Miitopia 01-01 Easin Hills

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  1. Miitopia 01-01 (Easin Hills)
  2. David: Ok then... (I'm a bit nervous.)
  3. Rock Moth: Oh, your one of them heroes. We gotta fight you, man. Not cool.
  4. David wins!
  5. David: Easy!
  6. "Ho ho! Those faces just fly right off the defeated monsters, eh?"
  7. David: It seems so...
  8. "Well, in any case, whoever owned that particular face has you to thank for freeing it. Just like the sassy child you helped before... Defeating monsters helps people get their faces back, in other words. So keep up the good work! Can you do that for me? Ho ho!"
  9. David: Will do!
  10. Rescued: 2
  11. David: What a breeze!
  12. David gained a level.
  13. David: I'm a bit nervous...
  14. David finds himself surrounded by rock moths!
  15. David: Erm... I can't fight these things!
  16. "Ho ho! Don't then. Help is coming!"
  18. Daniel: How did I get here?
  19. David: Have you been here before?
  20. Daniel: No, but the grass looks... familiar.
  21. David: Isnt grass just green no matter where you go?
  22. Daniel: Yeah and no. Yes it is green, but there is Lime, sky green, seaweed, dark green, green grape,
  23. David: Ok, ok ok! You said your name was... John?
  24. Daniel: A predictable guess for someone who cant possibly know my name because I havent told them and neither has anyone else. It's Daniel. Not John. Whats yours?
  25. David: David. Now can you come over here for a minute please and help me defeat these moths?
  26. Daniel: Sure! Just dont laugh when one day I am better then all of you and I told you this from the start.
  27. David, Theif and Daniel, Mage vs two rock moths.
  28. Turn one
  29. Daniel kills number one!
  30. Turn two
  31. David kills number two!
  32. David: What a breeze!
  33. Daniel: Whew.
  34. David: Thanks!
  35. Daniel: So, your off to save the world? Can I come?
  36. David: Sure! Great to have you!
  37. Daniel joined the party!
  38. a lot of walking later.
  39. Daniel: There is something on the ground here! David, stop!
  40. David stops.
  41. Daniel: Its an HP banana, want half?
  42. David: Sure, thanks!
  43. Daniel: Here!
  44. Relationship increased.
  45. Encountered a Goblin!
  46. Goblin: Ooh, a hero. I'm scared.
  47. Team David wins.
  48. David: Still in one peice!
  49. Nice! Goblin Ham and 8 G aquired.
  50. David: Heyo-
  51. Daniel: Hope that works out for you...
  52. David: Whew. So tired.
  53. Daniel: Me too. I'm wondering how long I can last!
  54. David: Wait! Whats that?
  55. Found an Inn! (aka a part end)
  56. David: An Inn! C'mon, let's pop in for some rest!
  57. Daniel: Yeah! Praise be to the deity of well placed inns!
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