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Session 1B - Lazing Slaking

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Jul 1st, 2011
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  2. Session Start: Fri Jul 01 01:41:28 2011
  3. Session Ident: #LazingSlaking
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  8. [01:46] <@Paradox> It's Spring 30th - the beginning of midspring, and a beautiful evening.
  9. 06[01:48] * Nephene is idly drying mugs at the counter, looking over at the customers. Not a terrible day, all things considered.
  10. [01:48] <@Paradox> Henry and Flynn can see the sun setting to the west, casting the village below them in an orange light. H.M.S. Wild Altaria, an airship coming from the more civilized reaches to the north, is descending upon the Oran Valley to drop off it's two passengers.
  11. 06[01:50] * Barkeep is tossing a coin to himself, leaning against the counter and smiling as he watches it.
  12. 06[01:50] * Henry is standing on deck, dressed in rather nice finery: a white, button up suit, with a darker shirt and tie underneath. He has a hold of his short-brimmed white hat and admiring the view.
  13. 06[01:52] * Flynn_ is not quite so fancy; he's just wearing a cardigan over a t-shirt and jeans, with a thick cloth headband tied to his forehead to keep the hair from his eyes. He's lounging on a deck chair, eyes closed, just enjoying the breeze.
  14. [01:53] <Nephene> "You -could- at least help out while things are quiet, Claud."
  15. [01:53] <@Paradox> The ship descends slowly, finally hitting the water with a puff of steam. The Captain politely thanks the both of you for riding with him, and then unceremoniously gets two workers to leave all your stuff on the dock.
  16. [01:55] <Henry> "And thank you kindly in turn, it was a pleasant ride." he strolls to leave the airship.
  17. [01:55] <Nephene> "Even the little one is helping out." And indeed, a Riolu is carrying two mugs of frothy beer to a table, but he certainly doesn't look happy about it.
  18. [01:56] <Barkeep> "Help out, huh..."
  19. [01:56] <@Paradox> Waiting for you on the dock is a gentleman in his mid 50s, supporting himself with a cain.
  20. [01:56] <Henry> The soft smile doesn't leave his face as he pauses on the edge of the landing. He turns a moment, to see if other passengers followed. To be honest, he expected more.
  21. [01:56] <Flynn_> "Was nice, thanks for the ride!" He smiles and quickly grabs his large steamer trunk, hauling it with some difficulty along the deck and off the vessel.
  22. [01:57] <@Paradox> "You two must be Mr. Whiteacre and Mr. Argent?"
  23. 06[01:57] * Henry has taken his small suitcase, as well as his own steamer trunk, a tad bit larger than Flynn's. What's he carrying in there...?
  24. [01:58] <Henry> "Indeed I am~ So this is Oran Valley? I have to say, it looks beautiful this time of year."
  25. [01:58] <Flynn_> "That's me, sir. Sorry for showing up in such grungy stuff, I haven't had much time to clean up and get myself presentable."
  26. [01:59] <Barkeep> d
  27. [01:59] <Barkeep> 1d5
  28. [01:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d5: 3 [1d5=3]
  29. 06[01:59] * Henry regards Flynn's clothing a moment.
  30. [02:00] <@Paradox> "I'm Mayor Day. Pleased to meet the both of you."
  31. 06[02:00] * Flynn_ would not have shown up in denim if he'd had a choice. Work clothes, and all that.
  32. [02:00] <@Paradox> He inclines his head politely.
  33. 06[02:00] * Henry turns his attention back to the man and nods, tilting his hat.
  34. [02:00] <@Paradox> "I'm afraid neither of your homes are quite ready at the moment, so with my apologies you'll have to make use of the Inn for a night."
  35. [02:01] <@Paradox> "The expenses of course will be covered by us."
  36. [02:02] <@Paradox> Meanwhile, at the Inn - a fisherman suddenly stands up from a nearby table, nearly bowling the riolu over in his desperation to get to the barr. "Okay. I want a drink. Something I've never had before. Something NO ONE has ever had before. Now."
  37. [02:02] <@Paradox> He puts down 100 gold on the counter.
  38. [02:02] <Nephene> "Um...."
  39. 06[02:03] * Nephene quickly looks over the stock.
  40. [02:03] <Flynn_> "I wouldn't put it on you to have it ready so soon, don't worry about it!" He grins. Even if this is a tiny town, he's reasonably sure an inn room would be nicer than the housing he'd paid for.
  41. [02:03] <Barkeep> "I'll handle this, Sis."
  42. [02:05] <@Paradox> "That's very magnanimous of you, young man. If you'll follow me, I'll escort you to the inn."
  43. 06[02:06] * Barkeep starts mixing him up a cocktail with some Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Razz Berry juice and Kahlua
  44. [02:06] <Barkeep> "Here you are, Sir."
  45. [02:07] <@Paradox> The man takes it, and walks back to his friends, taking a sip as he considers the new drink.
  46. [02:11] <Nephene> Amon nearly barks at the rude man, and gestures upward to the table for the customers to take their drinks.
  47. [02:11] <Barkeep> "Hmm, if that one catches on I think I'll call it a 'Blood Diamond'."
  48. 06[02:11] * Barkeep puts his fingertips against his chin stubble in thought as his Mime Jr. Marcel imitates the gesture.
  49. [02:12] <@Paradox> Mayor Day leads Henry and Flynn back to the Inn. The Inn is pretty decent looking, quaint. The first floor seems to be a bar. There's two people behind the counter, and a hanful of patrons sitting around some tables.
  50. [02:13] <Henry> "How cozy... It's nothing like Imperia, but it does have a sense of being cozy, doesn't it?"
  51. [02:13] <Henry> (Oh, derp, redundant)
  52. 06[02:13] * Barkeep looks over, his concentration broken by the opened door. "Oh, Good Evening Mr. Mayor."
  53. [02:13] <Henry> *of being homey
  54. [02:14] <Flynn_> "Can't be anything like home if you can see a tree in more than one direction." Flynn takes a deep breath. "Smells like nature, too. You don't see countryside like this back north."
  55. [02:14] <@Paradox> "Hello there, son. These are Misters Henry Whitacre and Flynn Argent. They'll both be needing rooms from you for tonight; I'm paying for the accomodations."
  56. [02:15] <Henry> "I think it's refreshing, really."
  57. [02:16] <Barkeep> "Mighty generous of you. Care for a drink on the house? I've been testing out a new recipie tonight."
  58. [02:17] <Henry> "Away from the crowds, and the hustle and bustle... that said, hustle and bustle is good for business I suppose." he sighs and takes off his hat, spinning it on his finger before hooking it over his heart. A catch on his clothing keeps the hat there.
  59. [02:17] <@Paradox> "No, that's alright Barkeep, I've got other business to attend to. Why don't you take care of these two?"
  60. [02:17] <Nephene> "Two rooms, then?"
  61. [02:17] <Nephene> "That's already paid for, so you won't have to worry about it."
  62. 06[02:17] * Nephene bows slightly. "I'm Nephene, the owner. If you need anything, please, don't be afraid to let me know."
  63. [02:18] <Henry> "Very generous, thank you, Mayor." he smiles at the man, and then regards the woman.
  64. [02:18] <Flynn_> "Crowds are good for business, but I'm pretty confident no competition is better." He winks, then turns to Nephene. "Thanks so much, you're all so accomodating here."
  65. [02:18] <Barkeep> "Not a problem. Welcome to the Lazing Slaking, and Oran Valley. Care for a drink after a long journey?"
  66. [02:19] <Nephene> "Or a massage?"
  67. [02:19] <Nephene> "First one's free. I'd imagine that you'd be a little sore after such a long trip."
  68. [02:19] <Henry> "Well, well... I was expecting the owner of such a hearty place to be less easy on the eyes. Good evening, Nephene! I'm Henry, a tailor from the north looking to try his luck down here." he bows a little, with a smile on his face.
  69. 06[02:19] * Flynn_ raises an eyebrow. How forward.
  70. 06[02:20] * Nephene nods to Henry with a smile.
  71. [02:20] <Henry> "A massage sounds wonderful, actually..."
  72. [02:21] <Henry> "And who's this fine fellow?" he looks over at the barkeep.
  73. [02:21] <Flynn_> "Oh, I'm being rude, aren't I. I'm Flynn; I can't really say I'm a professional chef, but I cook, so I was thinking about opening a restaurant here. And this is Flora." The Petilil pokes out from his backpack and hums.
  74. [02:21] <Nephene> "That would be my brother, Claudius, but everyone just calls him Barkeep, evne outside of the inn."
  75. [02:22] <Henry> "Easy to remember. Fair enough."
  76. [02:22] <Barkeep> "Just our way of welcoming you to Oran Valley. You can just lie down over there if you'd like to start now. I'm the Bartender, so if you'd prefer a nice refreshment to wet your whistle, I'm your man."
  77. 06[02:22] * Nephene chuckles. "How fortunate! We could use another cook in town."
  78. [02:22] <Nephene> "My own meals aren't the best."
  79. 06[02:22] * Henry nudges Flynn with his elbow. "And it's good to meet you, too. We didn't get much chance to talk on the trip over here, did we?"
  80. [02:23] <Barkeep> "Don't be so hard on yourself, Sis. Your Omelets are the best."
  81. [02:23] <Flynn_> "Mostly because of my odd sleeping hours, I imagine. My last job's shifts were from ten to six in the morning, so I've become nocturnal." He chuckles. "And...Barkeep, right? A drink would be great."
  82. [02:24] <Barkeep> "You got it. What's your pleasure?"
  83. [02:25] <Nephene> "I'd recommend his Blood Cherrim Tonic, for starters."
  84. [02:25] <Nephene> "My sensei orders it almost every day, and he's got it down to a science."
  85. [02:25] <Henry> "I think I'd rather enjoy my drink after I've loosened up a bit. Nephene- you don't mind if I just call you Nephene, do you? Could I perhaps bother you for that luxurious sounding massage you offered?"
  86. [02:26] <Nephene> "Nephene's my name, so it's fine."
  87. [02:26] <Flynn_> "Well, uh. I'm not a complicated or picky drinker, so I usually take whatever's cheapest. If it's on the house...that sounds good!" Flynn looks a little overwhelmed. The extent of his alcohol knowledge is which wines go with which meats.
  88. [02:26] <Nephene> "I'll help you with your things, and then I can prepare the oils."
  89. [02:26] <Henry> "I just hate to be impolite." he smiles, and looks down, carefully stepping around the Riolu.
  90. [02:27] <Henry> "Thank you very much. Did you say something about a 'sensei'?"
  91. [02:27] <Nephene> Amon growls - not really hostile as he is disappointed at the new folk. Who -knows- what's running through the little one's mind?
  92. [02:27] <Barkeep> "Hmm... I think I've got an idea then. Tell me, where do you hail from?"
  93. 06[02:27] * Nephene nods. "Amonson. His dojo's right down the street from here."
  94. [02:28] <Henry> "So you practice fighting! Quite the hobbies you have... My own are nothing special unfortunately, but I hope to make use of them here."
  95. [02:29] <Nephene> "I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work!" she says as she picks up Henry's bags.
  96. 06[02:29] * Henry pulls his luggage in with some effort.
  97. [02:29] <Henry> The larger of the two pieces of luggage is fairly heavy, he's been hauling it with great effort. Probably less effort needed in Nephene's case.
  98. [02:30] <Flynn_> "Well, I was born in Imperia, but I flew in from Port Sandor, since I went to school there." Flora slowly creeps out of his bag onto the counter and begins waddling around.
  99. [02:30] <Barkeep> "Culinary school?"
  100. [02:30] <Nephene> "They reserved the two King Suites for you two."
  101. [02:31] <Henry> "Excellent, excellent."
  102. [02:31] <Nephene> "It's a bit roomier than our usual, uh, rooms, so I hope it's comfortable enough."
  103. 06[02:31] * Henry looks around a moment, frowning.
  104. 06[02:31] * Barkeep raises his voice slightly as he turns around to carouse their wine selection during their conversation
  105. [02:31] <Henry> "Where did he-"
  106. [02:31] <Henry> "Excuse me a moment."
  107. [02:31] <Henry> "Bernard? Bernard!"
  108. [02:31] <Flynn_> "Yup. Parents weren't happy, but they're hard to please, and cooking is what I love doing."
  109. [02:31] <Nephene> She walks to the end of the hall, room 108.
  110. [02:32] <Nephene> "And this is it. Sorry if this isn't like anything you're used to."
  111. [02:32] <Barkeep> "So you grew up in Imperia then?"
  112. [02:33] <Henry> A small lizard suddenly bounds in, yellow with a small red crest on his head. The skin below its waist is excessive and sagging, but it's kept in place with a pair of red suspenders clamped firmly in place.
  113. [02:33] <Henry> "Hm? Oh, I'm sure it's fine. Let's see..."
  114. [02:33] <Henry> He follows her, the little Scraggy tagging along.
  115. 06[02:33] * Nephene opens the door, revealing a modestly-decorated room with a king-sized bed. Though the walls don't have much on them, the view outside of the town at large is lovely, with an excellent view of the sun dipping below the mountains.
  116. [02:33] <Flynn_> "Yeah. Big place, lots of stuff going on all the time. Kinda drove me nuts, which is why I came out here. Always thought living out in the middle of n--er, in the country would be nice."
  117. [02:34] <Barkeep> "Well then, I think I've got something for you."
  118. [02:34] <Henry> "Oh? I thought you said this was the King's Suite..."
  119. 06[02:34] * Barkeep hands him two drinks. A glass of red wine, and some sort of cocktail.
  120. [02:34] <Henry> "I wasn't expecting the Emperor's instead~"
  121. 06[02:35] * Nephene chuckles. "It's our best. I hope you enjoy it."
  122. 06[02:35] * Henry strolls in, setting his suitcase down.
  123. [02:35] <Nephene> She sets the bag down on the floor near the bed.
  124. [02:35] <Henry> "Thank you, I'm sure I will."
  125. [02:35] <Flynn_> "...Hmm. I'd compliment you on your choice of drinks if I knew anything about drinks. Is there any particular order I'm supposed to drink them?"
  126. [02:36] <Nephene> "I'll be over at the parlor whenever you're ready. Just need to prepare the oils."
  127. [02:36] <Henry> Bernard peeks into the room and gives a distasteful little frown before waddling over to the window and pulling himself up to see.
  128. [02:36] <Barkeep> "Surely a restauranteur should know his wines? Try that one first."
  129. [02:37] <Henry> "Very well, then. Thank you."
  130. 06[02:37] * Nephene leaves to do just that.
  131. 06[02:37] * Henry closes the door after she leaves and has a seat on the bed, looking at Bernard.
  132. [02:38] <Henry> "It's not the Marvelous Milotic, is it? But they're far more hospitable. I think I like this place already, what about you?"
  133. [02:38] <Nephene> She briefly passes by the counter. "Everything okay here, sir?"
  134. [02:39] <Flynn_> "Well, yes, to a degree. I could tell you that this would go very well with a heavy roast beef dish." He takes a sip. "...Hmm. This is from up north, isn't it?" He smiles. So that was why he'd been asked where he was from. Nice touch.
  135. [02:39] <Barkeep> "And now sir, the cocktail once you're ready."
  136. [02:40] <Nephene> "Hopefully Barkeep here's not giving you much trouble."
  137. [02:40] <Henry> <What do you think I think? It's small, it's filthy, and that Riolu gave me the evil eye. I'm bored already, when are we going home?>
  138. [02:40] <Flynn_> "Don't mind if I d--hey! Heeeey! Don't be doing that." His hand whips out and guides the little plant back from her careful and precarious examination of some open bottles of spirits. "Sorry about her, she's very curious."
  139. 06[02:41] * Barkeep waves his hand dismissively, "Don't worry about it." Marcel is sitting up on the counter mimicing his grin and handwave.
  140. 06[02:41] * Henry shakes his head and sighs, setting his hat behind and removing the jacket over his dark red shirt. "We're not, Benny, we're not." He loosens his tie and removes it, putting it aside as well. "So we had best make the best of things! Be positive, eh?"
  141. [02:42] <Nephene> "Amon, watch the counter for me," she says as she retrieves a few marked bottles from a locked cabinet.
  142. [02:42] <Henry> The Scraggy scowls, and goes back to looking out the window.
  143. [02:43] <Flynn_> After giving the little plant a bit of a 'don't make trouble' glare, he picks up the cocktail and takes a sip. Strong! And also fruity. "If only I knew enough to fully appreciate this. But it's tasty, at any rate!"
  144. [02:44] <Henry> "And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lovely lady to go see." <Pff, are you seriously going to hit on her? You just met her and she's like your age and a half.>
  145. 06[02:44] * Barkeep smiles warmly, "The first was as you may have already deduced, a glass of red, 20 years old from Imperium."
  146. [02:44] <Henry> "Tsk, tsk, Bernard, mind yourself."
  147. [02:45] <Barkeep> "And the second, Vodka with a splash of Dry Vermouth, Kahlua and Razz Berry Juice."
  148. [02:45] <Barkeep> "A drink I invented around 10 seconds before you walked through the door."
  149. 06[02:45] * Henry gets up from the bed and leaves the room, looking for this parlour she mentioned.
  150. [02:46] <Nephene> There's a sign over a doorway near the counter labeling it.
  151. [02:46] <Barkeep> "A glass of old, and a glass of what's to come."
  152. 06[02:46] * Henry strolls thataway then, idly humming to himself.
  153. [02:46] <Barkeep> "The future to you may be sweet... or it may be bitter. But I hope you find yourself enjoying it nonetheless."
  154. [02:46] <Flynn_> "Count me duly impressed, mister Barkeep. How poetic. I'd say it's a shame the talent is all out here where it'll never be 'discovered,' but that just leaves more for me~ "
  155. 06[02:47] * Henry notes the sign when he sees it, and heads in.
  156. 06[02:47] * Nephene is attending to a shallow bowl inside, filled with a clear oil.
  157. [02:48] <Nephene> It sits above a flame that's barely there, gently heating its contents.
  158. [02:48] <Barkeep> "Haha, they do say that a great artist is made by talent and notoriety."
  159. [02:48] <Nephene> "Ah, the changing room's over there. There's a few larger towels you can cover yourself with there.
  160. [02:48] <Barkeep> "But a drink needs only to be experienced by its drinker."
  161. [02:48] <Nephene> "Should be a few hangers and a rack there, too."
  162. [02:50] <Flynn_> "It's comforting that I won't have to go far for a supplier of dinner wines, at any rate! Especially since the building I'm going to be holed up in is pretty much next door." He smiles, and continues to work on the wine. It's not going to be easy getting back on a normal person's sleep schedule.
  163. [02:50] <Barkeep> "If you're looking for local brews, my Grandpa Mac handles those."
  164. [02:50] <Henry> "Thank you, I'll make use of those, then." he heads for the changing room, disposing of his clothes in the process, and taking a towel.
  165. [02:52] <Nephene> Amon, meanwhile, begrudgingly handles payments.
  166. [02:53] <Nephene> Once the oil is at the perfect temperature, she moves the apparatus next to the massage bed, rolls up her sleeves.....and waits.
  167. [02:53] <Flynn_> "Grandpa, hmm?" He's a little surprised; the Barkeep looks at least a few years older than him, and to still have a working impressive! He supposes old age pensions aren't as in vogue out here. Speaking of which... "I'm surprised at all the young people working around here. I mean, there's you and your sister, and I saw others on my way in. I thought I would be one of the youngest here."
  168. 03[02:53] * Maxwell is now known as Mons
  169. 06[02:53] * Henry comes back in once he's done, the towel tied loosely around his waist. He's a scrawny guy, but his skin is smooth and mostly unbroken, with the lack of muscles showing that he's probably not had a hard day's physical labor in his life.
  170. [02:54] <Henry> "And I just relax on this?"
  171. [02:54] <Nephene> "Face down, right there, yes."
  172. 06[02:54] * Henry complies, wordlessly and props his head up by folding his arms under it.
  173. [02:55] <Nephene> She stretches her hand muscles, and soaks her hands in the oil.
  174. [02:55] <Barkeep> "Well, around these parts you start your working young and keep going long as you're good and able. This town's built on hard work."
  175. [02:55] <Nephene> The massage is simple, but the technique is unmistakable. Starting with the neck and shoulders and moving down to the lower back, techniques that were originally used to lock and tense muscles say new application in relaxing them.
  176. [02:56] <Henry> "Mmm. So what kind of place is this village? The sights, the people, the experiences..."
  177. [02:56] <Nephene> The oil gives off a gentle aroma above the flame.
  178. [02:56] <Nephene> "We're simple folk, really. Nothing too special about this place...but it's home."
  179. 06[02:57] * Nephene chuckles. "It's a little hard to 'sell' the experiences here when you're so far from the city."
  180. [02:57] <Henry> "You've certainly made it feel like home so far."
  181. [02:57] <Henry> "Smells nice..."
  182. [02:58] <Henry> "And feels wonderful."
  183. [02:58] <Flynn_> "I suppose so. Most of my friends are still in school, and still will be for a few years. It's striking how different it is out here. Simple, but I like it. Way more friendly than up north, especially."
  184. [02:58] <Barkeep> "Sad part is, a lot of people didn't feel it was worth the work it took. Felt moving somewhere over more civilized would let 'em take it easy."
  185. [02:58] <Nephene> "Thank you. It's based on an oil that Leavanny naturally give off."
  186. [02:58] <Henry> "Oh-ho~"
  187. [02:58] <Henry> "What a coincidence."
  188. [02:58] <Nephene> "Oh?"
  189. [02:58] <Henry> "I was going to name my tailor shop the "Leavanny's Envy"..."
  190. [02:59] <Nephene> "How fortunate! Perhaps you can find a suitable mascot."
  191. [02:59] <Flynn_> "Hahaha, not likely. Not without a couple degrees under their belts, anyway. 'Taking it easy' isn't really something you ever do in the city, though it seems much more relaxing out here, even with the harder work."
  192. [03:00] <Nephene> Subtle pinches accentuate the massage as Nephene's hands glide effortlessly over Henry's skin.
  193. [03:00] <Henry> "Perhaps so. But how about yourself? You're not in school anymore?"
  194. [03:00] <Barkeep> "Convenience I guess is the word."
  195. [03:00] <Barkeep> "More people, more jobs, less wild pokemon."
  196. 06[03:01] * Nephene laughs. "I'm too old for school, sir."
  197. [03:01] <Nephene> "Much too old."
  198. [03:01] <Nephene> "But what about you? Tell me about where you're from."
  199. [03:02] <Flynn_> "Well, the wild pokemon I can give them, but I think it must just be about how the grass is greener. This place is really nice, and I think with some work it can be a lot more convenient than you think."
  200. [03:03] <Nephene> She moves on to the arms, relaxing the biceps and triceps and gently kneading skin like dough.
  201. [03:03] <Nephene> Minus the punching down, of course.
  202. [03:03] <Henry> "I'm from Imperia. Nothing so special about myself, either. A tailor's son, inherited the trade that way. We didn't have enough money to send me off to an academy, but it was fine. I'm happy enough making clothes. I actually just turned eighteen a week ago, and I decided it was time to head out on my own."
  203. [03:04] <Nephene> "You'll do just fine here."
  204. [03:04] <Flynn_> He sips the last of the wine and sets it gently down, looking out the window at the last bits of the sunset. "I'm probably not gonna get rich out here, but I'd rather be happy, anyway."
  205. [03:04] <Henry> "You could say my passion, though, is photography, the oft-underestimated art of immortalizing a single moment in time."
  206. [03:04] <Nephene> "I might even be your first customer! Certainly, I do need new clothes."
  207. [03:05] <Nephene> "Oh?"
  208. [03:05] <Nephene> Even the gaps between Henry's fingers get their fair share of attention.
  209. [03:06] <Henry> "I look forward to seeing you, then. And yes... I saved up for quite some time to be able to afford a nice camera. It's kind of an odd goal I have, though..."
  210. [03:06] <Barkeep> "Maybe not, but who knows."
  211. [03:06] <Henry> "I'd like to take pictures of pokemon in the midst of combat, capturing the beauty in their aggression on film. And my, you are excellent at this."
  212. [03:07] <Nephene> "What about combat makes you want to put it on film?"
  213. [03:07] <Nephene> "You'd think that it's too dynamic."
  214. 06[03:08] * Nephene works her hands down to the lower back a second time, easing tension on the spine.
  215. [03:08] <Barkeep> "This town 'aint as thriving as it used to be."
  216. [03:08] <Nephene> "Sure, you're capturing a moment on film, but you're also leaving -out- quite a bit, aren't you?"
  217. [03:08] <Barkeep> "But they made it once. They can make it again."
  218. [03:08] <Henry> "You would be surprised what difference a single photograph can make to a person. The truly skilled can learn from these pieces of frozen time, learning how to better protect themselves. Others can even transfer knowledge from the photograph to their own pokemon, passing on techniques in a unique way."
  219. [03:09] <Flynn_> "I'll do my part to help! I mean, if there are any problems with town defense, I got into Technical Machine design about a year ago, so I have a trick or two."
  220. [03:09] <Nephene> "How interesting."
  221. [03:10] <Barkeep> "Well we'd be happy for the help you could give us. The economic stimulation of a good restaurant can do wonders too."
  222. [03:10] <Henry> "I'm not a strong man, but I do enjoy a pokemon battle here and there. And it helps to be prepared."
  223. [03:10] <Nephene> She finishes up the shoulders with a sigh. "That's good. If I'm honest, though..."
  224. [03:10] <Nephene> "We would need that kind of help."
  225. [03:10] <Flynn_> "I'm not exactly a wonder, but I'll do my best. And being in a place where I can get fresh produce right from where it's produced is like a chef's dream."
  226. [03:10] <Henry> "Hm? Why do you say that?"
  227. [03:11] <Nephene> "It can be pretty dangerous this far from the city, and we don't have the resources we used to have."
  228. [03:11] <Nephene> "This town's simply seen better days, that's all."
  229. 06[03:11] * Henry rolls his shoulders a bit and arches his back a little, content.
  230. [03:11] <Nephene> "Anyone who can help bring it back to what it used to be, well..."
  231. [03:11] <Nephene> "I'd be grateful to them."
  232. 06[03:12] * Nephene extinguishes the apparatus's flame, and cleans up the room.
  233. [03:12] <Henry> "As a tailor, I'll certainly try to dress it up a bit. I'm not good at hard labor, like farming, or hunting, but if Bernard and I can help in other ways, well. We certainly wouldn't object. Or he wouldn't, for long."
  234. [03:12] <Barkeep> "Well I hope we can give you something you'll be satisfied with."
  235. [03:13] <Barkeep> "To new starts then."
  236. 06[03:13] * Nephene nods. "Thanks. Sorry to bring the conversation down a little."
  237. [03:14] <Henry> "No, it's quite fine. A smile suits your face better, though."
  238. 06[03:14] * Nephene smiles. "Do you know where you'll be setting up?"
  239. [03:14] <Flynn_> "To new starts!" He grins and raises his glass. "And to large, open spaces. You must take them for granted, but they're so, SO hard to come by in the city."
  240. 06[03:15] * Henry sits up, scratching his head. "My lodgings are paid for, but I haven't actually been shown them yet, since everything is still being prepared."
  241. [03:15] <Barkeep> "Open spaces are a blessing and a curse. Means something nice could go there but it makes you wish that something was there already."
  242. [03:16] <Nephene> "Mmm. I don't actually know where they'll be, but I'll be happy to take a look once you're ready."
  243. [03:16] <Henry> "Mm? Well, thank you. And I'll have to stop by often, that was divine."
  244. 06[03:17] * Nephene chuckles. "Glad you enjoyed the free sample."
  245. [03:17] <Henry> "Money put towards something like that will be well spent."
  246. [03:17] <Henry> "Speaking of, I believe I've gotten somewhat of a thirst."
  247. [03:17] <Barkeep> "You liked my drink though, so I'll send some folk your way if they're looking for a bite to eat."
  248. [03:18] <Flynn_> "Something nice IS there, don't be so metaphysical about it. I probably can't convince you, since the grass is always greener and all that, but it's really shitty being boxed in on all sides by convenience after convenience, paying 2000 pokedollars a month for a tiny apartment. And I'd appreciate the lip service."
  249. [03:18] <Nephene> "Mmm. My brother can take care of you, then. He's excellent at that sort of thing - I don't really have the mind for it."
  250. [03:18] <Nephene> "Too much to remember."
  251. 06[03:18] * Henry smiles and pushes himself off of the table, heading back to the changing room and puts his clothes back on.
  252. [03:18] <Nephene> "Come back soon!"
  253. [03:18] <Barkeep> "Just make sure you tell them to come on over here once they need to rest it off or have something to wash it down."
  254. [03:18] <Henry> "Ah, but I'm a simple man, myself. There's too much complication in mixed drinks."
  255. 06[03:18] * Nephene washes her hands.
  256. [03:19] <Henry> "Thank you, I will! And don't kid yourself, you look pretty young to me."
  257. 06[03:19] * Henry buttons his shirt up and heads back into the tavern, proper.
  258. 06[03:19] * Nephene chuckles.
  259. [03:19] <Barkeep> "And you sure are right about this place having a certain beauty. There's a lake nearby I love going fishing at."
  260. [03:20] <Flynn_> "This is such a friendly place, I doubt I'll have trouble doing so." He smiles. "That's another thing. Something like this would NEVER happen up north. Bars can cut into dessert profits and all that, so the proper thing to do is to drive them out of business. Things like that."
  261. 06[03:20] * Henry slides into a seat at the bar.
  262. [03:21] <Henry> "Evening." He's still smiling, and somehow looks even more relaxed than he was before.
  263. [03:22] <Barkeep> "Evening, Sir. What's your poison?"
  264. 03[03:22] * castfromhp ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  265. 03[03:23] * Ranger_Rex ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  266. [03:23] <Ranger_Rex> (Bluh)
  267. 03[03:23] * Ranger_Rex is now known as Henry_
  268. [03:23] <Henry_> !dm9001 lastlines #10
  269. [03:23] <Henry_> "Would you happen to have a cherry brandy?"
  270. [03:24] <Flynn_> "I take it you enjoyed the oiling and prodding, then?" Flynn rolls his eyes and removes a small flask from his bag, turning it over and realizing it's completely empty. He turns to the Barkeep again. "Could I have a glass of water, no ice? Flora needs watering."
  271. 02[03:24] * Mons ( Quit (Quit: i go flooey)
  272. 02[03:24] * Henry ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  273. [03:25] <Henry_> "She's very talented and has a demeanor to match. I've been here only the better part of an hour and a half, and already everyone's been so friendly."
  274. [03:25] <Barkeep> "Sure thing." he pours a glass of cherry brandy, and a bit of water for Flynn.
  275. [03:26] <Barkeep> "Good to see the environment feels welcoming for newcomers."
  276. 06[03:26] * Henry_ sips.
  277. [03:27] <Barkeep> "Some people were a bit worried that we might seem like too much of a tightly knit bunch for that."
  278. [03:27] <Henry_> "It does. It's encouraging for the start of a small business like mine."
  279. 06[03:28] * Nephene returns to the counter, and sets Amon down. The Riolu struggles in her grasp.
  280. [03:28] <Flynn_> "Not often will a place set you up in a king suite for a night with free drinks and massages. I feel like a member of some country club." He sticks his fingers in the glass of water and gently sprinkles it over Flora.
  281. 06[03:28] * Henry_ smiles at the little pokemon.
  282. [03:29] <Barkeep> "Just our way of making sure you're comfortable after what must have been a long journey to somewhere way out here."
  283. [03:30] <Barkeep> "Of course it goes without saying tomorrow you'll have to start adjusting to how things usually work around here."
  284. [03:30] <Nephene> "Well, there's an element of good business sense to it, too."
  285. [03:31] <Nephene> "People should know exactly what it is they're paying for."
  286. [03:31] <Henry_> "I agree, that's very important in the clothing industry."
  287. [03:32] <Henry_> "But... yes, I've heard that things have been fairly down lately. Is it really so bad?"
  288. [03:32] <Flynn_> "Hahaha, it's nice that that's good business sense out here. That wouldn't be considered very good up north, especially with food. It always bothered me how standard it is to make it seem like you're paying for much more than you get."
  289. [03:33] <Barkeep> "Things have slowed down a lot since Oran's prime. A bit more than most care for."
  290. [03:33] <Henry_> Bernard strolls into the bar and hops on a seat next to Henry.
  291. [03:33] <Nephene> "It's not easy to live here.
  292. [03:33] <Nephene> "People moved."
  293. [03:33] <Nephene> "Doesn't really make it easier."
  294. [03:33] <Henry_> He tugs at his suspenders a little bit, looking back from Nephene to Henry, and then to Henry's drink.
  295. 06[03:34] * Henry_ has another sip.
  296. [03:34] <Barkeep> "Of course I'd love for things to start getting exciting enough to draw people from all over the world again."
  297. [03:34] <Nephene> "No merchant ships, either. That doesn't help."
  298. [03:35] <Henry_> "You can rest assured, eventually people will come from all over to try Whitacre's newest fashions, haha. In an ideal world, anyway."
  299. [03:35] <Henry_> "What are the main businesses around here/"
  300. [03:35] <Henry_> ?"
  301. 06[03:35] * Barkeep tosses his lucky coin. "But I'm gonna go ahead and do whatever it takes to make sure this place gets the renown it deserves."
  302. [03:35] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 1,1itemfinder
  303. [03:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1,1itemfinder: 8 [1d20=1]
  304. [03:35] <Henry_> (derp)
  305. [03:36] <Flynn_> "You've got high fashion and haute cuisine, the tourists will be pouring in before you know it!"
  306. [03:36] <Barkeep> 2;1d20+7
  307. [03:36] <Barkeep> 2#1d20+7
  308. [03:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 2#1d20+7: 24 [1d20=17], 27 [1d20=20]
  309. [03:36] <Nephene> "Well, we have a smith that's been here for a few years."
  310. [03:36] <Barkeep> (>1, 20.)
  311. [03:37] <Nephene> "A mechanic...."
  312. 06[03:37] * Barkeep fails to catch his lucky coin, and it rolls along the floor. He follows the coin's path and looks around where it stopped.
  313. [03:37] <Nephene> "We've got a Pokemon day care, too."
  314. [03:38] <Nephene> "And of course, the inn and bar here."
  315. [03:39] <@Paradox> (hold on a sec, sorry)
  316. [03:40] <Flynn_> "I see there isn't a Pokemon clearance? I wonder what you need to have one of those, I've never really known."
  317. [03:40] <Nephene> "Well, we do have a clinic."
  318. [03:40] <Nephene> "Shares space with the day care, in fact."
  319. [03:40] <Henry_> "Interesting..."
  320. [03:41] <Barkeep> "Yeah but it's having trouble with funding..." he calls out as he searches with Marcel for the lost coin.
  321. [03:41] <@Paradox> You find a 500 gold note that must have dropped, and a Leppa Berry!
  322. 03[03:42] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as RichterBelmont
  323. [03:42] <Barkeep> "Here we are."
  324. [03:42] <Henry_> Bernard: <You'd think that'd be ALL of you in a little place like this.> the pokemon quips. "Bernard!" Henry says in a hushed tone.
  325. 06[03:42] * Barkeep pockets the note and the berry and picks up his coin.
  326. [03:43] <Henry_> Bernard: <Whaaaat.>
  327. [03:44] <Henry_> "Excuse him, please. He's a good friend to me but for a pokemon that can speak he's particularly, overly verbose."
  328. [03:44] <Nephene> Amon bumps into Bernard's stool.
  329. 06[03:44] * Henry_ gives the Scraggy a look.
  330. [03:45] <Henry_> Bernard snickers but then flails his arms around as the stool tips.
  331. [03:45] <Henry_> And then goes tumbling down!
  332. [03:45] <Henry_> The Scraggy shakes his head as he sits up and shoots a dirty look at the Riolu.
  333. [03:46] <Henry_> "And for goodness sake's, be more careful."
  334. [03:46] <Flynn_> Flora makes a very high, musical giggling sound.
  335. [03:46] <Henry_> "If you break something, I'm going to have to pay for it."
  336. [03:46] <Nephene> "Sorry about him."
  337. [03:46] <Nephene> "I don't know what's wrong with the little guy."
  338. [03:46] <Henry_> "Hm?" He looks at Nephene, he didn't seem to notice Amon's antics at all.
  339. [03:47] <Nephene> "Amon. Down there."
  340. [03:47] <Henry_> "Oh? Oh! Oh dear."
  341. [03:47] <Barkeep> "Now now, I'm sure it was an accident."
  342. [03:47] <Nephene> The Riolu glares at Bernard, ensuring that he doesn't cause any further trouble. If Amon is aware of the irony, however, he's not showing it.
  343. [03:48] <Henry_> <Alright, alright, yeesh.>
  344. [03:48] <Henry_> The Scraggy uprights the Stool, but doesn't climb back into it, instead opting to go back to Henry's room.
  345. [03:49] <Henry_> "If Bernard DOES cause any trouble when I'm not watching, please do let me know." :I
  346. [03:50] <Barkeep> "Sure thing."
  347. 06[03:50] * Henry_ finishes off his drink and sets the glass down.
  348. 06[03:50] * Henry_ sets down 100 on the counter.
  349. [03:51] <Flynn_> "He definitely has personality." Flynn laughs. "Flora doesn't make a whole lot of trouble, she's pretty shy, usually likes to hide in my bag instead of being social." He pokes at the little plant and she squeaks.
  350. [03:52] <Nephene> Amon half-barks, noting that Barnard -really- needs to pull his pants up.
  351. [03:52] <Nephene> *Bernard
  352. [03:52] <Nephene> "Don't be rude."
  353. [03:52] <Henry_> (But Bernard has suspenders. :<)
  354. [03:52] <Barkeep> "Thank you, Sir."
  355. [03:52] <Nephene> ( :D )
  356. [03:52] <Henry_> "And thank you!"
  357. [03:52] <Barkeep> "Marcel here mostly likes to imitate me quietly. Usually doesn't cause too much trouble."
  358. 06[03:53] * Henry_ nods, looking at the... what was it again?
  359. [03:53] <Henry_> (Oh, Mime Jr)
  360. [03:54] <Henry_> "Aha... I have to say I envy you on that."
  361. [03:54] <Barkeep> "Aww it can be fun though, can't it? A pokemon with a little personality?"
  362. [03:55] <Henry_> "It's certainly never a dull moment. Mm, it's been a bit of a long day for me... I think I'll turn in. I have to thank you both for a wonderful first night here in Oran Valley, and I hope I can adjust to the lifestyle here. I'm sure we'll all get to know each other fairly well."
  363. [03:56] <Henry_> "And... Flynn, was it? Let me know when you open, I'll be sure to drop by. I have a weakness for a good meal."
  364. [03:57] <Henry_> "As for now... well, I wouldn't mind trying one of Nephene's omelettes tomorrow if Barkeep reccommends them so much. I'd pay."
  365. [03:57] <Barkeep> "Well you take care, Sir I'll see you in the morning."
  366. [03:57] <Flynn_> "Likewise. I couldn't fit too many clothes in my trunk, so I'll need to get some nicer stuff to go with my work clothes."
  367. [03:58] <Nephene> "Until then!"
  368. [03:58] <Henry_> "Alright, goodnight, then!"
  369. 06[03:58] * Henry_ heads off to his room, whistling.
  370. [03:59] <Barkeep> "And you, Sir?"
  371. [03:59] <Flynn_> "I'll likely stay up a while longer. I've been interesting sleep schedule. My last job had shifts from 10 PM to 6 AM, you see." He...isn't tired at all. Oh dear.
  372. [03:59] <Henry_> (And that's probably it for me tonight, I'm beat)
  373. 03[03:59] * Henry_ is now known as Kain
  374. [04:00] <Kain> (Nightnight :3)
  375. [04:00] <Barkeep> "For a Chef?"
  376. [04:00] <@Paradox> (nini Kain!)
  377. [04:01] <Arawn> He did kind of tell you guys to get your ass off the little cramped cliffside and then you didn't listen
  378. [04:01] <Arawn> So he will bark it -louder- to you
  379. [04:01] <Barkeep> wrong channel I think, arawn
  380. [04:01] <Flynn_> "Well. I don't think you could call it chef work, though it was in a hotel kitchen." He laughs. "Nobody wants to hire a chef straight out of school with no experience, and there's no way to get experience other than starting as a dishwasher and busboy and working your way up. It's...a little demeaning, to say the least, but what can you do?"
  381. [04:02] <Arawn> (My apologies)
  382. [04:02] <Nephene> "Well, sir, I think you'll do fine here."
  383. [04:02] <Nephene> "It's a fresh start, with no preconceptions about what you can do."
  384. [04:03] <Nephene> "If we like it, it's entirely because of your skill."
  385. [04:03] <Barkeep> "Washing dishes from dusk till dawn, hm?"
  386. [04:03] <Barkeep> "Well you've got some work ethic, and that'll get you far."
  387. [04:04] <Flynn_> "That and it'll be the only restaurant in town, which is more than a little refreshing. And yeah. 'Don't stop drying until you can see a Gastly's reflection in it' was my boss's favourite."
  388. [04:08] <Barkeep> "Well good for you. How 'bout another?"
  389. [04:10] <Flynn_> "I don't see why not. A drink will help me sleep, anyway." He produces 100 gold from his bag and puts it down on the counter.
  390. [04:11] <Barkeep> "Allright. Did you like that Blood Diamond?"
  391. [04:11] <Flynn_> "I did. Was pretty strong, though."
  392. [04:11] <@Paradox> (pussy)
  393. [04:12] <Barkeep> "How about one of our Blood Cherrim Tonics then?"
  394. [04:12] <Flynn_> "How creepy, all these bloody drinks. That sounds good!"
  395. [04:13] <Flynn_> (You shut up doxy, you absentee DM you :| )
  396. [04:13] <RichterBelmont> Flynn_, sorry boss, we'll be quiet.
  397. [04:13] <Flynn_> (Not you dicemaid!)
  398. [04:13] <@Paradox> (your rudeness scared the bots)
  399. [04:13] <Nephene> ( ahahaha )
  400. 06[04:13] * Barkeep gets one mixed up for him.
  401. [04:13] <Nephene> "Well, Blood Cherrim Tonic and what he made for you earlier are the only ones I know of."
  402. [04:14] <Nephene> "Then again, Barkeep's coming up with stuff all the time, so what do I know?"
  403. [04:15] <Barkeep> "I do know a great many though." he says as he carefully measures the tonic water and the cherrim flavoring to the gin.
  404. [04:16] <Barkeep> "And here we are." he says, garnishing it with a wedge of Lum.
  405. [04:17] <Flynn_> "Thanks!" He takes a sip of the drink. Milder this time, hm. "I could never do anything like that. Remembering all sorts of recipes and what each thing is called...gah, it would be too much. I do all my cooking by intuition. Just what feels right with what, you know?"
  406. [04:18] <Barkeep> "Really now, you just sort of play your cooking by ear?"
  407. [04:19] <Flynn_> "Yeah. I tried to do my cooking by the book, but it never worked out that way. I started doing way better when I just sort of looked at the recipe and then did the rest by what felt right."
  408. [04:19] <Flynn_> (And that, friends, is 10 int 26 wis)
  409. 03[04:19] * Kain is now known as Kainnap
  410. [04:21] <Nephene> "I wish I had that kind of skill."
  411. [04:21] <Nephene> "I can only really do that by the book."
  412. [04:21] <Barkeep> "There's room for experimentation in bartending as well. But only when it suits the customer."
  413. [04:23] <Flynn_> "You know how you can taste something and think, 'this needs more salt'? It's sort of like that. It's just a feeling that it's missing something. Obviously there's only one basic way to make a roast, for example, but marinating it in cayenne or garlic will make it very different."
  414. [04:26] <Barkeep> "Of course. It sounds quite interesting."
  415. [04:26] <Barkeep> "Anything you could make for me now?"
  416. [04:26] <Nephene> "True. I just I wish I had more time to experiment like that."
  417. [04:27] <Barkeep> "If you had something I could drink from you, that could be nice."
  418. [04:28] <Flynn_> "I don't want to impose and take over your kitchen or anything like that. Did you have anything in mind?"
  419. [04:30] <Barkeep> "Whatever you feel like. But if you could offer me something interesting to drink, I'd look forward to that."
  420. [04:30] <Flynn_> "And miss Nephene...I guess that's the luxury of spending two years just learning to cook. I wish you'd had the time, it's a lot of fun. I can teach you, if you can find some time off and once I've got my restaurant going, though I can't guarantee that I'm a very good teacher."
  421. 06[04:30] * Nephene nods. "I'll consider it."
  422. [04:32] <Flynn_> "Drinks aren't something I do particularly often. Usually with a meal you just prepare dinner wine, or water with lemon. I remember a friend from school rambling about a drink he heard about with tomato juice, celery, and pepper, though. Sounded quite odd to me but it might be what you're looking for?"
  423. [04:33] <Nephene> "Could be interesting."
  424. [04:33] <Barkeep> "It's called a bloody mary, actually."
  425. [04:34] <Flynn_> "Damn. Well, at least I tried, huh?" He laughs.
  426. [04:34] <Flynn_> "And that's another bloody drink. How morbid."
  427. [04:35] <Barkeep> "Well, these kinds of cocktails often have colorful names to make the customer want to try them."
  428. [04:36] <Barkeep> "Martini sounds like it has much more class than just calling it Gin and Vermouth with an olive."
  429. [04:37] <@Paradox> (you can put other things! litchi martinis mmmmm )
  430. [04:38] <Flynn_> "Seems a lot more unorthodox than what I do. With food, there are certain things you use to have guaranteed effects. Pepper does not sound like something I would want in a drink, heh." Another sip. "Anyway. You said something about wild Pokemon around here? I'm a little ignorant about that, since I'm so used to having rangers to keep things like that out. And, y'know, Pokemon centers."
  431. [04:39] <Nephene> "They're around occasionally."
  432. [04:39] <Barkeep> "The way it's seasoned, you could almost liken it to a soup."
  433. 06[04:41] * Nephene continues to dry mugs, occasionally topping off drinks on request. She doesn't know too much about the subject of conversation, anyway.
  434. [04:42] <Barkeep> "So why don't you make me one?"
  435. [04:42] <Barkeep> "I'd like to see how you do."
  436. [04:43] <Flynn_> "I mean, obviously I've had battles with friends and stuff, but I don't think I've ever really put Flora against a wild Pokemon. I don't travel enough to be doing stuff like that." He laughs at Barkeep's request. "Um, sure, but I'm going to waste materials. Mixing isn't something I'm too experienced at."
  437. [04:44] <Barkeep> "Not a problem."
  438. [04:44] <Nephene> "Go on. We've got enough material here to let you use that intuition of yours."
  439. 06[04:44] * Barkeep brings out some Vodka, Celery Calt, Tomato Juice, Pepper, Tabasco, Worcestershire, horseradish, and lum juice.
  440. [04:44] <Barkeep> Celery salt*
  441. [04:51] <Flynn_> "Hm. Well, first it would be ice, and then something else...I guess the tomato juice, since that's the base. I want it to be a bit spicier than just pepper, though. Do you have figy juice?" He mumbles to himself as he pours things into the glass.
  442. [04:51] <Barkeep> "I think I do."
  443. 06[04:52] * Barkeep procures it
  444. [04:53] <Flynn_> "I seriously don't know what I'm doing but maybe I'll keep the alcohol to a minimum here, use it as a pick-me-up." He carefully pours from the bottle of vodka, not at all used to just adding "a dash," then adds the worcestershire and figy juice, finishing off with salt and pepper. "I'm not sure how it is, but it won't be for the faint of heart. Should be really spicy."
  445. [04:54] <Flynn_> (Tadaa, energy drink. 40 temporary HP for a trainer when you drink it because it's just THAT SPICY)
  446. 06[04:55] * Barkeep takes the Bloody Mary and has a drink
  447. [04:55] <Barkeep> "Mmm... it's very invigorating."
  448. [04:56] <Nephene> "Oh?"
  449. [04:56] <Barkeep> "The Figy berry was a good choice."
  450. 03[04:56] * RichterBelmont is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  451. [04:57] <Nephene> "May I try it?"
  452. [04:58] <Barkeep> "It has a lot more nutrition, and it's known for giving you plenty of energy."
  453. [04:58] <Flynn_> "I don't see why not. Do you like spicy things?"
  454. [04:58] <Nephene> "They're alright. I don't particularly seek those flavors out."
  455. [04:59] <Flynn_> To Barkeep, "I wasn't even thinking of that, actually. I just tried to think of spicy berries, and cheri has too much of a fruit flavor so I figured it would overpower the tomato."
  456. [04:59] <Barkeep> "It's also quite spicy, and gives it a strong kick that mixes together well with the tomato juice."
  457. [05:00] <Barkeep> "Go ahead and try some, Sis."
  458. [05:01] <Barkeep> "It improves not only the quality of the drink in terms of taste, but also as its function as a hangover cure."
  459. 06[05:02] * Nephene takes up the glass, and has a sip. After a moment, she coughs, wide-eyed.
  460. [05:02] <Nephene> "....okay, -wow-," she says after recovering.
  461. [05:02] <Nephene> "I know you said it was spicy, but I wasn't- expecting that at all." Still, she seems pleased.
  462. [05:02] <Flynn_> "Ahaha, I'm sorry. Too much?"
  463. [05:03] <Nephene> "It's not the drink, it's me. I do like it, though!"
  464. [05:03] <Barkeep> "I think it's just right."
  465. [05:03] <Nephene> "Just something I have to build up a tolerance for."
  466. [05:03] <Nephene> "Well, that's because you eat things that would make a Charizard start coughing."
  467. [05:03] <Nephene> "Not everyone's got that kind of tongue."
  468. [05:04] <Barkeep> "You know, if you're going to be setting up shop so close... maybe I could ask you to help me make some for the morning crowd. A lot of these folks would really appreciate a hangover cure this potent."
  469. [05:05] <Flynn_> "I wouldn't mind. Just so long as you don't expect them to all taste the same, aheh." He looks a little nervous. "One thing about cooking by intuition is that you don't often get the same taste twice."
  470. [05:06] <Barkeep> "That'd be just fine then. I can probably give you a bit of a share of the profits."
  471. [05:07] <Flynn_> "Have you heard of elemental unlocking? Miss Nephene reminded me with her comment about's a bit of an odd technique, but I've been trying to get Flora to breathe fire. Both because it would be useful and for a bit of irony. No luck yet, though."
  472. [05:07] <Nephene> "I haven't, no."
  473. [05:07] <Barkeep> "Can't say I have to be honest. Sounds like a p pretty advanced technique."
  474. [05:09] <Flynn_> "It's something like...say, you have Marcel there. Pokemon can do a lot of mysterious things, but you can't imagine him doing, say, a Karate Chop, right?"
  475. [05:09] <@Paradox> Marcel mimes a karate chop!
  476. [05:09] <Barkeep> "I could imagine that. Probably once he evolves and gets more proper hands."
  477. [05:09] <Barkeep> "I n fact he can pull off just about any move once he's seen it."
  478. [05:10] <Nephene> "Hm. I don't think Amon's that flexible."
  479. [05:10] <@Paradox> Marcel pirouettes happily as Barkeep preaches his talents~
  480. 06[05:10] * Nephene sets a dry mug down, and picks up the Riolu.
  481. [05:10] <Nephene> "Just you wait, though. He'll be as awesome as his namesake."
  482. [05:10] <Flynn_> "Hmm. Bad example, I guess. Amon would be better. You can't imagine him, say, making a Blizzard, right?"
  483. 03[05:12] * Damien ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  484. [05:13] <Damien> !dm9001 lastlines #10
  485. 02[05:13] * Barkeep ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  486. [05:13] <Damien> "Hmm. No. Can't say I can."
  487. [05:14] <Nephene> "Probably not. Punching ice, at best."
  488. 03[05:15] * Damien is now known as B
  489. 03[05:16] * B is now known as Barkeep
  490. 03[05:16] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as HigginsvonHiggins
  491. [05:16] <Flynn_> "Elemental unlocking is...well, imagine using a TM. That allows a pokemon to use a move that it's capable of but didn't know how to do before, right? Elemental unlocking, against all reason, makes a pokemon attuned to an element, and makes it able to do things related to that element. For example, if ice was unlocked in Amon, TMs for moves like firing an ice beam would suddenly work on him."
  492. [05:17] <@Paradox> ( I luv you guys <3 )
  493. 03[05:17] * HigginsvonHiggins is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  494. [05:17] <Flynn_> "I don't know how it works. I don't think ANYONE knows how it works. But I've seen it happen, and I'm studying how to do it myself."
  495. [05:18] <Barkeep> (y u love us guys dox)
  496. [05:18] <Nephene> "Interesting! That -does- sound useful."
  497. [05:18] <@Paradox> (because you've just been talking for four hours <:3c )
  498. [05:18] <Barkeep> "Haha, sure sounds interesting."
  499. [05:18] <@Paradox> ( I don't even -want- to do anything, I'm having fun just observing :D)
  500. [05:18] <@Paradox> (I had PLANS, if things got slow, but nope)
  501. [05:20] <Flynn_> "My father used to do professional battling, did the gym challenge and all that. He's the one who taught me all this. He says the best thing to do with it is to make your pokemon use moves _nobody_ would expect from it, so you can claim a surprise victory. That's why I'm trying to teach Flora to use fire."
  502. [05:20] <Barkeep> "Wonder what I could teach marcel..."
  503. 03[05:21] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as RichterBelmont
  504. 03[05:21] * RichterBelmont is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  505. [05:23] <Barkeep> "It'd be something to think about to be sure."
  506. [05:24] <Flynn_> "I mean, there's no battling scene you even have gyms? But I'm not really interested in actually battling for a living. I just think the theory is neat."
  507. 03[05:24] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as Jessie
  508. [05:25] <Nephene> "There's one kid that wants to start a gym here."
  509. [05:25] <Nephene> "Getting here would be half of the challenge, though." She chuckles.
  510. [05:26] <Flynn_> "Hmm. It would definitely increase tourism and revenue. Trainers will go ANYWHERE." Flynn rubs his chin in thought. "That would actually be very helpful to the village, I think."
  511. 03[05:26] * Jessie is now known as Meowth
  512. 03[05:26] * Meowth is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  513. [05:26] <Barkeep> "Heh, you know I think it just might."
  514. [05:28] <Nephene> "Right, which is why we've agreed to it."
  515. [05:28] <Nephene> "It's the startup that's holding him back, though."
  516. [05:28] <Flynn_> "Still a while away, if you still have problems with wild pokemon, though. I'm guessing there isn't enough money about to hire rangers, right?"
  517. [05:28] <Barkeep> "I've been trying to set up something to draw a crowd too. But... Nephene hasn't been really keen on the idea."
  518. [05:28] <Nephene> "Getting it built is one thing - the papers and official sanctioning is another."
  519. 06[05:28] * Nephene sighs.
  520. [05:28] <Nephene> "The battles should be taken outside. I don't want to hurt customers."
  521. [05:29] <Barkeep> "We don't have to have the Ring of Honor inside, we can put it just outdoors by the windows! And if we make enough money we could get bigger windows!"
  522. [05:30] <Flynn_> "Hey, I'd put money into that. Especially if it's within view of the restaurant's front windows. Hmmm."
  523. [05:30] <Barkeep> "Maybe even set up some kind of device with pipes and mirrors like they got in those submersible things that lets you see stuff from a different angle. Then they could sit at the bar and still have a look at the fight." :D
  524. [05:31] <@Paradox> Flora trades a knowing look with Nephene. Men.
  525. 06[05:31] * Nephene sighs. "I just don't know."
  526. [05:31] <Nephene> "I'm afraid it'll draw the wrong type of crowd. I -like- the quiet here."
  527. [05:33] <Barkeep> "But Sis, deep inside all men want to get in touch with their internal machismo and what better way than to bond via drunken wrestling?"
  528. [05:33] <Nephene> "What about our female customers, then?"
  529. [05:34] <Barkeep> "If a woman wants to beat some guy up and make him pay for her drinks then that'd be well within her rights."
  530. [05:34] <Nephene> "....never mind."
  531. [05:34] <Flynn_> "...Hmm. What about staged Pokemon battles? Or contests, even?"
  532. [05:34] <Nephene> "A show?"
  533. [05:35] <Barkeep> "Contests?"
  534. [05:35] <Flynn_> "Yeah, contests. Do they have them out here? I'm not super into the contest scene but it's all over back home. I think dad still has a ribbon from when his Seviper won a Cool contest."
  535. [05:36] <Barkeep> "I dunno, I've never heard of something like that."
  536. [05:37] <Nephene> "Me neither."
  537. [05:37] <Barkeep> "Maybe we can look into it some time."
  538. [05:37] <Barkeep> "I've just been meaning to try and set up some kind of entertainment for the customers to liven things up a bit and keep everyone in good spirits."
  539. [05:38] <Flynn_> "It's like a more laid-back alternative to battles. Pokemon compete in...well, they're like talent contests mixed with pageants. I think that would be just the thing...though, you'd be better off asking that Henry guy than me. I barely know a thing about fashion and coordinating."
  540. [05:38] <Barkeep> "Yeah... I'll have a chat with him in the morning."
  541. [05:39] <Barkeep> "Glad you two came to Oran. Looks like this could be the start of a very healthy partnership. For us, and the town."
  542. [05:39] <Nephene> "It could work. That sounds easier to set up than a battle, at any rate."
  543. 02[05:39] * Ciel ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  544. [05:39] <Flynn_> "Speaking of which, it's getting a bit late. I'm not tired, but it would probably be best to at least force myself to get some sleep so I can start getting back on a regular schedule. It's been great talking to you two."
  545. [05:39] <Nephene> "Likewise. If you need anything, just let me know. I'm always up bright and early."
  546. [05:41] <Barkeep> "Same here. I think it's about time I put out the last call and clear out."
  547. [05:41] <Nephene> "Also, you've got a free massage to cash in, as a reminder."
  548. [05:42] <Flynn_> "Hahaha, I'll keep that in mind. I'll probably need it more after tomorrow when I move into the building." He pushes up a short sleeve. "My arms are twiggy and not made for pushing furniture around."
  549. [05:42] <Nephene> "I think I can help you out after the lunch hour's done here."
  550. [05:43] <Barkeep> "Sis is good at that type of thing."
  551. [05:44] <Flynn_> "I hate to make anyone else do my work for me, but it would be greatly appreciated." He grins and hops off his seat, grabbing his steamer trunk and starting to drag it toward the hall, Flora perched atop his head. "I think it'll be really fun living here~"
  552. [05:45] <Nephene> "This place has its upsides, yep."
  553. [05:45] <Nephene> "Need a wake-up call?"
  554. [05:45] <Barkeep> "Today was your day to relax. From tomorrow on you're going to be working hard though."
  555. [05:45] <Barkeep> "Good luck."
  556. 03[05:46] * Charlotte ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  557. [05:46] <Flynn_> "I don't think I'll need a wakeup call; I'll likely be up at 4 AM, unable to sleep, ahaha. Good night, you two!"
  558. [05:46] <Flynn_> (</session>?)
  559. [05:47] <Nephene> ( I'm done unless anyone else needs to take care of anything. )
  560. [05:47] <Barkeep> (I'm beat)
  561. [05:48] <@Paradox> (me too)
  562. [05:48] <Nephene> (Any planned day for next session?)
  563. [05:49] <@Paradox> !dm9001 leave #LazingSlaking
  564. [05:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, sorry, boss! Leaving channel #LazingSlaking!
  565. 03[05:49] * DiceMaid-9001 (DiceMaid-9@sux-EADD5C74) has left #LazingSlaking
  566. [05:49] <Barkeep> (bluh bluh who knows)
  567. [05:49] <@Paradox> (Sunday, Nephene)
  568. [05:49] <@Paradox> (Sunday seems likely)
  569. [05:49] <Barkeep> (okay)
  570. [05:49] <Nephene> (Should be able to make it. )
  571. [05:49] <Flynn_> (I may or may not be here Sunday)
  572. [05:49] <Barkeep> (do we get roleplaying exp :D)
  573. [05:49] <Flynn_> (Saturday I'll be traveling ALLDAY)
  574. [05:49] <Flynn_> (And as of Sunday I'll be in your timezone)
  575. [05:50] <Nephene> (HE'S AFTER YOU)
  576. [05:50] <Nephene> (RUN, DOX)
  577. [05:50] <@Paradox> 1d100
  578. [05:50] <@Paradox> oh right dur
  579. [05:50] <Barkeep> I giggled a bit :3c
  580. [05:50] <@Paradox> 660 XP!
  581. [05:51] <Barkeep> ooh cool.
  582. [05:51] <Flynn_> For trainers only I assume :')
  583. [05:51] <Nephene> Trainers don't use XP.
  584. [05:51] <@Paradox> for Flora and Marcel aand the two faitan mons too~
  585. [05:51] <Flynn_> They don't? o_o Well then, I remember even less of this system than I thought
  586. 03[05:55] * Barkeep is now known as Damien|ZZZ
  587. [05:56] <Nephene> Because we don't use Dexes or badges, trainer levels are more or less GM fiat.
  588. 03[05:59] * Balthazar is now known as Plutonis
  589. 02[05:59] * Plutonis (Plutonis@3F9B0FD4.94D93388.B65C4779.IP) Quit (Quit: )
  590. 03[06:10] * Flynn_ ( has left #LazingSlaking
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  592. 02[06:19] * Arawn ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  593. 03[06:23] * Jack is now known as BB
  594. 03[06:23] * Henry ( has joined #LazingSlaking
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