Protagonists Gonna Protag

Jun 28th, 2012
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  1. [10:31:11] * Rini lets the sidetail down after the Triad-person vanishes and practically locks in place, staring at the floor. "... So."
  2. [10:31:46] <Rini> "It's really her, huh?"
  3. [10:33:24] <Caleb> "... Hell if I know! Just... Kinda took a crapshoot on 'at."
  4. [10:34:10] * Caleb takes a seat on the floor and props his back up against the wall.
  5. [10:34:44] <Rini> "Whaddaya mean?" Rini's eyes dart to the little boy but back down, as she clenches her fists on her hoodie a little. "That doesn't tell me anything. And I know from all the records and everything I looked at... yeah, that's her."
  6. [10:35:21] <Rini> "Were you doin' something stupid like trying to do all this for me?" Her arms fold. "I'm gonna hate that, y'know. I came there to do it myself."
  7. [10:36:09] * Rini winces a little at the bulletarm that's still bullet'd.
  8. [10:36:32] <Caleb> "Yeah, like I'd ever actually wanna run headfirst at a prison fulla armed guards an' shit like that! Think y'd realize by now that I don't exactly like bein' full up on lead."
  9. [10:37:17] <Rini> "... Then what happened? Talk to me. I friggin' flipped my shit when you disappeared from the middle of the Estisse building with Charis and ended up THERE. 'Specially since I already knew they were holding her."
  10. [10:37:27] <Caleb> He raises up his left arm and removes the piece of filthy hobo pants he tore off that covers it up. Considering the other majority of it was wrapped around the woman's bullet wound(s)... Sinking feelings may or may not be occuring.
  11. [10:38:03] <Caleb> He's got a bullet jammed right into the topside of it. Nowhere near as bad as Rini's arm shot, but still a bullet.
  12. [10:38:18] * Rini takes a glance at it, but just looks back to the opposite wall. Notably there's probably first aid where they're at.
  13. [10:39:33] <Caleb> "T'be perfectly honest... I ain't got the slightest idea in fuck!"
  14. [10:39:51] <Rini> Either way she brings her knees close, huddling up. "I... dunno how I'm gonna talk to her now. IF I even will. Zhang's gonna be mad once his underling finishes tellin' him about who I brought in, since I kinda flat-out told him I wouldn't try to find her. And... well, that's KINDA the truth."
  15. [10:40:05] <Rini> Shrug. "I came there to get YOU, after all."
  16. [10:40:41] <Rini> "Theeeen I kinda got sidetracked by linking with a supercomputer and stealing shittons of data from the government. Er, oops."
  17. [10:43:05] <Caleb> "... Yeah. Real help you were! Ended up havin'a bust your ass outta there!"
  18. [10:44:00] <Rini> "... Ehehe. So that was you, huh?" She rubs the back of her head. "Kinda figured. Well... thanks, I guess. But hey, I said everything'd turn out okay, didn't I? I ALWAYS say that."
  19. [10:44:53] <Rini> "And look, didn't it all turn out okay? You got shot but you're not dead. And I got shot AT..." Rini holds her fingers up one-at-a-time but eventually stops after ten. "Yeah, I lost count."
  20. [10:45:59] <Rini> "And hey, now that we're here, you could ask the Triad guys for some pants! Maybe a whole suit or something, somethin' snazzy. Bet you'd look cute in it."
  21. [10:48:07] <Caleb> "... Yeah. Saw ya locked up in the cells with 'em other people, an' the big button a let everyone was right 'ere, so... Just seemed obvious. Still ain't fond a' the thought a' gettin' a bullet run through me the second time today..."
  22. [10:49:59] <Rini> She just shrugs again. "That was the easiest way in. And I knew I'd be able to get my stuff back- lookit me, I did! So, like I said, it all turned out just fine. Being sneaky about would've taken too long, and 'seduce the guards' is way too cliché for me, thanks. Andyway..." And she lets her legs down. "It's done now. Kinds stupid to dwell on it, huh?"
  23. [10:50:41] <Rini> "Talk to me. I wanna hear what HAPPENED to you. You don't remember what happened to Charis after you talked, yeah? What about before that? What did she say to you?"
  24. [10:52:25] * Caleb is almost leaningawayfromRIni.png at the mention of "seduce the guards". Damned horny teenagers! "Y'already asked me that. An' I ain't got a clue if anythin' happen a her or nothin'..."
  25. [10:53:13] <Caleb> "She was just goin' on 'bout some plan she had fer tryin'a make magic somethin' people can buy an' sell... Real fuckin' dumb if ya ask me!"
  26. [10:54:16] <Rini> "Huh. I expected her story was a little more complex than that... but I knew she was a businesswoman and that she was into the whole magic scene. That's pretty damn boring and obvious, yeah." The goggles flip over her eyes, then back up. "Well, lemme tell you..."
  27. [10:57:54] <Rini> "You were in the middle of Estisse's building in central, and then suddenly you WARPED across the whole goddamn map to that facility. Charis' signal just totally stopped moving at all, I think it's kinda obvious what conclusion I jumped to."
  28. [10:59:00] <Caleb> "You... You ain't sayin' I..."
  29. [10:59:23] <Caleb> He just kinda stares at Rini with a look of disbelief on his face.
  30. [10:59:26] <Rini> "... I dunno. But the thought that you might've gone batshit scared me. You don't remember what happened at the bookstore either, do you?"
  31. [10:59:45] <Rini> "..." Sigh. "Promise you'll stay calm and I'll tell you."
  32. [11:00:38] <Rini> "Or, at least TRY not to freak out."
  33. [11:01:46] <Caleb> "The bookstore, I... I kinda remember that..."
  34. [11:02:05] <Rini> "Details. Gimme juicy details. Tell me what you remember and I'll tell you what you're missin', okay?"
  35. [11:02:35] <Rini> "AFTER Aerie left and I went after her, that is. What happened there's a whole different ballpark."
  36. [11:04:35] <Caleb> "Well, err... All I remember's at after y'ran off, fuck'sherface wasn't where I thought she was... Went out, got a facefulla dirt after a cop slammed me into the ground, an' when he pulled out a taser on me..."
  37. [11:05:08] * Rini sighs again. "Lemme guess, you don't know what came after?"
  38. [11:06:18] <Caleb> He shuts his eyes. "WISH 'at was the case... Shit started ringin' in my ears an' talkin'a me... I panicked, an' then..."
  39. [11:07:05] <Rini> Her legs cross with her arms. "'Shit' doesn't explain it. That's gotta be some kinda magic no matter how you put it; what'd it say? Whose voice was it?"
  40. [11:07:14] <Caleb> He tries to focus a moment, and the big black Grabby Hand slowly emerges from his bare chest. "An' then this shit burst outta me an' sliced 'em open with a sword!"
  41. [11:07:28] <Rini> "... Goddamnit. So you DO remember."
  42. [11:08:46] * Rini groans and leans back. "Sorry that had to happen. I really doubt seeing yourself do that would be any fun at all. Well, everyone saw the aftermath, too- that's why I'm a little freaked about what happened to Charis. I mean, I figured since she had the same kinda power she'd be able to STOP that from happening."
  43. [11:10:37] <Caleb> "Remember too much, an' at the same time nowhere near enough..." The hand slowly retreats back into his chest, and he puts the wounded hand over to cover it.
  44. [11:11:20] <Caleb> "... Next thing I knew after that... Was lyin' on the roof a' one a' them fancy universities an' shit."
  45. [11:11:25] <Rini> "Are you in control NOW? Sure as hell seemed like it, otherwise..." She looks to the room behind the curtain, showing an expression that's not very Rini at all. It's extreme worry nearly to the point of tears.
  46. [11:11:57] <Rini> "But, the voice you mentioned. Don't remember what it said?"
  47. [11:12:24] <Rini> "Could be some kinda suggestion, or mind control, or somethin'."
  48. [11:12:59] <Rini> "So it's pretty important if what it told you was like 'RAZE THE EARTH' or that kinda thing."
  49. [11:13:34] <Caleb> "It was... It was askin' 'bout some kinda price, an... Victory an' guilt an' shit! Hard t' remember when y'got a cop tryin'a run a taser int' ya!"
  50. [11:14:10] <Rini> "Mm... yeah, okay. That makes sense, I'll leave it off there."
  51. [11:15:05] * Rini lets her legs down. "Still sounds funky. Anyway, I've probably been pushing questions a little much, but I'll let you ask me whatever in a sec. Just one last thing:"
  52. [11:15:19] <Rini> A glance to the curtain-room follows. "How'd you find her?"
  53. [11:16:29] <Rini> "I mean, if you woke up together and she was all bloody and unconscious first-thing that'd be a little weird but believable... somehow I doubt that's the case, though."
  54. [11:17:33] <Caleb> "... Wish'at was the case!"
  55. [11:17:54] <Rini> "I'm listening."
  56. [11:19:11] <Caleb> "Ran in'a her while I was tryin'a get outta the fuckin' prison... Which I still ain't got any clue in hell how I ended up in 'ere anyways!"
  57. [11:20:35] <Rini> "I told you already, Charis stopped moving and you teleported. Estisse definitely has the technology to do that to people. I can't say much for the thing with the bookstore and the roof, but at least this case makes sense to me."
  58. [11:21:28] <Rini> "There were a lot of Estisse guys, so I guess," shrug, "the only explanation that makes sense is that you were sent there to help them, since you have those vector things too. Meaning Charis is probably okay."
  59. [11:21:46] <Rini> "... She just didn't feel like moving around a whole lot. Yep."
  60. [11:21:51] * Rini wears a face full of bullshit.
  61. [11:21:56] <Caleb> "... Errr, yea... 'bout that..."
  62. [11:22:22] <Caleb> "... Don't think any of 'em... Made it outta there..."
  63. [11:22:33] <Rini> "..."
  64. [11:22:44] <Rini> "What makes you think that? Some kinda magic sense?"
  65. [11:24:51] <Caleb> "Was a whole bunch of 'em I ran into... Lost all of 'em when I took that woman an' made a run for it through the air vents! One of 'em, hell was 'is name, Rich er somethin'... He was followin' me, but... Kinda lost track of 'em..."
  66. [11:25:40] <Rini> "Doesn't answer my question. What makes you think they couldn't take care of themselves?" Eyebrow status: quirked. "Are you worried about 'em? Wanna go back?"
  67. [11:25:41] <Caleb> "Fer all I know, prob'ly bleedin' out in the air vents or somethin'."
  68. [11:26:25] <Rini> "Gonna be blunt here: You sound like you're full of shit. What the hell's up with that pessimistic attitude? Do you even have any REASON to think they didn't make it?"
  69. [11:27:34] <Rini> "And even if they didn't, what the fuck does that matter NOW? Are you gonna let that affect you and the things you'll do? You should be glad to be alive."
  70. [12:29:05] * Caleb looks at Rini like she got three heads! "Y'sound like I WANNA get shot more! An' Iunno if y'took a knock t'the head or anythin' lately, but... Can't imagine these things hurtin' all 'at much on their own compared a' bullets!"
  71. [12:30:10] <Caleb> "... Least... Not on their own they ain't..." He retreats to his backpack ('cause he's gotta have SOME place that he stores his crappy twenty five cent vending machine snacks!) and pulls out a sword. A real bloody sword if you ever did see one.
  72. [11:34:24] <Caleb> He lets out a "blegh" sigh, though. "... Y'wanna go back an' get 'em, though? Fine, we can go back an' get 'em. Don't think it'd do much good if they're all dead by now, though."
  73. [11:34:47] <Caleb> Well, not 'blegh' so much as more an 'uuugh'/defeated sigh.
  74. [11:35:07] <Rini> "... Careful with that thing." She returns the look with a condescending stare, though, either way. "But since when does going against guns automatically mean you can't win? I kick guys with guns in the face all the time and the only time I actually GOT shot was by a sniper when I was careless. But I'm just sayin'... these guys are like you, so have more faith in 'em, yeah?"
  75. [11:35:21] <Rini> "Addy and Siyao got shot too, actually. But I still trust the hell out of them."
  76. [11:36:18] <Caleb> "Think it's safe t'say we all got shot. What's next, makin' another friendship pact over our wounds?"
  77. [11:36:21] <Rini> "They'll make it. They'll be fine. But... er.... well, going back to get 'em was a hypothetical anyway. But you can at least hope for the best."
  78. [11:36:57] * Rini grins a little. "Ha. Bet we could, huh? But that's just kinda what happens when we're out in the middle of all the conflict like this. Not like we weren't warned."
  79. [11:37:25] <Rini> "But I sure don't regret it one bit." Her face becomes more stern. "Do you?"
  80. [11:38:24] <Rini> "The offer from a while back's still open, y'know. I have connections now to where I could get you a safe place to stay through the whole conflict for real. Actually... I'm enough of a genius that I think I know how to get you past the barrier and out of this whole mess for good now, too."
  81. [11:39:34] <Rini> "You're my friend, and I said I'd help you. No matter how reckless I am or that kinda thing. If you really regret it, if you really can't stand it anymore, I'll keep that promise."
  82. [11:43:22] <Caleb> "...Like I said before... Ain't nothin' more I'd like than just t'get the hell outta this mess... But, well... Even if I get my ass outta drive, I still got this. ..." Grabby Hands return. It's like a Jack in the Box now, 'cept instead of a crazy clown you get a crazy deranged, clawed killing machine. "... It's... Kinda cool now that I actually got it workin' a bit now,
  83. [11:43:22] <Caleb> but... Well, somethin' tells me that shit tha's been happenin' a me ain't gonna stop any time soon..."
  84. [11:44:23] <Rini> "So are you scared?" Her face is totally stern as opposed to its usual cheerful, almost goofy, self. "You have the choice, I'm giving you the choice. Will you run?"
  85. [11:44:57] * Rini stands up and walks over, looking straight down. Still ignoring the no-pants thing. "Or will you stick with me, and see this through to the end?"
  86. [11:46:50] <Caleb> "... Well, uhh... Yeah, I'm scared... Fuckin' course I'm scared! Suprised you ain't shit scared either, what with everythin' goin' on!" His voice escalates a bit more with each blast of words that comes outta him.
  87. [11:47:09] * Rini kneels down, smiling. "You're wrong."
  88. [11:47:33] <Rini> "I'm scared as hell. I'm so scared I can't sleep. I'm so scared I can't think straight. I'm amazed I can even breathe without hyperventilating."
  89. [11:48:12] <Rini> "But I learned back home something I'm never gonna forget: and that's to chin up. Always hope for the best. Believe, truly and absolutely, that everything will turn out okay, no matter what, and focus on that. Tone out the bad things."
  90. [11:49:18] * Rini extends a hand. "I figured nobody would accept me as a leader, a friend... anything if I wasn't like that. But that's good, because I don't ever plan to change! It's everything Daddy taught me, and even though I rebelled and ran away from him, I'm grateful for that. 'Cause it's what made me who I am."
  91. [11:54:17] <Caleb> Caleb was kinda lookin' down at the ground before, but upon seeing her start to drop down to his level, he looks up. That first bit she said... Reeeally didn't help him much. "You're... You're not s'posed to say that! Was expectin' ya, lyin' or not, t'just be all smiles an' sunshine an' shit!" He just looks at her hand now. "... Sounds like y'had a real good dad if y'got
  92. [11:54:17] <Caleb> yerself that kinda belief in ev'rythin' turnin' out alright, though..."
  93. [11:54:50] <Caleb> "If y'can just keep that dumb smile plastered 'cross yer face through all a' this."
  94. [11:56:17] <Rini> "Oh, yeah," she keeps smiling. "I lie a lot. I've definitely been lying this whole time, that's how I was able to keep the face up. But I sure as hell don't regret that either. So," she holds the hand out further, "I'm gonna ask you again: Will you stay with me and help me fix all this? I know what to do, but I can't do it without help."
  95. [12:01:09] <Caleb> "I, err..." Caleb's eyes slowly gravitate back up to Rini's. "... Y'mind me askin' a dumb question? Mean, prob'ly gotta stay wit ya, 'least just a while longer, anyways, so it prob'ly won't change anythin', but..."
  96. [12:01:30] * Rini grins bigger. "Shoot."
  97. [12:02:55] <Caleb> "Well, what are y'plannin'a do now? 'mean, y'sent me over t' the lady at Estisse, but... Sounds like they're tryin'a pull the dumbest stunt the world's ever known, what with tryin'a sell magic! ... Yer not tryin'a pull anythin' half as retarded as 'at, are ya?"
  98. [12:05:41] <Rini> Grinning as goofily as possible, she just grabs his hand on her own and holds it in place before twirling over and sitting down at the wall next to him. "Like hell I am! Charis and I were pretty much lying through our teeth at each other so I figured she'd trust you more. What I'm gonna do..." She looks a little more solemn. "The world's going to hell, and I'm going to fix it. Simple as that. Magic exists- some people think it's good, some people think it's bad, some people are crazies like Estisse who don't give a shit and just wanna make use of it while it's there. Either way, when things like this happen... it ruins people's lives, and I just plain don't like that."
  99. [12:06:31] <Rini> "I wanna prove that people can live free, magic or not. I want to save as many people as I can. And... it gets pretty deep-rooted. Some stuff a kid like me can't even begin to understand."
  100. [12:08:49] * Rini smiles big. "So sure, you can call me stupid for thinking that way, but I know the best in people is something that exists, something that can be brought out. We can stop fighting over this."
  101. [12:09:56] <Caleb> Caleb looks at Rini as she grabs his own hand, making an attempt to frown.
  102. [12:10:22] <Rini> It's not the shot one.
  103. [12:10:32] <Caleb> Oh, no, shot or not it doesn't matter.
  104. [12:10:38] <Rini> It's not the grabby hand either.
  105. [12:10:40] <Rini> ...
  106. [12:10:44] <Rini> Actually it totally could be.
  107. [12:10:46] <Rini> NAH.
  108. [12:11:01] <Caleb> No, she's got a normal hand.
  109. [12:15:45] <Caleb> The frown quickly reverses itself, though. "... Thought I was the one who was s'pposed t' be takin' your hand!" And as he finishes, BOTH of his Grabby Hands burst out and sandwich the two of their already conjoined hands.
  110. [12:15:59] <Caleb> ... This might accidentally hurt. A lot.
  111. [12:16:14] <Rini> HA.
  112. [12:17:12] * Rini endures it no matter how much it does, keeping the grin on all the while. "Hehe, think it really matters? I knew you weren't gonna say no anyway, you friggin' goof."
  113. [12:20:22] <Rini> "And hey, if you think about it, remember when I said I'd help you train and figure out how to use those things?" Now she's kind of wincing and trying to pull the hand out, doesn't stop smiling though. "Savin' my ass really made you HAVE to figure it out, huh? Sure seems like you did! So I totally kept my end of the bargain up."
  114. [12:21:32] * Rini wiggles her legs around a big, struggling to get out. "Since y'know, I'd have a stump of an arm by now if you didn't. Ow."
  115. [12:22:53] <Caleb> 'How much' amounts to 'a fucklot.' 'least for Caleb, anyways... He and the hands both recoil back, the latter returning to his chest as he looks at Rini. "Aaaagh, fuckin'... That definitely wasn't one a' my best ideas. ...Guess'at kinda did work out, though..."
  116. [12:24:23] <Rini> "Yep!" Once they're gone she springs up, now just looking down. "One last thing, though. Call it... a command from the leader of the Rogues if you wanna look at it that way."
  117. [12:25:01] <Caleb> "... A command?" He's lookin' up at her real skeptical-like right now.
  118. [12:25:44] <Caleb> ( I'm scared of where this is going. )
  119. [12:25:48] <Rini> "If you're comin', you're going to apologize to Aerie when we meet up again. For how you treated her. You have no idea just how much shit she'd been dealing with, and how sorry she feels." She puts a hand at a hip, arrogant-like. "But you can bet your ass that she'll apologize, too, because she didn't know just how bad you had it either."
  120. [12:26:02] <Rini> "Even if you two can't understand each other, all you have to do is mean it!"
  121. [12:28:25] <Caleb> "..." Nope. Nopety nope nope NOPE. Any slimmer of happiness Caleb was feeling before is now shot to hell "The hell I gotta 'pologize t'her for?"
  122. [12:29:56] <Rini> The response is just a sigh. "I know about what she did, what she made you do. Well, in CASE you couldn't guess, that was entirely an accident. She'd spent her whole time feeling awful about what she did to you knowing that there was no way she could tell you she was sorry for it. She didn't mean for you to get hurt or for any of that crazy shit to happen at all, y'know, and it was stupid on my part to leave two people who don't even speak the same language together. I know. I'm sorry too."
  123. [12:30:49] <Rini> "And apparently she's convinced you're going to punch her face or something, you could at LEAST assure her that's not gonna happen. I mean, even if she's dead, apparently things can still hurt."
  124. [12:32:57] <Rini> "And believe me. What she's going through is probably more horrible than you can even dream of. I can't tell you about it, but you're both my friends, and it's completely dumb that you can't just get along. I'll even translate if I need to."
  125. [12:33:43] * Caleb lets out a sigh. "Two of us understood each other perfectly clear... Ain't nothin' gonna make me change my mind an' 'pologize t'her... An' sure, prob'ly COULD punch 'er in the face real good, 'specially now 'at I know how t'work this shit... But somethin' tells me I got better things'a be doin' 'an sockin' it to 'er."
  126. [12:34:20] <Caleb> "Ain't botherin' with an apology, but y'can pass on the message I ain't gonna bother with anythin' like that either."
  127. [12:36:17] <Rini> Her face goes from an angry frown to a satisfied smile. "Good enough. Nobody's perfect. If I said I thought everybody had to like each other I'd be full of shit. But I'll tell her to leave you alone too, at least some kinda temporary truce, and maybe you can go back to being rivals AFTER all this is over. Since when that happens, she'll be around in case you wanna change your mind anytime."
  128. [12:38:59] <Caleb> "I'll remember 'at for th'next time she does anythin' stupid! Pass the message I got yer permission, too, if ya like..." He assumes a lazy position, slouching a bit and spreading legs out wide as he puts his hands behind his head. The real ones, anyways.
  129. [12:40:39] <Rini> "Heh. Sure. But if you go starting fights when I'm watching I'll knock you BOTH out." She gives a disapproving, parental-esque glance before returning to a smile and stepping over the shota. "For now, I'm satisfied. All this is good enough for me."
  130. [12:41:25] <Rini> "... I'm gonna see how she's doing. It's gonna be really, REALLY awkward if she's awake, but..."
  131. [12:42:08] <Caleb> "... Y'mean 'er?" He points over in the direction where they took Rini's mom off to.
  132. [12:42:20] <Rini> "Yeah."
  133. [12:42:39] <Rini> "She's gonna be mad at me when she finds out I'm here."
  134. [12:43:05] <Caleb> "... You 'ave fun with'at, then!"
  135. [12:43:32] * Rini takes a couple setps forward before pausing and turning around. "... Is something wrong?"
  136. [12:43:43] <Rini> "Something you need to tell me?"
  137. [12:45:52] <Caleb> "... Nah. Ain't nothin' important a' worry yerself over. Just, uhh... Good luck with 'er, or... Somethin' like that..."
  138. [12:46:30] <Rini> She's concerned at the first part, but just heaves a little sigh and turns back around. "Luck?"
  139. [12:46:36] <Rini> "I don't need it. I'm confident."
  140. [12:46:48] <Rini> But from her voice, this time and this time alone, she really isn't.
  141. [12:46:51] <Rini> Not in the tiniest bit.
  142. [12:47:31] <Rini> (THAT IS PROBABLY /mini from me unless you have a thing to add)
  143. [12:48:14] <Caleb> "..." He's definitely picking up on it. "... Y'sure you're gonna be alright in there?"
  144. [12:48:48] <Rini> Okay. "... I dunno. Is she crazy or something?"
  145. [12:49:17] <Rini> "I always figured she must be after what she did. And when I found out why... well, I just think that even more."
  146. [12:49:44] <Caleb> "Hell if I know! ... Was keeled over with a bullet in 'er gut 'fore I could get a word in with 'er."
  147. [12:50:16] <Caleb> "Spent the whole time I was with 'er just draggin' thatlimp body a hers 'round the air ducts an' shit."
  148. [12:50:37] <Rini> "Well, you still saved her for me," she flashes a smile back, "and even though that means you're probably responsible for what's about to be the single most awkward moment of my life, I really owe you big."
  149. [12:51:24] <Caleb> " 'long as it ain't the awkward I can hear in my sleep, don't think I could care less."
  150. [12:52:01] <Rini> "Ahaha. Well..." Gulp. "S-See you later then."
  151. [12:52:18] * Rini parts the curtains and steps inside.
  152. [12:52:23] <Rini> AND THAT'S /SESSION FOLKS
  153. [12:53:10] <Caleb> "Yea, later..." He pulls out a shitty, tattered, torn and way undersized blanket from his backpack, perhaps a bigger mess than he is, before sprawlin' out on the floor. So hobo. :3
  154. [12:53:16] <Caleb> </Lastword>
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