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  1. EPOV
  2. I never thought having a crazy, infuriating, sometimes piggish girlfriend could bring me such joy. My life has been such a fucking disaster until Bella walked into my life. I thought the adrenaline from bull riding couldn’t be topped, but being with Bella doesn’t even touch it. I can’t explain what she does to me, but my body craves her like a heroin addict needs its fix. Her touch, her smell, her laugh, and the way she pushes every one of my fucking button, all of it sending me into a frenzy. Having her traveling with me for my rides has been fucking fantastic. And not having to share a room with Emmett and Jackson is also a huge fucking plus.
  3. Somehow once we left LA, Rose and Alice ended up back in Nevada. As the gentleman that I am I offered for them to stay at my house, but thankfully they declined. I don’t think my dick could take that. Thankfully its 4th of July weekend and we are off to my summer house. I really wish that I could make it out here more often, but naturally I never have enough time. I grab my Stetson off the hook, pulling it on as I throw the last bag into the bed of the Raptor. My girl is currently sitting in the passenger seat looking absolutely breathtaking as usual. I run back into the house, grabbing a bag off the counter. When I make it back outside, I do one last check on the boat, which is now hitched to the back of the truck. Pulling open the driver’s door open I slide in, handing Bella the bag. She takes it out of my hand, pulling out a cowboy hat. It’s one of those fufu girly ones made out of whicker or some shit. She holds it in her hand, then smiles and slides it on. I think my dick automatically twitches.
  4. I set the truck in drive, and we set off. I can feel the truck lag a little bit, the bed completely full to the brim with shit. I tell you what, traveling with a bunch of fucking women makes things a lot more interesting. Emmett, Jackson and I have been coming here every year, usually packing nothing but a few sets of clothes and an ice chest full of beer, but with women it is a whole different story. Taking the girls grocery shopping was the first big fucking mistake. Giving Bella my card as I waited in the car was mistake number two. When I saw them coming out of the store I knew that my American Express had be assaulted .
  5. Right now there are four ice chests and about 5 bags of luggage in the bed of the truck.
  6. Women.
  7.  I pull out of the driveway, making our way to the lake house. After about an hour of aimless driving, my eyes shifting between the road and Bella in the seat next to me, when we finally pull into the driveway.
  8. “Holy shit,” Bella shifts, sliding forward in her seat, peering out the window. “THIS is your vacation home?”
  9. “Yup,” I state, putting the truck in park.
  10. As I pull myself from the truck, I notice that both Jackson and Emmett have pulled up in their respective trucks. I see Emmett walk up to Bella, giving her a big hug.
  11. “Happy 4th of July Bella,” he says, wrapping his huge arms around her.
  12. I walk behind them, pulling Bella out of his grasp.
  13. “Don’t you have your own woman to hug on Emmett?” I nod in the direction of Rosalie.
  14. “Rose ain’t the hugging type,” he laughs.
  15. I make my way towards the house, flicking on all the lights.  To be honest, this isn’t my house. It’s my families, but I’m the only one who uses it anymore. My father stopped coming here after my mother died. Sometimes I don’t feel like coming here either... But 4th of July is tradition and you don’t try to talk Emmett out of tradition. I spend the next hour pulling everything from the truck, making sure everything is put away where it should be. When I finish, I see Bella bounce into the kitchen.
  16. “Need any help?” she says, pulling off her sunglasses.
  17. I laugh. “You’re about an hour late.”
  18. “Oh…sorry Edward. You should have come and gotten me. We were out on the porch.”
  19. “It’s fine Bella. I’m glad that you are enjoying yourself.”
  20. She smiles. “I am very much. So what’s the plan for today?”
  21. “Think we’re going to head out on the lake pretty soon. Then at sundown…fireworks.”
  22. “I love fireworks!” Bella screams. “The girls and I usually watch them from our patio in Seattle.”
  23. I look down at the counter. “Do you miss home?”
  24. She walks over to me, putting her hand on top of mine.
  25. “I’m exactly where I want to be Edward.”
  26. I look up and stare into her eyes.
  27. “As am I.”
  28. I lean in; giving her a small kiss on the lips, but that isn’t enough. I wrap my arms around her, them falling on the small of her back. Pulling her into me, her tiny frame gets lost next to me. Her soft lips are on me, her touch sending shock waves through me. Breathing becomes hard for me, and I really can’t explain what she does to me. I wrap my hands around her small ass, grabbing her cheeks, lifting her high in the air. Without missing a beat, Bella wraps her legs around my waist, our two centers meeting. My cock quickly becomes incredibly hard and I push it into Bella, knowing that she can feel it as well. Bella lips pull from mine, and that angers me. I place my lips on her cheek, her forehead, making my way to her neck. I trail my tongue around its every inch, and then something compels me to bite down lightly. Much to my surprise, I hear a moan escape Bella’s lips. I pull my lips from Bella’s neck, continuing down her exposed collar bone.
  29. “Bella,” I start in a raspy voice. “I can’t stop touching you.”
  30. “Then don’t,” she breathes out.
  31. I place her back down on the ground, but clasp my hand in hers, making our way to the master bedroom. As soon as we reach it, I slam the door shut, and making sure I lock it. All we would need is the four stooges to come barreling in. As I turn around to face Bella, her brown eyes meet mine. She is already lying on the bed, running her hands along the fabric of the comforter. Her body is being propped up by her elbows. There are no words to explain what the small, gorgeous woman does to me.  I slowly make my way over to the bed, much like a hunter stalking its prey. When I reach the bed, I place one knee on top of it, slowly sliding my body onto of hers. I press my hips into her, she immediately pushing back. For some reason I am nervous, even though this is not my first time with Bella. Something about her has changed me, and the thought of losing her kills me. I reach up with my shaky hand, my fingers finding the soft flesh of Bella’s stomach. I can immediately feel her body tense. I run the tips of my fingers across the seam of her jeans, my touch making Bella’s hips rise. I take this opportunity to start to unbutton her jeans. Bella’s hands come down, pushing them off of her hips.  I continue to pull them down, letting them fall to the ground. I look up the length of Bella’s never ending legs, her skin a creamy white. I continue north, taking in as much as her as I can. I run my fingers along the inside of her thigh, a soft moan leaving her. I place a kiss on her belly button, then reach up and remove her shirt, then her bra. She is now lying underneath me naked, her naked figure literally taking my breath away.
  32. “Fuck Bella, you are breathtaking.”
  33. She smiles, making my dick pulsate hard against the fly of my jeans. I feel her tiny fingers find the buttons of my shirt, them working each one off slowly. She then reaches down, working each button of my jeans off.
  34. Bad day to wear button fly jeans.
  35. As soon as we are both naked, I can’t take me not being in her any longer.
  36. “Bella, I need to feel you,” I whisper in her ear.
  37. As soon as these words leave my mouth, I feel Bella legs spread.
  38. Fuck me.
  39. I reach down sliding myself inside of her. Her warmth surrounds my cock, this making it my favorite fucking place to be. As I slide into her I let out a loud moan, her walls always so tight, no matter how many times we’ve had sex. I pump my cock in her, going slow at first, even though I want nothing more that to slam into her as hard as humanly possible. With every thrust I can feel my dick loosening her, but her walls still very much surrounding my girth.
  40. “Holy shit Edward,” Bella breathes out, biting her lip in the process.
  41. I want nothing more that to bite that lip right back. Without stopping my fuckawesome pumping, I lean down, tracing my tongue in small circles around her perky nipples. I hear an almost squeal come from her, and I bite down lightly on each of them. I pull my mouth back from her tits, both of her nipples standing erect. I can see goosebumps trailing over her chest and down her stomach.
  42. “Are you cold Bella?” I ask. “You have goosebumps.”
  43. “There the other kind of goosebumps Edward.”
  44. Knowing how much I turn her on sends a surge of energy through my body and I can’t take the slow pace anymore. I grab onto her hips, thrusting my rock hard cock into her as fast as my body will allow. After a few minutes I start to feel the burn in legs, but fucking ignore it. After a few more thrusts, I feel Bella’s hand on my chest, essentially stopping me.
  45. “Everything ok baby?” I say.
  46. She smiles, “Everything is fucking great. But lay on your back,” she says, now pushing me off of her.
  47. I slide out of her, pulling myself off from on top of her. I flip around so that my back in now on the bed, my hard cock still standing at attention. Bella is now standing on the bed; the view from down here is fucking fantastic. A small smile envelopes on her face, and she turns around, lowing herself slowly. I think I even fucking gasp. She lines her opening up with my cock, slowly sliding onto to it. I sit there with my mouth fucking open, not believing what I am seeing. Bella is riding me reverse cowgirl. She starts to rock her hips back and forth, the new position rocking pleasure wave through me and I think I am going to come right then and there.
  48. I grab onto her hips, “Bella, stop,” I say through gritted teeth.
  49. “It doesn’t feel good?” she says looking over her shoulder.
  50. “It feels fucking fantastic,” I breathe out, still trying to subside my orgasm.
  51. After the intense feeling subsides a little, I let go of her hips, silently telling her to continue. She starts to grind into me more, picking up her pace with every thrust. Seeing her from behind is absolutely breathtaking, her long brown hair flowing down her backside. I reach up, gathering her hair in my hand, pulling on it.
  52. “Fuck!” she screams out, but not in pain, in pleasure.
  53. I grab onto her hips hard, thrusting myself into her in the same rhythm as she sways her hips.  After a few more pumps I can start to feel her legs shutter, a clear sign that she is about to come. I prop myself up so that my chest is now up against Bella’s back, reaching around and finding her clit, rubbing it rapidly.
  54. Bella’s head drops, and I hear her scream out, “Holy fucking shit.”
  55. Her legs are now shaking violently, and Bella begins screaming out loud, her orgasm rolling through her. After a few seconds I feel her relax a little, but still continuing to rock her hips. After another minute I can’t hold on anymore and I clench onto Bella’s hips, lifting her in the air and off my hips. Last thing I need right now is a child. I reach over to grab my shirt, placing it over the tip of my dick. I come into it hard, my orgasm taking every last ounce of energy I had. I wipe of the excess with the other end of the shirt, throwing it into the hamper in the corner. Bella leans back, lying in the crook of my armpit. We are both silent, both now exhausted from our orgasms.
  56. “Jesus Christ Bella…” I stutter out. “I thought you didn’t have any experience in THAT type of stuff.”
  57. I can see her smile, “I’ve been reading.”
  58. “Well I can assure you that I have never been riddin like that. ”
  59. “Was is ok?” she asks as a small hint of pink reaches her lips.
  60. I lean over so that I am looking down at her. “It was fucking incredible. The view of you from behind is ALMOST as good as the front.”
  61. She laughs, and then leans up to kiss me. I hear some noise coming from the rest of the house.
  62. “Do we really have to go out there?” I grumble.
  63. “No, but I really don’t want to miss the fireworks,” she says, bouncing out of the bed.
  64. “Bella, we have three hours at least,” I say, patting the bed next to me.
  65. Bella stands there, and then crosses her legs. I swear sometimes she reminds me of Charlotte, so child like.
  66. “I REALLY have to pee,” she says, then bolts for the bathroom.
  67. I shake my head, pulling myself off of the bed. Walking over to the closet I pull out a new pair of wranglers and a checkered button up shirt. Before I pull them on, Bella comes out of the bathroom, but now her hair is tied up in a loose ponytail. My hands become twitchy, wanting to pull on it so bad.
  68. The thought alone makes my member come awake again. Within seconds I am hard again. Bella walks over to the nightstand, pulling my white Stetson off of it.
  69. Baby ready for Round 2?
  70. She walks over to me, and slides it onto my still hard dick. A small giggle escapes her lips
  71. “Look it’s a magic trick,” she says laughing.
  72. I shake my head, but instead of taking it off I walk around with it on as I put on my new set of clothes. When I get my shirt back on, I pull my pants on, trying really hard not to knock it off.
  73. It’s all about pride baby.
  74. “Wow Edward, maybe you should join the circus…” she says giggling.
  75. When I get them on I walk up close to Bella, sliding it off my dick, and then glide it onto my head. I stand there for a few seconds, and then tip the brim of it.
  76. “Thank you ma’am,” I say in the thickest drawl, then zip up my pants and head out the door.
  77. As I make it down my hallway, I realize that there are a fuck ton of people in my house. Much more than the four that were here when I WENT into the room. I make my way to the back porch, finding Emmett.
  78. “Hey man I invited a few people over,” he states while looking around, almost a confused as I am. “Guess they told a few people,” he laughs lightly.
  79. “It’s all right man, but if shit gets broken it on you,” I state.
  80. “You get a little action?” he says, lifting his eyebrows up and down.
  81. I look over at him, giving him a yes I fucking did look.
  82. “Alright man,” he says, slapping me on the back. “You know you are much less of an asshole since Bella Bee has been around.”
  83. “Fuck you,” I spat back, but not being able to hold a laugh back.
  84. “She’s good for you man. Glad you found someone who puts up with your shit.”
  85. “She’s fucking incredible man. I can’t explain it.”
  86. I feel a lump form in her throat, realizing that I never thought I would be saying these words again.
  87. “I love her man.”
  88. Emmett chokes on the sip of beer he is currently attempting to swallow.  
  89. “Fuck man, seriously?”
  90. I say nothing in return. I can’t explain it. Is it too soon? It’s definitely too soon.
  91. “That’s fucking awesome man! Dude I was seriously starting to think you were gonna go through every woman in the fucking state before you found THE ONE,” he says, even using air quotes.
  92. “It’s too soon…” I breathe out. “What if she freaks out and leaves?”
  93. “Man, that AINT happening. Have you seen the way she looks at you?”
  94. I look over at Emmett, is he getting soft?
  95. “Like she wants to fuck your man meat all night long!” he screams, getting the attention of the people around us.
  96. I laugh nervously, taking a large gulp of the beer that somehow made it into my hand. I look up, seeing Bella now entering onto the porch. She is wearing her jeans, but I can see that she is wearing one of my shirts and I know she has nothing underneath it because she has the bottom of it tied, her stomach showing.  I can’t tell if I am turned on or pissed off, now noticing that multiple men have turned their attention to her.
  97. “Calm down man,” Jackson says coming up from behind me, scaring the shit out of me.
  98. “Fuck man, don’t be so silent and shit,” I say, taking another sip of my beer. “I hate how other men stare at her like she’s a piece of fucking meat.”
  99. “She banging man,” he states, and in return he gets the fucking death stare.
  100. He rolls his eyes. “Men are going to look at her Edward, but think about what she has to go through with women constantly vying for your attention.”
  101. I look back at her, our eyes meeting. I give her a wink and she smiles in return and then diverts her attention back to Rose and Alice.
  102. “Fuck if I could change my past, I would in a fucking heartbeat,” I state.
  103. “Rough and Ready Edward was a fucking blast, but man you can’t live your life like that anymore,” Emmett adds.
  104. “Were definitely not 17 anymore,” I say, all of us laughing.
  105. “Speak for yourself,” Emmett says, pushing me in the arm.
  106. There is a few seconds of silence, until Emmett opens his big fat mouth again.
  107. “Speaking of men staring at her, what the hell are you going to about Jake? That dude has gone fucking nuts.”
  108. I can instantly feel my blood begin to boil. Really wish that fucker would fall of the face of the earth.
  109. “All I can say is he better stay away from her if he knows what’s good for him.”
  110. “Dude, I don’t think it sinks into him. He’s like a little boy with a crush,” Emmett says.
  111. “Just like he was with Victoria?” I snap.
  112. Emmett and Jackson don’t press the issue further, knowing I have a short fuse when it comes to him. A really fucking short one. After a few more minutes, I leave Emmett and Jackson, making my way over to the where Bella is. She is currently surrounded by a ton of fucking people.
  113. My baby always the center of attention.
  114. I make my way through the crowd, a large smile enveloping on her face.
  115. “Hey,” she whispers.
  116. “Hello beautiful,” I say, kissing her on the forehead. “Are you having a good time?”
  117. “I am…” she states as she looks up at me.
  118. I pull Bella away from the crowd, and we both sit down on the swing in the far corner of the porch. It is now that I really wish we were alone.
  119. Reminder: Don’t invite friends anywhere.
  120. Bella and I spent some time on the swing, not saying much than the random comment or observation. As the sun begins to set I notice that people are starting to filter away from the house.
  121. I get up from the swing, holding my hand out to Bella.
  122. “Come take a walk with me,” I say.
  123.  She reaches up, taking her hand in mine. We walk down off the porch, my hand still in hers as we make our way onto the sandy shores of the lake. There are a ton of people on this beach, it clearly not a secret that this is the best place to see the fireworks. I find an open spot and sit down. I pull my legs apart as Bella sits in between them, leaning her back on my chest. Wrapping my arms around her, we sit and wait in silence. I place my lips on the back of Bella’s head, inhaling her heavenly sent. She is now running her fingers up and down my arm and hand, the feeling absolutely sensational.
  124. I have to tell her.
  125. I go to open my mouth, and that’s when I see a bright light in the sky, followed by a loud boom, the sound rattling through my bones. Bella removes her back from my chest, leaning forward with her neck craned to look at the sky.  The fireworks rip through the sky, the sound extremely intense. But I can’t seem to make myself look up; all I can look at is the beautiful girl currently sitting between my legs.
  126. As the show continues on, I begin to feel incredibly nervous, my stomach feeling queasy.  
  127. It’s now or never.
  128. I scoot closer to her, so that my ear is right up against her ear. My heart feeling like it is going to break out of my chest. The adrenaline buzzing through my body doesn’t even touch what I feel when ridding bulls.
  129. “I love you,” I whisper into her ear, not so patiently waiting her response.
  130. She whips around, but her response is not what I expected. There is a loud boom again, it making her jump.
  131. She screams out to me…”WHAT? I DIDN’T HEAR YOU.”
  132. Fuck me.
  133. I pull her closer to me, knowing I’m going to have to be louder.
  134. “Bella, I love you!” I scream, and then notice that there are no fireworks in the sky, the beach completely silent, with the surrounding people are now staring at Bella and me. I shift my eyes back to Bella, who is staring back at me with her eyes wide.
  135. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
  136. I can’t seem to move. A few seconds later Bella leaps into me, knocking me backwards, her lips slamming into mine. The passion running through her sends me into a wild frenzy. I grab every inch of her as she wraps her legs around my waist. She then pulls her lips from mine.
  137. “I love you too Edward,” she states, her hands still knotted in my hair.
  138. At that moment, I know I can’t live without her. She is the missing piece I have been looking for. The person I was looking for in all those women. I breathe a sigh of relief, placing my lips back on Bella’s. I can’t help but laugh, now realizing that we are still surrounded by a ton of people.
  139. “Calm down tiger,” I laugh, holding Bella against my chest.
  140. She stops, the beautiful blush creeping up her cheeks. I lean up, giving her one more soft kiss on the lips. The rest of the fireworks light up the show, the grand finale continuing on for a few minutes, until everything grows silent again. Everyone around us starts to get up, including Bella, but I grab her hand, pulling her back down.
  141. She laughs, “I think you go sand down my pants.”
  142. “Well I guess we’ll just have to take a shower together,” I say smirking.
  143. “Oh darn,” she retorts.
  144. I slowly get up from the ground, my legs and arms cracking.
  145. I need a new fucking body.
  146. When we make it back to the house, I am happy to see that it’s only the six of us. Alice is sitting on the couch, playing with her cell phone. Jackson is on the floor, reading a book. I look to my right, Emmett and Rosalie on the loveseat, her head on his shoulder. I look at Emmett, and he instantly winks at me. I can’t help but laugh. I plop down on the couch, Bella following. I put my arm around her, and I look around the room again, not being able to hold back a smile.
  147. I do have a family.
  148. BPOV
  149. Holy shit. Did Edward just tell me he loved me, and I told him in return? Yes. Yes I did.
  150. I seriously thought those words were never going to come out of my mouth, well when they pertain to a man anyways. I always thought I would stutter, or even pass out, but it came out so easily. I don’t think I have been this happy…ever. I always thought love at first sight was poetic bullshit, but I think I’ve definitely had a change of heart.
  151. After the fireworks show Edward and I spend some time with the gang, then retire to the bedroom, both of us beyond exhausted. We both wake up late in the morning, half the day already gone.
  152. I shake Edward, “fuck...it’s already noon.”
  153. “And your point is?” he mumbles.
  154. “Aren’t we leaving today?”
  155. “Yeah, but I’m not planning on leaving here until I see you in a bathing suit,” he smiles with his eyes still closed.
  156. “Well we ARE going to have to get out of bed for that to happen.”
  157. I pull myself from the bed, smacking Edward in the ass on the way to the bathroom. As I sit on the toilet I can taste my incredibly bad morning breath so I jump up, brushing them quickly. I walk back into the bedroom,
  158. “Gonna go eat something, get your lazy ass outta bed.”
  159. I pull open the door, Emmett and Jackson are sitting at the breakfast bar, both of them eating silently, until they see me.
  160. “Morning Bella Bee!” Emmett announces.
  161. “Dude,” Jackson says, smacking Emmett on the arm, “no fucking yelling.”
  162. I walk over to the kitchen counter, so that I am now facing them.
  163. “Little too much to drink there Jackson?” I joke.
  164. He gives me a death stare.
  165. I laugh, shaking my head. “Coffee?” I ask to Emmett.
  166. “In the corner, mugs in the top cabinet.”
  167. I walk over to the cabinet, pulling it open. I pour some coffee into the mug, smelling in the aroma, hoping it will make me wake up faster. I walk out of the kitchen, leaving the boys to resume their eating. I now notice that the house is two storied, and get the sudden urge to investigate. There are three bedrooms upstairs. I walk up to the first door, looking behind me to see if anyone is around. When the coast is clear, I slowly open the door, the room is extremely dark. The blinds are drawn tight and I feel around on the wall for the light switch. When I flick it on, I get an eerie feeling down my spine. The room is immaculate but dusty, a sign that this room hasn’t been inhabited in quite some time. In the middle of the room is a massive four post bed, adorned with a floral comforter. I walk in slowly, taking a sip of my coffee in the process. I walk the length of the room, not touching, but just looking. I make my way over to a small armoire, and peek inside. There are a dozen photo frames in it, along with a few trinkets. As I scan my eyes from top to bottom, I see a few family pictures. I squint to look closer at one, recognizing a younger Peter in one of them, his arm around Edward’s mother and he is placing a kiss on her cheek. They both look so happy. I run my hands over the small trinkets that include two bronze baby shoes. I set my coffee mug down on the nearby shelf. I hold it in my hand, it no bigger than the size of my palm. I flip it over, noticing that “Edward 9-20-87” inscribed on the bottom. I gently place is back on the shelf. I look at the rest of the pictures, various pictures of Edward and Rosalie at different ages. My heart begins to ache a little, all of them looking so happy.
  168. How things can change so drastically.
  169. I turn around and my heart lurches as I notice Edward is leaning in the open doorway.
  170. “I’m sorry, I’m usually not such a snoop.”
  171. He smiles, and then pushes himself off the door jam, making his way to me.
  172. “I haven’t been in this room in forever. My father use to forbid us from coming in here.”
  173. “Do you think he will ever get over it?” I ask.
  174. “I highly doubt it. The wall he’s been building around his heart since he death is sealed up tight. I don’t think there is anything that could break it. My mother would be so disappointed in him. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even love Victoria and me anymore.”
  175. “I’m sure that’s not true Edward. He’s your father, of course he loves you.”
  176. He laughs. “He sure does have a funny way of showing it.”
  177. “Well who cares about him, you have my love now.”
  178. A huge smile comes across his face. “Say it again.”
  179. I laugh in return. “I love you Edward.”
  180. He reaches down scooping me up. “You have no idea how happy that makes me. I for sure thought you were going to bolt. I’ve actually been trying to say it for a while now.”
  181. “You have? When?” I ask, shocked.
  182. He smiles. “Yeah, well first time was the night of the washing machine fiasco. And the second was just last weekend when you were mad at me for being jealous.” He pauses. “By the way, you are hot as hell when you are pissed off.”
  183. I reach up, pinching his nipple, “Well I don’t plan on being mad at you for a very long time.”
  184. He smiles. “And I hear make up sex is worth it.”
  185. We make our way back downstairs, everyone else has filtered in.
  186. “Morning,” Alice says, her arms around Jacksons neck.
  187. I look over at Jackson, and realize that he is grinning. I give him a sly wink, him returning one. I make my way back into the kitchen, looking over the amount of food that is on the counter.
  188. “Who made all this?” I ask, looking around the room.
  189. Jackson lifts his hand up mid air.
  190. “Where the hell are all the men that can cook in Seattle?” I state, and I instantly see Edward’s face fall.
  191. “Well for one thing, men in Seattle are fucking pansies,”  Emmett booms. “Girls need strong men to take care of them, not men that get manicures and Botox.”
  192. I laugh, completely agreeing with him.
  193. “Hey Bella, didn’t Mike have highlights?” Rose asks laughing.
  194. I glare at Rose, just what I need right now is to talk about my old boyfriend in front of my new boyfriend. Especially with Edward’s….history.
  195. “Probably,” I mutter, hoping to defuse the conversation.
  196. That fucker totally has highlights though.
  197. I pick up a paper plate, loading it up with food. I swear I have never ate this much, I guess actually having sex increases your appetitive. Edward follows, and we both go out on the porch. I slide into one of the chairs, Edward sitting at the one to my right.  I look out of the corner my eye, noticing that Edward is just pushing his food around the plate.
  198. I open my mouth, only to close it again.  After another minute I feel Edwards hand slide onto mine. I look over at him, giving my most reassuring smile.
  199. “When do you have to leave?” he asks, showing no emotion.
  200. I swallow the large lump in my throat.
  201. “Umm...” I start.
  202. It’s obvious that this discussion would come up.
  203. “Well classes start the first week in August,” I say, almost whispering.
  204. “So two weeks?” he says, looking down at his plate.
  205. “Yeah,” I squeak out.
  206. I squeeze his hand.
  207. “Edward, I’m not moving to another country.”
  208. “It might as fucking well be,” he snaps.
  209. I sit there, hesitant to respond.
  210. “I have weekends free,” I state.
  211. I see a small smile form on his face. I get up from my seat, then walk over to his and straddle his lap.
  212. “Edward, just because I won’t be with you every night doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”
  213. I run my fingers through his hair, making him close his eyes.
  214. “Cant I just pay for you to stay? You don’t need a fucking job. Fuck school.”
  215. A laugh escapes me. “I can’t just quit school.”
  216. He opens his eyes again, the green in them seem extra vibrant today.
  217. “I’m sure I can persuade you,” he smirks.
  218. My legs instantly clench.
  219. “And you want me to throw away 3 and a half years of hard work?” I say, batting my eyelashes.
  220. “Yes.”
  221. I shake my head.
  222. “I love you, but ain’t going to happen.”
  223. He pouts out his lips. I lean down, putting my lips on his. I feel his tongue trace mine, begging to enter. I open my mouth wider, feeling his tongue glide across mine. This man literally takes my breath away. I can feel his hand move smoothly across my back, his long fingers trailing across the bare skin of my back.
  224. He pulls his lips from mine.
  225. “Can I ask just one thing from you?”
  226. My heart palpitates a little.
  227. “Just stay away from other men,” he says sternly. “I don’t like the idea of people staring at what’s mine.”
  228. I smile.
  229. “Well I do go to a co-ed school Edward,” I laugh.
  230. “Way to ease my worries.”
  231. I pull on the back of his hair, making him look at me.
  232. “Edward, I want no one else but you. I am yours, no one else’s. I love you. If you knew me at all, me saying that should be enough to show you.”
  233. He smirks, and then reaches up, running his hands across my chin.
  234. “I love you too Bella. You are my life now.” He pauses, “and if you knew me at all, you that I mean it.”
  235. I lean back down again, giving him a soft kiss. I slide off his lap, holding my hand out.
  236. “It’s hot a fuck, let’s go out on the boat.”
  237. He reaches up, and I pull him up out of the chair, our chest meeting.
  238. “On August 30th,  you are all mine though.”
  239. “August 30th?” I ask, confused.
  240. “PBR world finals in Vegas.”
  241. I smile, “is that like the Stanley Cup for bull riding?”
  242. He laughs, “Yeah, I guess so.”
  243. A few seconds later I see Alice bounce through the slider, “You all ready to go swimming?”
  244. I shake my head up and down, making my way back to the bedroom. As I slide my bikini on, I secretly pray.
  245. Please let it be alright.
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