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  1. #4y5 was here
  3. command /setrank [<offlineplayer>] [<text>]:
  4.     permission: "admin"
  5.     trigger:
  6.         if arg-1 is set:
  7.             if arg-2 is "Owner":
  8.                 set {rank::%arg-1%} to Owner
  9.             if arg-2 is "Dev":
  10.                 set {rank::%arg-1%} to Dev
  11.             if arg-2 is "Admin":
  12.                 set {rank::%arg-1%} to Admin
  13.             if arg-2 is "Mod":
  14.                 set {rank::%arg-1%} to Mod
  15.             if arg-2 is "Jr Mod":
  16.                 set {rank::%arg-1%} to Jr.Mod
  17.         else:
  18.             send "&7You must include a player!"
  20. on chat:
  21.     cancel event
  22.     if {rank::%player%} is "Owner":
  23.         send "&cOWNER &7%player% &f%message%" to all players
  24.     if {rank::%player%} is "Dev":
  25.         send "&aDEV &7%player% &f%message%" to all players
  26.     if {rank::%player%} is "Admin":
  27.         send "&dADMIN &7%player% &f%message%" to all players
  28.     if {rank::%player%} is "Mod":
  29.         send "&bMOD &7%player% &f%message%" to all players
  30.     if {rank::%player%} is "Jr.Mod":
  31.         send "&dJR MOD &7%player% &f%message%" to all players
  32.     else:
  33.         send "&7%player% &f%message%" to all players
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