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  1. Att wasn’t sure how long he had been in love with Milia. He had been with the group of adventurers for about a year, so a few months sounded right. The small street urchin had been little more than a bundle of skin, bones and rags when he had first joined the group, his ability to pick locks, move silently and, at times, distract enemy fire earning him a place on the team. Since then… well, not much had changed really. True, he now had access to slightly more appealing clothing (though it was often dirtied from long, cross-country journeys and raids of old, crumbling fortresses) and he could bathe more frequently, but he didn’t look a great deal different. He was still small and fragile, almost petite, with soft, round features and a head topped with auburn curls.
  3. He was so unlike Milia. She towered over Att, and most of the others in the party. She was a Minotaur, one of those strange beasts from the far south, where the sea broke up the land into warm islands and the sun always shone. That was how she described her homeland, anyway. Milia was a towering, beautiful woman, with soft, swarthy, sun kissed skin over muscles that were clearly defined, but not so large as to make her seem masculine or otherwise unwomanly. Her bovine legs and tuft-ended tail were covered in black fur, matching the colour of her long wild hair, broken apart at the front of her head by two curling horns. While Att had never ogled her, he could tell that, compared to most human women, she was well endowed: her great breasts heaved when she breathed deeply, and when she walked her shapely bottom swayed from side to side in an almost hypnotic manner.
  5. Milia was a warrior. Whenever the party had to fight, she would always be at the front of the charge, overtaking even the West Lander who led the group, swinging an axe, club or whatever other weapon she was currently in possession of. Att would always hang at the back, completely useless in combat situations regardless of the knife he carried. However, whenever a battle did develop in such a way that Att was in danger, Milia was always there to defend him. She would always stand between his cowering body and whatever villain or other threat they were fighting against.
  7. The incident that stood out most clearly in Att’s memory was the adventurers’ courageous battle to clear out an old watch tower in the Hebian plains that had become infested with Orcs. As the others fought, Att had retreated into what he thought a safe hiding place, only to discover that he had cornered himself with no means of escape when a group of she-Orcs broke away from the battle and started to advance on him, each with a horrifying look of hunger and malicious intent on their faces. Att was practically in tears by the time the beasts stood over him. They reached out for him as he cowered in the corner at their feet, only for several of them to be smashed aside and sent flying by a sweep of the huge mace in the hands of Milia. The Minotaur stood taller than even the muscular, olive-skinned women and, with a great bellow, she fell several more and sent the rest running. And when the whole thing was over she had held Att to her as he trembled and sobbed, and she had defended him as the others questioned his usefulness to the team. Even if Att could not remember the exact time when he had fallen in-love with Milia, if such a point even existed, that day was definitely a key moment in the development of his feelings for her.
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