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The 'Shroom Issue 105: Star Wars Comments

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Dec 19th, 2015
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  1. Alright, this is not a proper review but rather these are my general thoughts right after leaving the theater. It should be mentioned again, this is filled with spoilers. Let's get to it, then.
  3. *I never expected Rylo Ken to be swayed just from an emotional conversation with Han, and hell, I was even half-expecting Ken to kill Han, but it was still a shock when he did.
  4. *As much as Han's death got me, what got me the most were Chewie and Leia's reaction to it.
  5. *Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac were very good in my opinion. The "weaker" link from the new characters would have been Adam Driver, in my opinion, as he lacked the strength one would expect from a main Star Wars villain.
  6. *Leia's character had a very clear shift, which is evident when we hear she now goes by "General Organa".
  7. *BB-8 is cool.
  8. *I thought we were gonna get more on Snoke but it seems we'll have to wait.
  9. *It was cool to see Admiral Ackbar again. On that note, I was expecting a few more characters from the prequels.
  10. *We definitely need to know how Maz got Luke's saber.
  11. *What is Rey's last name?
  12. *It was quite obvious Luke would show up, but when he did it was one of the highest points of the movie for me.
  13. *On that last note, it's a bit sad we didn't get to see Luke and Han reunited.
  14. *It had a very good share of funny moments.
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