World of Regular Show Prologue

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  1. 3:07
  2. Gallibon the Destroyer
  3. Now finally
  4. It can be done
  5. *Elsewhere....out on a field.....*
  6. *At Michigan*
  7. *FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster fight once again, this time the both of them in giant size. FlamingoMask flips and kicks against Garbage Monster, causing Garbage Monster to stagger back and roar. Garbage Monster retaliates by firing some Debris Spit at him, to which FlamingoMask rolls aways from and then fires his Flamingo Beam against Garbage Monster, sweeping it towards him as well*
  8. (Garbage Monster) <(Enough cheap shots!) *then fires his Debris Stream, sweeps it towards FLM*
  9. (FLM) <(You ALWAYS love to start shit, don't you "Garbage Monster"?)
  10. (Garbage Monster) <(RAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!) *then charges, rams against FLM*
  11. (Garbage Monster) <(You've been having this coming for a long time now FlamingoMask! Now you must pay!!!) *raises up his fists, then brings them down*
  12. *As he brings them down, they cause a minor shockwave*
  13. (FLM) *is sent back, but then flies up and hurls multiple Flamingo Orbs at Garbage Monster*
  14. *Meanwhile up in the sky, a portal begins to open up....something that the two are completely oblivious to see....*
  15. (Garbage Monster) *eyes glow red in fury* <(THAT WAS ONE OF MY BEST SCHEMES YET! AND YOU RUINED IT! RAAAAAGH!!!)
  16. (FLM) <(You just never seem to stop, don't you? One of these days, it will get you in deep trouble you know.)
  17. (FLM) <(But I guess it doesn't matter....*cracks fingers* I'm always ready to take out the trash.)
  18. (Garbage Monster) <(.....)
  19. (Garbage Monster) <(Your quips suck.)
  20. *FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster then charge at each other, then repeatedly punching at one another*
  21. *Until then*
  22. *The portal opens even more....*
  23. *Finally, they see it*
  24. (FLM) and (Garbage Monster) *both stop fighting, looking up*
  25. (FLM) <(What the?)
  26. (Garbage Monster) <(Huh?)
  27. (FLM) <(Is this your doing?)
  28. (Garbage Monster) <(IT WASN'T ME I SWEAR!)
  29. *The portal glows purple, blue and black, some stars shining within it. Then, without warning, it starts to suck up some trees and debris. It starts to get closer to FLM and Garb*
  30. (Garbage Monster) <(Welp---I'M OUTTA HERE!) *tries to fly off, only then to land down to the ground, getting sucked into the vortex. He desperately claws at the ground to stay, but it reels him in*
  31. (Garbage Monster) <(NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)
  32. (FLM) *runs, tries to avoid getting sucked in, but he ends up getting sucked in as well*
  34. *The portal then closes. Leaving everything alone.*
  35. *Meanwhile, inside the vortex; FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster's screams fill the swirling vortex, sending them spinning around and around, before then a bright flash of light occurs---*
  36. *The next thing they know, they get dumped near a new dimension*
  37. (FLM) *wakes up, shakes his head, then rubs it*
  38. (FLM) <(Owwww....well, that was a crazy then, where we----*as he looks around, he sees that everything is....different. Not only was the place definitely larger than Lansing was, it appeared to be 2D, as opposed to what he was used to.*
  39. (FLM) <(Where am I---*looks around, sees a a greeting sign, he then reads it*
  40. (FLM) <("Welcome to City". What kind of stupid name for a city is that?)
  41. (FLM) *then he stops and looks....his fingers look different*
  42. (FLM) <(What THE!?)
  43. *FlamingoMask now appeared to look very different, now being more simplistic and "thin". His fingers now looked more feathery and his legs looked like long sticks to him*
  44. (FLM) <(Whoa....)
  45. (FLM) <(.....I don't think I'm at Universe-515 anymore.)
  46. (FLM) <(.....Shit, Garbage Monster came with me....I better go check up on this place. Last thing I need is him screwing this place over.)
  47. *FLM then flies*
  48. *FlamingoMask then flies around City, searches and searches.....fortunately there appears to be no sign of Garbage Monster anywhere. However he remains hesitant. Two hours later, he still doesn't show up.*
  49. (FLM) <(Okay....I guess it's just me then.) *then walks over to a bench, stopping at what appears to be a park*
  50. (FLM) *pants*
  51. *Meanwhile....*
  52. *At the Park, not too far from where FLM is at, two "animals" (one a blue jay and the other a raccoon) can be seen working on the field*
  53. (Mordecai) and (Rigby) *both are cleaning up trash, collecting trash with their bags*
  54. (Rigby) <(Cleaning up trash sucks.)
  55. (Mordecai) <(Dude, somebodies' got to do it. Besides, we don't want Benson flipping his shit on nobody doing picking up the trash again....)
  56. (Rigby) *continues to pick up trash with stick, collecting them in wads*
  57. *Rigby then sees FLM sitting on a bench*
  58. (Rigby) <(Hey, what's that thing?)
  59. (Mordecai) <(What thing?)
  60. *Mordecai then spots FLM sitting on a bench*
  61. (Rigby) <(Do you think it's a monster?)
  62. (Mordecai) <(I don't know---he looks like a bird, but not one I've seen before. He's just sitting there....chilling.)
  63. (Rigby) <(So what are we gonna to do about him?)
  64. (Mordecai) <(Nothing, dude.)
  65. (Rigby) <(What? Come on, whenever you say it's nothing, something does happen!)
  66. (Mordecai) <(Well this time I'm sure it won't be anything bad. Besides, I'm not in the mood for more of this stuff now....)
  67. (FLM) *drinks water bottle, before then overhearing the two behind him*
  68. (FLM) <(.....Huh?)
  69. (FLM) <(....Maybe I can ask them for help.)
  70. *FLM then gets up and walks to the two*
  71. *Only then for a loud roar to be heard*
  72. (Garbage Monster) *reforms and reappears and roars*
  73. (Rigby) <(SEE WHAT I TOLD YOU!?)
  74. (Garbage Monster) *eyes glow* <(RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!)
  76. (Garbage Monster) *snarls, then looks down*
  77. (Garbage Monster) <(.....What the!? Where the hell am I.....)
  78. *Garbage Monster then looks down to Mordecai and Rigby*
  79. (Garbage Monster) <(Ayyyyy! You two! EXPLAIN!)
  80. (Mordecai) <(We were just about to ask YOU that.)
  81. (FLM) <(.....I should do something now before this gets ugly.) *then heads up, starts to change*
  82. (Garbage Monster) *menaces Mordecai and Rigby* <(WHAT UNIVERSE IS THIS!? WHAT CITY AM I IN? WHO ARE YOU!?) I DEMAND ANSWERS!)
  83. (Rigby) <(Whoa whoa! Easy on the questions dude, what are you, from a different planet or something?)
  84. (Garbage Monster) <(.....Yes and no. One not from wherever THIS place is.)
  85. (Mordecai) *to Garbage Monster* <(Dude, do you mind telling us what your doing laying in the park collecting trash here at least?)
  86. (Garbage Monster) <(Wait a minute.....)
  87. (Garbage Monster) <(You have a trash problem now? about I fix that?)
  88. (Garbage Monster) *then fires Debris Stream around, adding more*
  89. (Garbage Monster) <(HOWS THAT FOR YA!? HA HA HA!)
  90. *Mordecai and Rigby panic, only then for them to be more terrified as Garbage Monster rises up, prepared to step on them*
  91. *Only for a giant FlamingoMask to then fly in and pounce Garbage Monster HARD*
  92. (FLM) *then picks up Garbage Monster and tosses him away*
  93. (FLM) <(STAY OUTTA HERE!) *then folds arms, blasts his Flamingo Beam against him*
  94. (Garbage Monster) <(AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!) *is hit, then explodes....before then the garbage pieces of himself all scatter, finally retreating*
  95. (Garbage Monster) <(I'll be back!.....Later!)
  96. *Mordecai and Rigby watch as Garbage Monster retreats and then see as FlamingoMask cleans up the rest of Garbage Monster's mess.*
  97. (FLM) *then reverts back to normal size*
  98. *Then Mordecai and Rigby run up to him*
  99. (Rigby) <(Hey dude! Who are you? What you did out there was so cool when you trashed that trash monster!)
  100. (Mordecai) <(Yeah, who are you dude? We saw you sitting on our park bench and flying around here earlier. Are you some kind of superhero?)
  101. (FLM) <(Why....yes. Yes I am. My name is FlamingoMask. I'm a Shadowblood.)
  102. (FLM) <(It's a long story.)
  103. (FLM) <(Soooooo....where am I?)
  104. (Mordecai) <(Your at The Park, dude.)
  105. (Rigby) <(Yeah.)
  106. (FLM) <Very descriptive place around here I see....)
  107. (FLM) *then thinks about this more clearly. He sees that Mordecai and Rigby are clearly nice guys, albeit a bit on the slacker side. *
  108. (Mordecai) <(So how did you get here man?)
  109. (FLM) <(Well, that I can explain a bit more into detail later; but let's just say I came from another dimension and I am looking for a way two wouldn't know a way back now, would you?)
  110. (Mordecai) and (Rigby) <(......No.)
  111. (FLM) <(.....Eh, I figured as much. If someone asked me the same thing, I wouldnt know myself.....)
  112. (FLM) <(Welp, guess I'm stuck here for now....)
  113. (Mordecai) <(We can probably help you though. After all, you just saved our butts right now.)
  114. (Rigby) <(Yeah!)
  115. (Mordecai) <(After all, we've been through plenty of crazy adventures as is; were bound to find a way out somehow.)
  116. (FLM) <(In that case....)
  117. (FLM) <(Alright then.)
  118. (FLM) <(I accept your help.)
  119. (Mordecai) and (Rigby) <(Yeah!)
  120. (FLM) <(Until then, I should probably get myself "adapted" to this place. *ehem* Take me to your leader!)
  121. (Rigby) <(You mean like Benson?)
  122. (FLM) <(Yes! I'd like to meet this Benson!)
  123. (Rigby) <(Ah, okay. Be warned though---he gets pissed off easily.)
  124. (FLM) <(Eh, I can probably handle it.)
  125. *The three then walk off, heading into the park*
  126. *Meanwhile on the outskirts of the city, Garbage Monster then reforms himself completely and runs off.....all the while someone watches him on a monitor*
  127. (Internet) <(.......Interesting. It looks like my warping device managed to reel in two unexpected guests now....I should probably get started now.)
  128. *end of rp for now....*
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