The Spatials: Galactology

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  1. The Spatials: Galactology Lands on Steam Early Access
  3. Download it today for Windows, Mac & Linux
  5. BARCELONA, Spain - July 7, 2016 - The Spatials are back and ready for (intergalactic) action in The Spatials: Galactology, the sequel to Weird and Wry’s beloved space colony management sim . Now available on Steam Early Access for only $9.74, the game will be FREE to every Steam user who previously purchased The Spatials or activated a code on or before July 5, 2016.
  7. The galaxy the Spatials once knew has changed. The Federation is collapsing, a 5,000-year-old cat is leading a revolution, strange cults are spreading, and the worst chef of all time is a TV superstar. It’s time for the Spatials to start a new era of science and diplomacy by building the ultimate tourist trap - er … vacation hotspot in the outer reaches of the universe!
  9. The Spatials: Galactology is The Spatials reimagined as an even deeper, more rewarding simulation game. With mod support and active pause, the game adds new items and structures to build, trade routes to exploit, planets with many new variables, sophisticated AI, civilizations that actually attack your station - and unique gameplay systems behind every object and room. The game also ships with full Steam Workshop compatibility and will include a large chunk of gameplay source code with every copy sold.
  11. “The Spatials: Galactology started life as a free update to The Spatials,” says Carlos Carrasco, co-founder and programmer at Weird and Wry. “We soon realized that greatly expanding the universe and adding a bunch of new features would have only one result: a brand new game! We hope our dedicated fans are ready to get their hands on a much richer, more filling take on The Spatials they all know and love.”
  13. Steam users can expect to see The Spatials: Galactology automatically added to their libraries if they purchased The Spatials on or before July 5, 2016.
  15. Key Features
  16. l  Make your space station even more unique with new buildings and staff.
  17. l  Build spaceships to explore the galaxy.
  18. l  Earn in-game cash by growing your space station’s hospitality business.
  19. l  Experience  a detailed simulation with tons of systems to play with - including logistics, manufacturing, research, healthcare, disease, emotional breakdowns, combat, hunger, thirst, cleaning, decay, security, FIRE!, and more.
  20. l  Assemble robots to assist with station chores.
  22. Pricing & Availability
  23. The Spatials: Galactology is available today (July 7th) on Steam Early Access (Windows / Mac / Linux) for only $9.74 - 25% off the $12.99 retail price. The sale ends on July 14th - one week after launch.
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  46. The Spatials: Galactology
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  55. About Weird and Wry
  56. Founded in 2014 in Barcelona, Spain by brothers Carlos and Max Carrasco, indie studio Weird and Wry is laser-focused on making simulation games inspired by the great classic sims of the '90s. The Spatials, Weird and Wry’s first game, was released on Steam in March 2015 to public and critical acclaim. For more information about Weird and Wry, please visit
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