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  1. Once again a teacher quit her job, calling the students she had “The worst she has ever taught,”.  This caused the principle there to be upset.  According to the superintendent, “It was the worst school for teachers,”.
  3. The principle laid his head on his desk, wondering what it would take to get the kids in his school to finally listen to their teachers.  He tried everything, assemblies, lectures, even calling their parents.  But nothing worked.
  5. He was interrupted when a knock on his door caused him to look up.
  7. “Come in,” he said, hoping that the person on the other side didn’t see his depressed state.
  9. The figure walked in to reveal a man in his mid-twenties, wearing a button up shirt, along with black pants.  He smiled as he sat down in front of the principle.
  11. “I heard that the students here are quite awful,” the man said, getting a knowing smile when he saw that the principle looked at him with disbelief.
  13. “How did you-”
  15. “How I know isn’t important, it is how I can make the students become more behaved,” the man said, clasping his hands together and leaning back in his chair.  
  17. “How?”
  19. “Well, I own a store called Urban Magic, and I had some pretty satisfied customers,” the man explained.
  21. The principal didn’t understand how owning a store can change peoples behavior.  He leaned forward and asked the man. “And what does this have to do with my students?”
  23. The man laughed as he took out a  pair of red glasses  and put it on the principles desks.
  25. “I want you to give these glasses to your worst student, and you will find that the students will become quite strict with other students.”
  27. The man got up from the chair and went out the door.
  29. The principle stared at the glasses for some time, trying to figure out if this would actually work, but there was only one way to find out.  The principal turned on the intercom.
  31. “Tom, please come to the office,”
  33. Tom was a troublemaker through and through.  He caused trouble for every student and teacher, he made a record for being in detention the most times, and he caused more teachers to be fired.  It was a surprise to hear that we was never expelled.  So when he heard that he was wanted in the office, he scoffed and casually walked there.
  35. “What is he going to say this time? “You will get a three week detention,” or “I hope you are happy that we lost another teacher”,” Tom spoke in a mocking voice.  He opened the door to the office and saw the principle looking at a pair of glasses with red frames.
  37. The principal looked up to see Tom, and what he was wearing.  Tom was wearing dark blue jeans that had holes in them, a shirt that said “Life is a beach” and a backward hat, which even the principal thought wasn’t cool now.
  39. “Tom, I want you to have a seat please,”
  41. Tom obeyed by sitting down on the chair across the desk, with a smirk on his face, “What is with the old lady glasses?”
  43. “Well Tom, I got these glasses from a man who said that I should give them to one of my students, and I couldn’t help but think of you,”  the principal said, leaving out the part that he was told to give it to the worst student, which Tom was.
  45. “Really?  What makes you think I will wear them?” Tom asked smugly.
  47. “I will make sure you will not get detention for  the rest of the school year, and will make sure that you will never go to study hall,”
  49. Tom was shocked at this, he didn’t know if the principal was kidding or not, but he could tell by his serious look. that he was not kidding.
  51. “Well, I am for it, give me those glasses,”
  53. The principle gave Tom the glasses, who put them on quickly, of course his vision was blurry, but he didn’t care.
  55. “You know, you aren’t such a bad guy.  In fact I-” before Tom could finish talking, esat up straight with arms at his side, and went stiff as a board.  This worried the principal as he waved his hand in front of the students face.  What he got, he did not expect.
  57. Tom started to look older, he began to get taller, his clothes stretched, and he looked mature.  He stopped aging at what looked like mid-twenties.  Causing the principal to jump out from his seat.
  59. “D-did I just see that!?” he yelled, but he would get an even bigger surprise when Tom went through even more changes.
  61. First all of Tom’s body hair just disappeared, and his skin becoming baby smooth.  His hair turned purple, and grew to his back in waves.  His eyes turned red, and more almond shaped.
  63. Next his body began to change.  Fat started to distribute to a few area’s, making his thighs grown, and his hips widen.   But the change that was most noticeable was his chest, fat started to accumulate at a high rate.  He soon had breasts that started at A’s, but quickly went to C’s, stopping at what looked like E’s, ripping Tom’s shirt a bit from the huge bust.  His waist on the other hand, started to sink in, causing him to gain an hourglass figure.
  65. The principal continued to stare in shock as he saw the changes, worst of all, he started to find Tom sexy, which disgusted him as he was sure that Tom was still a male.
  67. Now Tom’s legs began to grow longer and slender, and his feet getting smaller, to size 8 females.  His manhood got smaller and smaller until it no longer existed, leaving a smooth crotch, when suddenly a hole appear, turn him into a her.  Her shoulders crashed in, and her arms thinned, her hands became dainty, with her nails growing longer.  Her face was the last part of her body to change, as any pimples vanished, her lips became fuller, and her nose more petite.  Her Adams Apple disappeared, leaving her voice higher.
  69. Now all that was left was her clothes.  Her shoes got smaller to fit her feet, the tops vanishing, and turning black, and her heels lengthened, giving her 2 inch heels.  Her pants ripped at the thigh area, the bottom part fused with her socks, getting tighter and turning grey, with a black lace design on top, with two elastics forming from the new stockings, to her underwear, which turned into black lace panties.  The top part of her pants fused at the legs and turned grey, turning into a very tight skirt, with a small slit at the sides.
  71. Her shirt became more ruffled as the neck area moved so low, that anyone could now see her massive cleavage., and a black lace bra that now support her massive chest.  Her sleeves grew longer, reaching to her wrist. with a band tightening around the wrist and upper arm.  The back of her collar grew and ruffled, leaving her with a white blouse that fit her form perfectly.  A necklace soon appeared afterwards.
  73. Finally, her hat became smaller, until all that was left was a green hair elastic that tied her hair together, leaving her with a ponytail.
  75. The woman that used to be Tom shook her head, getting her feelings back she saw her the principal she would now work under stare at her in shock.
  77. “Really sir, is my background really that shocking to you?” she asked, in a tone that demanded respect.
  79. “N-no miss…?”
  81. “I can’t believe you forgot my name already, it’s Trixie Dare,”
  83. “Sorry, Miss. Dare, it is just that I didn’t know that someone with your background would want to teach students,” the principal sweated under his collar, hoping that he said that right thing.
  85. “My father may have been a drill sergeant, and my mother a navy captain, but I always wanted to teach kids, and discipline them if the time comes,” Trixie stated, showing that while her appearance was menacing, she did have good intentions.
  87. “Well Miss. Dare, I will send you to Math class, but be warned, the last teacher quit because of the students,”
  89. Trixie smirked, standing up and heading for the door.  “Don’t worry, I know how to discipline them,”
  91. ______________________________________________________________________________
  93. Trixie walked into her class with her books in hand, sitting at her desk.  She waited as students came in and began to look at her, some with confused looks, others with evil intentions.  When the last students came in, Trixie went to the door and shut it, and calmly walked to her desk.   She took out a basket and calmly said “Please put all your devices in the basket,” what she got, was a couple of snickers, as if she was joking.  Now the time was right.
  95. “I see that your principal was right, about you being some of the worst students,” she said, causing the entire class to look at her.She got up and began to walk around the room.
  97. “Now, have any of you heard about what teachers did to their students back in the 1800’s?” she asked, getting a no from all the students.
  99. “Well, back then, many classroom only had one teacher, because there was only one classroom in the school.  But the teacher was given a lot of power over her students.  In fact, she was allowed to punish them,”
  101. Two boys in the back snickered, also pointing at Trixie chest.  She knew what they were talking about, and decided to use them as an example.  She slammed a ruler on one of their desks, causing a loud “smack” to resonate from the room.  The two boys stared in shock at the ruler, and looked at Trixie scared.
  103. “The two most commons ways were to smack their hands with a ruler, or spank the student,”  She walked away from the two boys, and saw that right now, they were already on guard for what came next.
  105. “Now, teachers are not allowed to do this anymore, but I lived in a household like that.  My father was a drill sergeant, and my mother a navy captain.  So if any of you decide to have some fun with me, just realize this,”  Trixie sat back at her desk, pulling out a picture of her taking on a soldier at a boot camp. “That I won a fight against a soldier, just imagine what I could do to you,”
  107. Nothing else had to be said, as the students realized that she meant business, and brought all their devices to the basket, sat back down, and opened up their textbooks.  Trixie smiled and nicely asked them, “Where did your last teacher leave off?”
  109. In just two months, the students were some of the most behaved in the province.  The news of a teacher that wasn’t afraid to beat up students came up like wildfire.  No one wanted to mess with her, and any who did, only got detention for threatening a teacher, and suspension.  Of course, Trixie never would hurt a student, it was all part of her act.  Of course no one asked what happened to Tom, as while Tom did exist, it would be until he was born agian, with his mother being the very woman he became.
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