Misc. Speedrun Ideas

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  1.     Speedrun Ideas/Experiments (a.k.a. "Toku's a madman and needs to be stopped")
  3. I run through a lot in my head and I'm terrible at writing things down because I rely on my memory. Since I'm running through several ideas in my head and can draw inspiration from the most random places, I thought it best to write these ideas down so I have something to reference and come back to later.
  4. ============================================
  5. Final Fantasy (GBA) - Any%
  6. 3-WoL Party - THF/WAR/RM/MONK; leave Thief KO'd most of the game
  7. Advantages: ~ +3 levels to rest of party
  8. Disadvantage: reliant on 1 mage for AoE magic; high risk for moderate-low to low reward
  9. Conclusion: Highly unlikely to be viable
  10. ============================================
  11. Final Fantasy (GBA) - Any%
  12. "New" Monk Route - WAR/RM/BLM/MONK
  13. (To My Knowledge) first theorized by Nickynoel.
  14. Advantages:
  15.     + Black Mage has better INT which means more consistent and higher damage AoE spells
  16.     + lower Level threshold for Black Magics, EXP slightly more forgiving
  17.     + mid-to-late game has considerable catch-up potential
  18. Disadvantages:
  19.     - Slower early game;
  20.     - BLM HP growths aren't great;
  21.     - 1 less RM for Curaga on Chaos
  22. Conclusion: Viable, comparable to traditional Monk Route
  23. ============================================
  24. Final Fantasy (GBA) - Any%
  25. 3 Split Eye Grind "New" Monk Route - WAR/RM/BLM/MONK
  26. Inspiration: PSP Any% Glitchless (Had lower levels & HP; was theorizing ways to improve survivability)
  27. Concept: Temporarily KO Warrior for EXP/3 to RM/BLM/MONK
  28. Advantages:
  29.     + Theoretically +3 levels to RM/BLM/MONK
  30.     + Thundaga viable to route in for BLM, which can be useful for Sea Shrine & Chaos Shrine Kraken floor
  31.     + More HP for RM/BLM
  32.     + Monk gets stronger
  33. Disadvantages:
  34.     - Warrior behind on levels, will not hit high-500, low-600 HP at Chaos
  35.     - Lower HP/Levels on Warrior may impact survivability, which may put further behind
  36.     - Potential slower Eye Grind, since will need to Thundara longer w/ BLM
  37.     - Impact on remainder of the run unknown
  38. Conclusion: Testing required; potentially viable
  39. ===========================================
  40. Final Fantasy (PSP) - Any%
  41. Two Ninja's/All Bosses comp in Any% - WAR/THF/THF/WM
  42. Goal: Trying to get 2nd Ninja for increased damage
  43. Advantages: 3rd Barbarian Sword user for more of the game
  44. Disadvantages:
  45.     - Slightly longer Eye Grind to get WHM to 26 to learn Exit
  46.     - Ninja reliant on being lower level prior to class change to maximize MP gains
  47.     - Ninja's MUST self-cast Haste; no BLM to do for them
  48.     - Exit is slower than Teleport, particularly for Sea Shrine (and slightly longer animation)
  49. Conclusion: Top-end will not match BLM Lust Dagger Route; Not Viable
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