Old shop out of San Marino, so no VAT. Very low prices on guns, and caries rare parts. However, Shipping costs are high and only one employee knows English well enough to communicate. Italian is necessary to order, though a machine-translated Italian email should be sufficient for non-Italian customers.
  71. Norway:
  72. >Game-On!
  73. Norwegian Airsoft/Paintball retailer. Sells replica Norwegian uniforms for that sweet, sweet amoeba patern M/98 camo. Ships to the rest of Scandinavia (Sweden/Denmark/Iceland)
  75. Thanks to Germanbro for Polish, German, and WCG retailer descriptions.
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