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  1. ^ beginning of the text
  2. /? an optional slash
  3. / a slash
  4. ([^/d]+) a sequence of 1 or more characters not matching a slash and the letter "d" (and capture this text)
  5. /? an optional slash
  6. $ end of the text
  8. ^ beginning of the text
  9. /order/ this literal text
  10. ([^0-9-]+) match all characters except digits and a dash, and capture this
  11. - a dash
  12. ([0-9]+) match all digits and capture this
  13. .php?service= match ".php?service="
  14. ([0-9]+) match all digits and capture this
  16. /order/$1-$2/$3
  18. RewriteRule ^/order/([^0-9-]+)-([0-9]+).php?service=([0-9]+)$ /order/$1-$2/$3 [L,QSA]
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