minerva backstory

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  1. The Ward family is large, the immediate family consisting of Edwin Ward, an actor, and Violet Ward, an alchemist. Minerva also has three older siblings, and four younger siblings.
  3. Minerva deeply admires alchemists due to their mother and siblings pursuing it, however they have an aversion to doing it themselves after receiving a mild chemical burn to their left forearm and burns to their lungs (hence the constant medical half-mask).
  5. Minerva began their career as an artificer in order to continue their family's ties to magical sciences. First and foremost, however, they share their fathers love of the arts. Though they have chosen to express it through toymaking, with a specialization in dolls. Their love of bugs comes primarily from catching the prettier specimens in Violet's lab.
  7. Eventually, their job began eclipsing all other relationships and other hobbies. Because of this, Minerva lacks reasoning on the severity of situations occasionally. They struggle to keep sight of what is important. They have a deeply rooted insecurity of being good enough compared to their siblings. That's not to say their parents have openly criticized Minerva, but because their profession cannot maintain the Ward Alchemy Co., they constantly strive to make more sales, to create the perfect doll.
  9. They also struggle to lie. On the surface, it's car-salesman passable, but they rock on their feet and rub the scar on their left arm  or stick their fingers under their mask compulsively.
  11. The chemical burns on the lungs makes strenuous activity painful, and tends to lead to them shuddering and gasping for breath. Their mask is mostly unnecessary additionally, but they feel vulnerable without it.
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