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The Frontiersmen in TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT (PART 1?)

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Feb 16th, 2016
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  1. (Various members of) The Frontiersmen, having answered Soldier Celsius' invitation to the illustrious Globetrotter kitchen (assuming said kitchen existed), all sat or stood around the circumference of said kitchen. A large pot of thick, milky liquid bubbled in the pot atop the kitchen's FUTURE-OVEN. The aforementioned ice-monster stood in front of the stovetop, periodically wiping his dome of condensation. A large platter of oyster crackers sat in the center of the countertop. "Should be done in a few minutes..." said the aforementioned ice-monster, looking to his comrades.
  3. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "Whoa! Did you teach yourself how to cook? Last time you were arguing that everyone should eat ice."
  5. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "And ya even set out the oyster crackers. None of that saltine crud." He regards the big bowl of crackers and gives a slow nod of appraisal.
  7. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Star takes a seat giving a quick wave to those present, "Hello friends."
  9. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Jumps a bit at Starlancer, "Is your head on fire or made out of fire? We have two guys made out of elements?"
  11. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "Uh....sorry if that was rude to ask."
  13. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "I am a Star. The body is mechanical or so I'm told."
  15. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "Hot Head," He snaps off a quick one-claw'd salute at Starlancer as he comes in.
  17. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: he looks just a little bit more stately than usual, but that could probably be attributed to the fact that he was actually wearing something over top something else. Style.
  19. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Celsius continued to stir the chowder, looking back at Uplift. "Everyone /should/ eat ice. But chowder's good too." For the moment, everything was quiet on the Globetrotter, assuring that absolutely nothing unexpected was going to interrupt the chowder dinner.
  21. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Red friend! Nice to see you again."
  23. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "Not just good," He levels a claw with Celsius and gives it a reprimanding wag. "Great."
  25. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She arches an eyebrow at SC and bites her lip, "So, again not to offend or anything, but how do you know that's going to taste okay?"
  27. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: At that moment, particularly attentive Frontiersmen might hear a strange noise, apparently in the faint distance. The noise itself would sound akin to multiple, hushed voices speaking different words and languages both. Celsius continued to stir the chowder. "Because I'm a /cool/ chef."
  29. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "Well just make sure you dont melt over the oven...." She trails off and looks around.
  31. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Oh yes, I'm Starlancer or Tycho as humans have nicknamed me. Pleasure to meet you Spikey Haired Friend."
  33. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "I'm Amaris. Or Uplift. Whatever works for you." She turns back to SC, "So did you invite anyone else?"
  35. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Cels gestured back with his ladle, flinging chowder-shrapnel every which-way. "I invited any and all Frontiersmen! You guys are just the only ones that showed up."
  37. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Meanwhile, the multifaceted whispers had increased in volume, now to just below a speaking voice.
  39. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Glances over her shoulder and scoots closer to Crawdad, "Right..."
  41. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: leans an arm up and over the kitchen countertop and rests his chin atop of a raised claw. He takes a nice big sniff to take in the permeating smell of food. "Hey, you don't speedin' it up just a bit,-
  43. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: - do ya' pal? I'm so starvin, I think I'm starting to hear things," He gives a few quick blinks.
  45. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: he gives an aside glance down at Uplift and rolls a shoulder at her.
  47. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: "No worries, Dad. I think it's just about-" Celsius, along with the chowder's tragically short lifespan, was interrupted by the entire interior of the Globetrotter lurching to the side, throwing>
  49. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: > everyone and everything every which way in an instant.
  51. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Reflexes creates her own relative gravity and doesn't get thrown from her seat. She still screams all girl tho, "YEEEE"
  53. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: reflexively*
  55. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Star topples, flies from one end to the other, before coming to rest in a wall, "Was that supposed to happen? Is it a part of this chowdah?"
  57. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "What the he-EEECK!" Crawdad takes to the sudden jerk as anyone with a poor centre of gravity would and gets flung out of his seat, over the countertop, and into the kitchen proper.
  59. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "This chowdah stuff is quite interesting! I've never seen earth cuisine do this before. I almost wish I could eat it."
  61. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Innocent chowder plastered the walls of the Globetrotter's kitchen. Just as the Frontiersmen would begin to regain their bearings, a second, smaller impact would hit the Globetrotter, then begin to emit an otherworldly white light that gradually bathed the inside of the Globetrotter completely. For a moment, everything was silent. Almost as if those enveloped in the light were trapped in a void of some kind. What seemed like moments or even hours were likely mere seconds, but an accurate measure of the timeframe was hard to estimate.
  63. Either way, the next thing the Frontiersmen would be able to comprehend would be their arrival flat on the ground of a stone floor in a strange sort of chambers. Stone tables decorated the walls, and various signs and etchings that would look completely foreign to them were posted on every place there was a free space. Daylight was shining in through holes in the wall, giving the room an pleasant natural light, and there appeared to be no door separating them from the outside world. In the distance, what could almost sound like the roar of a crowd could be heard.
  66. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Crawdad is able to look up from his newfound spot on the Globetrotter's floor long enough to feebly reach a claw out towards where the chowder had splattered against the wall before the entire interior started to change. All he knew for sure was that he was screaming. "CLAM CHOWD'AAAAAAAAAH, NOOOOOO!"
  68. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "¿Por qué está pasando esto?"
  70. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She ruffles her hair in frustration and looks around all wide-eyed.
  72. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: just as PM was heading into where the others were, he was tossed onto the ground. "Gaah." it especially hurt since he fell forward and onto his chest. He lifts his head up and looked around. "Uhh..."
  74. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "This wasn't what I was expecting."
  76. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Celsius climbed to his feet, looking around at the others. "Is everyone okay? Everyone except the chowder, at least..." Cels said, looking around. Footsteps could be heard moving in multiple directions outside of the chambers. "...Huh. Kinda looks like a... weird alien bathroom."
  78. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: very slowly rises from the ground, silently evening his unstraightened work tie. "What the hell now.."
  80. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She floats into a sitting position in the air, "Did we just teleport or phase or something?"
  82. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *stumbles in from the darkness at the fringe of the strange earthen chamber, clearly anxious and rattled.*
  84. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "I am okay cold friend." He springs to his feet, "Where are we? Is this the Chowdah?"
  86. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: just lies there on the ground. "Someone tell me I'm sleep walking, please."
  88. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Despite the fact that the elderly surgeon has at least two syringes stuck in his chest from the rough ride, his face shows no obvious discomfort---or awareness of them.*
  90. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "No! Stop saying 'chowdah'"
  92. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland hurries, stumbling a bit, to Michael's side to help him up.
  94. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Cels simply nodded over to Primordo, then scratched his head. "We should... uh... Head outside, I guess? No tellin' where we just ended up." And with that, Celsius made his way towards what appeared to be the only exit from the stone chambers.
  96. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: tenses his grip on his tie. "No. Dinner was ruined, and believe -me-, I'm going to find out why." With a frustrated grunt, he settles for straight up just snipping the troublesome tie with his claw.
  98. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: is helped up and sighs, "Thanks Doc." he smiles but notices the syringes stuck in Leland's chest then points at them, "Er. You got something on you."
  100. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "I was... my samples, in the infirmary, I---this... ISN'T supposed to be aboard the ship, yes?" he fields meekly, being quite new to the Globetrotter.
  102. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "No weird friend," He looks to Primordo, "This is the chowdah." He nods and begins heading towards whatever direction is the outside.
  104. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "No...I don't think we're on the ship anymore. Unless it can fit whole countires inside it.." She floats along after Celsius.
  106. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM raised a brow and looked at Starlancer, "Wha? This isn't the chowder. Chowder is food."
  108. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland looks down at the pair of needles with a blank expression. They pop from his body and fall to the floor a moment later, leaving no mark.
  110. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Up you go, Michael," he says quietly, pulling the young man the rest of the way to his feet with surpising strength and then following the others. His eyes dart toward the distant roaring sounds.
  112. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Upon their emergence from the chambers, the Frontiersmen would be greeted with a curved walkway lined with pillar after pillar, similiar to the layout of an arena.What would probably garner their attention, however, were the two individuals that they'd nearly bump into on their exit. The individuals themselves? Clearly alien.
  114. One was an elongated, greenish-brownish creatured that stood upright, four arms on one side of his stalk-like body and three on the other wearing a pair of goggles emblazoned with a swirling pattern and a backwards baseball cap, along with a t-shirt that said "STRANGLE ME!" down along its side. The creature walking alongside him was dressed in the same regalia, but was clearly a different species: An incredibly fat, misshapen-looking torso atop a set of mechanical, insectoid legs. The green creature was the first to speak with a nasally, whiny-sounding tone. "Whoa-a-ho-a! What the flazgork are all you guys doin' in the bathroom when the match is about to start!?" The obese torso spoke soon after. "Yeah! Sleebak the High Strangulator's makin' his grand re-debut after fifteen slafgors!"
  116. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: nods, then when he stood back up, took a look around. What a weird place and he was pretty curious about it. Not one to just stick with the others, he wanders into the walkway, almost running right into one of the aliens. He stops in his tracks and starts to back up, "Er, uh. Sorry? We don't actually know where we are.--What the heck is a flazgork?"
  118. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland keeps to the very back of the group, hunched down reflexively and looking very small and pitiful indeed. His bulging eyes convey tremendous worry.
  120. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Hello new friends, are you here for the Chowdah as well?" He smiles at the aliens.
  122. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Looks between the two of them. She nods slowly as if that makes sense. She mumbles, "Esto es realmente extraño ..."
  124. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Despite the utterly alien surroundings the surgeon doesn't seem precisely afraid---more deeply wishing not to be noticed.
  126. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: looks at the speaking alien with a mixture of confusion and underlying annoyance. "Bath.. -Bathroom-? Okay, I'd like to smell whatever you think you cook better kiddo." He jabs a single claw at him.
  128. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She whispers to the group, "I think we're at a wrestling match or something?"
  130. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: The two creatures stare at the Frontiersmen for a time, then shrug and hustle past them towards a large entrance with another gibberish sign over it. Its purpose, though, was probably obvious.
  132. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "We should wait h-here..." Leland hisses quietly. "Wait here for----for rescue, yes. We... CAN expect a rescue party, y-yes?"
  134. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "I smell adventure!" He follows the aliens.
  136. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: begrudgingly plods on after the aliens and Starlance, grousing underneath his breath something about 'dinner'.
  138. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "After all it's only a prudent---" Leland's words trail off into illegible fussing as he sees the star-headed hero stride off.
  140. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "You don't have a nose! And we should stick together." She floats after him and waves at the otehrs to follow.
  142. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The doctor sighs wearily and glances at Michael.
  144. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: turns towards the others and then looks at Leland, "Uh..we might have to take alook around."
  146. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The surgeon shuffles along after the others with a look equal parts grim resignation and anxiety.
  148. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Details Spikey Friend!" He calls back to Uplift.
  150. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "It's Amaris! We have names..." She grumbles.
  152. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Following the two creatures would bring the Frontiersmen to a large entryway covered by a pair of curtains. The roar of a large crowd was unmistakable at this point. Upon moving through the pair of large curtains covering the entrance, the Frontiersmen would find themselves in the center of the roaring noise that the crowd produced. The sight? An absolutely massive arena, surrounded on all sides by large screens that broadcasted the close-ups of the match soon to happen down below. And such a match did, infact, seem to be starting. Through the arena's speaker system, a choked, strange-sounding voice came through. "Lrngars and yrlgshats! Trlrmixkls of all ages! The following match is for the IIFLFL interplanetary CHAMPIONSHIP!"
  154. The cameras panned in on the two combatants. One appeared to be a red-skinned gladiator in rusted bronze armor, the most unorthodox feature being the fact that everything above his waist appeared to be a large mass of flexing arms. Opposite him was what could only be described as a man made of spinning buzzsaws with sunglasses on.
  156. "First introducing the challenger, the steel looking for championship gold, Glaznar, the Saw!"
  158. Said buzz-saw man posed. Apparently? It was hard to tell.
  160. "And the champion, the fifteen-time winner of the IIFLFL interplanetary belt! Sleebak, the /High Strangulator/ of the Helios System!"
  162. The flexing mass of arms did exactly what god made it to do. Flex. The various obese and lanky creatures alike that populated the stands cheered uproariously.
  164. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The roar of such a massive crowd seems to overwhelm poor Leland---he hunkers as if physically struck by the sight and sound of it, and nearly backs through the curtains before remembering the others.
  166. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She stops to gawk at the unusual sights around them,"Is this like...battle bots but for aliens?"
  168. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Poked his head out from behind the entrance curtains, slowly turning his head from left to right with a slow but burgeoning look of bewilderment spreading across his face. ".. Oh my god we're at a Geekfest."
  170. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM strolls up to Uplift, he too, gawking at the sights. His eyes would be doing the anime sparkles if they were capable of doing it, "Dude, it totally is. This is/awesome./"
  172. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "This reminds of a this one time on Draxianu Prime." He nods.
  174. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: " least we're in a space city and not some space nowhere. Should be easier to get back. I guess we get to watch the match without tickets?"
  176. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland peers between his teammates, bewildered. Their nonchalance in such an outlandish setting catches him offguard---even a creature as strange as he has never been off earth.
  178. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Guess so, and I guess we got back stage access too. Maybe we'll get to meet more of these guys.--Think they could help us?"
  181. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "The 'High' Strangulator? As opposed to what, the 'Low' Strangulator?" Crawdad was much too busy trying to fool himself otherwise that the starting match might be a great watch.
  183. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: As the Frontmans looked on, the match was set to begin. The two fighters began inching closer to one another. The buzzsaw-man was spinning readily, while the arm-cluster flexed aggressively. They had only gotten a few steps in before the entire arena was rocked by what felt like a small earthquake occuring in a fraction of a second, accompanied by a large BOOM!
  185. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "This... this is barbarism," he stammers, the physician in him appalled. "You should all---"
  187. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She again instinctively holds herself in place relative to the ground and, without thinking, tries to steady her teammates in case they are thrown by the quake.
  189. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: 's next words are lost, and indeed he goes tumbling away in the tumult.
  191. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: grabs ahold of the closest thing he was near to prevent himself from taking a tumbling fall down the stadium stairs -- the entrance curtains. With his claws. He falls anyway.
  193. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM's balance isn't the greatest so when the quake struck, it makes him wobble around and nearly fall over. Thankfully he's caught, albeit slanted and mid-fall. "...Uh."
  195. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "DAMNIT!"
  197. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland is only spared from a long and uncomfortable ride by Uplift's reflexive gravity anchor, which quickly skids him to a halt and holds him in place.
  199. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: was smart enough to be close to the gravity user too. Haw haw.
  201. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Once again goes flying slamming in the stairs several times before coming to rest, "This seems to happen a lot."
  203. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: The quakes continued for the next ten or so seconds, during which various screams and chatters of uncertainty came from the crowd. Until the last BOOM! sounded out. Although, this one was less a sound and more the clear shouting of an adult man. "BOOM!" As what appeared to be a large, blue fist (but probably a speck unless they were looking at the screens) burst through what appeared to be thin air, breaking open some kind of portal that a large, hooded figure with disproportionately large forearms stepped through. The crowd watched in silence as this happened, then erupted into a cacophony of boos as this unexpected third fighter(?) entered the fray, accompanying said boos with a shower of garbage thrown in his direction. The figure itself, meanwhile, stood still for the moment.
  205. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Continues to focus on keeping everyone from flying away and getting smashed. Her eyes dart around for any chance of falling debris or civilians in danger.
  207. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland's first-responder instincts kick in and he immediately looks around urgently for any injured 'civilians' among the far-flung alien species---though whether he could help them is questionable.
  209. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: There appears to be no collateral damage among the crowd, beyond the anger of the match being interrupted - for the moment.
  211. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: As an emergency responder herself, she takes the Dr's lead and checks for anyone injured or in shock. Likewise, she doesn't know much about aliens.
  213. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: physically cringed every time another boom was heard, alarmed that something may have tried smashing their way at /them/ as a hero would expect. But nope, not the case. He takes flight and rebalances himself. Forget setting foot around here. "Hey, you guys alright?!" he called out towards the ones that went tumbling.
  215. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: managed to finally stop his fast-traveling tumble down the stairs by snagging both arms on the backs of either of the closest aisel seat chairs. "Startin' to feel a bit.. woozy."
  217. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: His holo clothes flicker, "Hmm." He looks at his suit's left arm which is bent in unnatural positions, "I am fine small friend!" He pops everything back into place, "May need some suit repairs..."
  219. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Michael, be care----" Leland starts to bark, his papery, nervous croak replaced by a commanding surgeon's tone. But Particle Man is out of range.
  221. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland nods to Uplift (unfamilar to him, but clearly someone with the crowd's best interests in mind) in recognition of her instincts, then slinks quietly down the stairs after the others.
  223. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: The pair of fighters were just as surprised as the crowd, the High Strangulator in particular walking forward and angrily gesturing towards the newcomer. All was well until the Strangulator decidedto grab the newcomer's jacket, an act that earned him an earth-shaking punch to the side. A punch of such force that it shook the ground yet again with a massive gust of wind and sent the large alien flying towards the stands as a red streak with enough force to outright demolish nearly a quarter of the arena on impact, the raw force sending hundreds, if not thousands, of spectators flying in every possible direction.
  225. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Doc Manheim gasps in horror at the carnage, slipping to fall on his rump on the stairs. He hurries back up, ignoring the flying debris.
  227. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She yells, ""¡Oh Dios mío!" Uplift pushes her powers into overdrive and tries to create a large field of lighter gravity -not completely stopping the spectators from falling, but softening their-
  229. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "I do not think that one is a friend." He holds his not mostly broken arm out and his Staff flies into it. He takes aim and fires at the newcomer, "That was not very nice." He fires an energy bolt >
  231. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: landing somewhat. Still, hundreds are still gonna fall on their asses.
  233. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Please," another, "Stop," another, "what," another, "you," another, "are doing." and another.
  235. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: giving a start from his daze at the reverberating haymaker, Crawdad hops up off his feet - careful not to take another misstep off the stairs and outstretches of his arms out to the sky, hoping to -
  237. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Against his own instincts, suddenly Leland shifts, twists, distorts----growing, colors bleeding out and back in, and suddenly tattering into a man-shaped-cloud of air that spirals up toward those+
  239. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM got low when part of the hallway ahead of him gets obliterated along with part of the arena. He gets back up and looks out where the carnage was happening, "Oh crud." this isn't cool anymore.
  241. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: - catch at least one of the airborne stadium fans that had begun falling back to earth.
  243. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: not caught in Uplift's Gravitational field. He dissipates, spreads, kicking up a vast cyclonic wind that struggles to snare the falling bodies----it's a rough, wild ride but might save some lives in+
  245. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: the short term.
  247. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Most of, if not all the spectators end up safe due to the Frontiersmens' efforts, the scores of misshapen alien monstrosities safely returning to the ground. Crawdad caught a really fat one, because that's his luck.
  249. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: a thin layer of metallic orange and white spread from the pack attached to him and covered the rest of his body to form his costume. After, he shrinks down and zips forward to move out into the arena.
  251. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Tries her best to stay focused even as Primordo (who she thought was human up until now) turns into a huge tornado guy.
  253. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: The buzzsaw-man, despite his opponent's abysmal peformance, stood at the ready in front of the newcomer. The newcomer, however, seemed to make no more overtly hostile movements... That is, until the multiple blasts from Starlancer's staff hit him, burning multiple holes in his jacket. "Oh... Oh..." The newcomer said, his tone becoming louder and more obviously robotic until the embers burned his jacket entirely off, exposing his metallic form. "I SEE HOW IT IS." And with that, the robot rushed forward and aimed a punch for the buzz-saw man. A harder, more focused punch that before. One that was hard enough to rock the arena much harder than before and send the large buzz-saw man barreling for the part of the stands the Frontiersmen stood near near-supersonic speeds. Judging purely from the time it took for him to swing his massive arm, the relevant Frontiersmen had about half a second to properly react before their portion of the stands got the same treatment.
  255. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Though the winds are violent and unpredictable, the living tornado manages to soften the landings of many... though the debris caught up in the spiral certainly injures or kills others; it's the best he could muster in the time allotted. Seeing the new form inbound, the huge vaporous face of Primordo looks to Uplift, knowing his winds won't do this job alone. All the same, the elemental creature dissipates again into a shape only vaguely humanoid, the spiralling updraft caused by his 'body' trying to hoist the fighter up and over the arena stands insteadof into them.
  257. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "Okay, sure why not-HNNGH!" Crawdad gives a grunt of exertion as he picks the 'larger' spectators out of the air, almost throwing him off balance for what would be the third time of the day if not taking a careful step down the stairs to reestablish his footing. Crawdad is given all of a few miliseconds to let the stout arena fan go before he is absolutely BEANED by the Buzz-Saw man turned projectile.
  259. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "This one appears mechanical, is he going to end up being organic? I do not wish to accidentally kill again."
  261. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Already working behind what she's used to, Amaris doesn't see how best to stop the buzz-man's movement in such a short amount of time. Instead she uses her strength to brace her teammembers for impact
  263. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM made the mistake of heading towards the punchbot. His eyes go wide when the buzzsaw being goes right for him, but PM manages to move out of the way before getting>
  265. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: splattered by him, though at the rate he was going, and the strength of the punchbot's punch, still sends PM flying back in the air.
  267. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: The team manuever has SOME success. Crawdad is still beaned, but between the impact taking a good amount of force out of the flying fighter and the efforts of Primordo, Crawdad and the fighter were both carried up and over the edge of the arena. God knows where the two would end up. Meanwhile, the punchbot strode forward in the general direction of the Frontiersmen, fists clenched."YOU SCRAWNY HUMIES ARE REAL, REAL LUCKY I'M PUNCHIN' WEAK TODAY. COME AND GET SOME." The punchbot taunted, eyes locked on PM.
  269. Eyes? Visor. Whatever.
  271. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "Uh, look homie, we aren't here to punch. And I don't think you should be either. Why don't we all calm down?"
  273. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo's dead, gaseous features follow the two airborne brutes up over the arena----without a word he simply vanishes like a fraying cloud. A strong gust whooshes over the stands, trying to get head of the pair as the creature gusts over the alien city, angling to 'land' and reshape where the duo will likely hit.
  275. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "I do not know what a humie is nor do I know what a homie is. I think my translator is broken." He aims the staff at the punchbot before letting off another blast, "But I do not like when my friends are hurt!"
  277. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM manages to flip himself in the air and recover himself from being sent too far back. He stares back at the punchbot and realizes: the punchbot's talking at him. "Aw crud.--What the heck is your >
  279. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Hopefully seconds ahead of the falling alien (and crayfish-man), Primordo's air form solidifies, redoubles its size, and takes on a gritty, sandy texture---hopefully enough to break their fall and prevent any massive impact crater.
  281. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: problem, man?!" he shouts out at the punchbot before Starlancer fires his staff again. PM's hands charge with an even brighter glow as he gathered particle energy.
  283. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Any possible screaming alien bystanders are wholly ignored by the expressionless creature.
  285. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: During the short period of time he had to work with in his set traveling arc over the arena's limits, Crawdad had pulled the Buzz-Saw into a clumping half-hug, subsequently tucking himself into a red spheroid and encapsulating both men to minimize the damaging force of impact . Shooting straight through Primordo's more-tangible form manages to break what devastating momentum the crayfish could have inflicted when hitting the pavement, and instead, he rebounds across the city street a few times like a large basket ball before untucking and letting both men fall out.
  287. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: The punchbot looks to PM, then up at Starlancer. "BETTER IDEA, THEN. I SMASH EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU FOR MESSIN' UP MY JACKET. I CAME HERE LOOKING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE, BUT YOU FREAKS SHOULD DO." With that, the punchbot crouches, then leaps into the air. Its right fist began to glow a bright, light bluish hue as the metal man's body careened downward, a punch surely aimed for the living star as soon as he'd come into range.
  289. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Uplift thrusts both hands toward the flying punch-machine and calls into being a point of super dense gravity just behind him. The spec draws in everything around it and seems to closely follow the blue boxer's boots.
  291. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Turns to PM, a grin on his flame, "Come small friend and Amaris friend, let us open a can of the whoopass." Star is engulfed in his flame and launches himself at the punchbot, his staff primed to be >
  293. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: used like a baseball bat across the bot's face.
  295. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM takes flight and moves higher. His palms thrust forward when he's aiming at the punchbot and he tries firing several particle beams at him. They were not set to stun. Each of those beams were capable of burning through flesh very easily right now and he might even try to pierce metal to get punchbot's attention.
  297. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo explodes in a shower of tons of living sand, the best bullet-stopper in the world----the shower follows the Crawdad and his passenger, until the two aliens come to rest in a vast dune.
  299. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *one alien, one crayfish!
  301. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: Between PM and Uplift, the punchbot was distracted enough that Uplift's gravity ball made his punch go off half-cocked, holding back his arm. As soon as Star's staff clobbered him across the face his fist spun around and launched from his gauntlet and propelled itself like a missile careening for Star with all the force of one of the punchbot's usual, monumentous blows. Meanwhile, the punchbot himself continued to fall, as of yet a big fat target.
  303. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: "Hnngh.. thanks for the save gramps," Crawdad gave Primordo -- who might as well have been a portable beach at this point-- a friendly little ground pat before pulling himself back up onto his feet, cracking his neck to the far left as he did so. "You gonna be alright Cold Saw, or Sawmill or whatever the hell your name is?" He jerks a claw over his shoulder at wherever Buzz-saw had fallen out at.
  305. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: The buzzsaw man gave some sort of strange alien gesture to Crawdad, then hobbled off in some direction, probably to find himself a new line of work.
  307. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: A grotesque, half-formed Primordo-head with vacant hollows for cheeks and eyes rose up---boulder sized----behind Crawdad. As sand sifted from its amorphous scalp, it surveyed the two briefly.
  309. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Star is sent spinning in all directions into the stadium, well what was left of the stadium leaving a massive crater. Staring up at the sky from his new position, "This reminds me of that time on Kahleesh."
  311. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "¡Esto es tan estúpido!" She grumbles angrily as the punch man continues to punch despite their efforts. "Fine! No more fighting for you!" With a great show of grunting and straining she moves the sphere of force to surround Punchmen and tries to pin him in mid-air where he hopefully can't build momentum or pull his arms away from his sides.
  313. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The sand-head nodded slowly at Crawdad, sending another shower of grit from its scalp, then began to reassemble into something roughly humanoid in size and shape. The sand-being watches Crawdad lumber away into a sprint, studying him with all of the grim dispassion of a researcher watching mice navigate a maze. Finally, Crawdad hears massive 'whump whump WHUMP' sounds approaching him quickly from behind----a moment before an enormous hand reaches down to scoop him up. Primordo, at the height of a small skyscraper, stomps with speed back toward the arena with the crustacean in tow.
  315. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: watched the ex-gladiator all the way up until it had disappeared out of his peripheral proper before facing Primordo completely and clacking both of his claws together in an aggressive little show of strength to get himself amped up. "Lets smoke this jamoke." He growls out before he turns back around to face the Arena from which he was thrown from and breaking into a slow-moving sprint down the street, subsequently taking on more speed up. "Shit, I need to go on a diet.." He begins to huff. "Never mind the fact that low-fat turkey is the sin of the-WAY HAY, UP SHE RISES!" He gives a starta s he is lifted up into the air by Primordo, only then looking over his shoulder at the grown man. "Actually a lot better than whatever I had in mind!"
  317. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM moved closer towards the punchbot, palms raised and firing a rapid volley of particle beams at him as he fell. "You alright?!" he called out to Starlancer. With the punchbot being suspended, PM halts his fire. "One sec, stop poking him!" he called out and actually flew forward once more to approach the punchbot.
  319. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: A giant thumbs up made out of fire appears above him to answer PM.
  321. [NU VU] Cute Monster Girl@Flashhelix: The punchbot is sufficiently held up, now without one fist. Still, the robot's immense strength seems to go a long way, as, with much trying, the punchbot is able to gradually begin pulling back his other arm under the influence of Uplift's sphere. Still, he hung in the air, vulnerable as always.
  323. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Despite carrying Crawdad as a passenger, the creature Primordo doesn't appear to pay him much other mind... the titan's eyes are locked on the distant sounds of battle. Much of him is still cracked and sandy, to ensure his massive footfalls don't cause undue damage to the city.
  325. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: The mostly broken body of Star flies up, "I feel I shouldn't've held back."
  327. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Her face kinda scrunches up funny as she continues holding the punch-kill-guy in time out, "No rush guys..."
  329. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Nearing the arena and towering over the walls (announced by his approaching thunderous footsteps), Primordo stares down at the scene. He glances at Crawdad in his grip, then to the suspended robot.
  331. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: Peers from between the giant fingers of Primordo's hand like a ship's bulwark, casting a look over at the opened ceiling arena as they came closer.
  333. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: when he approaches he stares at the punchbot, "Do you give up? We kinda got you beat here."
  335. [NU VU] The Crawdad@micromax2000: looks up at Primordo with a blank stare before he finally settles with an even-toned. "Throw me."
  337. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Lifts his mostly broken arm up, a micro sun forming in his hands which begins to spin pulling in pieces of the stadium around it forming into a disc, "If not, I suggest you should."
  339. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: One of the creature's craggy brows raises to the tune of crumbling gravel as it regards Crawdad. This appears to be the only warning it offers Crawdad that the requested trip could be... hazardous.
  342. Helix - Today at 7:08 PM
  343. The punchbot's remaining arm remains cocked back. Farticle Man's attempts to play it smooth have no effect, as with the hearty KRRSSH of rushing steam, the second rocket fist blows off of his gauntlet and flies for PM. "IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL THAT BELL RINGS, HUMIE."
  345. otherworlder77 - Today at 7:08 PM
  346. Primordo immediately shores up his structure, his density increasing as the gravelly texture firms up. Seeing Particle Man in danger, one titanic arm cranks back and readies to launch its crustacean cannonball with the kind of force that could put an engine block through a battleship hull.
  348. Reldin - Today at 7:15 PM
  349. PM's eyes grow wide. He was sure the punchbot would just give up after almost getting his ass handed to him. He was wrong, so horribly wrong. He tries moving aside so the gauntlet misses him but it ends up clipping him. After all, it was pretty damn fast and PM doesn't move like a speedster. Part of the fist nails him in the side and knocks him out of the air.
  351. Glenn Martin DDOS - Today at 7:15 PM
  352. Crawdad flying out at lightning speeds from being pitched, courtesy of Primordo. The air hums around the spheroid shape of the crayfish turned baseball as he breaks terminal velocity. "CLAM...." He grounds out as he continues to rocket straight down towards the arena. "-BAKE.... SHAKE!" The man-made projectile screamed out as he untucked from his ball just feet from the Punchbot, whom if he hadn't be aware of yet, was about to be driven far into the arena floor.
  354. otherworlder77 - Today at 7:16 PM
  355. The bone-white brow of the creature furrows dangerously seeing Michael knocked aside----but the path was now clear. He lets fly with the Crawdad like a meteor.
  357. Keio - Today at 7:16 PM
  358. "Accretion..." The attack spins like a buzzsaw made out of white hot plasma, "DISC!" He sends it flying at the robot.
  360. Helix - Today at 7:23 PM
  361. The punchbot chuckles to himself at having nailed PM. For all of about half a second until the lightspeed Crawdad slams into him with the force of a thousand angry prawns, sending a loud clanking ringing throughout the arena as large parts of the punchbot's body were ripped apart, including the joint that kept his left arm attached. The colossal impact left a large crater in the center of the arena with Crawdad and the broken heap that was the punchbot at its heart. Also, Soldier Celsius did very useful things and was a real team player this entire time yes.
  363. Reldin - Today at 7:27 PM
  364. the wind was thoroughly knocked out of the tiny hero and for the moment, just fell towards the ground like a tiny rock. He wasn't able to rely on his own flight at all for that time.
  366. Keio - Today at 7:28 PM
  367. His shamble of a form would jet over to PM, "Small friend!" He'd try to catch him.
  369. Glenn Martin DDOS - Today at 7:30 PM
  370. Despite the insistent drumming migraine that was now playing havoc in his head, and that he was covered from top to bottom in debris dust, Crawdad still strived to stay on the disarmed (Ayyyy) Punch Robot to stay down by throwing yet another hard claw punch straight into where his schnoz would be if he even had one. "This one's for the little guy, and THIS one is for ruinin' my Bostonian Clam Chowder Dinner you son of a bitch!"(edited)
  372. Reldin - Today at 7:32 PM
  373. PM is caught by Starlancer's broken and battered mechanical body that's more or less just a mechnical skeleton now. He opens his eyes and all he says is, "Oww." but it's said in a very pained tone.
  375. otherworlder77 - Today at 7:32 PM
  376. Slowed by his enormous size, Primordo begins to sift over the arena wall as a tidal wave of sand and gravel, slowly sifting his way down over the stands towards his allies.
  378. Helix - Today at 7:32 PM
  379. The punchbot's lifeless chassis didn't react at all, simply taking each blow dealt to it without issue.
  381. Keio - Today at 7:32 PM
  382. "Yes those do sting a bit. Small friend."
  384. Helix - Today at 7:34 PM
  385. Celsius ran up to the group along with Primordo, having done plenty of help yes he was doing things I promise.
  387. Reldin - Today at 7:35 PM
  388. "A bit is an understatement. That hurt a LOT."
  390. Keio - Today at 7:37 PM
  391. "Well I do not feel pain like you, I was just guessing because..." His flamey eyes dart to his form, "I think I am a bit worse for... wear?"
  392. "But we won small friend."
  394. Reldin - Today at 7:38 PM
  395. "Hurraay.." he said with a groan but he lifts his head up and looks Starlancer over a few times, "Holy--what happened to you?"
  397. otherworlder77 - Today at 7:38 PM
  398. Out of the tidal wave of sand, a more humanoid seven-foot version of Primordo materializes. It looks down at Michael with a glower equal parts alien creature and disapproving physician.
  400. Keio - Today at 7:39 PM
  401. "I fell a few time." He smiles.
  403. Glenn Martin DDOS - Today at 7:40 PM
  404. Crawdad rises to his feet and begins to take a few shaky back steps away from the center of the crater, lingering both eyes on the downed robot before turning all the way around to climb back out. "Who.. the heck, was that jerk?" He grunts as he pulls himself up and out.
  406. Reldin - Today at 7:42 PM
  407. "You look like you fell a few times from space." he says to Starlancer but then he sees Primordo and he just staaares, "Uh oh." But he looks away so he could look over at Crawdad, "No idea. "
  409. Helix - Today at 7:43 PM
  410. Almost as some kind of sick, cosmic joke, the punchbot's battered, one-armed and no-fisted form bolted upwards in the center of the impact crater as soon as the words left Star's non-mouth. "THE MATCH-" Various plates on the punchbot's chestplate hissed and slid open. "IS NOT-" Exposed by the sliding plates was a glowing blue orb, presumably the robot's power source. "OVER." With that, the punchbot's core began to glow even brighter than it already was, bolts of electricity and glowing spheres flowing from the orb itself to the empty space where his fist would be on his remaining arm. Rocks and debris that littered the ruined arena vibrated, then began to outright levitate.(edited)
  412. otherworlder77 - Today at 7:45 PM
  413. Primordo's vacant features swivel to stare at the living Star creature called Starlancer----the surgeon's innate intelligence assuming that the other strange being might be better suited to neutrailze this danger.
  415. Glenn Martin DDOS - Today at 7:48 PM
  416. "Ah... crap," He breathes out as he begins whirl himself around, bringing himself to face the persistent punchbot once again. "Protect Particle Man!" He calls out over his shoulder as he floats both giant claws up in front of his face protectively like a boxer.
  418. otherworlder77 - Today at 7:48 PM
  419. Leland's own altrusitic nature drives the creature all the same, positioning it's suddenly growing body between the glowing energy source in the crater and the rest of his teammates----in the process, Primordo's body takes on a glinting sheen of some dark metal that might better shield his allies from any resulting blast.
  421. Keio - Today at 7:49 PM
  422. "I do not like this one." He puts PM down, "I think it is time to remove the training gloves." Star draws his hands back and gathers up gamma radiation in the massive quantities before thrusting his tattered palms forward, the two orbs of Gamma-rays coming together, "GAMMA!" They grow into a massive ball, "RAY!" Bigger, "BUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRST!" The stream of hyperactive blindingly bright white-ish blue energy rips from his palms and at the bot.
  424. Reldin - Today at 7:51 PM
  425. "Protect me? I'm not the one that blew him up!" PM gets on his feet then rubs his side that the gauntlet had clipped. He hops away from Starlancer when he starts heating up and positions himself to actually get behind Primordo to use as a shield.
  427. otherworlder77 - Today at 7:51 PM
  428. Furrowing his metal brows in alarm, Primordo changes tact----the sheen on his body grows dull as he converts to heavier lead, and hunkers down from a towering height to shield Crawdad and Particle Man. If Starlancer's attack should detonate the power source, lead might protect the others from the radiation.
  430. Helix - Today at 7:57 PM
  431. The punchbot's now-glowing orb of energy where his fist used to be was raised all the way above his head, then swung downward, the orb impacting the ground right around the time the white-hot killbeams erupted from Star's hands. With that, the punchbot let out a modulated taunt of "I'LL FIND YOU AGAIN, I PROMISE." Right before the sheer force of his blow became apparent to the onlooking Frontmans. It was many, many magnitudes higher than anything the robot had demonstrated beforehand, the sheer force apparently freezing his surroundings in place, visibly bending what appeared to be the thin air, then bathing what looked like the entire arena in the same eerie white light as before. Just as the roar of the raw, space and time-bending power of the robot's blow hit our heroes full-on, the white light would take them entirely.
  433. The next conscious memory of the Frontiersmen would be... lying flat against the floor of the Globetrotter's kitchen. It was exactly the way they had left it. Stove still on, innocent clam chowder splattered across the wall along with a few pots and pans. The clam chowder was still slightly warm.
  435. Keio - Today at 8:02 PM
  436. "I think I need to stop by the local Star*Guard outpost." He looks at his damaged suit.
  438. Reldin - Today at 8:03 PM
  439. PM slowly opens his eyes and stares upwards, "Are we dead?" he groans, the pain in his side still there, "Ow..guess not."
  441. otherworlder77 - Today at 8:03 PM
  442. Now vastly out-sized for any normal kitchen, the twenty foot tall (but thankfully hunched) metallic Primordo suddenly flattens several kitchen appliances. Frowning, the creature compresses to its standard dimensions while the lead sheen bleeds away to a more colorful 'costumed' texture.
  443. Lifeless white eyes survey the other team members---fixing on Crawdad and Particle Man chiefly, deeming the damage to Starlancer well beyond a medic's expertise. The creature raises an arm, pointing toward the door. "Infirmary" is all it says, its voice deep and hollow as an echo in a primordial cave.
  445. Glenn Martin DDOS - Today at 8:06 PM
  446. Slowly lowered his claws from his face, opening his eyes to let them meet the still somewhat bright lighting of the Globetrotter's interior. As familiar as the setting was, he definitely to look how he did at the start of the evening with an absent tie and the fact that he was pretty much wearing the tattered beginnings of his cop uniform. He just just slowly nods to himself. ".... Huh."
  448. Reldin - Today at 8:08 PM
  449. Everything was becoming more familiar to him now that everything wasn't white. He slowly starts getting up then pauses while he does, "Okay." he says nodding to Primordo then looks over to the others, "Uhh..thanks for the chowder?" he says to Celsius before marching off to the infirmary. "Ow. Ow. Ow." he keeps saying as he walks out of the kitchen.
  451. Keio - Today at 8:10 PM
  452. "Hazzzzz.... small frezzz...zhhhtssk..." An annpoyed look crosses the flame as the ball of plasma floats off of the suit as it powers down.
  454. otherworlder77 - Today at 8:10 PM
  455. The gaunt elemental creature keeps both arm and finger extended toward the hatch, waiting for his other patient to comply. Indestructible shell or no, that fastball pitch required a once-over.
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