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  1. "Powered by LinkEX"
  2. "This site is powered by LinkEX"
  3. "Powered by eSyndiCat Directory Software"
  4. "New Listings" "Top Listings" "Popular Listings" "Suggest Listing" "Suggest Category"
  5. "Suggest Link" "Listing URL" "Reciprocal URL"
  6. inurl:"suggest-listing.php"
  7. "Please choose an appropriate and relevant category for your website." "Submit Link"
  8. Directory "Most Recent" "Most Popular" "Submit Link" "Pages"
  9. "This is an example text only meant as a placeholder. Please replace it with the submission guidelines that you wish to run your directory by."
  10. "Please replace it with information text about the directory and any terms on submission (note: not guidelines in this text)."
  11. "qlWeb & mPol"
  12. "Powered by: qlWebDS Pro"
  13. Home Login Register "Guidelines & TOS" "How to Submit" "Privacy Policy" "Contact Us" "Link to Us" Advertise
  14. "Fill Link Item" "Add Link"
  15. "Engine powered by easyLink"
  16. "Tragen Sie in das obere Feld die URL der Website ein, die in unseren Webkatalog aufgenommen werden soll"
  17. "Falls vorhanden, werden die Metatags Ihrer Website anschlieޥnd automatisch in das n㢨ste Formular �mmen"
  18. "Ihre Linkanmeldung wird dann zun㢨st von uns ��d anschlieޥnd f� Katalog freigeschaltet."
  19. "Powered By phpLinks"
  20. "Eine Seite zur Aufnahme vorschlagen - Schritt 1 von 3"
  21. "Script by Mikomedi@ IWS"
  22. "Schnellanmeldung" "Seite anmelden"
  23. "MyEngines powered by"
  24. "powered by: skrypt katalogu otwarty.pl mini"
  25. "skrypt katalogu otwarty.pl mini mod"
  26. "Dodaj now%C4%85 stron%C4%99:" "przepisz kod z obrazka"
  27. "Powered by Particle Links"
  28. "Please make sure that the submission is under the correct category."
  29. "Powered by freeglobes" inurl:"members/index.php"
  30. "Propuls矰ar freeglobes" inurl:"members/index.php"
  31. inurl:"index.php?do=basic"
  32. inurl:"allcats.html"
  33. inurl:"index.php?do=basic"
  34. inurl:"choosepack.html"
  35. freeglobes inurl:"nouveautes.html"
  36. Acasa "Adauga site" Categorii "Site-uri noi" Contact
  37. inurl:"/soumettre.html"
  38. "Powered by Open Link Directory"
  39. "Powered by OpenLD"
  40. "Theme by WP-Blogger.com"
  41. "theme by OptimSEO"
  42. "There are no links here" "Submit a link" "Suggest a category"
  43. "Powered by Open Classifieds"
  44. "Publish a new Ad" "Latests Ads" "Total Ads" "Most popular"
  45. inurl:"/annuaire/submit_site.php"
  46. inurl:"/top_clics.php"
  47. Accueil "Top clics" "Proposer un site" "Top votes" Nouveaut豀
  48. "Quick jump directly to a specific section!"
  49. "Web Site Title" "Web Site URL" "Email Address" "Section to be placed in:"
  50. "Your web site's title" "Your web site's URL" "Your email address" "Section to be placed in:"
  51. "click here to add yours!" FFA
  52. "click here to add yours!" "free for all"
  53. "This ffa script is provided by"
  54. "Powered by PHP Link manager"
  55. inurl:"/linkman/links.php"
  56. "All fields are required. Please finish Step 1 before submitting this form."
  57. "Submit your website" "Step 1: Add our link to your website" "Step 2: Submit your link"
  58. "powered by PHP Weby"
  59. "Powered by Php weby directory software"
  60. Home "Add site" "Latest Links" "Contact us" "Terms and conditons"
  61. "Only you are responsible for the contents and your site sent through this form."
  62. "Submit your site to the most appropiete category, otherwise your site may not be accepted"
  63. "Editors have right to modify or delete your listing anytime without notice"
  64. link:www.phplinkdirectory.com
  65. "Powered by: php Link Directory"
  66. "Powered by PHPLD"
  67. "To validate the reciprocal link please include the following HTML code in the page at the URL" "Submit Link"
  68. Home "Submit Link" "Latest Links" "Top Hits"
  69. "This link directory uses sessions to store information"
  72. "Designer: PHPLD Templates"
  73. "Alexa Information" "Listing Details" "LISTING URL" "Site Statistics"
  74. "Template by DevHunters.com"
  75. "Submit Link" Pricing "Enter the code shown" "This helps prevent automated registrations."
  76. "Template by: Emillie Premium Directory"
  77. "Unacceptable Sites, Content & few reasons why submissions are not approved:"
  78. "Template By Free PHPLD Templates"
  81. "Sponsored by Directhoo"
  82. "Skinned by Addictive Games"
  83. "Developed by Hutbazar"
  84. "Template By Yazzoo"
  85. "Wordpress Article Directory Script" "PHP Link Dircetory"
  86. "Designed by One Way Links"
  87. "Skinned by: Web Design Directory"
  88. "Supported by Bid for Position"
  89. "Designer: Astralinks Directory"
  90. "Designed by: PHPLD Your Site"
  91. "Designer: Free PHPLD Templates"
  92. "Designed by Mitre Design and SWOOP"
  93. "Designed By: Invitation Web Directory"
  94. "Designed by: Futuristic Artists"
  95. "Theme by: Romow Web Directory"
  96. "Sponsored By: Webmaster Tips & Tricks / Download FREE phpLD Themes"
  97. "Theme By: Web Directory"
  98. "designed by AskGraphics.com"
  99. inurl:"/ajout.php" fractalum
  100. "Powered by fractalum"
  101. "AJOUTER UN SITE" "Proposer un site" Fractalum
  102. "dodaj stron%C4%99" inurl:*/add
  103. "Dodaj wpis - podaj adres"
  104. link:www.phplinkdirectory.com
  105. "Powered by: php Link Directory"
  106. "Powered by PHPLD"
  107. "To validate the reciprocal link please include the following HTML code in the page at the URL" "Submit Link"
  108. Home "Submit Link" "Latest Links" "Top Hits"
  109. "This link directory uses sessions to store information"
  112. "Designer: PHPLD Templates"
  113. "Alexa Information" "Listing Details" "LISTING URL" "Site Statistics"
  114. "Template by DevHunters.com"
  115. "Submit Link" Pricing "Enter the code shown" "This helps prevent automated registrations."
  116. "Template by: Emillie Premium Directory"
  117. "Unacceptable Sites, Content & few reasons why submissions are not approved:"
  118. "Template By Free PHPLD Templates"
  121. "Sponsored by Directhoo"
  122. "Skinned by Addictive Games"
  123. "Developed by Hutbazar"
  124. "Template By Yazzoo"
  125. "Wordpress Article Directory Script" "PHP Link Dircetory"
  126. "Designed by One Way Links"
  127. "Skinned by: Web Design Directory"
  128. "Supported by Bid for Position"
  129. "Designer: Astralinks Directory"
  130. "Designed by: PHPLD Your Site"
  131. "Designer: Free PHPLD Templates"
  132. "Designed by Mitre Design and SWOOP"
  133. "Designed By: Invitation Web Directory"
  134. "Designed by: Futuristic Artists"
  135. "Theme by: Romow Web Directory"
  136. "Sponsored By: Webmaster Tips & Tricks / Download FREE phpLD Themes"
  137. "Theme By: Web Directory"
  138. "designed by AskGraphics.com"
  139. "Utilisable" "Plan du site" "Ajouter site" "Nouveaux sites"
  140. "Nouveaux sites ajout豠ces 30 derniers jours"
  141. inurl:"/suggerer_site.php"
  142. "Powered by kohany.com"
  143. "Add site" "PR stats" Stats "Random entries"
  144. "Powered by AxsLinks"
  145. "Please make sure to add the code below before submitting" "(only for A-B-C)"
  146. "Powered by INDEXU"
  147. "Powered by INDEXU Deluxe"
  148. Home "New Listings" "Hot Listings" "Top Rated" "Editor Pick" "Add a Listing" "Update a Listing" "Get Rated" "Upgrade a Listing"
  149. inurl:suggest_category.php
  150. "Copyright * Nicecoder.com. All Rights Reserved"
  151. "Please fill-out the form below with your web site's data, then click Submit"
  152. Startseite Webkatalog Aktuelles Neueintr%C3%A4ge "Top-Seiten" Impressum
  153. "Sollten Sie Probleme bei der Anmeldung haben, sind entweder nicht alle Felder korrekt ausgef�der Sie sind bereits in unseren Verzeichnis angemeldet."
  154. "Jetzt anmelden" "Email" "Schl�orte" "Beschreibung" "Titel" "Kategorie" "Url" "AGBs gelesen und akzeptiert" "Newsletter anmelden!"
  155. "Bei dieser Suchmaschine handelt es sich um eine kostenlose und kostenpflichtige, redaktionell gepflegten Auflistung von Links"
  156. Startseite Webkatalog Livesuche Suchtipps "Seite anmelden" "Neusten Eintr%C3%A4ge" "TOP-Eintr%C3%A4ge"
  157. "AGB gelesen und akzeptiert!" "Eintragen" "Jetzt anmelden"
  158. "BestSites.Base5.pl"
  159. "URL (http://domena.pl)" "Opis ma"
  160. Accueil Nouveaut豠"Inscrire un site" Contact Admin
  161. Linkioo 2010 - Partenaires Vlinks
  162. Home "Post Ad" "Post Event" "Post Image" "Classified Ads"
  163. "Enter the code shown above into this textbox" "People can contact me with commercial interests."
  164. "It is NOT ok to contact this poster with commercial interests."
  165. "Report Abuse" "Email this Ad" Share "Posted on" "Expires On"
  166. "Consider buying one of the Extended Ad packages if you would like your ad to run longer."
  167. "Powered by SNetworks PHP Classifieds"
  168. "Make a Post" "Insert a link" "Upload Pictures"
  169. "Powered by XžZero Community Classifieds"
  170. "People can contact me with commercial interests."
  171. "Powered by Aardvark Topsites PHP"
  172. "Rate and Review This Site" "Show All Reviews" "Average Rating" "Number of Ratings"
  173. Rankings Join "User Control Panel" "Overall Stats"
  174. "Enter the text as it is shown in the image below (Can't read?)" "Banner URL"
  175. "Please enter your rating and review for" "in the form below." "Review - No HTML allowed"
  176. "Proudly powered by jobberBase"
  177. "E-mail us at hello [at] domain [dot] com or use the form below"
  178. "We really appreciate feedback" job
  179. "This job board is an open source implementation of"
  180. "If you are unchecking it, then add a description on how to apply online above"
  181. "Online applications will be sent to this address"
  182. "Hiring company or person" "Allow Online Applications"
  183. "ajax" "designer, london" "php, chicago"
  184. "Is this job ad fake? Report it!"
  185. "Go back to category" job
  186. "Would you like to display our latest jobs on your site?"
  187. "This widget is used to retrive jobs based on their category, posting duration, and job-type"
  188. "Companies that published here"
  189. "Most recent job offers"
  190. "Choose this option, if you want to add a one-way link from this directory to your website"
  191. "Powered by JV-LD" "Newly Published Links"
  192. "Powered by JV-LD" "Add Link"
  193. "Manage my Links" "Check Link Status" "Add Link"
  194. "Directory Statistics" "Active Links:" "Pending Links:" "Featured Links:" "Total Links:" "Today's Links:" "Main Categories:" "Total Sub-Categories:"
  195. "Warto wiedzie%C4%87" "strony w katalogu" "Dodaj serwis" "Dodaj artyku%C5%82" Zaloguj
  196. "Logowanie do panelu administracyjnego" "Dodaj serwis"
  197. "Please fill-out the form below with your web site's data, then click Submit"
  198. "Home" "Add URL" "Link To Us" "Search" "WordPress"
  199. "Your Name" "Your E-Mail" "Website URL" "Website Title" "Category" "Description" "HTML tags allowed"
  200. "List 2-3 of your main keywords" "Add your site"
  201. "powered by Site Sift"
  202. "powered by Site Sift Web Directory"
  203. "powered by SSL Free Directory Script"
  204. "Powered by SSWD"
  205. "powered by SS Listings"
  206. inurl:"go=addpage"
  207. "Theme By: Web Directory"
  208. "Free and Paid Submission to the" "List your business in the" "Add Your Site" STATISTICS
  209. "Powered by Directory97 PRO"
  210. "Please input the URL to verify that the URL is not exist in our database"
  211. "Submit Website for Link Exchange" "please look closely at the href="
  212. inurl:"linkmachine/links/exchange_links.html"
  213. "Powered by Directory software by LBS"
  214. "Submit Listing" "Brief description of your site that will be shown on the category listings, alphabetic list, new listings, and top listings pages."
  215. "Template by Directory Promotion Network"
  216. "Template by Webmaster Forum"
  217. "Template by Ozami Internet Directory"
  218. "Powered by SEOKatalog"
  219. Regulamin "Jak doda%C4%87 wpis" Najnowsze Popularne Najlepsze Przyjaciele "Mapa katalogu" Kontakt
  220. "Powered by cpDynaLinks"
  221. "Powered by cpLinks"
  222. "To add a link select Submit A Link from the menu"
  223. "[ Links Home ] [ Suggest A Sub Category ] [ Submit A Link ]"
  224. "To select a category: You can either use the box below, Or navigate to your desire category and click Submit Your Site link on the top right corner"
  225. "Add Url" "Add Premium URL" "What's New" "Popular Links"
  226. "Add Url" "Popular Links" "Advertise With Us" "Contact Us"
  227. inurl:"/cgi-bin/addurl.cgi"
  228. "URL de la page, sur votre site, o� affich矬e lien vers"
  229. "Le code �ecopier et �ettre sur votre site avant de commencer"
  230. "Nom de votre site" "URL de votre site" "Description de vote site"
  231. "powered by IndexScript"
  232. inurl:"sug_url.php"
  233. "click on the Add URL link on that page in order to add your URL"
  234. "RSS Feed for Latest Additions" "Google Site Map"
  235. "skinned by IndexSkins"
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