Ket Ralus Art, temp_anon, Ket & Braskling 69, 2019

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  1. Ket walks into his home and throws his heavy satchel on a nearby shelf. Sitting in an adjacent room, Brask perks up at the sound and swivels his chair around to face their door from the hall to the bedroom.
  3. “Looks like you made it home safe. I'm glad,” Brask says with a half-circle of a smile. He dons his Braskling transformation, a classic favorite.
  5. “Yep, finally,” Ket responds with a beaky grin as he gets his husband in a hug and presses his green tummy against Brask’s dark, curvy belly.
  7. “Good,” Brask says with a content croon. Ket chuckles, and addresses Brask as his “cuddly hubbers,” as his tail wags.
  9. “D’aww~” Brask exclaims, nuzzling into Ket’s shoulder and shaking his bare black butt in response. Ket laughs again and moves his large hands down to grope at the wiggling ass. “Mmm, feeling frisky?” Brask asks, blushing with anticipation.
  11. “Maybe,” Ket teases with a shy lick of his beak and another squeeze of Brask’s bottom.
  13. “Well if you get a sure feeling about it, feel free to take this thing off,” Brask responds, grinding the tent of his fundoshi against Ket while giving a wink.
  15. “I just might get distracted, but…” Ket trails off as one of his hands moves up and tugs the knot holding up Brask’s fundoshi.
  17. Brask laughs as his hard cock springs out and his fundoshi falls to the ground around his pudgy bare feet. He takes his thick dick in one hand, gives it a playful wag, and presses it up against Ket’s own tenting red boxer-briefs. “We’ll keep it simple with frotting my ‘wand’ on your thick tortavi dick.” Brask says as his precum makes a wet dot on Ket’s underwear.
  19. “Well, I say we can kick it up a notch,” Ket proclaims as he reaches down and tugs off his underwear. “Got a magical buttplug I can use?” He asks, sticking out his tongue in a silly fashion. “Maybe something to give me big balls or anything fun like that?” He continues questioning as his hard, green ‘turtle tower’ bobs around between his legs.
  21. “Hm hm, it’s not specifically a butt plug, but…” Brask responds before digging around under his side of the bed with his bare black ass wiggling in his hubby’s face. He pulls his spherical head out from under the bed and holds up a golden rod with red jewel tip. “Lemme try...this!” He says and presses down on the rod from top to bottom. It makes a soda can crushing sound effect as it gets compressed, then a string of harp notes as Brask opens his black hands to reveal a golden butt plug with a red-jeweled handle.
  23. “Ohh, neat!” Ket exclaims with an impressed smile as he looks over from his side of the bed. He rummages around in his things for his totally ordinary–albeit important–lubricant, then takes the golden butt plug from Brask and lubes it gingerly.
  25. “Do you wanna plug yourself up, or should I do it?” Brask asks as he watches Ket get the plug ready.
  27. “Up to you! I can do it unless you want to,” Ket responds as he hops up on the bed.
  29. “Sure, I can do it. Just bend over and show me that enticing bottom,” Brask says with a wink as he approaches Ket’s side of the bed.
  31. “Don’t take too long, hubby. Get it in and let’s get back to frotting,” Ket says with a wink of his own and a wag of his green butt in Brask’s round face.
  33. “Can do!” Brask exclaims as he reaches over, spreading open a cheek to one side. He then slides in the golden plug. The red jewel on the grip starts to emit a warm glow and red light as the plug settles into Ket’s ass. “Now there isn’t too much of a way to turn it off, since it’s in constant contact with you; so careful you don’t smush me under your huge ball sack.” He says with a playful stick out of his big black tongue.
  35. “No prob. Thanks dear,” Ket says as he flips over onto his back and grabs Brask’s arms to pull the chubby arkmage on top of him.
  37. “Oh!” Brask blushes as he’s taken up into the bed and on top of Ket. He puckers up and kisses Ket’s beak, then runs his tongue along the edges of Ket’s hard beak. Brask’s fat belly presses up against Ket’s belly while their thighs rub together. “Lemme ju- mnm!” Brask is interrupted as Ket’s beak presses against Brask’s lips to seal them for a kiss while Brask fumbles down below with his onyx colored penis and presses it up against Ket’s and his slowly growing ball sack.
  39. Ket holds Brask close; his wet tongue caressing and exploring the inside Brask’s dark mouth and his hips bucking slowly against the nerond. Brask gently jerks off the pair of dicks in his soft hand as Ket reaches down to grope Brask’s thick buns a little more. The mage keeps the lovers frotting as their emerald and ebony foreskins bunch up against each other with a sticky layer of tortavi precum starting to coat both of them.
  41. “Mmmmnum!” Ket hums as he pulls his mouth off Brask’s mouth, then edges his beak in again for another kiss. Ket’s large green feet rub together as his dick leaks a continuous stream of sticky clear precum between the two short men.
  43. Brask blushes harder. His black balls start to feel dwarfed as they rest on Ket’s growing green sack. Given, they do grow a bit from being physically close to the jewelled butt plug, as well as his own thoughts of having a big fat set of swingers between his stout legs. His mind returns to his partner as his lips meet Ket’s beak with a loud “Muwah!” sound, and he slides his black tongue up and down Ket’s pink tongue.
  45. “You have anything special and magical in mind for yourself?” Ket whispers to Brask in between kisses. A curious tortavi finger slips between Brask’s ass cheeks and lightly traces over his dark pucker.
  47. “Well, I was thinking of a butt plug ark that gives me a real hair trigger for cumming, but not so much that I just get overwhelmed with it. Like a series of consistent, light orgasms,” Brask says, thinking out loud.
  49. “Well, if you got it, let’s use it,” Ket says with a smile.
  51. “Or! I could just get fisted by one big strong tortavi hand. That also sounds fun!” Brask finishes talking about his stream of horny thoughts and settles on getting stretched deep and wide.
  53. “If you’re stretchy enough!” Ket says with some surprise as his round fingertip rubs over the black butthole.
  55. “And I sure am. Comes with being a Braskling.” Brask begins with a wink, then continues, “And saves money on lube.” He finishes with a poke out of his tongue as he leans his big black ass out and his onyx cockhead slides along the jade cock it’s frotting against.
  57. “Heheh, OK, my toony hubby,” Ket says as he presses his finger into Brask’s ass and feels around for the nerond’s prostate. “Gotta work up to more fingers.”
  59. “O-OK!” Brask says as a blush spreads across his face and his dick dribbles precum along Ket’s turtle tower. The mage then responds quickly, reaching down to spread open one of his butt cheeks for easier access.
  61. “While I work on this, why not rub my legs with those cute toes of yours?” Ket says and winks as he pulls a finger out, then slips two inside with ease thanks to his tapered fingertips.
  63. “Good idea,” Brask responds with a smile and he spreads his chubby legs open around Ket’s, then curls each of his three-toed feet around Ket’s thighs and starts rubbing up and down slowly with his soft soles. Brask’s asshole twitches around the two fingers stuffed inside of him. “They may be smooth, but th-they're thick!” Brask says in surprise as they wriggle open his pucker.
  65. “It’s gonna get much thicker from here. You know how big my hands are and how wide my wrists are,” Ket says with an embarrassed blush on his own cheeks.
  67. “I will know for sure after this!” Brask says as his feet twitch against Ket’s legs.
  69. “I’m loving that footwork too, hubby,” Ket says as he presses his two thick fingers deeper into his nerond’s asshole. Ket’s hard cock shoots an arc of precum that spreads across the two chubby bellies, then removes his two fingers with a soft pop sound.
  71. Brask gasps as his hole feels looser. His ebony dick twitches and shoots out a gob of precum of his own that lands in Ket’s belly button. Brask leans down and presses his soaking wet belly against Ket’s with a wet squish sound, then he leans his bubble butt out again as his feet tighten up around Ket’s legs. Ket prods at Brask’s hole with three fingers now and slides all three in until his extended thumb stops the fingers from pressing in any deeper into the musky hole.
  73. “A-ah oh f-fuck!” Brask yells as his tilts his head up and closes his eyes. His fat black tongue hangs out of his open mouth as his legs struggle to rub up and down against Ket’s. He plants a hand down by Ket’s head to steady himself as his asshole twitches around all three fingers inside him.
  75. “Hehe! I’m just about ready for the main event,” Ket says, before licking at the dangling black tongue. He pulls his three fingers out and then presses the tapered tips of all four digits together and slides them inside Brask.
  77. “O-oh gosh!” Brask gasps, then laps his long tongue against Ket’s beak. Brask’s fingers spread out against the bed for more stability, and he stops the leg rubbing and frotting for a moment. Ket’s fingers slide in further past their previous record and he feels the thickest part of his hand about to enter, then he wriggles his three fingers and thumb inside Brask to enhance the filling sensation.
  79. “Like this, hubby?” Ket says with a wink. Brask nods up and down with a wag of his wet tongue as his hard dick throbs against Ket’s. His dick puts out as much precum as Ket’s magically-enhanced-and-growing balls, just from getting so deeply stuffed.
  81. “It’s oh, pretty different from getting inflated with air, that’s for sure!” Brask groans before laying his head down against Ket’s chest and giving it a nuzzle with his perfectly spherical head as his grip squeezes on the two cocks between them.
  83. “Good, because I might cum soon too,” Ket says in between pants of breath as he plunges his emerald hand all the way up to the wrist.
  85. “Hnnng!” Brask’s face tightens up and makes his head look like it’s just a bit bigger than usual as Ket’s fist makes a clear bulge in his round tummy. His dick throbs hard with the sudden jolt of fullness as he tries to get back into the groove of jerking off himself and Ket with slow, strong tugs up and down along the wet and warm dicks.
  87. “There we go!” Ket says as his hand forms a fist inside Brask and stretches out the hole even further. “Will this give you a hair trigger cum?” He says with a wink as he starts to pull his entire fist in and out of the loosened black butthole. His other hand reaches down to tease his and Brask’s nipples with light green scales and sticky clear precum.
  89. “A-almost!” Brask yells as his face bursts out back to its normal proportions, but his mouth takes up over half his face with the yell and his tongue droops out of his mouth with a loud and wet flopping noise.
  91. “A-aaah!” Brask yells again as his asshole clenches and unclenches around the huge fist inside him as he tries his best to slide his bare feet against Ket’s legs. Brask’s nipples perk up into thick charcoal-colored nibs as they rub up and down Ket’s bare green chest and his light green tortavi nipples.
  93. “Mmmm, you’re getting drippy already. Is your sack growing too?” Ket asks after kissing the top of brask’s perfectly bald head. “Make sure you get the tips of our dicks together too. I wanna soak your dick and fat belly with my tortavi seed.” He continues with a lusty grin as his fist continues pumping.
  95. “My sack is a little b-bit big, not quite hyper, but certainly gifted,” Brask says with a pant. He takes care to rub the underside of his pitch black cockhead against Ket’s pink cockhead and notes how much more full his sack feels compared to normal.
  97. “Hmm… or, you could swallow a massive tortavi load while I fist fuck you from the other side? What do you think?” Ket starts before he gives his hubby’s bald head a slow lick. “You know, as a nerond arkmage, getting cum in your body makes you feel extra pleasure.” Ket finishes with a kiss on Brask’s forehead.
  99. “You’d have to be one big tortavi, or I’m not t-thinking straight.” Brask responds with a blush on his face as his ass gets used to the huge insertion and it makes gooey shlorping sounds as the huge fist in him pumps in and out. “And I know, cum inflation is very fun for neronds in general.” He runs his shiny black tongue over his lips with the thought.
  101. “Well, here. Lemme help,” Ket says as he turns Brask around while still fisting him so that he and Ket meet in a 69 position with Brask’s bare ass above Ket’s face and Ket’s feet around Brask’s spherical head.
  103. “W-weh!” Brask’s face blushes red all over as he’s turned around, then finds a thick tortavi cock and two green balls as big and just as round as his head under him. “O-oh! That’d do it!” He says with a smile as he watches how those two huge green nuts bounce against the bed with his and Ket’s movements.
  105. Ket sticks out his tongue and cradles Brask’s erection in the warm wetness of it. Ket places his feet on either side of his huge sack and gropes the massive orbs with his toes, then uses a free hand to grab one of Brask’s bare black feet and presses it against one of his round face cheeks.
  107. “Ohh, this feels good!” Ket moans as he blasts Brask’s smiling face with milky white precum. Ket’s fist continues pistoning in and out of Brask’s butt and his tongue slobbers on his nerond’s leaky black cock. His free hand moves down to grope and juggle the two fat nerond balls dangling over his chest.
  109. Brask’s mouth opens wide for the precum to gush into his mouth for a few moments. The slightly sweet taste floods his mouth as he gulps it down, then he dives his head down and plants his lips around the leaky tortavi cock. His plush upper lip rubs at the huge sack down below while his lower lip presses against Ket’s crotch. Brask’s large balls draw up close to his body and look like two perfect spheres ready to blast nerond cum.
  111. “Mmmm!” Ket hums as his beak closes lightly around Brask’s gushing cock while he fists Brask’s asshole quickly with one hand and his other hand cradles the fat nerond foot on his cheek. Brask’s other foot presses in on Ket’s other cheek and sandwiches Ket’s head between two musky nerond feet. Ket’s feet tremble around his giant green sack and his toes clench as he feels himself get closer to an enormous orgasm. As he gets closer, his pistoning fist slows down and his fingers tease at Brask’s prostate.
  113. Brask closes his eyes tight as his balls audibly churn with cum and his prostate twitches against Ket’s fingers. His cheeks bulge out with milky precum before he makes a loud gulp and swallows down the large gushes of the semi-sweet liquid. Brask wiggles his toes against Ket’s face to waft in a little more nerond musk into Ket’s beak as he splurts more nerond precum inside.
  115. “O-ohhh!” Ket exclaims; his beak still around Brask’s cock. Ket’s tail wags and thumps against the bed as his senses are overwhelmed by all the musk, the nerond mouth around his cock, the buttplug in his ass, and the sight of a big beautiful nerond ass with a smooth sphere-holding sack. Ket loses control and cums with enough force to hit the back of Brask’s mouth with thick and hot tortavi seed.
  117. “Mnumph!” Brask grunts in surprise as his whole head expands for a moment with the massive gush of cum in the gallons, but he quickly starts gulping the huge white torrents down. The semi-sweet taste and thickness of the tortavi cum flowing into his round and growing belly pushes Brask over the edge into his own magically-enhanced orgasm. As he gets into a steady rhythm of gulping down between gushes of Ket’s cum, Brask blasts cum into Ket’s waiting beak and holds his tortavi’s head steady between his gentle feet.
  119. Ket’s tongue laps carefully to get all the cum in his mouth, but some spills over out over the top of his beak and drips between his eyes. He gulps a batch of it down and his whole body shivers with pleasure. Brask pulls his dick out of Ket’s beak and waves his messy, black cockhead in Ket’s face to better gush nerond cum on Ket for a proper Braskling bukkake. As Ket licks all around his face and struggles to ride through the waves of pleasure without blacking out, Brask’s belly button pushes out from gulping down over a gallon of tortavi cum.
  121. “Ahhh!” Ket sighs in cummed-on contentment as Brask feels the torrent of tortavi cum in his mouth start to die down into what would be a normal sized orgasm for Ket. Brask pulls his mouth off with a wet pop and a few stray splurts of cum gush onto his smiling face. The fist in Brask’s ass stops moving and he reaches back to take it out himself. Brask’s chubby body shivers as the fist slides out and leaves his hole spread out enough to see clearly inside.
  123. “Hm? Sounds like my hubby is gonna pass out?” Brask says with some concern as he turns himself around and gets the cum-covered Ket in a sticky cuddle. He nuzzles his white-covered face against Ket’s cummed-on beak as he holds Ket close in his chubby arms.
  125. Ket simply nods, eyes closed and with a content smile on his face as he holds Brask.
  127. “Good.” Brask plants a wet smooch on Ket’s beak. “Night, hubbers,” He says, and then laps his tongue over his lips to get at just a little more tasty cum.
  129. “Nighty night, dear,” Ket responds after he wipes a strand of cum from his chin and licks it clean.
  131. “Nighty night. Gonna have another fap or two more. Was a lotta fun and these big balls need some more loving,” Brask says with his still hard dick in his hand.
  133. “Yep. Thanks. Sweet dreams, hubby.” Ket replies lovingly as he drifts to sleep.
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