legendary creature list

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  1. Á Bao A Qu (Malay) - Entity that lives in the Tower of Victory in Chitor., Aatxe (Basque) - Bull spirit., Abaasy (Yakuts) - Iron-toothed demons., Abada (African) - Small unicorn reported to live in the lands of the African Congo., Äbädä (Tatar) - Forest spirit., Abaia (Melanesia) - Huge magical eel., Abarimon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Savage humanoid with backward feet., Abath (Malay) - One-horned animal., Abura-sumashi (Japanese) - Creature from a mountain pass in Kumamoto Prefecture., Acephali (Greek) - Headless humanoids., Acheri (Indian Folklore) - Disease-bringing ghost., Achlis (Roman) - Curious elk., Adar Llwch Gwin (Welsh) - Giant birds that understand human languages., Adaro (Solomon Islands) - Malevolent merfolk., Adhene (Manx) - Nature spirit., Adlet (Inuit) - Vampiric dog-human hybrid, Adroanzi (Lugbara) - Nature spirit., Adze (Ewe people) - African vampiric-forest being., Aerico (Greek) - Disease demon., Afanc (Welsh) - Lake monster (exact lake varies by story)., Agni (Hindu) - God of fire and sacrifices., Agathodaemon (Greek) - Spirit of vinefields and grainfields., Agloolik (Inuit) - Ice spirit that aids hunters and fishermen., Agogwe (East Africa) - Small, ape-like humanoid., Ahkiyyini (Inuit) - Animated skeleton that causes shipwrecks., Ahuizotl (Aztec) - Anthropophagous dog-monkey hybrid., Aigamuxa (Khoikhoi) - Anthropophagous humanoid with eyes in its instep., Aigikampoi (Etruscan) - Fish-tailed goat., Airavata (Hindu) - Divine elephant., Aitu (Polynesian) - Malevolent spirits or demons., Aitvaras (Lithuanian) - Household spirit., Ajatar (Finnish) - Dragon/snake female spirit, is said to spread deseases, Akateko (Japanese) - Tree-dwelling monster., Akhlut (Inuit) - Orca-wolf shapeshifter., Akka (Finnish) - Female spirits or minor goddesses., Akki (Japanese) - Large, grotesque humanoid., Akkorokamui (Ainu) - Sea monster., Akuma (Japanese) - Evil spirit or devil, Akupara (Hindu) - Giant turtle that supports the world., Akurojin-no-hi (Japanese) - Ghostly flame which causes disease., Al (Armenian and Persian) - Spirit that steals unborn babies and livers from pregnant women., Ala (Slavic) - Bad weather demon., Alal (Chaldean) - Queen of the full moon., Alan (Philippine) - Winged humanoid that steals reproductive waste to make children., Alce (Heraldic) - Wingless griffin., Aleya (Bengali) - Spirit of a dead fisherman., Alicanto (Chilean) - Bird that eats gold and silver., Alicorn - Winged unicorn from the Latin "ala" (wing) and "corn" (horn)., Alkonost (Slavic) - Angelic bird with human head and breasts., Allocamelus (Heraldic) - Ass-camel hybrid., Almas (Mongolian) - Savage humanoid., Al-mi'raj (Islamic) - One-horned rabbit., Aloja (Catalan) - Female water spirit., Alom-bag-winno-sis (Abenaki) - Little people and tricksters., Alp (German) - Male night-demon., Alphyn (Heraldic) - Lion-like creature, sometimes with dragon or goat forelegs., Alp-luachra (Irish) - Parasitic fairy., Al Rakim (Islamic) - Guard dog of the Seven Sleepers., Alseid (Greek) - Grove nymph., Alû (Assyrian) - Leprous demon., Alux (Mayan) - Little people., Amaburakosagi (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon from Shikoku., Amala (Tsimshian) - Giant who holds up the world., Amamehagi (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon from Hokuriku., Amanojaku (Japanese) - Small demon., Amarok (Inuit) - Giant wolf., Amarum (Quechua) - Water boa spirit., Amazake-babaa (Japanese) - Disease-causing hag., Amemasu (Ainu) - Lake monster., Ammit (Ancient Egyptian) - Female demon who was part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile., Amorōnagu (Japanese) - Tennyo from the island of Amami Ōshima., Amphiptere (Heraldic) - Winged serpent., Amphisbaena (Greek) - Serpent with a head at each end., Anak (Jewish) - Giant., Androsphinx (Ancient Egyptian) - Human-headed sphinx., Angel (mainly Christian, Jewish, Islamic traditions) - From the Greek ángelos, divine beings of Heaven who act as mediators between God and humans; the counterparts of Demons., Angha (Persian) - Dog-lion-peacock hybrid., Ani Hyuntikwalaski (Cherokee) - Lightning spirit., Ankou (French) - Skeletal grave watcher with a lantern and scythe., Anmo (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon from Iwate Prefecture., Antaeus (Greek) - Giant who was extremely strong as long as he remained in contact with the ground., Anubis (Ancient Egyptian) - God of the Underworld, Antero Vipunen (Finnish) - Subterranean giant., Anzû (Sumerian) - Divine storm bird, Ao Ao (Guaraní) - Anthropophagous peccary or sheep., Aobōzu (Japanese) - Blue monk who kidnaps children., Apkallu (Sumerian) - Fish-human hybrid that attends the god Enki., Apsaras (Buddhist and Hindu) - Female cloud spirit., Aqrabuamelu (Akkadian) - Human-scorpion hybrid., Ardat-Lili (Akkadian) - Disease demon., Argus Panoptes (Greek) - Hundred-eyed giant., Arikura-no-baba (Japanese) - Old woman with magical powers., Arimaspi (Greek) - One-eyed humanoid., Arion (Greek) - Swift green-maned talking horse., Arkan Sonney (Manx) - Fairy hedgehog., Asag (Sumerian) - Hideous rock demon., Asakku (Sumerian) - Demon., Asanbosam (West Africa) - Iron-toothed vampire., Asena (Turkic) - Blue-maned wolf., A-senee-ki-wakw (Abenaki) - Stone giant., Ashi-magari (Japanese) - Invisible tendril that impedes movement., Asiman (Dahomey) - Vampiric possession spirit., Askefrue (Germanic) - Female tree spirit., Ask-wee-da-eed (Abenaki) - Fire elemental and spectral fire., Asobibi (Japanese) - Spectral fire from Kōchi Prefecture., Aspidochelone (Medieval Bestiaries) - Island-sized whale or sea turtle., Asrai (English) - Water spirit., Astomi (Greek) - Humanoid sustained by pleasant smells instead of food., Aswang (Philippine) - Carrion-eating humanoid., Atomy (English) - Surprisingly small creature., Ato-oi-kozō (Japanese) - Invisible spirit that follows people., Atshen (Inuit) - Anthropophagous spirit., Auloniad (Greek) - Pasture nymph., Avalerion (Medieval Bestiary) - King of the birds., Awa-hon-do (Abenaki) - Insect spirit., Axex (Ancient Egyptian) - Falcon-lion hybrid., Ayakashi (Japanese) - Sea serpent that travels over boats in an arc while dripping oil., Ayakashi-no-ayashibi (Japanese) - Spectral fire from Ishikawa Prefecture., Aziza (Dahomey) - Little people that help hunters., Azukiarai (Japanese) - Spirit that washes azuki beans along riversides., Azukibabaa (Japanese) - Bean-grinding hag who devours people., Azukitogi (Japanese) - Spirit that washes azuki beans along riversides., Ba (Egyptian) - Soul of the deceased, depicted as a bird or a human-headed bird., Baba Yaga (Slavic) - Forest spirit and hag, Backoo (Guyanese) - Malevolent little people, Badalisc (Italian) - Goat-like creature from the southern central Alps, Bagiennik (Slavic) - Malevolent water spirit, Bahamut (Arabian) - Giant fish, Bai Ze (Chinese) - Talking beast which handed down knowledge on harmful spirits, Ba Jiao Gui (Chinese) - Banana tree spirit, Bake-kujira (Japanese) - Ghostly whale skeleton that drifts along the coastline of Shimane Prefecture, Bakeneko (Japanese) - Magical cat, Bakezōri (Japanese) - Animated straw sandal, Bakhtak (Iranian) - Night demon, Baku (Japanese) - Dream-devouring, tapir-like creature, Bakunawa (Philippine) - Sea serpent that causes eclipses, Balaur (Romanian) - Multi-headed dragon, Baloz (Albanian)- Sea monster, Bannik (Slavic) - Bathhouse spirit, Banshee (Irish) - Death spirit, Baobhan Sith (Celtic Mythology) - Beautiful vampiric seductresses who prey on young travelers, Barbegazi (Swiss) - Dwarf with giant, snowshoe-like feet, Bardha (Albanian) - Mountain spirit, Bardi (Trabzon) - Shapechanging death spirit, Barghest - Yorkshire black dog, Bar Juchne (Jewish) - Gigantic bird, Barnacle Geese (Medieval folklore) - Geese which hatch from barnacles, Barong (Balinese) - Tutelary spirit, Basajaun (Basque) - Ancestral, megalith-building race, BasCelik (Serbian) - Powerful, evil winged man whose soul is not held by his body and can be subdued only by causing him to suffer dehydration, Bashe (Chinese) - Elephant-swallowing serpent, Basilisco Chilote (Chilota) - Chicken-serpent hybrid, Basilisk (Italian) - Multi-limbed, venomous lizard, Bathala (Philippine) - Primordial god of creation, Batibat (Philippine) - Female night-demon, Batsu (Chinese) - Drought spirit, Baubas (Lithuanian) - Malevolent spirit, Baykok (Ojibwa) - Flying skeleton, Bean Nighe (Irish) - Death spirit; a type of Banshee/Bean Sídhe), Behemoth (Jewish) - Massive beast, possibly like a dinosaur or crocodile, Bendigeidfran (Welsh) - Giant king, Bennu (Egyptian) - Heron-like, regenerative bird, equivalent to (or inspiration for) the Phoenix, Berehynia (Slavic) - Water spirit, Bergrisar (Norse) - Mountain giants who live alongside the Hrimthursar (lit. "Rime-Giants") in Jotunheim, Bergsrå (Norse) - Mountain spirit, Bestial beast (Brazilian) - Centauroid specter, Betobeto-san (Japanese) - Invisible spirit which follows people at night, making the sound of footsteps, Bhūta (Buddhist and Hindu) - Ghost of someone killed by execution or suicide, Bi-blouk (Khoikhoi) - Female, cannibalistic, partially invisible monster, Bies (Slavic) - Demon, Bigfoot (American folklore) - Forest-dwelling apeman., Binbōgami (Japanese) - Spirit of poverty, Bishop-fish (Medieval Bestiaries) - Fish-like humanoid, Biwa-bokuboku (Japanese) - Animated biwa, Black Annis (English) - Blue-faced hag, Black Dog (British) - Canine death spirit, Black Shuck - Norfolk, Essex, and Suffolk black dog, Blafard - Imaginary creature from the early United States of America., Blemmyae (Medieval Bestiary) - Headless humanoid with face in torso, Bloody Bones (Irish) - Water bogeyman, Blue Crow (Brazilian) - Giant amazonian bird., Bluecap (English) - Mine-dwelling fairy, Bodach (Scottish) - Malevolent spirit, Bogeyman (English) - Malevolent spirit, Boggart (English) - Malevolent household spirit, Boginki (Polish) - Nature spirit, Bogle (Scottish) - Malevolent spirit, Boi-tatá (Brazilian) - Giant snake, Bolla (Albanian) - Dragon, Bonnacon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Bull-horse hybrid with flaming dung, Boo Hag (American Folklore) - Vampire-like creature that steals energy from sleeping victims, Boobrie (Scottish) - Roaring water bird, Bozaloshtsh (Slavic) - Death spirit, Brag (English) - Malevolent water horse, Brownie (English and Scottish) - Benevolent household spirit, Broxa (Jewish) - Nocturnal bird that drains goats of their milk, Bokkenrijders (Dutch) - Ghosts/devils riding flying goats; co-opted by bandits to instil fear during raids, Bugbear (English) - Bearlike goblin, Buggane (Manx) - Ogre-like humanoid, Bugul Noz (Celtic) - Extremely ugly, but kind, forest spirit, Bukavac (Serbia) - Six-legged lake monster, Bunyip (Australian Aboriginal) - Horse-walrus hybrid lake monster, Buraq (Islamic) - Human-headed, angelic horse, Bush Dai Dai (Guyanese) - Spirit that seduces and kills men, Byangoma (Bengali) - Fortune-telling birds, Bysen (Scandinavian) - Diminutive forest spirit, Cabeiri (Greek) - Smith and wine spirit, Cacus (Roman) - Fire-breathing giant, Cadejo (Central America) - Cow-sized dog-goat hybrid in two varieties: benevolent and white; malevolent and black, Cailleach (Scottish) - Divine creator and weather deity hag, Caipora (Tupi) - Fox-human hybrid and nature spirit, Caladrius (Medieval Bestiary) - White bird that can foretell if a sick person will recover or die, Calingi (Medieval Bestiary) - Humanoid with an eight-year lifespan, Callitrix (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always bear twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates, Calydonian Boar (Greek) - Giant, chthonic boar, Calygreyhound (Heraldic) - Wildcat-deer/antelope-eagle-ox-lion hybrid, Camahueto (Chilota) - One-horned calf, Cambion (Medieval folklore) - Offspring of a human and an incubus or succubus; general term for any kind of human/demon hybrid, Campe (Greek) - Dragon-human-scorpion hybrid, Camulatz (Mayan) - Bird that ate the heads of the first men, Candileja (Colombian) - Spectral, fiery hag, Canaima (Guyanese) - Were-jaguar, Canotila (Lakota) - Little people and tree spirits, Caoineag (Scottish) - Death spirit (a particular type of Banshee/Bean Sídhe), Čhápa (Lakota) - Beaver spirit, Căpcăun (Romanian) - Large, monstrous humanoid, Carbuncle (Latin America) - Small creature with a jewel on its head, Catoblepas (Medieval Bestiary) - Scaled buffalo-hog hybrid, Cat Sidhe (Scottish) - Fairy cat, Ceffyl Dŵr (Welsh) - Malevolent water horse, Centaur (Greek) - Human-horse hybrid, Centicore (Indian) - Horse-Antelope-Lion-Bear hybrid, Cerastes (Greek) - Extremely flexible, horned snake, Cerberus (Greek) - Three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld, Cercopes (Greek) - Mischievous forest spirit, Cericopithicus (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always bear twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates, Ceryneian Hind (Greek) - Hind with golden antlers and bronze or brass hooves, Cetan (Lakota) - Hawk spirit, Chakora (Hindu) - Lunar bird, Chamrosh (Persian) - Dog-bird hybrid, Chaneque (Aztec) - Little people and nature spirits, Changeling (European) - Humanoid child (fairy, elf, troll, etc.) substituted for a kidnapped human child, Charybdis (Greek) - Sea monster in the form of a giant mouth, Chepi (Narragansett) - Ancestral spirit that instructs tribe members, Cherufe (Mapuche) - Volcano-dwelling monster, Chibaiskweda (Abenaki) - Ghost of an improperly buried person, Chichevache - Human-faced cow that feeds on good women, Chickcharney (Bahamian) - Bird-mammal hybrid, Chimaera (Greek) - Lion-goat-snake hybrid, Chindi (Navajo) - Vengeful ghost that causes dust devils, Chinthe (Burmese) - Temple-guarding feline, similar to Chinese Shi and Japanese Shisa, Chitauli (Zulu) - Human-lizard hybrid, Chōchinobake (Japanese) - Animated paper lantern, Chol (Biblical mythology) - Regenerative bird, Chollima (Korean) - Supernaturally fast horse, Chonchon (Mapuche) - Disembodied, flying head, Choorile (Guyanese) - Ghost of a woman that died in childbirth, Chromandi (Medieval Bestiary) - Hairy savage with dog teeth, Chrysaor (Greek) - The giant son of the gorgon Medusa., Chrysomallus (Greek mythology) - Golden winged ram, Chukwa (Hindu) - Giant turtle that supports the world, Chupacabra (Latin America) - Cryptid beast named for its habit of sucking the blood of livestock, Churel (Hindu) - Vampiric, female ghost, Ciguapa (Dominican Republic) - Malevolent seductress, Cihuateteo (Aztec) - Ghost of women that died in childbirth, Cikavac (Serbian) - Bird that serves its owner, Cinnamon bird (Medieval Bestiaries) - Giant bird that makes its nest out of cinnamon, Cipactli (Aztec) - Sea monster, crocodile-fish hybrid, Cirein cròin (Scottish) - Sea serpent, Coblynau (Welsh) - Little people and mine spirits, Cockatrice (Medieval Bestiaries) - Chicken-lizard hybrid, Cofgod (English) - Cove god, Colo Colo (Mapuche) - Rat-bird hybrid that can shapeshift into a serpent, Corycian nymphs (Greek) - Nymph of the Corycian Cave, Cretan Bull (Greek) - Monstrous bull, Crinaeae (Greek) - Fountain nymph, Criosphinx (Ancient Egypt) - Ram-headed sphinx, Crocotta (Medieval Bestiaries) - Monstrous dog-wolf, The Cu Bird (Mexican) - El Pájaro Cu; a bird., Cuco (Latin America) - Bogeyman, Cucuy (Latin America) - Malevolent spirit, Cuegle (Cantabrian) - Monstrous, three-armed humanoid, Cuélebre (Asturian and Cantabrian) - Dragon, Curupira (Tupi) - Nature spirit, Cu Sith (Scottish) - Gigantic fairy dog, Cŵn Annwn (Welsh) - Underworld hunting dog, Cyclops (Greek) - One-eyed giant, Cyhyraeth (Welsh) - Death spirit, Cynocephalus (Medieval Bestiaries) - Dog-headed humanoid,Dactyl (Greek) - Little people and smith and healing spirits,Daemon (Greek) - Incorporeal spirit,Dahu (France, Switzerland and the north of Italy) - Like a deer or ibex with legs on one side of its body are shorter than on the other side,Daidarabotchi (Japanese) - Giant responsible for creating many geographical features in Japan,Daitengu (Japanese) - Most powerful class of tengu, each of whom lives on a separate mountain,Daitya (Hindu) - Giant.,Danava (Hindu) - Water demon.,Daphnaie (Greek) - Laurel tree nymph.,Datsue-ba (Japanese) - Old woman who steals clothes from the souls of the dead.,Dead Sea Apes (Islamic) - Human tribe turned into apes for ignoring Moses' message.,Deer Woman (Native American) - Human-deer hybrid.,Deity (Global) - Preternatural or supernatural possibly immortal being.,Demon (Global) - From the Greek daímon, chthonic entities of Hell often seen as Satan's minions who are inimical to mankind; the counterparts of Angels.,Demigod (Global) - Half human, half god.,Dhampir (Balkans) - Human/vampire hybrid.,Diao Si Gui (Chinese) - Hanged ghost.,Dilong (Chinese) - Earth dragon.,Dip (Catalan) - Demonic and vampiric dog.,Di Penates (Roman) - House spirit.,Dipsa (Medieval Bestiaries) - Extremely venomous snake.,Dirawong (Australian Aboriginal) - Goanna spirit.,Di sma undar jordi (Gotland) - Little people and nature spirits.,Diwata (Philippine) - Tree spirit.,Djall (Albanian)- Devil,Dobhar-chu (Irish) - King otter.,Do-gakw-ho-wad (Abenaki) - Little people,Dokkaebi (Korean) - Grotesque, horned humanoids.,Dökkálfar (Norse) - Male ancestral spirits; the Dark Elves.,Dola (Slavic) - Tutelary and fate spirit.,Domovoi (Slavic) - House spirit.,Doppelgänger (German) - Ghostly double.,Drac (Catalan) - Lion or bull-faced dragon.,Drac (French) - Winged sea serpent.,Drakon (Greek) - Greek dragons.,Drakaina (Greek) - Dragons depicted with female characteristics.,Dragon (Many cultures worldwide) - Fire-breathing and (normally) winged reptiles.,Dragon turtle (Chinese) - Giant turtle with dragon-like head.,Drangue (Albanian)- semi-human winged warriors,Draugr (Norse) - Undead.,Drekavac (Slavic) - Restless ghost of an unbaptised child.,Drop Bear (Australian) Large carnivorous koala that hunts by dropping on its prey from trees.,Drow (Scottish) - Cavern spirit.,Drude (German) - Possessing demon.,Druk (Bhutanese) - Dragon.,Dryad (Greek) - Tree nymph.,Duende (Spanish and Portuguese) - Little people and forest spirits.,Duergar (English) - Malevolent little people.,Dullahan (Irish) - Headless death spirit.,Duwende (Philippine) - Little people, some are house spirits, others nature spirits.,Dvergr (Norse) - Subterranean little people smiths.,Dvorovoi (Slavic) - Courtyard spirit.,Dwarf (Germanic) - Little people nature spirits.,Dybbuk (Jewish) - Spirit (sometimes the soul of a wicked deceased) that possesses the living.,Dzee-dzee-bon-da (Abenaki) - Hideous monster.,Dzunukwa (Kwakwaka'wakw) - Child-eating hag., Each Uisge (Scottish) - Malevolent water horse, Eachy (English and Scottish) - Humanoid lake monster, Eagle Spirit (Many cultures worldwide) - Leadership or guidance totem, Ebu Gogo (Flores) - Diminutive humanoids, possibly inspired by Homo floresiensis, Echeneis (Medieval Bestiaries) - Remora, said to attach to ships to slow them down, Edimmu (Sumerian) - Ghosts of those not buried properly, Egbere (Yoruba) - Humanoid that carries a magical mat, Einherjar (Norse) - Spirits of brave warriors, Ekek (Philippine) - Flesh-eating, winged humanoids, Elbow Witch (Ojibwa) - Hags with awls in their elbows, Eldjötnar (Norse) - Fire Giants who reside in Muspelheim, with Surtr as their leader, Eleionomae (Greek) - Marsh nymph, Elemental (Alchemy) - Personification of one of the Classical elements, ‘Elepaio (Hawaiian) - Monarch flycatcher spirit that guides canoe-builders to the proper trees, Elf (Germanic) - Nature and fertility spirit, Eloko (Central Africa) - Little people and malevolent nature spirits, Emere (Yoruba) - Child that can move back and forth between the material world and the afterlife at will, Emim (Jewish) - Giant, Empusa (Greek) - Female demon that waylays travelers and seduces and kills men, Encantado (Brazilian) - Dolphin-human shapeshifter, Enchanted Moor (Portuguese) - Enchanted princesses, Enfield (Heraldic) - Fox-greyhound-lion-wolf-eagle hybrid, Engkanto (Philippine) - Neutral nature spirit, Enkō (Japanese) - Kappa of Shikoku and western Honshū, Ent (worldwide/fantasy) | A living tree that is said to live for years, Epimeliad (Greek) - Apple tree nymph, Erchitu (Sardinia) - Ox-human, wereox, Er Gui (Chinese) - Hungry ghost, Erinyes (Greek) - Winged spirits of vengeance or justice, also known as Furies, Erlking (German) - Death spirit, Erymanthian Boar (Greek) - Giant boar, Ethiopian Pegasus (Medieval Bestiaries) - Horned, winged horse, Etiäinen (Finnish mythology) - Spirit being of a living person, Ettin (English) - Three-headed giant, Eurynomos (Greek) - Blue-black, carrion-eater in the underworld, Ewah (Cherokee) - Human-cougar hybrid, Ežerinis (Lithuanian) - Lake spirit,Fachen (Irish and Scottish) - Monster with half a body,Fafnir (Germanic mythology) - Dwarf who was cursed and turned into a dragon. He was later slain by Sigurd in the Saga of Nibelung.,Fairy (Many cultures worldwide) - Nature spirits,Familiar (English) - Animal servant,Far darrig (Irish) - Little people that constantly play pranks,The Fates (Greek) - Three time-controlling sisters,Faun (Roman) - Human-goat hybrid nature spirit,Fear gorta (Irish) - Hunger ghost,Feathered Serpent - Mesoamerican dragon,Fei Lian (Chinese) - Chinese wind god,Fenghuang (Chinese) - Chinese Phoenix, female in marriage symbol,Fenodyree (Manx) - House spirit,Fenrir (Norse) - Gigantic, ravenous wolf,Fetch (Irish) - Double or doppelgänger,Fext (Slavic) - Undead,Finfolk (Orkney) - Fish-human hybrid that kidnaps humans for servants,Fir Bolg (Irish) - Ancestral race,Fire Bird (Many cultures worldwide) - Regenerative solar bird,Firedrake (Germanic) - Dragon,Fish-man (Cantabrian) - Amphibious, scaled humanoid,Fomorian (Irish) - Goat-headed giant,Forest Bull (Medieval Bestiaries) - Giant horned red cattle,Freybug - Norfolk black dog,Fuath (Celtic) - Malevolent water spirit,Fucanglong (Chinese) - Underworld dragon,Funayūrei (Japanese) - Ghosts of people who drowned at sea,Furu-utsubo (Japanese) - Animated jar,Futakuchi-onna (Japanese) - Woman with a second mouth on the back of her head,Fylgja (Scandinavian) - Animal familiar, Gaasyendietha (Seneca) - Dragon, Gagana (Russian) - Iron-beaked bird with copper talons, Gaki (Japanese) - Ghosts of especially greedy people, Gallu (Mesopotamian) - Underworld demons, Galtzagorriak (Basque) - Small demonic servants, Gamayun (Russian) - Prophetic human-headed bird, Gana (Hindu) - Attendants of Shiva, Gancanagh (Irish) - Male fairy that seduces human women, Gandaberunda (Hindu) - Double-headed bird, Gandharva (Hindu) - Male nature spirits, often depicted as part human, part animal, Gargouille (French) - Water dragon, Garmr (Norse) - Giant, ravenous hound, Garuda (Hindu) - Human-eagle hybrid, Gashadokuro (Japanese) - Giant malevolent skeletons, Gaueko (Basque) - Wolf capable of walking upright, Geb (Egyptian) - God of the Earth, married to Nut, Ged (Heraldic) - The fish pike, Gegenees (Greek) - Six-armed giant, Genie (Arabian) - Elemental spirit, Genius loci (Roman) - Spirit that protects a specific place, German (Slavic) - Male spirit associated with bringing rain and hail, Geryon (Greek) - Three-headed six-armed giant with three torsos and (in some sources) six legs, Ghillie Dhu (Scottish) - Tree guardian, Ghost - Disembodied spirits of those that have died, Ghoul (Arabian) - Cannibalistic shapeshifting desert genie often classified as undead., Giant (Worldwide) - Immensely large and strong humanoids, Giant animal (Worldwide) - Unusually large beasts, Gichi-anami'e-bizhiw (Ojibwa) - Bison-snake-bird-cougar hybrid water spirit, Gidim (Sumerian) - Ghost, Gigantes (Greek) - Race of giants that fought the Olympian gods, sometimes depicted with snake-legs, Gigelorum (Scottish) - Smallest animal, Girtablilu (Akkadian) - Human-scorpion hybrid, Gjenganger (Scandinavian) - Corporeal ghost, Glaistig (Scottish) - Human-goat hybrid, Glashtyn (Manx) - Malevolent water horse, Gnome (Alchemy) - Diminutive Earth elemental, Goblin (Medieval) - Grotesque, mischievous little people, Gog (English) - Giant protector of London, Gold-digging ant (Medieval Bestiaries) - Dog-sized ant that digs for gold in sandy areas, Golem (Jewish) - Animated construct, Gorgades (Medieval Bestiary) - Hairy humanoid, Gorgon (Greek) - Fanged, snake-haired humanoids that turn anyone who sees them into stone, Goryō (Japanese) - Vengeful ghosts, usually of martyrs, Grassman (Ohio, USA) - Ape-like cryptid, Gremlin (Folklore) - Goblins that sabotage airplanes, Griffin (Heraldic) - Lion-eagle hybrid, Grigori (Christian, Jewish, and Islamic mythology) - Fallen angels, father of Nephilim, Grim (English and Scandinavian) - Tutelary spirits of churches, Grim Reaper (Worldwide) - Death angel often thought to be God's/Satan's assistant, Grindylow (English) - Malevolent water spirit, Gualichu (Mapuche) - Malevolent spirit, Guardian angel (Christian, Jewish, and Islamic belief) - Subclassification of angels that guard and protect a specific person or living being, Gud-elim (Akkadian) - Human-bull hybrid, Guhin (Japanese) - Anthropomorphic bird, Gui Po (Chinese) - Ghost that manifests as an old woman, Gui Shu (Chinese) - Ghostly tree that confuses travelers by moving, Gulon (Germanic) - Gluttonous dog-cat-fox hybrid, Gumiho (Korean mythology) - Demonic fox with thousands of tails believed to possess an army of spirits and magic in its tails., Gurumapa (Nepalese) - Child-eating demon, Gwyllgi (Welsh) - black dog, Gwyllion (Welsh) - Malevolent spirit, Gyascutus (American folklore) - Four-legged herbivore, Gytrash (Lincolnshire and Yorkshire) - black dog, Gyūki (Japanese) - Bull-headed monster, Habrok (Norse) - listed as the "best" hawk, Hadhayosh (Persian) - gigantic land animal, Haetae (Korean) - dog-lion hybrid, Hag (Many cultures worldwide) - wise old woman who is usually a malevolent spirit or a disguised goddess, Haietlik (Nuu-chah-nulth) - water serpent, Hai-uri (Khoikhoi) - male cannibalistic partially invisible monster, Hakutaku (Japanese) - talking beast which handed down knowledge on harmful spirits, Hākuturi (Māori) - nature guardian, Half-elf (Norse) - human-elf hybrid., Haltija (Finnish) - spirit that protects a specific place, Hamadryad (Greek) - oak tree nymph, Hamingja (Scandinavian) - personal protection spirit, Hamsa (Buddhist, Hindu and Jainism) - mystic bird, Hanau epe (Rapa Nui) - long-eared humanoid, Hantu Air (Malay) - shapeshifting water spirit, Hantu Demon (Philippine) - demon, Hantu Raya (Malay) - demonic servant, Harionago (Japanese) - humanoid female with barbed, prehensile hair, Harpy (Greek) - birdlike human-headed death spirit, Haugbui (Norse) - undead being who cannot leave its burial mound, Havsrå (Norse) - saltwater spirit, Headless Horseman (European) - humanoid spirit who haunts or kills, Headless Mule (Brazilian) - fire-spewing, headless, spectral mule, Hecatonchires (Greek) - primordial giants with 100 hands and fifty heads, Heikegani (Japanese) - crabs with human-faced shells, the spirits of warriors killed in the Battle of Dan-no-ura, Heinzelmännchen (German) - household spirit, Helead (Greek) - fen nymph, Hellhound (Many cultures worldwide) - underworld dog, Heracles (Greek) - gatekeeper of Olympus, Hercinia (Medieval Bestiaries) - glowing bird, Herensuge (Basque) - dragon, Hesperides (Greek) - nymph daughters of Atlas, Hidebehind (United States) - nocturnal forest creature, Hiderigami (Japanese) - drought spirit, Hieracosphinx (Ancient Egypt) - falcon-headed sphinx, Hihi (Japanese) - baboon monster, Hiisi (Finnish) - nature guardian, Hippocamp (Etruscan, Greek and Phoenician) - horse-fish hybrid, Hippogriff (Medieval Bestiaries) - hybrid of a griffin and horse; a lion-eagle-horse hybrid, Hippopodes (Medieval Bestiary) - horse-hoofed humanoid, Hircocervus (Medieval Bestiary) - deer-goat hybrid, Hitodama (Japanese) - ghosts of the newly dead, which take the form of fireballs, Hitotsume-kozō (Japanese) - one-eyed childlike spirit, Hob (English) - house spirit, Hobbididance (English) - malevolent spirit, Hobgoblin (Medieval) - friendly or amusing goblin, Hodag (Native American) - frog-mammoth-lizard hybrid, Hokhokw (Kwakiutl) - bird, Hōkō (Japanese) - dog-like Chinese tree spirit, Homa (Persian) - eagle-lion hybrid, similar to a griffin, Hombre Caiman (Colombian) - human-alligator hybrid, Hombre Gato (Latin America) - human-cat hybrid, Homunculus (Alchemy) - small animated construct, Hō-ō (Japanese) - rooster-swallow-fowl-snake-goose-tortoise-stag-fish hybrid, Hoopoe - near passerine bird common to Africa and Eurasia that features in many mythologies in those continents, Hoop snake - snake which rolls by taking its tail in its mouth, Horned Serpent (Native American) - serpentine rain spirit, Hotoke (Japanese) - deceased person, Houri (Islamic) - heavenly beings, Hraesvelg (Norse) - giant, who in eagle form, creates the wind by beating his wings, Hrímþursar (Norse) - frost giants who are the main inhabitants of either Jotunheim or Niflheim, Huaychivo (Mayan) - human-deer hybrid, Hugin and Munin (Norse) - pair of ravens associated with the Norse god Odin whose names mean Thought and Memory., Huldufólk (Icelandic/Faroese) - secret mound/rock dwelling elves, Huldra (Scandinavian) - forest spirit, Huli jing (Chinese) - nine-tailed fox spirit, Huma (Persian) - regenerative fire bird, Humbaba (Akkadian) - lion-faced giant, Hundun (Chinese) - chaos spirit, Hupia (Taíno) - nocturnal ghost, Hyakume (Japanese) - hundred-eyes creature, Hydra (Greek) - multi-headed water serpent/dragon, Hydros (Medieval Bestiary) - snake whose poison causes the victim to swell up, Hydrus (Medieval Bestiary) - snake from the Nile River that would kill crocodiles from the inside, Hyōsube (Japanese) - hair-covered kappa, Hypnalis (Medieval Bestiary) - snake that kills its victims in their sleep, Iannic-ann-ôd (Breton) - Ghost of a drowned person, Iara (Brazilian) - Female water spirit, Ibong Adarna (Philippine) - Bird that changes color when it finishes a song, Ichchhadhari Nag (Hindu) - Shapeshifting venomous snakes, Ichimoku-nyūdō (Japanese) - One-eyed kappa from Sado Island, Ichiren-Bozu (Japanese) - Animated prayer beads, Ichneumon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Dragon-killing animal, Ichthyocentaur (Greek) - Human-fish-horse hybrid, Iele (Romanian) - Female nature spirits, Ifrit (Arabian) - Fire genie, Ijiraq (Inuit) - Spirit that kidnaps children, Ikiryō (Japanese) - Can be considered a 'living ghost', as it is a person's spirit outside their body, Ikuchi (Japanese) - Sea serpent that travels over boats in an arc while dripping oil, Iku-Turso (Finnish) - Sea monster, Il-Belliegħa (Maltese) - Malevolent well spirit, Imp (Medieval) - Small demonic servant, Impundulu (Southern Africa) - Avian, vampiric lightning spirit, Imugi (Korean) - Flightless, dragon-like creatures (sometimes thought of as proto-dragons), Inapertwa (Aboriginal) - Simple organisms, used by creator-gods to make everything else, Incubus (Medieval folklore) - Male night-demon and seducer, Indrik (Russian) - One-horned horse-bull hybrid, Indus Worm (Medieval Bestiaries) - Giant, white, carnivorous worm, Inkanyamba (Zulu) - Horse-headed serpent, Inugami (Japanese) - Dog spirit, Ior (Romanian) - Giant creature, with good spirit, Ipotane (Greek) - Two-legged horse-human hybrid, (as opposed to the four-legged centaur), Ippon-datara (Japanese) - One-legged mountain spirit, Iratxoak (Basque) - Small demonic servants, Irin (Jewish) - Fallen angels, Ishigaq (Inuit) - Little people, Island Satyr (Medieval Bestiaries) - Savage human-goat hybrid from a remote island chain, Isonade (Japanese) - Shark-like sea monster, Ittan-momen (Japanese) - Ghostly aerial phenomenon that attacks people, Iwana-bōzu (Japanese) - Char which appeared as a Buddhist monk, Jackalope (American) - Rabbit with antlers, Jack-In-Irons (English) - Malevolent giant, Jaculus (Medieval Bestiaries) - Winged serpent or small dragon, Jasconius (Medieval folklore) - Island-sized fish, Jasy Jaterei (Guaraní) - Nature guardian and bogeyman, Jatayu (Hindu mythology) - Vulture demigod, Jaud (Slavic) - Vampirised premature baby, Jenglot (Java) - Vampiric little people, Jengu (Sawa) - Water spirit, Jentil (Basque) - Megalith-building giant, Jenu (Mi'kmaq) - Anthropophagous giant, Jerff (Swedish) - Gluttonous dog-cat-fox hybrid, Jersey Devil (American) - Demonic dragon or flying demon who was given birth to by an American living in New Jersey, Jian (Chinese) - One-eyed, one-winged bird who requires a mate for survival, Jiangshi (Chinese) - Life-draining, reanimated corpse, Jiaolong (Chinese) - Dragon, Jibakurei (Japanese) - Spirit that protects a specific place, Jievaras (Lithuanian) - House spirit, Jikininki (Japanese) - Corpse-eating ghost, Jinn (Arabian, Islamic) - Spiritual creatures; genii, Jiufeng (Chinese) - Nine-headed bird worshiped by ancient natives in Hubei Province., Jiu tou niao (Chinese) - Nine-headed, demonic bird, Jogah (Iroquois) - Little people nature spirit, Jörmungandr (Norse) - Sea serpent, Jorōgumo (Japanese) - Spider woman, Jotai (Japanese) - Animated folding screen cloth, Jötunn (Norse) - Gigantic nature spirits, Jujak (Korean) - Bird, Jumbee (Guyanese) - Malevolent spirit, Kabouter (Dutch) - Little people that live underground, in mushrooms, or as house spirits, Kachina (Hopi and Puebloan) - Nature spirit, Kahaku (Japanese) - Little people and water spirits, Kajsa (Scandinavian) - Wind spirit, Kalakeyas (Hindu) - Descendents of Kala, Kallikantzaroi (Greek) - Grotesque, malevolent spirit, Kamaitachi (Japanese) - Wind spirit, Kamatayan (Philippine) - Philippine counterpart of Death, Kami (Japanese) - Nature spirit, Kamikiri (Japanese) - Hair-cutting spirit, Kanbari-nyūdō (Japanese) - Bathroom spirit, Kanbo (Japanese) - Drought spirit, Kanedama (Japanese) - Money spirit, Kappa (Japanese) - Little people and water spirit, Kapre (Philippine) - Malevolent tree spirit, Karakoncolos (Bulgarian and Turkish), also in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia known as Karanđoloz - Troublesome spirit, Karakura (Turkish) - Male night-demon, Karasu-tengu (Japanese) - Tengu with a bird's bill, Karkadann (Persian) - One-horned giant animal, Karkinos (Greek) - Giant crab, Karura (Japanese) - Eagle-human hybrid, Karzełek (Polish) - Little people and mine spirits, Kasa-obake (Japanese) - Animated parasol, Kasha (Japanese) - Cat-like demon which descends from the sky and carries away corpses, Kashanbo (Japanese) - Kappa who climb into the mountains for the winter, Katawa-guruma (Japanese) - Woman riding on a flaming wheel, Katsura-otoko (Japanese) - Handsome man from the moon, Katallan (Albanian)- Man eating giant, Kaukas (Lithuanian) - Nature spirit, Kawa-uso (Japanese) - Supernatural river otter, Kawa-zaru (Japanese) - Smelly, cowardly water spirit, Keelut (Inuit) - Hairless dog, Kee-wakw (Abenaki) - Half-human half-animal cannibalistic giant, Kekkai (Japanese) - Amorphous afterbirth spirit, Kelpie (Irish and Scottish) - Malevolent water horse, Ker (Greek) - Female death spirit, Kesaran-pasaran (Japanese) - Mysterious, white, fluffy creature, Keukegen (Japanese) - Disease spirit, Keythong (Heraldic) - Wingless griffin, Colchis bull (Greek) - Bronze-hoofed bulls, Khyah (Nepalese) - Fat, hairy ape-like creature, Kigatilik (Inuit) - Night-demon, Kijimunaa (Japanese) - Tree sprite from Okinawa, Kijo (Japanese) - She-devil, Kikimora (Slavic) - Female house spirit, Killmoulis (English and Scottish) - Ugly, mischievous mill spirit, Kinnara (Hindu) - Human-bird hybrid, Kin-u (Japanese) - Bird, Kirin (Japanese) - Japanese Unicorn, Kishi (Angola) - Malevolent, two-faced seducer, Kitsune (Japanese) - Fox spirit, Kitsune-Tsuki (Japanese) - Person possessed by a fox spirit, Kiyohime (Japanese) - Woman who transformed into a serpentine demon out of the rage of unrequited love, Klabautermann (German) - Ship spirit, Knocker (folklore) (Cornish and Welsh) - Little people and mine spirits, Knucker (English) - Water dragon, Kobalos (Greek) - Goblin like thieves and tricksters, Kobold (German) - Little people and mine or house spirits, Kodama (Japanese) - Tree spirit, Kofewalt (Germanic) - House spirit, Ko-gok (Abenaki) - Hideous monster, Kokakuchō (Japanese) - Ubume bird, Komainu (Japanese) - Protective animal, Konaki-Jijii (Japanese) - Infant that cries until it is picked up, then increases its weight and crushes its victim, Kongamoto (Congo) - Flying creature, Konoha-tengu (Japanese) - Bird-like creature, Koro-pok-guru (Ainu) - Little people, Korrigan (Breton) - Little people and nature spirits, Kraken (Scandinavian) - Sea monster, Krasnoludek (Slavic) - Little people nature spirits, Krasue (Southeast Asian) - Vampiric, floating head, Kuarahy Jára (Guaraní) - Forest spirit, Kubikajiri (Japanese) - Female corpse-chewing graveyard spirit, Kuchisake-onna (Japanese) - Vengeful ghost of a woman mutilated by her husband, Kuda-gitsune (Japanese) - Miniature fox spirit, Kudan (Japanese) - Human-faced calf which predicts a calamity before dying, Kui (Chinese) - One-legged monster, Kukudhi (Albanian)- Female demon who spreads sickness, Kulshedra (Albanian) - Drought-causing dragon, Kumakatok (Philippine) - Death spirits, Kumiho (Korean) - Fox spirit, Kun (Chinese) - Giant fish, Kupua (Hawaiian) - Shapeshifting tricksters, Kurabokko (Japanese) - Guardian spirit of a warehouse, Kurage-no-hinotama (Japanese) - Jellyfish which floats through the air as a fireball, Kurma (Hindu mythology) - Second avatar of Vishnu in the form of a Turtle, Kurupi (Guaraní) - Wild man and fertility spirit, Kushtaka (Tlingit) - Shapeshifting "land otter man", Kye-ryong (Korean) - Chicken-lizard hybrid, Kyourinrin (Japanese) - Animated scroll or paper, Kyūbi-no-kitsune (Japanese) - Nine-tailed fox, Kyūketsuki (Japanese) - Vampire,La-bar-tu (Assyrian) - Disease demon,Labbu (Akkadian) - Sea snake,Lady midday (Slavic) - Sunstroke spirit,Ladon (Greek) - Dragon guarding the golden apples of the Hesperides,Laelaps (Greek) - Enchanted dog that always caught his prey,Laestrygonians (Greek) - Anthropophagic giants,Lakanica (Slavic) - Field spirit,Lake monster (Worldwide) - Gigantic animals reported to inhabit various lakes around the world,Lakhey (Nepalese) - Demon with fangs,La Llorona (Latin America) - Death spirit associated with drowning,Lamassu (Akkadian and Sumerian) - Protective spirit with the form of a winged bull or human-headed lion,Lambton Worm (English) - Giant worm,Lamia (Greek) - Child-devouring monster,Lamiak (Basque) - Water spirit with bird feet,La Mojana (Colombian) - Shapeshifting, female water spirit,Lampades (Greek) - Underworld nymph,Landvættir (Norse) - Nature spirits,Lares (Roman) - House spirit,La Sayona (Venezuela) - Female ghost that punishes unfaithful husbands,La Tunda (Colombian) - Nature spirit that seduces and kills men,Lava bear - Miniature bear thought to inhabit the lava beds of south central Oregon,Laukų dvasios (Lithuanian) - Field spirit,Lauma (Baltic) - Sky spirit,Lavellan (Scottish) - Gigantic water rat,Leanan sidhe (Celtic) - Fairy lover,Leanashe (Irish) - Possessing spirit or vampire,Leimakids (Greek) - Meadow nymph,Leokampoi (Etruscan) - Fish-tailed lion,Leontophone (Medieval Bestiary) - Tiny animal poisonous to lions,Leprechaun (Irish) - Cobbler spirit,Leszi (Slavic) - Tree spirit,Leuce (Greek) - White poplar tree nymph,Leucrota (Medieval Bestiary) - Crocotta-lion hybrid,Leviathan (Jewish) - Sea monster seen in Job 41,Leyak (Balinese) - Anthropophagous flying head with entrails,Libyan Aegipanes (Medieval Bestiaries) - Human-horse hybrid,Libyan Satyr (Medieval Bestiaries) - Human-goat hybrid,Lidérc (Hungary) - Magical chicken that transforms into a humanoid,Lightning Bird (Southern Africa) - Magical bird found at sites of lightning strikes,Likho (Slavic) - One-eyed hag or goblin,Lilin (Jewish) - Night-demoness,Lilitu (Assyrian) - Winged demon,Limnades (Greek) - Lake nymph,Lindworm (Germanic) - Dragon,Ljósálfar (Norse) - Sunlight spirits; the Light Elves,Ljubi (Albanian)- Demoness,Llamhigyn Y Dwr (Welsh) - Frog-bat-lizard hybrid,Loch Ness Monster (Scottish) - Serpentine sea monster,Lo-lol (Abenaki) - Hideous monster,Lóng - Chinese dragon,Longana (Italian) - Female human-goat hybrid and water spirit,Long Ma (Chinese) - Dragon-horse hybrid,Loogaroo (French America) - Shapeshifting, female vampire,Lou Carcolh (French) - Snake-mollusk hybrid,Loup-garou (French) - Werewolf,Lubber fiend (English) - House spirit,Luduan (Chinese) - Truth-detecting animal,Lugat (Albanian) - Vampire,Luison (Guaraní) - Werewolf | Cadaver-eating dog,Lusca - Sea Monster,Lutin (French) - Amusing goblin,Lycanthrope (Greek) - Werewolf,Lynx (Medieval Bestiaries) - Feline guide spirit,Maa-alused (Estonian mythology) - Subterranean spirit,Machlyes (Medieval bestiaries) - Hermaphroditic humanoid,Macrocephali (Medieval bestiaries) - Giant-headed humanoid,Madremonte (Colombian folklore) - Nature guardian,Maero (Māori) - Savage, arboreal humanoids,Magog (English folklore) - Giant protector of London,Maha-pudma (Hindu mythology) - Giant elephant that holds up the world,Mairu (Basque mythology) - Megalith-building giant,Mājas gari (Latvian mythology) - Benevolent house spirit,Makara (Indian mythology) - Aquatic beings,Makura-gaeshi (Japanese mythology) - Pillow-moving spirit,Mallt-y-Nos (Welsh mythology) - Spirit of the hunt,Mami Wata (Africa and the African diaspora) - Supernaturally beautiful water spirits,Manananggal (Philippine mythology) - Vampires that sever their torsos from their legs to fly around,Mandi (Medieval bestiaries) - Humanoid with a forty-year lifespan,Mandrake (Medieval folklore) - Diminutive, animated construct,Manes (Roman mythology) - Ancestral spirits,Mannegishi (Cree) - Little people with six fingers and no noses,Manticore (Persian mythology) - Lion-human-scorpion hybrid,Mapinguari (Brazilian mythology) - Giant sloth,Mara (Scandinavian folklore) - Female night-demon,Marabbecca (Italian folklore) - Malevolent water spirit,Mareikura (Tuamotu) - Attendant of Kiho-tumu, the supreme god,Mares of Diomedes (Greek mythology) - Man-eating horses,Marid (Arabian mythology) - Jinn associated fortune tellers,Marmennill (Norse mythology) - mermen with prophetic abilities,Maro deivės (Lithuanian mythology) - Disease spirits,Maski-mon-gwe-zo-os (Abenaki mythology) - Shapeshifting toad spirit,Matagot (French mythology) - Spirit that takes animal form; usually that of a black cat,Matsya (Hindu mythology) - First Avatar of Vishnu in the form of a half-fish and half-man,Mayura (Hindu mythology) - Peacock spirit,Mazzikin (Jewish mythology) - Invisible, malevolent spirit,Mbói Tu'ĩ (Guaraní mythology) - Snake-parrot hybrid,Mbwiri (Central Africa) - Possessing demon,Medusa (Greek mythology) - Serpent-female hybrid (Gorgon) with numerous snake heads,Meliae (Greek mythology) - Ash tree nymph,Melusine (Medieval folklore) - Female water spirit, with the form of a winged mermaid or serpent,Menehune (Hawaiian mythology) - Little people and craftsmen,Menninkäinen (Finnish mythology) - Little people and nature spirits,Merlion (Singapore) - Combination of a lion and a fish, the symbol of Singapore,Mermaid/Merman (multiple cultures) - Human-fish hybrid,Merrow (Irish mythology and Scottish) - Human-fish hybrid,Metee-kolen-ol (Abenaki mythology) - Ice-hearted wizards,Mimi (Australian Aboriginal mythology) - Extremely elongated humanoid that has to live in rock crevasses to avoid blowing away,Minka Bird (Australian Aboriginal mythology) - Death spirit,Minokawa (Philippine) - Giant swallow,Minotaur (Greek mythology) - Human-bull hybrid,Mishibizhiw (Ojibwa) - Feline water spirit,Misi-ginebig (Ojibwa) - Serpentine rain spirit,Misi-kinepikw (Cree) - Serpentine rain spirit,Mizuchi (Japanese mythology) - Water dragon,Mogwai (Chinese mythology) - Vengeful ghost or demon,Mohan (Latin American folklore) - Nature spirit,Mokèlé-mbèmbé (Congo) - Water-dwelling creature,Mokoi (Australian Aboriginal mythology) - Malevolent spirit that kills sorcerers,Moñái (Guaraní mythology) - Giant snake with antennae,Monocerus (Medieval bestiaries) - One-horned stag-horse-elephant-boar hybrid, sometimes treated as distinct from the unicorn,Mono Grande (South America) - Giant monkey,Monopod (Medieval bestiaries) - Dwarf with one giant foot,Mooinjer veggey (Manx folklore) - Nature spirit,Mora (Slavic mythology) - Disembodied spirit,Morgens (Breton and Welsh mythology) - Water spirits,Morinji-no-okama (Japanese mythology) - Animated tea kettle,Mormolykeia (Greek) - Underworld spirit,Moroi (Romanian) - Vampiric ghost,Moss people (Continental Germanic mythology) - Little people and tree spirits,Mujina (Japanese mythology) - Shapeshifting badger spirit,Muldjewangk (Australian Aboriginal mythology) - Water monster,Multo (Philippine mythology) - Spirit of a deceased person seeking justice or has unfinished business,Muma Pădurii (Romanian folklore) - Forest-dwelling hag,Muscaliet (Medieval bestiaries) - Hare-squirrel-boar hybrid that has an intense body heat,Muse (Greek mythology) - Spirits that inspire artists,Musimon (Heraldic) - Sheep-goat hybrid,Myling (Scandinavian folklore) - Ghosts of unbaptized children,Myrmecoleon (Medieval bestiaries) - Ant-lion hybrid, Nachzehrer (German) - Anthropophagous undead, Nāga (Buddhist and Hindu) - Nature and water spirits, serpentine or human-serpent hybrids, Naga fireballs (Thai) - Spectral fire, Nagual (Mesoamerica) - Human-animal shapeshifter, Naiad (Greek) - Freshwater nymph, Näkki (Finnish) - Water spirit, Namahage (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon from the Oga Peninsula, Namazu (Japanese) - Giant catfish whose thrashing causing earthquakes, Nando-baba (Japanese) - Old woman who hides under the floor in abandoned storerooms, Nang Takian (Thai) - Tree spirit, Nanom-keea-po-da (Abenaki) - Earthquake spirit, Napaeae (Greek) - Grotto nymph, Narasimha (Hindu mythology) - Avatar of Vishnu in the form of half-man/half-lion, Narecnitsi (Slavic) - Fate spirit, Nariphon (Thai) - Pod people, Nargun (Gunai) - Water monster, Nasnas (Arabian) - Half-human, half-demon creature with half a body, Nav' (Slavic) - Ghost, Nawao (Hawaiian) - Savage humanoid, N-dam-keno-wet (Abenaki) - Fish-human hybrid, Neck (Germanic mythology) - Female water spirit, Negret (Catalan) - Little people that turn into coins, Nekomata (Japanese) - Split-tailed magical cat, Nekomusume (Japanese) - Cat in the form of a girl, Nemean Lion (Greek) - Lion with impenetrable skin, Nephilim (Abrahamic mythology) - Gigantic sons of Grigori and human women, Nereid (Greek) - Nymph daughters of Nereus, Ngen (Mapuche) - Nature spirit, Nguruvilu (Mapuche) - Fox-like water snake, Nian (Chinese) - Predatory animal, Nightmarchers (Hawaiian) - Warrior ghosts, Nikusui (Japanese) - Monster which appears as a young woman and sucks all of the flesh off of its victim's body, Nimerigar (Shoshone) - Aggressive little people, Ningyo (Japanese) - Monkey-fish hybrid, Ninki Nanka (Western Africa) - Large reptile, possibly a dragon, Nisse (Scandinavian) - House spirit, Níðhöggr (Norse) - Dragon, Nivatakavachas (Hindu) - Ocean demon, Nix (Germanic) - Female water spirit, Nobusuma (Japanese) - Supernatural wall, also a monstrous flying squirrel, Nocnitsa (Slavic) - Nightmare spirit, Noppera-bō (Japanese) - Faceless ghost, Nozuchi (Japanese) - Small sea serpent, Nuckelavee (Scottish) - Malevolent human-horse-fish hybrid, Nue (Japanese) - Monkey-raccoon dog-tiger-snake hybrid, Nü Gui (Chinese) - Vengeful female ghost, Nukekubi (Japanese) - Disembodied, flying head that attacks people, Nuku-mai-tore (Māori) - Forest spirit, Nuli (Medieval Bestiary) - Humanoid with backwards, eight-toed feet, Numen (Roman) - Tutelary spirit, Nuno (Philippine) - Malevolent little people, Nuppeppo (Japanese) - Animated chunk of dead flesh, Nurarihyon (Japanese) - Head-sized ball-like creature that floats in the sea and teases sailors, Nure-onna (Japanese) - Female monster who appears on the beach, Nurikabe (Japanese) - Spirit that manifests as an impassable, invisible wall, Nyami Nyami (Tonga (Zimbabwean) mythology) - Snake-spirit of the Zambezi River, Nykštukas (Lithuanian) - Cavern spirit, Nymph (Greek) - Nature spirit, Obake (Japanese) - Shapeshifting spirits, Obariyon (Japanese) - Spook which rides piggyback on a human victim and becomes unbearably heavy, Obayifo (Ashanti) - Vampiric possession spirit, Obia (West Africa) - Gigantic animal that serves witches, Oceanid (Greek) - Nymph daughters of Oceanus, Odei (Basque) - Storm spirit, Odmience (Slavic) - Changeling, Og (Jewish) - Giant king of the Amorites, Ogopogo (Canadian) Canadian Lake Monster, Ogun (Nigeria) - Iron god for the Yoruba people (South Western Nigeria), Ogre (Medieval folklore) - Large, grotesque humanoid, Oiwa (Japanese) - Ghost of a woman with a distorted face who was murdered by her husband, Ojáncanu (Cantabrian) - Giant cyclops who embodies evil., Okiku (Japanese) - Spirit of a plate-counting servant girl, associated with the "Okiku-Mushi" worm, Ōkubi (Japanese) - Death spirit, Okuri-inu (Japanese) - Dog or wolf that follows travelers at night, similar to the Black dog of English folklore, Ole-Higue (Guyanese) - Vampiric hag who takes the form of a fireball at night, Ōmukade (Japanese) - Giant, human-eating centipede that lives in the mountains, Oni (Japanese) - Large, grotesque humanoid demon, usually having red skin and horns, Onibi (Japanese) - Spectral fire, Onmoraki (Japanese) - Bird-demon created from the spirits of freshly dead corpses, Onocentaur (Medieval Bestiaries) - Human-donkey hybrid, Onoskelis (Greek) - Shapeshifting demon, Onryō (Japanese) - Vengeful ghost that manifests in a physical rather than a spectral form, Onza (Aztec and Latin American folklore) - Wild cat, possibly a subspecies of cougar, Oozlum bird (Unknown origin) - Bird that flies backwards, Ophiotaurus (Greek) - Bull-serpent hybrid, Opinicus (Heraldic) - Lion-eagle hybrid, similar to a griffin, but with leonine forelimbs, Orang Bunian (Malay) - Forest spirit, Orang Minyak (Malay) - Spectral rapist, Ördög (Hungarian) - Shapeshifting demon, Oread (Greek) - Mountain nymph, Ork (Tyrolean) - Little people and house spirits, Orobas (European) - Horse-headed, honest oracle classed as a demon, Orphan Bird (Medieval Bestiaries) - Peacock-eagle-swan-crane hybrid, Orthrus (Greek) - Two-headed dog, Osiris (Hellenized) - God of the dead and the judge of the underworld, Oshun (Nigeria) - God of love and fertility, Otso (Finnish) - Bear spirit, Ouroboros (Worldwide) - Mystic serpent/dragon that eats its own tail, Ovinnik (Slavic) - Malevolent threshing house spirit, Paasselkä devils (Finnish) - Spectral fire, Pamola (Abenaki) - Weather spirit, Panes (Greek) - Human-goat hybrids descended from the god Pan, Pandi (Medieval Bestiary) - White-haired humanoid with giant ears and eight fingers and toes, Panis (Hindu) - Demons with herds of stolen cows, Panlong (Chinese) - Water dragon, Panotti (Medieval Bestiaries) - Humanoid with gigantic ears, Panther (Medieval Bestiaries) - Feline with sweet breath, Parandrus (Medieval Bestiaries) - Shapeshifting animal whose natural form was a large ruminant, Pard (Medieval Bestiaries) - Fast, spotted feline believed to mate with lions to produce leopards, Pardalokampoi (Etruscan) - Fish-tailed leopard, Patagon (Medieval folklore) - Giant race reputed to live in the area of Patagonia, Patasola (Latin America) - Anthropophagous, one-legged humanoid, Patupairehe (Māori) - White-skinned nature spirits, Pech (Scottish) - Strong little people, Pegaeae (Greek) - Spring nymph, Pegasus (Greek) - Winged horse, Pegacorn - Pegasus-unicorn hybrid, Pelesit (Malay) - Servant spirit, Peluda (French) - Dragon, Penanggalan (Malay) - Vampires that sever their heads from their bodies to fly around, usually with their intestines or other internal organs trailing behind, Peng (Chinese) - Giant bird, Penghou (Chinese) - Tree spirit, Peri (Persian) - Winged humanoid, Peryton (Allegedly Medieval folklore) - Deer-bird hybrid, Pesanta (Catalan) - Nightmare demon in the form of a cat or dog, Peuchen (Chilota and Mapuche) - Vampiric, flying, shapeshifting serpent, Phi Tai Hong (Thai) - Ghost of a person who has died suddenly of a violent or cruel death, Phoenix (Phoenician) - Regenerative bird reborn from its own ashes, Piasa (Native American mythology) - Winged, antlered feline-like dragon, Piatek (Armenian) - Large land animal, Pictish Beast (Pictish stones) - Stylistic animal, possibly a dragon, Pillan (Mapuche) - Nature spirit, Pim-skwa-wagen-owad (Abenaki) - Water spirit, Piru (Finnish) - Minor demon, Pishacha (Hindu) - Carrion-eating demon, Pita-skog (Abenaki) - Serpentine rain spirit, Pixie (Cornish) - Little people and nature spirits, Pixiu (Chinese) - Winged lion, Pi yao (Chinese) - Horned, dragon-lion hybrid, Plakavac (Slavic) - Vampire created when a mother strangles her child, Pok-wejee-men (Abenaki) - Tree spirit, Polevik (Polish) - Little people and field spirits, Pollo Maligno (Colombian) - Man-eating chicken spirit, Polong (Malay) - Invisible servant spirit, Poltergeist (German) - Ghost that moves objects, Pombero (Guaraní) - Wild man and nature spirit, Ponaturi (Māori) - Grotesque, malevolent humanoid, Pontianak (Malay) - Undead, vampiric women who died in childbirth, Poukai (Māori) - Giant bird, Preta (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain) - Ghosts of especially greedy people, Pricolici (Romanian - Roman) - Undead wolf, Psoglav (Serbia) - Dog-headed monster, Psotnik (Slavic) - Mischievous spirit, Psychai (Greek) - Butterfly-winged nymphs, daughters of Psyche, Psychopomp (Greek) - Creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions who escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife, Pterippus (Greek) - Winged horse, Púca (Welsh) - Shapeshifting animal spirit, Púki (Icelandic) - Malevolent little person, Puck (English) - House spirit, Putz (German) - House spirit, Pugot (Philippine) - Headless humanoid, Puk (Frisian) - House spirit, Pūķis (Latvian) - Malevolent house spirit, Puckwudgie (Native American mythology) - Troll-like gray-skinned being, Pygmy (Greek) - Little people, Pyrausta (Greek) - Insect-dragon hybrid, Python (Greek) - Serpentine dragon, Qalupalik (Inuit mythology) - Aquatic human abductor, Qilin (Chinese) - Dragon-ox-deer hybrid, Qiqirn (Inuit) - Large, bald dog spirit, Qliphoth (Jewish) - Evil spirits, Questing Beast (Arthurian legend) - Serpent-leopard-lion-hart hybrid, Quetzalcoatl (Aztec) - Important Aztec god whose name means "feathered serpent"; he is not to be confused with the quetzal, a type of bird, Quinotaur (Frankish) - Five-horned bull,Rå (Norse) - Spirit that protects a specific place,Rabisu (Akkadian) - Vampiric spirit that ambushes people,Radande (Swedish) - Tree spirit,Ragana (Lithuanian) - Malevolent witch,Raijū (Japanese) - Lightning spirit,Rain Bird (Native American) - Rain spirit,Rainbow crow (Lenape) - Crow spirit,Rainbow Fish (Hindu) - Whale-sized, multi-colored fish,Rainbow Serpent (Australian Aboriginal) - Snake,Rakshasa (Buddhist and Hindu) - Shapeshifting demon,Ramidreju (Cantabrian) - Extremely long, weasel-like animal,Raróg (Slavic) - Whirlwind spirit,Raven Mocker (Cherokee) - Life-draining spirit,Raven Spirit (Native American, Norse, and Siberian) - Trickster spirit,Ratatoskr (Norse) - Squirrel spirit,Redcap (English) - Evil, ugly humanoid,Re’em (Jewish) - Gigantic land animal,Reichsadler (Heraldic) - Eagle, sometimes depicted with two heads,Rephaite (Jewish) - Giant,Reptilian humanoid (Global) - Human-lizard hybrid,Revenant (Medieval folklore) - Reanimated dead,Roc (Arabian and Persian) - Gigantic bird,Rokurokubi (Japanese) - Long-necked, humanoid trickster,Rompo (Africa and India) - Skeletal creature with elements of a rabbit, badger, and bear,Rồng - (Vietnamese) dragon,Rougarou (French America) - Human-wolf shapeshifter,Rusalka (Slavic) - Female water spirit,Ryū - Japanese dragon, Saci (Brazilian) - One-legged nature spirit, Sagari (Japanese) - Horse head that dangles from trees on Kyūshū, Sakabashira (Japanese) - Haunted pillar, installed upside-down, Salamander (Alchemy) - Fire elemental, Samebito (Japanese) - Shark-man servant of the dragon king of the sea., Samodiva (Slavic) - Nature spirit, Sampati (Hindu) - The demigod Jatayu's brother, Sandman (Northern Europe) - Nursery spirit that induces sleep in children, Sango (South Western Nigeria) - Yoruba king of arts, music, dance and entertainment, Santelmo (Philippine) - Spirits in the form of fireballs that roam around the forest, Sânziană (Romanian) - Nature spirit, Sarimanok (Philippine) - Bird of good fortune, Sarngika (Hindu) - Bird spirit, Sarugami (Japanese) - Wicked monkey spirit who was defeated by a dog, Satori (Japanese) - Mind-reading humanoid, Satyr (Greek) - Human-goat hybrid and fertility spirit, Satyrus (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always bear twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates, Sazae-oni (Japanese) - Shapeshifting turban snail spirit, Sceadugenga (English) - Shapeshifting undead, Scitalis (Medieval Bestiaries) - Snake which mesmerizes its prey, Scorpion Man (Sumerian) - Human-scorpion hybrid, Scylla (Greek) - Human-snake hybrid with a snake's tail, twelve legs, and six long-necked snake heads, Sea-bee (Heraldic) - Fish-tailed bee, Sea monk (Medieval folklore) - Fish-like humanoid, Sea monster (Worldwide) - Giant, marine animals, Sea serpent (Worldwide) - Serpentine sea monster, Sea-Wyvern (Heraldic) - Fish-tailed wyvern, Seko (Japanese) - Water spirit which can be heard making merry at night, Selkie (Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, and Scottish) - Human-seal shapeshifter, Senpoku-Kanpoku (Japanese) - Human-faced frog which guides newly deceased souls to the graveyard, Seps (Medieval Bestiaries) - Snake with corrosive venom, Serpent (Worldwide) - Snake spirit, Serpopard (Ancient Egypt) - Serpent-leopard hybrid, Shachihoko (Japanese) - Tiger-carp hybrid, Shade (Worldwide) - Spiritual imprint, Shadow People (American) - Malevolent ghost, Shahbaz (Persian) - Giant eagle or hawk, Shaitan (Islam) - Islamic version of the Devil (Lucifer) from the Bible, Shang-Yang (Chinese) - Rain bird, Shedim (Jewish) - Chicken-legged demon, Shedu (Akkadian and Sumerian) - Protective spirit who takes the form of a winged bull or human-headed lion, Shellycoat (English, Scottish and German, as schellenrocc) - Water spirit, Shen (Chinese) - Shapeshifing sea monster, Shenlong (Chinese) - Weather dragon, Shibaten (Japanese) - Water spirit from Shikoku, Shikigami (Japanese) - Servant spirit, Shiki-ōji (Japanese) - Child-sized servant spirit, Shikome (Japanese) - Underworld hag, Shinigami (Japanese) - "Death god", Shiro-bōzu (Japanese) - White, faceless spirit, Shirouneri (Japanese) - Animated mosquito netting or dust cloth, Shiryō (Japanese) - Spirit of a dead person, Shisa (Japanese) - Lion-dog hybrid, Shishi (Chinese) - Protective animal, Shōjō (Japanese) - Red-haired sea-sprites who love alcohol, Shōkera (Japanese) - Creature that peers in through skylights, Shtriga (Albanian) - Vampire witch that feeds on children, Shui Gui (Chinese) - Drowned ghost, Shug Monkey (English) - Dog/monkey, Shunka Warakin (also shunka warak'in) - an animal mentioned in American folklore said to resemble a wolf or hyena, Shunoban (Japanese) - Red-faced ghoul, Shuten-dōji (Japanese) - Ruler of the Oni, Sídhe - (Irish and Scottish) - Ancestral or nature spirit, Sigbin (Philippine) - Goat-like vampire, Sileni (Greek) - Bald, fat, thick-lipped, and flat-nosed followers of Dionysus, Simargl (Slavic) - Winged dog, Simurgh (Persian) - Dog-lion-peacock hybrid, Singa (Batak) - Feline animal, Sint Holo (Choctaw) - Serpentine rain spirit, Siren (Greek) - Human-bird hybrid., Sirin (Slavic) - Demonic human-headed bird, Sirrush (Akkadian) - Dragon with aquiline hind legs and feline forelegs, Sisiutl (American Indian) - Two-headed sea serpent, Si-Te-Cah (Paiute) - Red-haired giants, Sjörå (Norse) - Freshwater spirit, Sjövættir (Norse) - Sea spirit, Skin-walker (American Indian) - Animal-human shapeshifter, Skogsrå (Scandinavian) - Forest spirit, Skookum (Chinook Jargon) - Hairy giant, Skrzak (Slavic) - Flying imp, Sky Women (Polish) - Weather spirit, Sleipnir (Norse) - Eight-legged horse, Sluagh (Irish and Scottish) - Restless ghost, Sodehiki-kozō (Japanese) - Invisible spirit which pulls on sleeves, Sōgenbi (Japanese) - Fiery ghost of an oil-stealing monk, Soragami (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon, Soraki-gaeshi (Japanese) - Sound of trees being cut down, when later none seem to have been cut, Sorobanbōzu (Japanese) - Ghost with an abacus, Sōtangitsune (Japanese) - Fox spirit from Kyoto, Soucouyant (Trinidad and Tobago) - Vampiric hag who takes the form of a fireball at night, Spearfinger (Cherokee) - Sharp-fingered hag, Spectre (Worldwide) - Terrifying ghost, Sphinx (Greek) - Winged woman-headed lion, Spiriduş (Romanian) - Little people, Spirit - Ghosts, Spriggan (Cornish) - Guardians of graveyards and ruins, Sprite (Medieval folklore) - little people, ghosts or elves, Squonk (American) - Ugly and lonely creature capable of evading capture by dissolving itself into a pool of tears, Stihi (Albanian)- Demonic dragon who guards a treasure, Strigoi (Romanian) - Vampire, Strix (Roman) - Vampiric bird, Struthopodes (Medieval Bestiaries) - Humanoid whose males have enormous feet, and females have tiny feet, Strzyga (Slavic) - Vampiric undead, Stuhać (Slavic) - Malevolent mountain spirit, Stymphalian Bird (Greek) - Metallic bird, Suangi (New Guinea) - Cannibalistic sorcerer, Succubus (Medieval folklore) - Female night-demon, Sudice (Slavic) - Fortune spirit, Sunakake-baba (Japanese) - Sand-throwing hag, Sunekosuri (Japanese) - Small dog- or cat-like creature that rubs against a person's legs at night, Surma (Finnish) - Hellhound, Suzaku (Japanese) - Japanese version of the Chinese Vermillion Bird, Svaðilfari (Norse) - Unnatural strong horse, father of Sleipnir, Svartálfar (Norse) - Cavern spirits; the Black Elves, The Swallower (Ancient Egyptian) - Crocodile-leopard-hippopotamus hybrid, Swan maiden (Worldwide) - Swan-human shapeshifter, Sylph (Alchemy) - Air elemental, Sylvan (Medieval folklore) - Forest spirit, Syrbotae (Medieval Bestiaries) - African giant, Syrictæ (Medieval Bestiaries) - Reptilian humanoid,Tachash (Jewish) - Large land animal,Taimatsumaru (Japanese) - Tengu surrounded in demonic fire,Takam (Persian) - Nature spirit,Taka-onna (Japanese) - Female spirit which can stretch itself to peer into the second story of a building,Talos (Greek) - Giant made of bronze,Tangie (Scottish) - Shapeshifting water spirit,Taniwha (Māori) - Water spirit,Tantankororin (Japanese) - Unharvested persimmon which becomes a monster,Tanuki (Japanese) - Shapeshifting raccoon dog,Taotao Mona (Mariana Islands) - Ancestral spirits,Taotie (Chinese) - Greed spirit,Tapairu (Mangaia) - Nature spirit,Tarasque (French) - Dragon with leonine, turtle, bear, and human attributes,Tartalo (Basque) - One-eyed giant,Tartaruchi (Christian) - Demonic punisher,Tatami-tataki (Japanese) - Poltergeist that hits the tatami mats at night,Tatsu - Japanese dragon,Taurokampoi (Etruscan) - Fish-tailed bull,Tavara (Trabzon) - Night-demon,Teju Jagua (Guaraní) - Lizard with seven dog heads,Tecumbalam (Mayan) - Bird,Tengu (Japanese) - Anthropomorphic bird,Tennin (Japanese) - Angelic humanoid,Te-no-me (Japanese) - Ghost of a blind man, with his eyes on his hands,Tepegoz (Azerbaijani) - Azerbaijani mythical creature similar to the cyclops Polyphemus,Terrible Monster (Jewish) - Lion-eagle-scorpion hybrid made from the blood of murder victims,Teumessian Fox (Greek) - Gigantic fox,Thayer's Gull- A mythical seagull that lures twitchers to their death.,Theriocephalus (Medieval folklore) - Animal-headed humanoid,Three-legged bird (Asia and Africa) - Solar bird,Thunderbird (Native American) - Avian lightning bird spirit,Tiangou (Chinese) - Meteoric dog,Tianlong (Chinese) - Celestial dragon,Tibicena (Canarian) - Evil Dog,Tiddy Mun (English) - Bog spirit,Tigmamanukan (Philippine) - Asian fairy bluebird,Tigris (Jewish) - Giant lion,Tikbalang (Philippine) - Anthropomorphic horse,Tikoloshe (Zulu) - Little people and water spirit,Timingila (Hindu) - Sea monster,Tipua (Māori) - Spirit that protects a specific place,Titan (Greek) - Primeval god,Tiyanak (Philippine) - Demons that are souls of dead unbaptized babies,Tizheruk (Inuit) - Sea serpent,Tlahuelpuchi (Tlaxcalan) - Shapeshifting vampire,Tōfu-kozō (Japanese) - Spirit child carrying a block of tofu,Toire-no-Hanakosan (Japanese) - Ghost who lurks in grade school restroom stalls,Tomte (Scandinavian) - House spirit,Topielec (Slavic) - Water spirit,Tōtetsu (Japanese) - Greed spirit,Toyol (Malay) - Servant spirit,Trasgo (Spanish and Portuguese) - Grotesque, mischievous little people,Trauco (Chilota) - Fertility spirit,Trenti (Cantabrian) - Diminutive demon,Trickster - Character in a story which exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behaviour,Tripurasura (Hindu) - Demonic inhabitants of Tripura,Tritons (Greek) - Male human-fish hybrid,Troll (Norse) - Nature spirit,Trow (Orkney and Shetland) - Little people and nature spirits,Tsi-noo (Abenaki) - Vampiric demon,Tsuchigumo (Japanese) - Shapeshifting, giant spider,Tsuchinoko (Japanese) - Plump snake-like creature,Tsukumogami (Japanese) - Inanimate object that becomes animated after existing for 100 years,Tsul 'Kalu (Cherokee) - Giant nature spirit,Tsurara-onna (Japanese) - Icicle woman,Tsurube-otoshi (Japanese) - Monster which drops or lowers a bucket from the top of a tree to catch people,Tugarin Zmeyevich (Slavic) - Evil shapeshifter,Tylwyth Teg (Welsh) - Nature spirit,Tupilaq (Inuit) - Animated construct,Turehu (Māori) - Pale spirit,Turul (Hungarian) - Giant falcon that helped shape the origins of the Magyars,Typhon (Greek) - Winged, snake-legged giant,Tzitzimitl (Aztec) - Skeletal star spirit, Ubume (Japanese) - Ghosts of women who died in childbirth, Uma-no-ashi (Japanese) - Horse's leg which dangles from a tree and kicks passersby, Umibōzu (Japanese) - Ghost of drowned priest, Umi-nyōbō (Japanese) - Female sea monster who steals fish, Undead (Worldwide) - Dead that behave as if alive, Underwater panther (Native American) - Feline water spirit, Undine (Alchemy) - Water elemental, Unhcegila (Lakota) - Dragon, Unicorn (Medieval Bestiaries) - Horse-like creature with the legs of an antelope, the tail of a lion and a single magical healing horn., Unktehi (Lakota) - Serpentine rain spirit, Unktehila (Lakota) - Reptilian water monster, Upinis (Lithuanian) - River spirit, Urayuli (Native American) - Hairy giant, Uriaş (Romanian) - Giant, Urmahlullu (Mesopotamian) - Lion-human hybrid guardian spirit, Ushi-oni (Japanese) - Bull-headed monster, Utukku (Akkadian) - ″Underworld messenger spirit″, Uwan (Japanese) - Spirit that shouts to surprise people, Vadātājs (Latvian) - Spirit that misleads people, Vættir (Norse) - Nature spirit, Valkyrie (Norse) - Female spirit that leads souls of dead warriors to Valhalla, Vâlvă (Romanian) - Female nature spirit, Valravn (Danish) - Supernatural raven, Vampire (Slavic) - Reanimated corpse that feeds on blood, Vanara (Hindu) - Human-ape hybrid, Vântoase (Romanian) - Female weather spirit, Varaha (Hindu mythology) - Third Avatar of Vishnu in the form of a boar, Vârcolac (Romanian) - Vampire or werewolf, Vardøger (Scandinavian) - Ghostly double, Vedrfolnir (Norse) - Hawk sitting between the eyes of an eagle in the crown of the World Tree Yggdrasil, Veļi (Latvian) - Ghost, shade, formed after a death of a human, Věri Şělen - Chuvash dragon, Vetala (Hindu) - Corpses possessed by vampiric spirits, Víbria (Catalan) - Dragon with breasts and an eagle's beak, Vielfras (German) - Gluttonous dog-cat-fox hybrid, Vila (Slavic) - Weather spirit, Vilkacis (Latvian) - Animalistic, werewolf-like monster, Viruñas (Colombian) - Handsome demon, Vision Serpent (Mayan) - Mystical dragon, Víðópnir, (Norse) - Rooster that sits atop the tree, Vodyanoy (Slavic) - Male water spirit, Vrykolakas (Greek) - Undead wolf-human hybrid, Waldgeist (German) - Forest spirit, Wana-games-ak (Abenaki) - Water spirits, Wani (Japanese) - Crocodilian water monster, Wanyūdō (Japanese) - Demon in the form of a burning human-headed ox cart, Warak ngendog (Indonesian Muslim) - Egg-laying bird, Warg (English and Scandinavian O.N. vargr) - Giant, demonic wolf, Warlock (Worldwide) - Male witch, Wassan-mon-ganeehla-ak (Abenaki) - Aurora spirits, Water monkey (Chinese) - Water spirit, Water sprite (Alchemy) - Water elemental, Wati-kutjara (Australia Aboriginal) - Goanna spirits, Wa-won-dee-a-megw (Abenaki) - Shapeshifting snail spirit, Weisse Frauen (German) - Female spirit, Wekufe (Mapuche) - Demon, Wendigo (Algonquian) - Anthropophagous spirit, Wentshukumishiteu (Inuit) - Water spirit, Werecat (Worldwide) - Feline-human shapeshifter, Werehyena (Africa) - Hyena-human shapeshifter, Werewolf (Worldwide) - Wolf-human shapeshifter, White Lady (Worldwide) - Ghost of a murdered or mistreated woman, Wild man (European) - Hairy, bipedal, man-like creature, Will-o'-the-Wisp (Worldwide) - Spectral fire, Wirry-cow (Scottish) - Malevolent spirit, Witch (Worldwide) - Person who practices magic, Witte Wieven (Dutch) - Female, ancestral spirit, Wolpertinger (German) - Forest animal comprised from various animal parts (similar to a Chimera), Wondjina (Australia Aboriginal) - Weather spirit, Wraith (Scottish) - Water spirit or ghostly apparition, Wulver (Scottish) - Wolf-headed humanoid spirit, Wu Tou Gui (Chinese) - Beheaded ghost, Wyrm - English dragon, Wyvern (Germanic Heraldic) - Flying reptile, usually with two legs and two wings, Xana (Asturian) - Female water spirit, Xecotcovach (Mayan) - Bird, Xelhua (Aztec) - Giant, Xiao (mythology) (Chinese) - Ape or four-winged bird, Xing Tian (Chinese) - Headless giant, Xiuhcoatl (Aztec) - Drought spirit, Xindhi (Albanian) - Elves, Yacumama (South America) - Sea monster, Yacuruna (Indigenous people of the Amazon) - Mythical water people, with backwards heads and feet, Yadōkai (Japanese) - Malevolent, nocturnal spirit, Yagyō-san (Japanese) - Demon who rides through the night on a headless horse, Yaksha (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Male nature spirit, Yakshi (Keralite) - Vampire, Yakshini (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Female nature spirit, Yakubyō-gami (Japanese) - Disease and misfortune spirit, Yale (Medieval Bestiaries) - Antelope- or goat-like animal with swiveling horns, Yali (Hindu) - Lion-like beast, Yallery-Brown (English) - Nature spirit, Yama (Yama (East Asia)) - Wrathful god, Yama-biko (Japanese) - Echo spirit, Yama-bito (Japanese) - Savage, mountain-dwelling humanoid, Yama-chichi (Japanese) - Monkey-like mountain spirit, Yama-inu (Japanese) - Dog-like mountain spirit, Yama-otoko (Japanese) - Mountain giant, Yamata no Orochi (Japanese) - Gigantic, eight-headed serpent, Yama-uba (Japanese) - Malevolent, mountain-dwelling hag, Yama-waro (Japanese) - Hairy, one-eyed spirit, Yanari (Japanese) - Spirit which causes strange noises, Yaoguai (Chinese) - Animalistic demon or fallen gods, Yara-ma-yha-who (Australian Aboriginal) - Diminutive, sucker-fingered vampire, Yatagarasu (Japanese) - Three-legged crow of Amaterasu, Yato-no-kami (Japanese) - Serpent spirits, Yeth hound (English) - Headless dog, Yeti (Himalayan) - Mountain bigfoot, Yilbegän (Turkic) - Either a dragon or a giant, Yobuko (Japanese) - Mountain dwelling spirit, Yōkai (Japanese) - Supernatural monster, Yomotsu-shikome (Japanese) - Underworld hag, Yong - Korean dragon, Yōsei (Japanese) - Fairy, Yosuzume (Japanese) - Mysterious bird that sings at night, sometimes indicating that the okuri-inu is near, You Hun Ye Gui (Chinese) - Wandering ghost, Yowie (Australian Aboriginal) - Nocturnal human-ape hybrid, also Yahoo, Ypotryll (Heraldic) - Boar-camel-ox-serpent hybrid, Yuan Gui (Chinese) - Distressed ghost, Yukinko (Japanese) - Childlike snow spirit, Yuki-onna (Japanese) - Female snow spirit, Yūrei (Japanese) - Ghost, Yuxa (Tatar) - 100-year-old snake that transforms into a beautiful human, Zahhak (Persian) - Dragon, Žaltys (Baltic) - Serpentine fertility spirit, Zamzummim (Jewish) - Giant, Zână (Romanian) - Nature spirit, Zashiki-warashi (Japanese) - House spirit, Zburator (Romanian) - Wolf-headed dragon, Zduhać (Slavic mythology) - Disembodied, heroic spirit, Zennyo Ryūō (Japanese) - Rain-making dragon, Zhar-Ptitsa (Slavic) - Glowing bird, Zhulong (Chinese) - Pig-headed dragon, Zhū Què (Chinese) - Fire elemental bird, Žiburinis (Lithuanian) - Forest spirit in the form of a glowing skeleton, Zilant (Tatar) - Flying chicken-legged reptile, Zin (West Africa) - Water spirits, Ziz (Jewish) - Giant bird, Zlatorog (Slovenia) - White golden-horned deer, Zmeu (Romanian folklore) - Giant with a habit of kidnapping young girls, Zmiy - Slavic dragon, Zombie (Vodou/Worldwide) - Re-animated corpse, Zorigami (Japanese) - Animated clock, Zuijin (Japanese) - Tutelary spirit, Zunbera-(Japanese) - Faceless ghost
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