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  1. I was hoping to wait a few days before making this post but some faggot scooped me and at this point it doesn't make any sense to delay it any longer as the "secret" won't be secret soon. I don't think it should come as any big surprise to anyone that we were handicapped in a big way by the fall of Delve and subsequent tantrum robbery. I don't think it should come as a surprise to anyone that we were, though how much can be the subject of debate, additionally hurt by Aaron Static's decision to take advantage of that to establish his own space empire for the two weeks or whatever he'll be playing eve before he disappears again. A wise man somewhere said something about learning who your true friends are when you fall because they'll be the ones trying to help you up rather than the ones trying to step on your head (lmao j/k I just made that shit up). It is in this weakened state that we encountered another harsh reality... nobody in Eve works alone. I'm not lamenting the fact or saying we'd behave any differently. My name is not Molle an I don't have a narcissistic need to reshape losses as victories, or to repaint weakness as strength in order to "bedazzle the enemy like a try puppetmaster". The simple fact of the matter is that in CR we are working essentially alone. Those arrayed against us are not. They can deploy carrier-repped supercap piles and we can't afford to deploy caps. In short, we can't take the risks required to ensure success at this point because there's only so many nails I'm willing to drive into this motherfucker. I still believe we could have been successful but many of you did not, and even if we were we would win at what cost? CR is now a thing of the past, having been conquered it is time to go.
  3. Darius, one might ask, why is it you are dressed as Napoleon in the image above? Well my gentlegoons it is because today I'm happy to say that the theme is "France". LMAO NO IT'S NOT BECAUSE WE'RE RETREATING. It is because our RSF brosefs TCF have asked us to come live with them. They have offered us a station in Deklein, as well as a few surrounding systems to install upgrades. From there we will get involved in the heavy fighting in the north against IT and Atlas and whoever the fuck else they bring. From there we will help our French Brosefs preserve their space and grow, as we will conduct recruitment and grow ourselves. In Deklein we are surrounded by friends and enemies alike as opposed to standing alone. It should be obvious that in Dek, one jump from Venal where our brosefs Rebellion and Zaf are living, we can rebuild with a relative friendly support network while having actual fun helping the NC mouthfuck the biggest mouthbreathing fags in the game.
  5. What about the member corps? All member corp CEOs were briefed and on board with the proposal PRIOR to my finalizing the decision. What about DC2? DC2 joined the alliance as a member corp in essence last night. What about Dreddit? They are moving with us.
  7. So what do we do now? WHAT DO I DO WITH MY STUFF? Firstly, everyone was told to leave their shit in 31-, bringing only a couple combat ships to 9-4. Many may have ignored that but there was a reason that request was made and now you can see it. Doctor Ungabungas and Akay Quinn were made aware of the situation yesterday. They will help you evac your shit to 31-, then from there to our new staging system in DKUK, one jump from Venal.
  9. Tonight we will save the ihub. Tomorrow we will save the station. After the station is repped tomorrow night a full evac begins and not a second before. This buys us at least 5 days of station access to continue the evac without us lifting a fucking finger to save a fucking thing. If we all leave now like fags, then we lose it in something like 2 days which fucks over your fellow goons. Don't do that because that's not cool and if you're not cool you're a faggot and nobody likes a faggot round these parts :clint:
  11. I expect us to be completely moved within days. I will post a separate thread with formup points and bridge locations in the new space soonish as well as the intel channel you will be using.
  13. Ultimately I will apologize to you as our internal restructuring took too long to stem the bleeding caused by those wishing to harm us from within. As it stands today we are largely healed at a leadership level and I believe this is exactly what we need to heal as an alliance. Once IT and friends are chased from the north we will work with our Brosefs to make a new home for goons and friends. For now, war has come to goonville and I for one, am happy to find myself in the arms of a hair-legged no deodorant wearing frenchwoman.
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