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  1. Server:
  2.     Pre-renewal.
  3.     Rates: 1/1/1/1 (Base/Job/Drops, Script exclusive drops (skill/card/equipment effects)/Mvp Drops and Mvp Cards and Quests
  4.     DecentRO.
  6. GRF:
  7.     Created Custom GRF for DecentRO.
  9. Client:
  10.     Current client, 2013-08-07, running smoothly.
  11.     Created Custom client just for DecentRO.
  13. Folder:
  14.     Created Custom folder just for DecentRO.
  16. Battlegrounds:
  17.     Added CTF, TDM, Tierra and KvM.
  18.     CTF and TDM can be started with five players instead of ten on each team.
  19.     Added a new status ailment to fall in line with how the crystal bearer is supposed to be inhibited by carrying the crystal, meaning they cannot use skills, items or normal attack.
  20.     Fixed an exploit where dispel would remove this new status ailment.
  21.     Added repair script, openstorage script, and full heal to the therapist on the battlefield.
  22.     Reduced delay of crystal inactiveness to have it appear much more faster for more intense gameplay, but kept it decently long so that it would not start an exploit where a player could die and re-pick up the crystal before
  23.     respawning.
  24.     Removed delay on status ailment staying after the player has captured the crystal.
  25.     Fixed an issue where the status ailment lingered if the game ended, via time run out, while the crystal was in your possession.
  26.     Added a dispel on enter for the more unbalancing buffs, assumptio, links, linker buffs, etc.
  27.     Fixed KvM.
  28.     Added custom quest IDs to let the player know how long their cooldown will last for specific BG modes.
  29.     Adjusted BG cooldown so that several gamemodes are used instead of people going between two modes.
  30.     Fixed an issue where KvM officers did not tell the player how long they had to wait.
  31.     Fixed an issue where the rewarding npc did not give the player badges as they should have.
  32.     Split the timer for both seperate Tierra Gorges.
  33.     Converted Erundek to open a shop window when players go to exchange bravery/valor badges.
  34.     Disabled Pets in Battlegrounds.
  35.     Implemented Battlegrounds Consumable NPC to provide players with consumables only for Battlegrounds.
  37. Monsters:
  38.     AI:
  39.         Altered AI from norm:
  40.             All mobs are active when a player is on the map, instead of just mobs in that players vicinity, allowing for real free range world experience.
  41.             Mobs will pick random skills from the entire sheet, rather than starting at the beginning, making for less predictable battles, provided they meet the requirements.
  42.             Monsters have their AI active for two days after players leave the map.
  44.     Pets:
  45.         Pets can be renamed more than once.
  46.         Pets have been given back their ability to fight to increase their usefulness.
  47.         Pets engage on normal attacks and single-target skills only.
  48.         Pets become hungry 2x faster to counter act for their extreme activity.
  49.         Pet must have 900 intimacy before attacking, so pets will attack just before loyal.
  50.         Pets attacks grant additional bonus experience to the master and anyone else that partakes in the fight or is in the party, allowing for experience increases, promoting pet use.
  51.         All pets have their attack rates increased to 100%, so that a pet will always help in a battle, provided the master has 1000 loyalty.
  52.         All pets have increase view allowing them to move to attack all mobs, no matter the distance, provided the master has attacked this monster.
  53.         All pets have increased speed to keep up with their masters, since increased view range nulls the warp feature when the master moves too far away.
  54.         Changed Chung E(Green Maiden) available for capture from Boss Slave Chung E to Naturally Spawning Chung E.
  55.         Removed Bacsojin, Diabolic, Deleter, Goblin1, Goblin2, Goblin3, Strange Hydra, Strange Cramp and Marin as possible pets.
  56.         Added pets' taming item as a possible drop to each monster it is used to capture at a .2 base rate, in accordance with all other taming items.
  57.         Increased Succubus's Taming item drop chance to .2 base rate. Reduced Savage Babe's Taming item dro pchance to .2 base rate.
  58.         Added pet foods to Pet Groomer Buy list.
  59.         Changed pet movement to mimic new enemy movement behavior while fighting. (Thanks to Playtester)
  60.         Changed pets to give stats when loyal and they give additional stats for having their pet armor equipped. Pets that cannot equip armor do not have the bonus effect. Will make a list. Removed Pet Armor from Cash Shop to
  61.         avoid P2W arguments.
  62.         Increased most pet's low taming chance by 10%, for all that were below 10%. Otherwise their taming chance was too ridiculously low to be feasible for most players.
  64.     Etc:
  65.         Removed all monster's ability to metamorphosis, except Beelzebub. This caused issues with enemies not despawning correctly with the all-map-active-at-all-times option enabled.
  66.         Added Dragon Vest, 2399, to Draco, at .1 base rate.
  67.         Raised Satan Morroc's HP back up to 20 Million and gave him the same drops as Wounded Morroc but with half the drop chance, except the crystal and fragment. They remain the same because everybody loves that shit.
  68.         Increased Strong Vine's sell price from 15 to 150, Dragon's Mane from 0 to 171 and Crystalized Teardrop's from 0 to 500. Just balancing things~
  70. Drops:
  71.     Increased items left on the floor from one minute to three minutes. Also increases drop exclusivity to two minutes, to counter loot stealing.
  72.     Changed some odd issues with New World item restrictions.
  74. Leveling:
  75.     Increased maximum amount of people that can boost experience by 2x, to account for everyone having a pet in a full party. (From 12, max party size, to 24)
  76.     Capped multi-leveling at 1.99 levels to stop people from gaining mass levels after reborning via quests.
  78. Homunculus:
  79.     Allowed to change name more than once.
  81. Day/Night:
  82.     Cycle set for every six hours.
  84. Party:
  85.     Increased in-party experience boost to 20%, originally 0%, in accordance with iRO.
  87. Custom:
  88.     GRF:
  89.         Replaced all bard/dancer songs with a .wav file that has no sound.
  91.     NPC:
  92.         Stylist (Added Styles.) All established towns have him.
  93.         Enabled all renewal content. Neglected to add any form of enchanting, this includes Mora. Did not enable Eden Group or Malangdo. Converter all Mora Coin Rewards to Decent Coin Rewards.
  94.         Implemented auto-safe refine and the ability to choose how many refines to the refiner.
  95.         Added Pvp warper and added him to all towns.
  96.         Changed Ayothaya, Gonryun, Umbala and Veins Kafra Save Points to be closer to npcs.
  97.         Removed time restrictions from The Sign Quest, to account for international players, but kept the delay on studying and fixing the sign.
  98.         Added a choose option to how many cursed waters are made from the fountain.
  99.         Added additional option to all Continental Guards to send the player back to a previous portal from the dimensional gorge map, allowing for players being able to walk from Morroc to any other city, instead of being forced
  100.         to use the kafra service. For sections that have more than two locations that lead to the dimensional gorge, the npc will warp the player to the most popular one. East leads to Morroc, North leads to moc_fild01, East leads
  101.         to moc_fild13, and South leads to moc_fild11. Players will be able to be sent back to these other maps during any point in the quest or even if they haven't taken or completed the quest.
  102.         Allowed ore downgrader to downgrade as many ores as a person may want, provided they can carry the amount of X (purified stones they wish to break down) x 10 (maximum amount of new stones created) x 5 (new stone weight).
  103.         Essentially adding the ability to break down as many as possible at any given time.
  104.         Enabled repeatable experience quests. Apparently, they were not enabled by default. Removed Antelope Horn and Bill of Bird from Vendors, so players cannot buy them. Also, did not enable the Loli Ruri, Mantis, Zhu Po Long
  105.         and the Disguise repeatables.
  106.         Upgraded renewal quest reward experience to pre-renewal standard on all quests except the repeatables from the towns folk in the middle of El Dicastes, given their easy nature.
  107.         Enabled same-sex marriages.
  108.         Implemented Trojal's Stat Reallocator. The reallocator allows the player to reduce their stats, by up to 220 status points. It allows for slight adjustments if a player wishes to slightly modify their build later on
  109.         but does not give an advantage to players that wish to use one build to level and then change for WoE/Pvp/Crafting. NPC is in Prontera and is named Byou.
  110.         Adjusted New World mobs to be easier to handle with other classes instead of just ranged classes.
  111.         Implemented all unimplemented New World, Guild SE, Brasilis and Moscovia mob cards. Adjusted refine cards, Hardrock Mammoth, Tendrilion, Beholder Master, to +7 and +9 instead of +10 and +14.
  112.         New cards and their effects:
  113.         Banshee Master - +5% Matk
  114.         Entweihen - +15% Matk
  115.         Centipede Larva - 1% Matk, +1 Int
  116.         Nidhoggur Shadow Card - Int +5, If Job is High Wizard, -50% casting time. Compounds on Armor.
  117.         Naght Sieger Card - Increase ghost magic damage by 30%. Compounds on Armor.
  118.         Duneyrr Card - Atk +10, small chance while dealing physical damage that for 10 seconds your aspd will increase by 5%. Compounds on Headgear.
  119.         Rata Card - +5% Matk, small chance while dealing magic damage that for 4 seconds your cast time will be -50%. Compounds on Headgear.
  120.         Rhyncho Card - +4% healing effect, +5% sp usage. Compounds on Headgear.
  121.         Phylla Card - Dex +1, Agi +1, small chance while dealing physical damage that for 4 seconds your crit is increased by 20%. Compounds on Headgear.
  122.         Hardrock Mammoth Card - Def +5, Refine +7, max hp +3%. Refine +9, Def +5 and max hp + 10%. Compounds on Armor.
  123.         Tendrilion Card - Crit +5, Refine +7, Crit +5. Refine +9, Atk +35. Compounds on Weapon.
  124.         Aunoe Card - Inflict 20% more critical damage. Compounds on Weapon.
  125.         Fanat Card - Atk + 10, on Two-Handed Sword, Refine +7, +3% aspd. Refine +9, +3% aspd. Compounds on Weapon.
  126.         Beholder Master Card - Ranged Attack +3%, Atk +10, if compounded on bow, Refine +7, +3% aspd. Refine +9, +3% aspd. Compounds on Weapon.
  127.         Heavy Metaling Card - Str +2, if used by merchant job, increases damage of cart revolution by 50% but increases sp cost by 12 sp. Compounds on Footgear.
  128.         Dark Pinguicula Card - Atk +10. Compounds on Headgear.
  129.         Naga Card - Increase magical damage against fish monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  130.         Nepenthes Card - Increase magical damage against plant monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  131.         Draco Egg Card - Increase magical damage against dragon monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  132.         Bradium Golem Card - Increase magical damage against brute monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  133.         Ancient Tree Card - Increase magical damage against undead monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  134.         Zakudam Card - Increase magical damage against demi-human monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  135.         Cobalt Mineral Card - Increase magical damage against formless monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  136.         Pinguicula Card - Increase magical damage against insect monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  137.         Hell Apocalypse Card - Increase magical damage against demon monsters by 10%. Compounds on Weapon.
  138.         Scaraba Card - Matk +3%, Max sp -1%. Compounds on Accessory.
  139.         Dolomedes Card - Dex +2, If equipped by an archer, +1 dex every 3 refines. Compounds on Headgear.
  140.         Queen Scaraba Card - Increase damage against scaraba monsters by 30%. Compounds on Weapon.
  141.         Gold Scaraba Card - +20 atk, Max hp -1%. Compounds on Accessory.
  142.         Gold Queen Scaraba Card - Int +3, Reduce damage from  by 10%, Refine +9, Adds an additional 5%. Compounds on Headgear.
  143.         Removed Miming Card.
  144.         Little Fatum Card - When dealing magic damage there is a chance to silence the enemy. Compounds on Weapon.
  145.         Parus Card - Heal +3%, +1% heal for every 2 refines for acolyte class. Compounds on Headgear.
  146.         Angra Mantis Card - Crit damage +2%, +1% crit damage every 2 refines for thief class. Compounds on Headgear.
  147.         Pom Spider Card - Increase physical damage against undead by 20%. Compounds on Weapon.
  148.         Rafflesia Card - Decrease damage from plant monsters by 30%. Compounds on Shield.
  149.         Comodo Card - Def +5, flee +10. Compounds on Armor.
  150.         Cendrawasih Card - Int +2, +1 int every 3 refines for mage class. Compounds on Headgear.
  151.         Butoijo Card - Increase physical damage against Angel by 20%. Compounds on Weapon.
  152.         Leak Card - Str +3, when dealing damamge, there's a high chance to confuse the target. Compounds on Garment.
  153.         Sedora Card - Crit damage +15%. Compounds on Weapon.
  154.         Pot Dofle Card - Grant armor water property. Reduce damage taken from fish monsters by 10%. Compounds on Armor.
  155.         King Dramoh Card - Str +2, +1 str for every 3 refines for swordsman class. Compounds on Headgear.
  156.         Kraken Card - +10 Flee, ability to use level 1 hiding and level 1 raid, raid can leave the target bleeding. Compounds on Garment.
  157.         Amdarais Card - +15% Atk and Matk, Drain 666 hp and 66 sp every 4 seconds, drain 6666 hp and 666 sp on unequip. Compounds on Armor.
  158.         Corruption Root Card - +20 Atk, Melee physical hits have a chance to cast petrify, sleep and curse in a 5x5 area around the wearer. Compounds on Weapon.
  159.         Maero of Gerhalt Card - Max hp -44%, Gain 200 hp each time a monster is killed with melee attacks, every refine adds 10 hp gain to the effect, drain 4444 hp on unequip. Compounds on Armor. Combo with Dolor. Reduce damage taken from neutral by 20%, Flee +20.
  160.         Dolor of Gerhalt Card - Max sp -44%, Gain 20 sp each time a monster is killed with melee attacks, every refine adds 1 sp gain to the effect, drains 444 sp on unequip. Compounds on Garment. Combo with Maero. Reduce damage taken from neutral by 20%, Flee +20.
  161.         White Knight Card - Atk +15, Increase damage inflicted on medium and large monsters by 20%. Compounds on Weapon. Combo with Khalitzburg Knight. Decrease damage taken from medium and large monsters by an additional 5%, inflict 15% more damage to medium and large monsters.
  162.         Khalitzburg Knight Card - Def +4, receive 25% less damage from medium and large monsters by 25%. Compounds on Shield. Combo with White Knight. Decrease damage taken from medium and large monsters by an additional 5%, inflict 15% more damage to medium and large monsters.
  163.         Iara Card - Enable use of Status Recovery lv.1, When equipped with Obeaune Card, MaxSP + 50. Compounds on Accessory.
  164.         Piranha Card - Increase physical and magical damage against fish race monster by 10%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, add an additonal damage against fish race monster by 5%. Compounds on Footgear.
  165.         Curupira Card - Increase magic attack against Water property monsters by 3%. If refine rate is 7 or higher, increase magic attack against Water property monsters by 5%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, increase
  166.         magic attack against Water property monsters by 7%. Compounds on Weapon.
  167.         Toucan Card - Increase magical damage against insect race monster by 10%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, add an additonal magical damage against insect race monster by 5%. Compounds on Headgear.
  168.         Jaguar Card - Increase magical damage against brute race monster by 10%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, add an additonal magical damage against brute race monster by 5%. Compounds on Headgear.
  169.         Headless Mule Card - Increase Water and Holy property magical damage by 20%. Compounds on Accessory.
  170.         Boitata Card - Increase physical damage against brute race, insect race, wind property and earth property monster by 40%. Compounds on Armor.
  171.         Wood Goblin - Increases physical damage inflicted on Water and Earth element monsters by 5%. Increases damage taken from Water and Earth element monsters by 5%. If compounded on an armor, refined to +9: +5%
  172.         additional physical damage inflicted on Water and Earth element monsters. Compounds on Armor.
  173.         Les Card - Decreases damage taken from Wind element monsters by 30%. Compounds on Shield.
  174.         Uzhas Card - Increases magic damage against Demon monsters by 10%. If compounded on a headgear, refined to +9: +5% magic damage against Demon monster. Compounds on Headgear.
  175.         Baba Yaga Card - Every refine adds +2 Flee. Compounds on Shoes.
  176.         Mavka Card - Increases Fire and Earth element magic damage by 20%. Compounds on Accessory.
  177.         Gopinich Card - Gain 5 SP each time a monster is hit with a physical attack. Increases SP consumption of skills by 50%. Compounds on Headgear.
  178.         Added a function to allow players to choose their own login settings: @joining ‪#‎main‬, ‪#‎trade‬, ‪#‎recruit‬, @arealoot, @showexp, and @noks to all Kafras and Cool Event Corp Kafras. All are set to OFF on default and are
  179.         account bound.
  180.         Added Achievement Lister. It's a sign that tells you how many achievement points you have acquired by section and total.
  181.         Added Achievement Vendor. It's a treasure chest that sells you things for your achievement points and talks. He might be a mimic.
  182.         Implemented Ascendence System. COSMETIC and Achievement related only. This will turn the player into their respective 3rd job class. I've covered all my bases here: Your HP remains the same throughout all your levels
  183.         as 3rd job, your hit and flee never increases after level 99. You are automatically placed up to the new Job 70 for 3rd job with the same stat bonuses as trans. You receive no extra skill points. All 3rd job skills,
  184.         except Dragon Training, were removed. Player must use up all skill points to ascend. Player must be 99/70. You gain no stat points on leveling up. All items that give level bonuses will not give bonuses passed 99's
  185.         value. For example, Diabolus Boots give 990 hp at level 99 up to 175. Although renewal content is implemented, no gear above 99 is implemented, meaning players do not gain increase in fighting ability because of
  186.         ascension. With this new system, players will gain bonus achievements for leveling. Players will have to gain a bit over 20x the amount of experience it took to reach trans 98 to 99. Players above 99 can still party
  187.         share with other players. Any level above 99 will be considered 99 when taking party share into account. At every 10 levels, first level and final level players will gain an achievement with an additional reward.
  188.         For example, at 100, players will receieve the costume for their respective 3rd job class. At level 175, players will acquire a special aura that only 3rd job classes can achieve. The process is irreversible. As for
  189.         dragon training: Dragon Training now has it's effect changed to be exactly the same as Cavalier Mastery. If you have Cavalier Mastery level 3, you will acquire Dragon Training Level 3. Dragon Training Level 1 is
  190.         required to ride a dragon, so if you end up not obtaining Cavalier Mastery at any level, you will not be able to ride a dragon. I don't know many who don't get Cavalier Mastery, so it should be fine. Fortunately,
  191.         Gryphon runs off of Riding rather than Cavalier Mastery. If a skill has a check for level, it will signify you as being level 99 if you are above 99, on heal and Sacrifice and such. So, you will heal the same at 99
  192.         and you will be able to sacrifice on a player that is 175 or 101 if you are within range of being able to place sacrifice on a level 99. Took away ASPD increase for 3rd jobs. Made alchemist spirit's effect to increase
  193.         aid potion's heal only go up to 99.
  194.         Hanson now grants players with items if they choose to go directly into RO and will give players their respective weapon for the job they choose, instead of the adventurer's suit.
  196.     @Commands:
  197.         @commands
  198.         @rates
  199.         @refresh
  200.         @autotrade
  201.         @iteminfo
  202.         @noks
  203.         @time
  204.         @showexp
  205.         @whereis
  206.         @whodrops
  207.         @request
  208.         @mobinfo
  209.         @hominfo
  210.         @channel
  211.         @join
  212.         @petinfo
  213.         @arealoot
  214.         @ap (Check Achievement Points)
  215.         @mail (Received Achievement Rewards)
  216.         @whosell
  219.     Skills:
  220.         Upgraded Arrow Shower, Raging Quadruple Blow, Raging Thrust and Fireball to it's renewal counterpart to make them more useful.
  221.         Changed Double Strafe and Beast Charge to single attack skills to lessen the position lag on client. This does not effect damage in anyway, just the visual display of damage and monster flinching animation.
  222.         Reverted rAthena's change to make Falcon Assault elemented. It was correct before they "fixed" its forced neutral element.
  223.         Not exactly have to do with skills per say but mobs using skills. Removed randomtarget skill protocol from all mob attacks. It just looks weird to be chilling away from a mob for it to turn around and hit you with a
  224.         skill. Oddly enough, by default, champion mobs did not have randomtarget protocol skills on the skills that the normal mob they are based off of had randomtarget protocol for.
  225.         Did not implement the -10 vulture eye fix. Although it makes a bit more sense, it made some mobs broken. Mobs like Lady Tanee or Amon Ra just stand still and allow snipers to snipe them instead of teleporting because
  226.         it is technically a rude attack because they cannot react but for some reason it did not register. Plus, the nerf to mobs made fighting mobs so much easier and we can't have that. ;3
  227.         Removed all /swt2 skills on mobs that change their AI passive, again. Had to update the mob_skill_db and thus had to remove everything again.
  228.         Removed Teleport Level 1's menu.
  229.         Changed skill names to match iRO names, except Star Gladiator Link because I can't change job names.
  230.         Tweaked Fatal Blow. Fatal Blow used to have strange modifiers on it that made it only give it's actual base chance listed on the skill at base level 50. Every 1 base level gave it an extra .5% chance, starting at 0%.
  231.         So... At base level 1, player's had .5% chance to stun people with bash and at base level 99, it had a 49.5% chance to stun people. It is now changed to have 25% at level 10 bash but doesn't increase with base level.
  232.         Removed odd mob skill usage such as chase skills for Critical Wounds, Defense Disregard Attack, Guided Attack, Combo Attack and all Element Attribute Attacks. It seems nonsensical, when mobs have added range for skills,
  233.         to not be in attack range but hit you with a melee-oriented attack from 9 or less cells away. Status attacks are not changed because they are considered magic.
  234.         Removed Scribble, Cleaner and Piece from Rogues/Stalkers.
  235.         Implemented Buying Stores. These allow you to set up a shop, similar to vending, but instead of selling items to players you are buying a specific item from players. You need at least one item of the item you want to set
  236.         up a buying store for that item and the item you are buying must be stackable, so you cannot set up buying stores for equipment or items similar.
  237.         Reject Sword damage is now capped to Stalker's Max HP.
  238.         Provoke and Mind Breaker are now usable on all targets but will fail when casted on self. Mind Breaker now also lowers monster's hard MDEF.
  240.     Quests:
  241.         Changed Rachel Sanctuary Quest to allow players to do the quest after donating 1 million zeny.
  242.         Changed Ayothaya's Item requirements to that of renewal, as to promote people doing the quest at a similar level range rather than at 80+.
  243.         Changed the picture in the quest window "New" tab. It just shows the most recent addition, Old Glast Heim.
  244.         Changed Dryad's item turn-in repeatable from Sharp Leaf to Tough Vines. People are gonna hate me for that but this turn-in is the only one that has an easier mob drop an item for a turn-in at relatively the same rate.
  246.     General:
  247.         Nulled viewtable for better playing experience.
  248.         Changed Banshee Master card to matk + 5%.
  249.         Changed Entweihen Crothen Card to matk + 15%.
  250.         Changed Centipede Larva Card to int+1, matk + 1%
  251.         Increased fields that /memo works for. All maps with no farmed mini-boss or mvp on it can be /memoed. Scroll down for list.
  252.         Added auto-join for Channels and auto-turn on for noks and showexp.
  253.         Changed channel colors to stand apart from other game text.
  254.         Added random spawning special treasure chests on fields; 2 spawn at the top of every hour. Treasure chest drops listed below.
  255.         Added random spawning dungeon treasure chests that spawn in dungeons, once every two hours. These give HE items and these HE items can only be acquired via these treasure chests.
  256.         Disabled annoying hugel race mapannounce spam.
  257.         Added icons to cursed water and elemental converters to show when the player is under it's effects. Elemental Converters now also last for five minutes instead of three. This makes them more viable without overshadowing
  258.         Endows but also not being too dreadfully costful to not make the player want to make scrolls.
  259.         Added icons for standard debuffs. Stone curse seems weird, others fine.
  260.         Added the ability to memo in Einbroch, Einbech, Lighthalzen and Yuno.
  261.         Removed teleport restrictions on the above maps, as well.
  262.         Editted the airport warps to warp the players directly into the airport from the airship instead of the small walkways on all above maps and vice-versa. Kept the warp back into the airport to keep from people becoming
  263.         trapped from teleporting around the maps via flywings, should their last fly wing land them on this small pathway. Changed this warp to warp the player into the center of the airport, to prevent people from skipping
  264.         the fee and getting a free ride.
  265.         Removed Lucifer's Lament from Crafting Arrow's list.
  266.         Disabled Pets in Pvp and during WoE.
  267.         Removed text when the day changed from night till day.
  268.         Removed text for  the kafra election, except the text saying who has won.
  269.         Added a freebie to all new characters: Costume: Heroic Backpack. It has no effects and equips on the costume garment slot.
  270.         Added item restrictions to Kafra Free Tickets and Novice Potions making them undroppable, untradable and unvendable but they can be sold to the npc. Removed Novice Potion weight.
  271.         Added new detailed world map and removed renewal world map. Towns look a bit unHD.
  272.         Increased Deovtion Range to 15.
  273.         Decreased hp of Plants and Mushrooms to 5 Hp.
  274.         Reverted Red Blood, Crystal Blue, Wind of Verdure, Green Live, Flame Heart, Mystic Frozen, Rough Wind and Great Nature to their original crafting arrow amounts.
  275.         Changed drop share to not affect items dropped by players.
  276.         Did not get Mvps official hitlock behavior.
  277.         Did not get ice wall official behavior implementation.
  278.         Added a 3 ~ 5 second delay on public #channels.
  279.         Added a custom where everyone, who is in the same party and has the same quest, will get credit for kills they are not on screen for, provided they are on the same map.
  280.         Added decent coin items to the cash shop.
  281.         Made decent coins usable and add 1 cash point each, as to not hinder the player to have to go to any specific location to get their items.
  282.         Equalized all the possible items in old blue box, old purple box, gift box, jewelry box and old card album, as well as equalizing the spawn chance of mobs in dead branch and from class change. This means that these are
  283.         now truly random instead of the weighted random they were before. Added the new renewal mobs/renewal cards to their respective random lists. Removed Hurricane's Fury, Sage's Diary, Dragon Wing, Dex Survivor's Rod and
  284.         Eagle Wing from Old Blue Box. Added Orc Archer Bow and new pet accessories/taming items to Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box.
  285.         Added Mvps to class change's list. All Mvps were added except Satan/Wounded Morroc, Bio 3 MVPs, Thanatos, Nidhoggur's Shadow, Lost Dragon, Gold Scaraba Queen, Root of Corruption and Amdarias.
  286.         Implemented Champion Mobs. Due to the client we are using, they do not give off a visual effect, so they are now larger than they normally would be. Champion mobs are the same mob but with 5x more hp, 10x if
  287.         it is the "solid" variation, 2.5x base exp, 7.5x Job exp, 1.75x more attack on the lower scale and higher scale, and, in variations "Swift," "Elusive," and "Furious," have a 25% increase in their dex stat. There
  288.         are some exceptions to the rules. Some mobs have increased intelligence or increased vit but these exceptions are very few in number. The average will fall in line with what I listed above. There will only ever
  289.         be one type of champion mob spawn per map, for the maps that they spawn on. So, for example, Abbey F2 will have 2603, Swift Zombie Slaughter. There will be two of him and they will have a 30 minute respawn timer.
  290.         No other champion will spawn on that map other than Swift Zombie Slaughter. Now think about that but across the whole RO world. There are 270 or so, so 269 other maps they can spawn on. This should break up
  291.         some of the boring grind with an interesting monster and could train some people to be ready to fight MVPs. Increased their drop rates by 50%. Extended their respawn timer from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
  292.         Implemented @petinfo. @petinfo displays the pet's name, intimacy and hunger when used.
  293.         Changed Amulet to work like a yggdrasil leaf; giving the item more usage.
  294.         Hexed the client for more user-friendlyness.
  295.         Enabled MD5 Hash checking to ensure untampered clients.
  296.         Implemented @arealoot with the help of Playtester. Is enabled by default. It loots all items in a 3x3 area around the player.
  297.         Added status icons to all status that I thought needed one. Mind Breaker, Sacrifice, Martyr's Reckoning, and plenty more.
  298.         Zeny is now account-bound.
  299.         Re-arranged npcs in Izlude.
  300.         Bosses are now immune to all snaring traps. This includes Fiber lock.
  301.         Changed New World mobs to be more "pre-renewal." This means that they have more hp than their renewal counterparts and hit in line with mobs on the so-what same difficulty. Oddly enough, by analyzing how pre-renewal
  302.         works in respect to renewal, new world mobs, the original and El Dicastes ones, are actually weaker than Thor mobs but stronger than Cursed Abbey mobs. As a result, they fit perfectly inbetween, as a grinding spot
  303.         for players to grind on. I've also taken the liberty of extending this to content beyond El Dicastes; Eclage and Bifrost. As a result, these newer mobs are actually, in theory, as strong as Thor mobs because of the
  304.         instance but on their own do not compare 1to1 with thor. As a result, it is just new content for players to explore, provided they can handle the added challenge. Added a converter for Sapha Certification to Decent
  305.         Coins at a 10:1 trade in El Dicastes.
  306.         Cast time on Pulse Strike on Lost Dragon and Nidhoggur's Shadow has been reduced from 10 seconds to 0 seconds. Timer on Hell's Judgment has been reduced from 10 seconds to 1 second. Timer on Earthquake has been reduced
  307.         from 10 seconds to 3 seconds. Hopefully this will add challenge to these two mobs, although I am aware that you can still asura strike them down, so...
  308.         Added Exploration Achievements. They award players with achievement points for reaching the highest or lowest floor of a dungeon, depending on the dungeon. Less points for easier Dungeons, more for dungeons that
  309.         required quests and/or have harder mobs. Not all Dungeons have them but most do. You can look at the Achievement Lister and the title of the achievements will give you a hint towards which dungeon to go to. You can
  310.         gain up to 975 Achievement Points.
  311.         Added Leveling Achievements. They award players with achievement points, as well some manuals upon your journey and something special when you reach the max. This will be expanded when I implement Ascendance. You can
  312.         gain up to 125 Achievement Points.
  313.         Added Instance Achievements. They award players with achievement points, as well as Decent Coins every time the player completes an instance for the first time. You can gain up to 400 Achievement Points.
  314.         Added the ability to acquire Fishing Gear while fishing in New World. If you like fishing, with time, you will get the full set.
  315.         Increased ability of purchasable buff items for Splendide and edited them a bit. They will now have a modifier of 25%, (25% less damage, more outgoing damage, physical and magical) and extended them to affect almost
  316.         all actual Splendide and Manuk Mobs. Additional Manuk Mobs: Dolomedes and All Scarabas, except Gold Scarabas. Additional Splendide Mobs: Draco, Aqua Elemental, Dark Pinguicula, Rata, Duneyrr, Draco Egg, Little Fatum,
  317.         Miming, Parus, Angra Mantis, Pom Spider and Lost Dragon. Because of their increased potency, they can now only be obtained at 1 for 1 at the coin vendors. Also added an option to buy 3 or 5, instead of just the one
  318.         by one.
  319.         Re-enabled Dewata. Hardened up the area and removed the ability to create Kerises. Nerfed Alnoldi's Romantic Flower drop rate to card drop. Nerfed Cendrawasih's Soft Feather
  320.         drop rate to .8%. Nerfed Banaspaty's Elunium and Rough Oridecon drop rates to .5% and 1.5%, respectively. Re-balanced Leak. Halved his dex, increased drop rate of Hunting Spear to 1%, removed his wide debuffs, placed
  321.         a cast time of 1 second on his Hell's Judgment and made it only usable at 30% or less hp. Dropped his hp in half and his experience.
  322.         Removed all instances of Hallucination because that shit was annoying.
  323.         Removed Hurricane's Fury for Boitata and Halved his HP.
  324.         Implemented Dewata Cards. Changed effect of Comodo to +5 Def, -10 Flee (Alicel's Opposite), removed Banaspaty card.
  325.         Swapped Champion Mobs' exp values, so instead of a huge burst of Job Exp, they now grant a huge burst in Base Exp. It's literally just the values swapped, so some monsters can have... unusual values.
  326.         Implemented current new J-RO sprites for Mechanic, Guillotine Cross, Royal Guard, Geneticist and Male Archbishop. Did not implement Female Archbishop, as I was not a fan of the bloom skirt.
  327.         Implemented Byalan Dungeon F6. Increased hp and damage. It is on a similar level to splendide but not quite. It gives less exp because the area does not require a quest to get to. It's strange but the way experience
  328.         works also depends on how easy it is to get to the monster. If there is a quest, they increase the exp factor. If the mob is on the bottom most floor, they increase the exp factor. If the mob is on the bottom most floor
  329.         but the rest of the dungeon is relatively easy, the exp factor is not increased as much. As a result, Byalan mobs may have less hp than warranted for how hard they are to dispatch. As, this is a general issue with
  330.         ragnarok, I can't really fix it without addressing plenty more things. It is just a means to acquiring gear you might not have been able to get otherwise. As for the actual changes, Kraken hp is the same, damage
  331.         increased, cardo lowered to .5 instead of 5% because it should be on par with Nid since Kraken can be farmed. Removed kraken's AoE debuffs and just gave him dragon's fear at all times, like ifrit and those guys. Lowered
  332.         his hell's judgment to 5 because even the big bads only had 5 and 10 was mainly for the weak mvps, of which he is not. Also made him only use Hell's Judgment at 50% or less. Remove the wide debuffs on his slaves and
  333.         storm gust. Reduced the chance of frost driver to 10% on attack and chase. Reduce the chance of lick to 5%. The rest is unchanged. Sropho's card removed.
  334.         Did not implement Eclage. I don't think the area is very good, the quests are not fully implemented and the other areas that chain from it are too hard for players without 3rd job skills, same with Bio F4 and the instance
  335.         with that.
  336.         Implemented Nightmare Glast Heim. The mobs have been adjusted and follow the same formula as Guardian's Nest's mobs do. Although their hp is a bit low, the sheer amount of mobs at some points can be... overwhelming.
  337.         Mobs have their "original" forms loots with 2x drop rate, as well as the coagulated spell. If they originally dropped decayed nails, it was changed to the new Glast Decayed Nails because reasons. Although their stats are
  338.         low, they seem to provide a challenge beyond their levels. It's quite interesting. Added a part to the NPC who teleports you that allows you to convert Coagulated Spells and Temporal Crystals into Achievement Points and
  339.         Decent Coins. Temporal Crystal is 1 for 10 coins and 20 achievement points. 2 Coagulated Spells for 5 coins and 10 acheivement points. Each completion of the instance nets you two coagulated spells for each member in the
  340.         party and you have two chances of 50% to acquire 1 Temporal Crystal, which the party will have to decide who gets to keep. It is in Engrish, though; so be warned: some amazing lines are to be said. Did not implement the
  341.         time shoes. Sorry. Added Amdarias, Corruption Root, Agony of Royal Knight, Grudge of Royal Knight, White Knight and Khalitzburg Knight cards to their respective mobs. No effects changed. Has to manually add all their
  342.         skills as most of them were incorrect.
  343.         To combat Afkchemisting, all Moscovia 1 mobs will now spawn randomly across the entire map, not just in their set zones and Hunter Fly amount increased from 3 to 5 in Hidden Temple 1. It may be fine with AI always being
  344.         active but this is just a safety precaution.
  345.         Added Mvp tombs to Archangeling, Angeling, Deviling, Dragon Fly, Ghostring, Hardrock Mammoth, Maya Purple, Tendrilion and Valkyrie.
  346.         Altered Mushroom and Shining Plant spawns in Lou_dun01 to be more in line with other maps. Shining Plant has a standard cooldown of 30~45 and Black Mushroom has its set spawn removed but will still be 5 at all times on
  347.         the map.
  348.         Altered Blue Plant spawns on Mjolnor_01 so that they don't spawn on the bridge south of the raised rock platform.
  349.         Altered Yellow Plant spawns on Moc_fild12 so that they spawn closer to the little pond and don't spawn on some of the cliffs south of the pond.
  350.         Altered Champion Mobs to make them have their own identities instead of three being borderline copy and paste. They are now as follows:
  351.         Swift: +33% Movement Speed, +25% ASPD, 5x HP
  352.         Solid: -33% Movement Speed, +25% DEF/MDEF, 7x HP
  353.         Ringleader: No change from original (Summons two copies of itself, 5x HP)
  354.         Furious: +25% ASPD, +25% ATK (On top of original champion increase), 5x HP
  355.         Elusive: +33% AGI, +25% DEX (On top of original champion increase), 5x HP
  356.         These champion mobs have additional other names, such as Elusive also being called "Nimble", thus the dex increase. This should give them their own idenities. Ringleader having mobs, Furious being similar to LK's Frenzy,
  357.         Elusive is undodgable, Solid is a slow tank and Swift is a fast pursuer. I felt before Elusive, Swift and Furious were all relatively the same with only Solid and Ringleader really standing out, other than their
  358.         appearance. Hopefully this eleviates things.
  359.         Reverted some changes: Mobs using ranged attack skills when players move out of their attack range but also making them able to use skills instead of just using a normal attack when reaching their target.
  360.         Replaced Mob ID: 1185 whisper, that drops basically nothing and does not move or attack, with the original whisper. I'm really not sure why this whisper exists if it pretty much has no use.
  361.         Reduced Treasure Box's Level, 1732, from 98 to 1.
  362.         Added additional experience to completing higher tier kill quests to the repeatable quests. Before they would give 1 exp portion per 50 Mobs selected. So, a player who completed 150 Kill quest received three exp portions.
  363.         It will not grant the player 3 for 100 and 5 for 150, increasing exp gain by 50% and 67% respectively.
  364.         Rebalanced elemental swords in the same way that it was rebalanced on iRO. It will now only trigger when the autobonus triggers via physically attacking and will only trigger once when dual wielding, instead of chaining
  365.         off swords to shoot off almost 4x the bolts.
  366.         Allowed Homunculus to share Job exp with Alchemist/Party members. I don't see this as too much of an issue as AFKchemisting will be against the rules and I can easily just lower people's levels/delete their characters,
  367.         should they feel the need to cheat.
  368.         Removed HP bars from Bosses. Not really sure why they had them.
  369.         Bubble gum no longer affects treasure chest drop chances and is no longer capped at 90% max drop rate.
  370.         Added two new status icons to Homunculus buffs Urgent Escape and Amistr's Bulwark.
  371.         Added Temporal Boots, Temporal Boots Of X Stat and their slotted versions. Effects have been slightly altered, though:
  372.             Temporal Boots:
  373.                 +300 HP, +30 SP, 3 DEF, required level 10 to equip.
  374.                 For every three refines: +100 HP, +10 SP
  375.             Temporal Boots Of Strength:
  376.                 +300 HP, +30 SP, 4 DEF, required trans level 90 to equip.
  377.                 For every three refines: +100 HP, +10 SP, +7 ATK
  378.                 If character has base STR at or above 90: +50 ATK
  379.             Temporal Boots Of Intelligence:
  380.                 +300 HP, +30 SP, 3 DEF, 5 MDEF, required trans level 90 to equip.
  381.                 For every three refines: +100 HP, +30 SP, +1 INT
  382.                 If character has base INT at or above 90: +5% MATK
  383.             Temporal Boots Of Vitality:
  384.                 +300 HP, +30 SP, 4 DEF, required trans level 90 to equip.
  385.                 For every three refines: +300 HP
  386.                 If character has base VIT at or above 90: +8% HP
  387.             Temporal Boots Of Agility:
  388.                 +300 HP, +30 SP, 4 DEF, required trans level 90 to equip.
  389.                 For every three refines: +100 HP, +10 SP, +1 AGI
  390.                 If character has base AGI at or above 90: +5% ASPD
  391.             Temporal Boots Of Dexterity:
  392.                 +300 HP, +30 SP, 4 DEF, required trans level 90 to equip.
  393.                 For every three refines: +100 HP, +10 SP, +1 DEX
  394.                 If character has base DEX at or above 90: +5% ranged damage
  395.             Temporal Boots Of Luck:
  396.                 +300 HP, +30 SP, 3 DEF, 5 MDEF, required trans level 90 to equip.
  397.                 For every three refines: +100 HP, +10 SP, +3 CRIT
  398.                 If character has base LUK at or above 90: +30% Critical Damage
  399.         Players can trade 1 Temporal Crystal with Hugin's Buttler for Temporal Boots. Then players can trade an additional 5 Temporal Crystals with Hugin's Buttler for an unslotted Temporal Boots of X slot. Then players can trade
  400.         an additional 5 Temporal Crystals at a chance at slotting their respective boots. The succees chance is somewhere between 20% and 50%, I have yet to decide on which but it will fall in that range. If slotting fails, the
  401.         the boots are destroyed. Temporal Crystals are acquired from completing and killing bosses in the Old Glast Heim instance.
  402.         Added Old Glast Heim's treasure room.
  403.         Nerfed economic gains that seemed a bit too strong. Drop chance of Crystal Mirror, except from White Lady, Witherless Rose, Great Nature from Sleepers and Stiletto from Desert Wolf have been lowered by 10x. These items
  404.         are heavy, so their sell price has not been touched but are now much less common. The sell value of Royal Jelly, Piece of Cake, Mastela Fruit and Crest Piece have been reduced by 60%. These are heavy but have
  405.         other uses and thus their drop rate has not been touched but only their sell value. Khukri from Sky Petites has had its own sell value reduced by 10x, as it made no sense for a mob to drop a dagger that sold for 120k
  406.         when no other weapon comes close to that without a lot of effort being involved or via player value attached. Lowered drop chance of Treasure Box from Kraken(50% to 5%), Nidhoggur(50% to 30%), Gopinich(50% to 1%),
  407.         Boitata(50% to 0.5%) and Detardeurus(50% to 10%). Sell price is unaffected. Lower drop chance of Sapphire from Mobster from 45.59% to 0.45%. No idea why that was so high. Reduced Hill Wind's chance of dropping Harpy
  408.         Feather and Harpy Talon in half from 40%/30% to 20%/15%.
  409.         Items in the F (Favorite) tab will now no longer show in NPC sell lists.
  410.         Added status icon to Rune Strawberry Cake, Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee and Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich. Changed Rune Strawberry Cake from ATK +5 and MATK +5 to ATK +5% and MATK +5%. Changed Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee from
  411.         +10 HIT and +20 Perfect Dodge to +10 HIT and +20 Flee. Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich's effect has not been changed. Fixed an issue where some of them were dispeled on death and some were dispeled by dispel. Weird wording
  412.         but that is because of the way it is written in the code. They will now work like other alternate effect foods, lasting through death and not being dispelled. Normal stat foods also no longer dispel on death.
  413.         Increases effect of hp/sp recovery on all gear by 10x, except Arc Angeling. Arc Angeling has been changed to now give 100% hp and sp recovery at all times, without the base luck requirement. Hopefully this gives them
  414.         some use.
  415.         Increased all instances of level 5 trap use to 5% chance and 300 second cooldown. Increased Knocker's Land Mine cooldown to 180 seconds and reduced its chance to 5%. Mobs like knocker would flood the map with their
  416.         respective traps. Hopefully this helps fix that. Did not reduce chance or increase cooldown of traps by Cecil Damon but did remove the instances where she would place a trap while attacking. That shit was dumb.
  417.         There is still basically 1 trap per knocker on the map now but that is a whole lot better than 5 traps for every 1 knocker, so... You gotta take the good with the bad. Swapped around a few cooldowns on Fire Pillar but
  418.         not enough to actually go into detail.
  419.         Reworked Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box. New items added to both boxes and certain items removed from each box. Anything that can be acquired in-game, via normal mobs and minis or vendors, is now in Old Blue Box. Old
  420.         Purple Box usually has the same items but the most slotted version of it. This has remained the same except for items that have an unslotted or lesser slotted version that is not dropped by Old Blue Box. For items that
  421.         fit this criteria, Old Purple Box will drop both versions of the item. In addition to these items, and most of the additions to Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box will drop everything that is MVP related, with the exception
  422.         of Instance MVPs. If an MVP drop it, Old Purple Box has it. Old Purple Box is the only box that will drop MVP related items. Any items that were in Old Blux Box that were strictly MVP related have been removed. All the
  423.         odds of finding items have been equalized, so you are just as likely to get an Ice Pick from Old Purple Box as you are to get a red potion.
  424.         Adjusted Old Purple Box economy. Sniper Cecil's 90% drop was replaced with Bow Thimble, Amdarias and Corruption Root had their normal drop chance lowered to 50%, removed Atroce's normal Old Purple Box drop, removed Old
  425.         Purple Box from Evil Snake Lord's MVP drops and replaced it with Old Blue Box, swapped stormy knight's Boots [1] 5% MVP drop with his normal drop Old Purple Box 40%, lowered Gopinich's Old Purple Box MVP chance to 30% and
  426.         replaced 2nd Old Purple Box with Old Blue Box, removed Kiel's Old Purple Box normal drop, swapped Osiris' Osiris Doll 5% MVP drop with his normal drop Old Purple Box 20%, removed Lady Tanee's 20% normal drop Old Purple
  427.         Box and lowered her MVP Old Purple Box to 20%, moved Orc Lord's normal Old Purple Box 10% drop to his empty 3rd MVP drop, swapped RSX's Dark Blinder 35% MVP drop with his 10% Old Purple Box 10% normal drop and raised
  428.         drop chance to 30% on the Old Purple Box and swapped Vesper's Old Purple Box 10% normal drop with his Old Blue Box 50% MVP drop. This should make Old Purple Box drops more rare and more fitting to the rare drops they
  429.         have inside them. This will also make getting MVP much more important.
  430.         Added Slave mobs for each Ringleader Champion with no drops and 0 exp. It was broken to sit next to a Champion and farm it's slaves.
  431.         Bufffed Bow Thimble. Idk any Sniper that would use these, so they now grant 7% ranged damage. Considering how the damage formula works and how all archers will have an OAB, this buff does not make an unslotted bow thimble
  432.         better than The Sign but does make it worth the grind, should the player slot it (10% success chance). It's old effect was on par with Bradium Ring and that accessory dropped at a higher rate and was already slotted.
  433.         Yes, of course Dolomedes are harder than Gargoyles but not to the point of grinding 15x more and Bradium Rings will be in circulation due to the Dolomedes Card. None the less, I think this will give another option when
  434.         there already exists so many more, especially with the guild dungeon access available to most guilds.
  435.         Added Jack be Dandy as a card rate drop to Savage. A more consistent way to acquire them for the Fashionable Sunglasses quest.
  436.         Removed Smoking from all orcs, as that caused them to all have hp bars.
  437.         Lowered level requirement of Novice Angel gear to Level 1, to give it more use.
  438.         Increased Holy Light's default damage to the Linked version of 5x DMG and 5x SP. It deals "normal" damage in Pvp but still consumes the 5x SP. Will deal an additional 5x DMG and consume 5x more SP when the player is
  439.         linked. (Not implemented fully)
  440.         Increased Experience gained from Cat Hand's services repeatable quests from 15k, from fishing, and 30k, from mining, to 150k and 300k respectively.
  441.         Changed new world's page system. Before it used to have this strange system where the map spawned extra mobs on top of what was already spawning and those dropped a page on every kill but they died and were reanimated
  442.         every 10 minutes. If you were half way thru killing one when it died, you gained no exp, no page, no drops. This could also get players killed as it randomly fluctuates mobs around the maps, where it would have otherwise
  443.         been safe, this has killed me quite a few times. It also didn't add new mobs for all monsters on the maps, half of the mobs on Manuk not having "page" forms. This has been changed now to where all mobs on these new world
  444.         "page" maps to have a chance to drop pages, even the ones previously not shown to drop. The chance is 1/7, based on how many mobs there were vs. how many "page" mobs there were being around 1/6.3. Although it sounds lower,
  445.         the odds are higher with all mobs having a chance to drop, at least on the Manuk side. The "page" mob counts were added to the normal spawn counts on these maps, giving Splendide Field 02 +7 Pinguicula and Luciola Vespa;
  446.         Splendide Field 03 +4 Luciola Vespa, +5 Naga and +5 Cornus; Manuk Field 01 +7 Nepenthes and Hillslion; and finally Manuk Field 03 +5 Hillslion, Tatacho and Centipede.
  447.         Added four new garments, one of which is only obtained via taking down a certain MVP, and five new headgears.
  448.         Added the ability to now turn Oranges into the new Orange Juice, at the juice maker, which will now be a consumable healing item that works as all other juices with a +9 and +13 to it's effects over their fruit
  449.         counterpart. The original orange juice will remain the same and drop from all the same sources.
  450.         Changed the Rough Elu/Ori converter to do all ores at once.
  451.         Changed the warp point of the Rift Guard from Morroc Field 22 to Midgard Camp after the player has successfully completed Munkenro's final task in Onward to the New World.
  452.         Removed the need to type "Luxurious Keycard" into the wall entrance at Kiel F1. Your character will now immediately insert the keycard if you have the keycard on you when speaking to the door.
  453.         Changed the item required for the quest "Bradium Collection" from 20 of a pretty rare drop, 5% from Bradium Golem or Dolomedes, to Stone Fragment a 30% drop from Bradium Golem. Out of all repeatables, this one took more
  454.         time by a drastic margin and just seemed like it was poorly planned as it doesn't even grant that great rewards either. Players can get the stones from Solider or Tao Gunka in Rune-Midgard but one is an mvp and the other
  455.         is a low drop rate that costs 10k to visit, so I'm fine with that.
  456.         Implemented a special effect to Mora Berry. Currently an item only obtainable via Fruit Baskets, it states that it increases damage to monsters native to Bifrost but didn't actually do anything. It now starts a status
  457.         effect that increases damage to all Bifrost mobs by 50% and decreases damage from all bifrost mobs by 25%. It lasts 30 minutes, same as the other new world buff foods, and stacks with the Splendide foods.
  459.     Bug Fixes:   
  460.     Fixed an issue where ranged players did not walk into range to attack a monster. Also fixed ranged mobs dropping aggression after a player walked passed a corner.
  461.     Fixed bugged delay for deleting.
  462.     Fixed a bug where if the player relogged while trying to delete a character, they had to cancel the deletion and reclick it.
  463.     Fixed a bug with the client making it unable to delete characters.
  464.     Fixed a bug causing crashes when trying to vend more than one item at a time.
  465.     Fixed Izlude and Pvp Izlude.
  466.     Fixed issues that came with new Msgstringtable. (Birthday example and Inventory size)
  467.     Updated Msgstringtable to fix standard text oddities.
  468.     Fixed bank display.
  469.     Fixed an issue where party invite and equipment publicity information would display on every login/map change.
  470.     Removed random /h that appeared on login.
  471.     Fixed some typos in skill descriptions.
  472.     Added missing El Dicastes items to item_db.
  473.     Corrected descriptions listing incorrect effects of the items: Waterdrop Brooch, Bradium Ring and Bradium Brooch.
  474.     Corrected iteminfo.lua from renewal descriptions to pre-renewal.
  475.     Fixed an issue where mobs were getting hitlocked and not moving one cell.
  476.     Adjusted Alberta NPCs to match the new map.
  477.     Set Thanatos Charm NPC locations to set locations for each color to prevent a bug that happens at random where there's two or three of a color and none of others.
  478.     Fixed an issue with armor and weapon tabs being displayed incorrectly.
  479.     Fixed an issue where special weapon sprites were not being shown in battle.
  480.     Fixed an issue with the Finding the Moving Island Quest where if a player did the quest too quickly, they would have to re-do the steps of talking to Mr. Ibanoff.
  481.     Fixed an issue where Erde dropped at a too high rate from Orc Lord.
  482.     Fixed an issue where mobs would spawn at the bottom left black area in thor_v03 by completely removing the area.
  483.     Fixed an issue where mobs would spawn at the top black area in ve_fild06 by completely removing the area.
  484.     Fixed an issue where Brasilis was not implemented, despite having a pre-renewal version. Implemented jRO's official stats but renewal's spawns.
  485.     Added two position fixes for monsters to help with hitlock/position lag issues and being hit by a melee monster 10 cells away. Oddly enough, is iffy when the monster is attacking the player but will not occur if the monster
  486.     had been hit before.
  487.     Fixed an issue where Muff's Loan left a lingering quest log if the player fixed the magic dryer without failing.
  488.     Fixed an issue where the Message Delivery Quest left a lingering quest log if the player succeeded in summoning Elly.
  489.     Fixed an issue where Peace for Arunafeltz left several lingering quest logs due to the rachel quest file not being updated with quest move alongs.
  490.     Fixed an issue where How The Airship Works left a lingering quest log if the player did Shinoka's Quest before it.
  491.     Fixed an issue where Lost Child Quest left a lingering quest log.
  492.     Fixed an issue where the Rachel Sanctuary Quest left a lingering quest log.
  493.     Fixed an issue where Odin Temple Excavation Quest left a lingering quest log if you decided to help Alex instead of Laura.
  494.     Fixed an issue where the Doctor's Quest left a lingering quest log if the player decided to help out the Doctor, rather than not.
  495.     Fixed an issue where the Poison King Quest left lingering quest logs if the player decided to help poison the lord or if the player decided not to poison the lord.
  496.     Fixed an issue where the Rekenber Job Quest did not push the quest along properly.
  497.     Fixed an issue where the Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest did not push the quest along properly.
  498.     Fixed an issue where skills, that dealt not damage but had no cast bar, did not trigger cast sensor's aggression.
  499.     Removed special weapon sprites for Crossbow, Arbalest Bow and Rudra bow because they were causing odd hitlock/visual hitlock issues by not displaying an arrow upon attacking. May be a client issue.
  500.     Added missing cutins to the Friendship Quest.
  501.     Fixed an issue where players stopped noctrl attacking when switching arrows.
  502.     Fixed an issue where looters looted things closest to them instead of at random/by first created item.
  503.     Fixed an issue where Mvps would not change target unless they casted a skill.
  504.     Re-adjusted Occult Impaction's damage modifier after "piercing" damage was fixed.
  505.     Fixed an issue where "piercing" damage was not applied properly on left-hand. Not too much of a boost, seeing as how it only works if your only weapon is in your left hand.
  506.     Fixed an issue where monsters did not chase after the target because of their aspd.
  507.     Fixed an issue where monsters appeared in locations, instead of showing the movement and path they took to get there.
  508.     Fixed an issue where monsters did not use chase skills while being hit repeatedly. Also, changed a configuration that allows them to not take walk delay when already suffering from walk delay, making hitlocking harder on
  509.     normal monsters.
  510.     Fixed an issue where monsters could still normal attack while in hiding.
  511.     Fixed an issue where Gypsy's Kiss did not add maximum sp based on the gypsy's int and not taking the correct amount of sp when casting certain skills.
  512.     Fixed an issue where Pets, with the skill to loot, looted without their pet equipment equipped. (Thanks to Playtester.)
  513.     Fixed an issue with Beast Charge causing a long movement delay.
  514.     Fixed an issue with an out of date Quest db.
  515.     Fixed an issue where players are warped to incorrect coordinates on Alberta from foreign towns.
  516.     Fixed an issue with Crimson Fire Formation not trigger as often as it should and having knockback.
  517.     Waterball official behavior implemented.
  518.     Fixed an issue with Vesper Card not piercing mdef of bosses.
  519.     Fixed storm gust's knockback behavior to official.
  520.     Fixed an issue with storm gust, LoV, Heaven's drive and Venom dust's splash ranges.
  521.     Removed the ability to snap dodge damage.
  522.     Fixed an issue with Magnum Break adding more damage than it should and dealing more damage at farther range.
  523.     Fixed a few skill description errors.
  524.     Fixed an issue with monsters "seeing" a target from farther away than they should. This fixed caused the implementation of the official chase behavior in which monsters uses range 2 when idle and range 3 when moving.
  525.     Fixed an issue with 1st transcendent spirit adding too many stats. Now it works just like Marionette control, so if the player has stat effects that increase the players stats, they will be taken into account when the spirit
  526.     is applied, so if a player, buffed, has a str of 1 + 10, the player will only gain 39 str, if their level is 60 or above.
  527.     Fixed an issue where if the player clicked "cancel" on a menu skill while walking, the player would stop walking.
  528.     Fixed an issue with with Thanatos Tower F6's weird walkable cells and Ayothaya Field 02's weird walkable cells. Could not fix Novice Grounds boulder due to gat heights of map files I cannot tinker with.
  529.     Fixed an issue with the client sending players to every time the player failed to login on the 3rd try and every attempt after.
  530.     Fixed an issue with all repeatable experience quests giving incorrect experience.
  531.     Fixed several issues with the Merchant Training quest.
  532.     Fixed Spiritual Bestowment not giving a spiritual sphere to Gunslingers but still taking one away.
  533.     Fixed gravitational field and ganbantein's ranges.
  534.     Fixed and updated @whodrops.
  535.     Fixed more msgstringtable and skill descriptions.
  536.     Fixed an issue with random items not being random out of old blue boxes/old card album/etc.
  537.     Fixed an issue with champion mobs spawning in weird locations, compared to pre-renewal.
  538.     Fixed an issue with items listing the incorrect defense ignoring item script, causing the item to not do it's effect.
  539.     Fixed an issue with Old Blue Box and items similar eating items if the player has 100/100 item slots or the new item will put the player over 100% weight.
  540.     Fixed an issue with @iteminfo not displaying the proper text for items.
  541.     Fixed hp and sp tables.
  542.     Completely fixed all skill descriptions and added iRO's own official descriptions.
  543.     Fixed an issue with elemental resistance potions not applying resistance unless the player changed armor but it now does not end.
  544.     Fixed an issue with SP recovery of spiritual cadence and happy break.
  545.     Fixed an issue where taekwon kick skills were not having their damage doubled while in spurt status and sprint skill level not adding unmissable damage to kick skills.
  546.     Fixed an issue with endless tower not giving players ashes of darkness if they entered in at the same time.
  547.     Fixed an issue where mobs were not spawning all throughout the maze in the Guardian's Nest Instance.
  548.     Fixed an issue with "dead" cells on Man_fild03, Spl_Fild02, Morroc and 1@cata (Sealed Shrine first map). This keeps mobs from spawning on these cells and shelling out errors and, just in general, being unreachable.
  549.     Not a bug per-say but if you want decent looking maps, you need to have your data.ini read rdata.grf first, otherwise they are ugly and vastly inaccurate but renewal has map changes, so it's not as inaccurate as the data.grf
  550.     but still had quite a few that have the wrong portals. I have added/removed them where I saw fit on over 30 maps.
  551.     Fixed an issue with 1st Transcendent Soul Link not keeping added stats when refreshing the buff.
  552.     Fixed what I think was an issue in which Thanatos Dolor was not a possible drop from Old Card Album.
  553.     Fixed an issue with some songs. Gypsy's Kiss gave more max sp based on Dancing Lessons when it shouldn't have. Lady Luck gave 10% too much crit. Perfect Tablature gave 2x too much perfect dodge from Singing Lessons. Song of
  554.     Lutie did not increase max hp gained via Singing Lessons.
  555.     Fixed an issue where Satan Morroc was not talking properly. Sorry if you hate mobs talking.
  556.     Fixed an issue with prt_maze01 with a dead cell that players/mobs could get stuck in.
  557.     Fixed a bunch of gat issues on gl_sew03.
  558.     Fixed Queen Scaraba card.
  559.     Fixed a bunch of descrepencies between card names and monster names and monster names with their second monster names.
  560.     Fixed an issue with novice fly wing being consumed when used on a map that cannot be teleported on.
  561.     Not 100% sure on this one but I'm pretty sure Lance (Item ID: 1411) was supposed to have a slot. So, I added it.
  562.     Sniper Cecil is the only MVP to drop Old Purple Box as a normal drop at 90%, while the other Bio 3 MVPs drop some other equip. Changed the drop to Bow Thimble. Seemed like a bug.
  563.     Fixed an issue where a player would drop a 0:ea item when opening old blue/purple boxes when just under 90% and receiving an item that is heavy enough to put them over their maximum weight. Players will now no longer be
  564.     able to open these boxes when they have less than 600 free weight, the highest weight obtainable in the boxes.
  565.     Fixed an issue with Hydras spawning in walls on Byalan Dungeon F4 and some odd Hydra placements on F5. I know, great fixes.
  566.     Cleaned up some strange texts and odd quirks in the code for El Dicastes and Mora quests.
  567.     Fixed the random dead cells on nyd_dun01 near the top middle of the map.
  568.     Fixed the Dryad quest where it allowed players to do quests for an extra level. Sorry.
  569.     All juices have a +9 and +13 to their minimum and maximum heal values when compared to their fruit versions except grapes, for some reason. Grapes has a reduced effect of +5 and +10 to it's minimum and maximum value,
  570.     making it harder to obtain than strawberries but actually heal less. I fixed this so that grape juice now has the proper +9 and +13 making it heal 19 ~ 28, which is still only barely better than strawberries but far
  571.     harder to obtain.
  572.     Fixed an issue where soft MDEF was being increased by VIT but not actually listed in the stats menu. VIT no longer helps soft MDEF.
  573.     Fixed an issue where Fruit Basket and Mora Berry were not properly given their actual effects.
  574.     Fixed an issue where show equip setting was not properly being saved. Found a client issue where the tickbox is no longer ticked on relog but equip is still being shown until the player re-ticks and then unticks the box.
  575.     Fixed an issue where One and Two-Horned Scarabas were changing AI on emotion use. This is the only two instances of this ever happening out of all mobs added before and after. Apparently it happens to Roweens, as well.
  576.     Potentially fixed that, as well.
  579. Donations:
  580.     1 Dollar = 10 coins
  581.     Perma Incubator - 20 Coins
  582.     Tame All - 5 coins
  583.     Bubblegum - 20 coins
  584.     Bubblegum 5x - 100 coins
  585.     Bubblegum 10x - 200 coins
  586.     Battle Manual 50% - 10 coins
  587.     Battle Manual 50% 5x- 50 coins
  588.     Battle Manual 50% 10x - 100 coins
  589.     All Pet Accessories, including ones that cannot be obtained in-game - 30 coins
  590.     Gym Passes - 20 coins each
  591.     Gym Passes Box (10x) - 200 coins each
  592.     Costume Headgear - 50 coins each
  593.     All donations have their item restrictions removed, meaning they are dropable, tradable, npcable, vendable, etc.
  595. Treasure Chest (1732):
  596.     100% - 1 Coin
  597.     30.01% - 1 coin
  598.     10.01% -  1 coin
  599.     5.01% - Bubblegum
  600.     10.01% - Battle Manual
  601.     .51% - 5 coins
  602.     .05% - 30 coins
  603.     .11% - Perma Incubator
  604.     .02% - Card Album
  606.     Bubble Gum does NOT affect drop chance.
  608. Dungeon Treasure Chest (1845):
  609.     100% - 1 Coin
  610.     30.01% - 1 Coin
  611.     10.01% - 1 Coin
  612.     5.01% - HE Bubblegum
  613.     5.01% - HE Battle Manual
  614.     5.01% - 5 Coins
  615.     .5% - 30 Coins
  616.     .02% - Card Album
  618. Achievement Vendor:
  619.     Tame All - 5 AP
  620.     Perma Incubator - 50 AP
  621.     Battle Manual 50% - 50 AP
  622.     Bubblegum - 100 AP
  623.     Gym Passes - 100 AP
  624.     Up To +7 Refine Certificate - 700 AP
  625.     Up To +9 Refine Certificate - 900 AP
  626.     Costume Wings - 300 AP
  628. Costume List
  629.     211 Costumes.
  630.     * These costumes do not give stats and their only effect is that they are unbreakable/unstrippable, which is standard with all costumes.
  631.     Valkyrie Helm
  632.     Dark Valkyrie Helm
  633.     Elven Ears
  634.     Grand Circlet
  635.     Crown
  636.     Ph.D Cap
  637.     Lord Kaho's Horn
  638.     Boy's Cap
  639.     Corsair
  640.     Kafra Band
  641.     Hat of the Sun God
  642.     Blush
  643.     Fashionable Glasses
  644.     Assassin Mask
  645.     Black Cat Ears
  646.     Evil Wing Ears
  647.     Angel Wing Ears
  648.     Red Ribbons
  649.     Small Ribbons
  650.     Beanie
  651.     Blank Eyes
  652.     Renown Detective's Cap
  653.     Dark Blinder
  654.     Galapago Cap
  655.     Puppy Headband
  656.     Alice Doll
  657.     Feather Beret
  658.     Valk Helm
  659.     Captain's Hat
  660.     Wandering Minstrel Hat
  661.     Autumn Leaves
  662.     Rideword Hat
  663.     Flapping Angel Wing
  664.     Dress Hat
  665.     Black Bunny Band
  666.     Moonlight Flower Hat
  667.     Drooping Lif
  668.     Water Lily Crown
  669.     Pecopeco Hairband
  670.     Red Glasses
  671.     Ramen Hat
  672.     Bullock Helm
  673.     Cap of Blindness
  674.     Pirate Dagger
  675.     Hockey Mask
  676.     Helm of Darkness
  677.     Observer
  678.     Bell Ribbon
  679.     Little Angel Doll
  680.     Robo Eye
  681.     Loki Mask
  682.     Big Ribbon
  683.     Wings of Victory
  684.     Peco Ears
  685.     Ship Captain Hat
  686.     Gangster Scarf
  687.     Cyclop's Eyes
  688.     Ninja Scroll
  689.     Brown Beanie
  690.     Blue Beanie
  691.     Pink Beanie
  692.     Koneko Hat
  693.     Dark Randgris Helm
  694.     Gigantic Majestic Goat
  695.     Gentleman's Pipe
  696.     Balloon Hat
  697.     Hunter's Cap
  698.     Angel Spirit
  699.     Valentine's Hat
  700.     Chewing Gum
  701.     Ifrit's Ears
  702.     Rainbow Scarf
  703.     Wind Milestone
  704.     Dragon Helm
  705.     Eye of Darkness
  706.     AFK Hat
  707.     Hermode Cap
  708.     Power of Thor
  709.     Wandering Wolf Hat
  710.     Magic Rabbit Hat
  711.     Spare Card
  712.     Blue Pajamas Cap
  713.     Pink Pajamas Cap
  714.     Scarlet Rose
  715.     Well-Chewed Pencil
  716.     Rune Circlet
  717.     Mitra
  718.     Sniper Goggles
  719.     Driver Band
  720.     Shadow Crown
  721.     Maestro Song's Hat
  722.     Midas Whispers
  723.     Magic Stone Hat
  724.     Blazing Soul
  725.     Silent Executor
  726.     Whispers of the Wind
  727.     Reissue Schmitz Helm
  728.     Dying Swan
  729.     3D Glasses
  730.     Angeling Hat
  731.     Drops Hat
  732.     Marin Hat
  733.     Poporing Hat
  734.     Viking Helm
  735.     Aura
  736.     Archangel Wings
  737.     Fallen Angel Wings
  738.     Golden Angel Wings
  739.     Kirin Wings
  740.     Rudra Wings
  741.     Wings of Happiness
  742.     Great Devil Wings
  743.     Pink Cupid Wings
  744.     Poring Bag
  745.     Amistr Bag
  746.     Black Feather Beret
  747.     Cat Ear Beret
  748.     Red Beret
  749.     Navy Blue Beret
  750.     Angeling Balloon
  751.     Ghostring Balloon
  752.     Deviling Balloon
  753.     Pope Crown
  754.     Golden Exlamation Mark
  755.     Golden Question Mark
  756.     Water Spellcaster
  757.     Beelzebub's Crown
  758.     Snow Cone Hat
  759.     Silk Hat Of Earth
  760.     Snowman Hat
  761.     Niffleheim Bunny Hat
  762.     Drooping Morroc Minion
  763.     Little Aquarium
  764.     Drooping Dorasuke
  765.     Witch's Pumpkin Hat
  766.     King Strawberry
  767.     Yellow Brain Hat
  768.     Dual Black Ribbons
  769.     Black Hand Of Fate
  770.     Aegir Helm
  771.     Wild Rider Hat
  772.     Eremes Scarf
  773.     Prawn Hat
  774.     Crow Tengu Mask
  775.     Super Saiyan Hair
  776.     Death's Embrace
  777.     Sword Master's Crown
  778.     Mouse Hat
  779.     Animated Black Rabbit Headband
  780.     Garuda Hat
  781.     Deviruchi Balloon
  782.     Hunting Cap Of Gust
  783.     Pink Bonnet
  784.     Piggie Bank
  785.     Skull's Gaze
  786.     Love Cheeks
  787.     Protection Of The Crown
  788.     Rabbit Headdress
  789.     Small Porings Headband
  790.     Snowman's Scarf
  791.     Banshee Master's Kiss
  792.     Golden Valentine Hat
  793.     Christmas Tree Hat
  794.     Analyzing Eye
  795.     Floating Ghost
  796.     Gigantic Water Cap
  797.     Vanargand Helm
  798.     Twinkle Little Star
  799.     Chung E's Soul
  800.     Galapago Balloon
  801.     Whisper Tall Hat
  802.     Noah's Hat
  803.     Round Helm
  804.     Carnation Headband
  805.     Angel's Blessing
  806.     Demon Wing Ears
  807.     Evil Druid Hat
  808.     Sleeping Eclipse Family
  809.     Warg In Mouth
  810.     Blue Ship Captain Hat
  811.     Love In Mouth
  812.     Castle Bat
  813.     Drooping Kiehl Doll
  814.     Saint Frill RIbbon
  815.     Poporing Balloon
  816.     Poring Balloon
  817.     Marin Balloon
  818.     Drops Balloon
  819.     Heavy Metaling Balloon
  820.     Santa Poring Balloon
  821.     Archangeling Balloon
  822.     Butterfly Wing Ears
  823.     Light And Darkness Crown
  824.     Gryphon Hat
  825.     Golden Statue Of Baby Angel
  826.     Flying Santa Poring Hat
  827.     Pink Lilypad Hat
  828.     Bundle Of Balloons
  829.     Blue Brain Hat
  830.     Secret Zipper
  831.     Violet Angel Crown
  832.     Flaming Ten Gallon Hat
  833.     Pink Angel Crown
  834.     Rose Corsage
  835.     Princess Tiara
  836.     Blue Angel Crown
  837.     Rocket Helm
  838.     Happy Chicken Hat
  839.     Starving Fish Hat
  840.     Thunderstorm Cloud
  841.     Tree Spirit Hat
  843. Memo list:
  844.     *Maps that have // in front of them have their restrictions removed, meaning the // are the maps that can now be memoed. Only fields were effected. All other memo restrictions are the same.
  845.     //alb2trea  mapflag nomemo
  846.     //ayo_fild02    mapflag nomemo
  847.     //cmd_fild01    mapflag nomemo
  848.     //cmd_fild02    mapflag nomemo
  849.     //cmd_fild03    mapflag nomemo
  850.     //cmd_fild04    mapflag nomemo
  851.     //cmd_fild05    mapflag nomemo
  852.     //cmd_fild06    mapflag nomemo
  853.     //cmd_fild07    mapflag nomemo
  854.     //cmd_fild08    mapflag nomemo
  855.     //cmd_fild09    mapflag nomemo
  856.     gef_fild02  mapflag nomemo
  857.     //gef_fild03    mapflag nomemo
  858.     //gef_fild06    mapflag nomemo
  859.     //gef_fild08    mapflag nomemo
  860.     gef_fild10  mapflag nomemo
  861.     //gef_fild11    mapflag nomemo
  862.     //gef_fild12    mapflag nomemo
  863.     gef_fild14  mapflag nomemo
  864.     //glast_01  mapflag nomemo
  865.     //hu_fild01 mapflag nomemo
  866.     //hu_fild05 mapflag nomemo
  867.     //izlu2dun  mapflag nomemo
  868.     //mjolnir_01    mapflag nomemo
  869.     //mjolnir_02    mapflag nomemo
  870.     //mjolnir_03    mapflag nomemo
  871.     mjolnir_04  mapflag nomemo
  872.     //mjolnir_05    mapflag nomemo
  873.     //mjolnir_07    mapflag nomemo
  874.     //mjolnir_08    mapflag nomemo
  875.     //mjolnir_10    mapflag nomemo
  876.     //mjolnir_11    mapflag nomemo
  877.     //moc_fild01    mapflag nomemo
  878.     //moc_fild02    mapflag nomemo
  879.     //moc_fild03    mapflag nomemo
  880.     //moc_fild04    mapflag nomemo
  881.     //moc_fild05    mapflag nomemo
  882.     //moc_fild08    mapflag nomemo
  883.     moc_fild09  mapflag nomemo
  884.     //moc_fild13    mapflag nomemo
  885.     //moc_fild14    mapflag nomemo
  886.     moc_fild15  mapflag nomemo
  887.     //moc_fild16    mapflag nomemo
  888.     moc_fild17  mapflag nomemo
  889.     moc_fild18  mapflag nomemo
  890.     //moc_fild20    mapflag nomemo
  891.     moc_fild21  mapflag nomemo
  892.     moc_fild21  mapflag nomemo
  893.     moc_fild22  mapflag nomemo
  894.     nif_fild01  mapflag nomemo
  895.     nif_fild02  mapflag nomemo
  896.     //pay_fild02    mapflag nomemo
  897.     pay_fild04  mapflag nomemo
  898.     //pay_fild05    mapflag nomemo
  899.     //pay_fild09    mapflag nomemo
  900.     //pay_fild10    mapflag nomemo
  901.     pay_fild11  mapflag nomemo
  902.     //prt_fild00    mapflag nomemo
  903.     //prt_fild03    mapflag nomemo
  904.     //prt_fild04    mapflag nomemo
  905.     //prt_fild09    mapflag nomemo
  906.     //prt_fild10    mapflag nomemo
  907.     //prt_fild11    mapflag nomemo
  908.     //prt_monk  mapflag nomemo
  909.     //um_fild01 mapflag nomemo
  910.     //um_fild02 mapflag nomemo
  911.     //um_fild03 mapflag nomemo
  912.     //yuno_fild02   mapflag nomemo
  913.     yuno_fild03 mapflag nomemo
  914.     //yuno_fild04   mapflag nomemo
  915.     yuno_fild05 mapflag nomemo
  916.     //yuno_fild07   mapflag nomemo
  917.     //yuno_fild08   mapflag nomemo
  918.     //yuno_fild09   mapflag nomemo
  919.     //yuno_fild10   mapflag nomemo
  920.     //ra_fild01 mapflag nomemo
  921.     ra_fild02   mapflag nomemo
  922.     ra_fild03   mapflag nomemo
  923.     ra_fild04   mapflag nomemo
  924.     //ra_fild05 mapflag nomemo
  925.     //ra_fild06 mapflag nomemo
  926.     //ra_fild10 mapflag nomemo
  927.     ve_fild01   mapflag nomemo
  928.     ve_fild02   mapflag nomemo
  929.     //ve_fild03 mapflag nomemo
  930.     //ve_fild04 mapflag nomemo
  931.     //ve_fild06 mapflag nomemo
  932.     cave    mapflag nomemo
  934. Known Bugs:
  935.     Client stalls and requires the player to close when deleting all three characters in all three slots on the 1st and 3rd page. No idea why. /client issue
  936.     Client says "Map: Unknown Area" when the account has exactly three characters on it. If you have more or less than 3, it will not show unknown area and properly tell the player what map their character is on. /client issue
  937.     Players stop walking when taking damage, sometimes, when walking towards their target via a skill that was out of range. Getting hit again causes the player to start walking towards the mob again. The player can still walk
  938.     normally anywhere else, just not towards that monster. @refresh does help alleviate the issue, though. /apparently client issue? According to rAthena.
  939.     Too good graphics cards have issues with /lightmap. Unfixable, unfortunately, on current client. Not going to change as the newer ones come with major issues. /client issue
  940.     Client cannot display 14+ Walkpaths properly when a wall is somehow involved. /client issue
  941.     If a ranged player walks around a corner to move into range to attack a monster, the player does not update their target and will walk towards the first determined cell before attacking, even if they can see the target
  942.     before that point. /server and client issue
  943.     Homunculi do not properly pathfind if the master is in the way. This was addressed and made much harder to do but still occurs. It seems it may be a client issue. /client issue
  944.     Everything overrides item pickup, so if you are trying to pick up an item but you are currently walking towards another spot/monster, it will take the priority of the other rather than the item. /client issue
  945.     Spamming enter when talking to Queen of the dead at the end of the sign quest can cause a script error, somehow? /Server issue
  946.     You're more likely to fail the next dodge if you just took damage. Not sure why. /Server issue
  947.     Mobs, despite their skill requirements, do not cast skills unless they at least take some form of damage. /Server issue
  948.     Walking near edges of walls can cause some weird walkpath issues causing rubberbanding. /Server issue
  949.     The show equipment box after being ticked shows as unticked on relog. This does not affect the setting of whether the player is showing equip or not. /Client issue?
  951. Not Bugs:
  952.     Players stop four ~ six cells away from Ice Wall when attempting to target it. Players must manually walk up to it to attack it. /Client related, intentional though
  954. Unfinished ideas:
  955.     Skill descriptions.
  956.     Guild Dungeon access. Half implemented. Potentially need an npc to talk instead of a portal.
  957.     Infusion, infuse cards with weaker, non-combat effects into gear that has "locked" slots. Remove bonus combat effects if necessary.
  958.         Cards:
  959.         Headgear:
  960.             Cramp           (- Combo)
  961.             Dryad           (- Earth Property Resistance)
  962.             Giant Hornet    (- Wind Property Resistance)
  963.             Knocker         (- Formless Damage Buff)
  964.             Leaf Cat        (- Water Property Resistance)
  965.             Leib Olmai      (- Fire Property Resistance)
  966.             Myst Case       (- Combo)
  967.         Accessory:
  968.             Anopheles
  969.             Armeyer Dinze
  970.             Baroness of Retribution
  971.             Blazer
  972.             Cloud Hermit
  973.             Dragon Egg
  974.             Rice Cake Boy   (- Heal Boost Effect)
  975.             Galapago        (- Heal Boost Effect)
  976.             Gargoyle
  977.             Gremlin
  978.             Grove
  979.             Hermit Plant    (- Heal Boost Effect)
  980.             Jing Guai
  981.             Marin
  982.             Mimic
  983.             Orc Archer
  984.             Plasma
  985.             Raydric Archer
  986.             Sage Worm
  987.             Sea-Otter       (- Heal Boost Effect)
  988.             Sleeper
  989.             Snowier         (- Heal Boost Effect)
  990.             Spring Rabbit   (- Heal Boost Effect)
  991.             Stem Worm
  992.             Tengu
  993.             Wraith
  995.     Un-nerf Mvp cards.
  997. Events:
  998.     Blank Card Exchange
  999.     Bonus Instance Rewards (Occassionally)
  1000.     Defenseless Week 0 DEF and MDEF on Mobs
  1001.     Vitfull Tuesdays 100 VIT on All Bosses
  1002.     Raging Mondays Double Damage
  1003.     Increased Decent Coins on Monster Race/Type
  1004.     Invasions
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