Okaeritte Ie goes to Applebees: The Sequel to a Great Story

May 26th, 2019
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  1. It was another Monday. Y'know, the boring day of the week. Sou was chilling on the couch, and there was... a mysterious voice in the air. Sou thought it was Wolpis talking from another room, but then Wolpis entered the room.
  3. "Who the fuck are you talking to?"
  4. "The disembodied voice of God, probably."
  6. The voice shouted something very, very mysterious:
  7. "im not god, im a chair."
  9. Sou screamed, and Wolpis still stood there.
  12. Suddenly, a chair started moving. "No, you fucking idiot. I'm the chair."
  13. It turns out the chair... is none other than Isubokuro.
  14. "oh, its isu!"
  15. "..."
  16. "...why is isu a chair?"
  18. "I can explain."
  19. "please."
  20. Isu got up on the table (as a chair, yes) and cleared his throat.
  21. "So, there was this cat. I don't know who it was, but it was a cat. The cat said to me, 'I know you have one true wish. I can grant that wish for you. All you have to do... is pet me!' I thought it wasn't that bad of a deal, I mean, I could get what I want!"
  22. "...So?" (wolpis)
  23. "I pet the cat. Bastard turned me into a chair and left. I heard that he was... going after utaites whose name.. began with an I. Dunno if that's helpful, but-"
  24. "FUCK DID HE GET EVE" (sou)
  25. "...THAT'S your biggest concern? Not the fact that, oh I don't know, Isu is a chair?"
  26. "i mean yeah but FUCK DID HE GET EVE"
  27. "I mean... we can go check?"
  28. With that, Sou and Wolpis left the house, about to go on their biggest adventure.
  30. -------------------------------
  32. Sou knocked on Eve's door, and there was no reply.
  33. "Fuck, maybe he did get-"
  34. Eve answered the door.
  35. "it's like 3 am what the fuck do you want."
  36. "ok thank god they didnt get to you."
  37. "...????? sou please go to bed and stop coming to my house at 3 am telling me weird shit. its getting concerning."
  38. Then he shut the door.
  39. "What did he mean by-"
  40. "shut up."
  42. The two travelled down a bit, and got to Ivu's house.
  43. They went in, and he was anime art. It was clear he had... pet the cat.
  44. "iVU NO!!!!!" Sou said super dramatically for like, no reason.
  45. "i see.... you came. you're just in time."
  46. "time for what?" Wolpis was confused as fuck, needless to say.
  47. "Okay, so, I know it's confusing, but I... I know how to fix this."
  48. Sou and Wolpis looked at each other. "Alright, then tell us!"
  50. "Okay... so, you have to go to the Applebees. It's run by... the owner of the cat. Then, you have to find the 3 Wise People, sit with them, and then order mozzerella sticks. Make sure you order ONLY mozzerella sticks. The Wise People will help you make sure you get the mozzerella sticks. When the waiter brings them out, he'll ask you, Sou, to come with him. Go with him. There, you will find the owner of the cat, and then it's up to you to break the curse. Please, you're the only one that can save us."
  51. "That-"
  52. "That sounds like bullshit." Wolpis was fairly skeptical. I mean, the owner of the cat happens to own an Applebees?
  53. "please. or we will d i e."
  54. "Welp, gotta do it."
  55. They went off, heading to the Applebees, so they could save their friends.
  57. -------------------------------
  59. While on the way to Applebees, they stopped at a Sheetz (if you're not from Pennsilvana, it's basically a gas station with good food). There, they ran into... Monopare. Yukimi stepped forth, and asked them what they were doing.
  61. "We're going to Applebees."
  62. "...That's stupid. Why don't you go to Denny's?"
  63. "We're not allowed to go back after what Sou did."
  64. "What did-"
  65. "wE DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!"
  66. "...Are you going to Applebees to fix the curse?"
  67. "well yeah"
  68. Yukimi scoffed. "That's... that's impossible. There's no way you can fix the curse. But, I shall let you pass, because I want to see how this goes."
  69. The two continued past Monopare, and headed towards the Applebees.
  71. So basically, this was pointless.
  73. -------------------------------
  75. They arrived. At long last, they arrived.
  76. They entered, expecting to be banned on sight. However, Risru was standing towards the front. It turns out, he's the waiter.
  77. "Welcome to Applebees!" He realized who they were.
  78. "...Shall I show you your seat?"
  79. Sou and Wolpis wouldn't admit it, but they were nervous. Who were these 3 Wise People? What were they going to do?
  80. Those thoughts flopped when they saw who they were.
  82. For now, we'll call them the youngest, the middle, and the eldest.
  83. The youngest rose, and introduced both herself and the group.
  84. "Hello. We are the 3 Wise People... also known as Nemubaka."
  85. "Is that..?"
  86. "Short for Nemuritai Baka Dan"
  87. "Anyways... I am the youngest. I am referred to as Emimin." She was quite, quite short, with a... bowlcut? (i dunno the name for the haircut.) She also looked like she hasn't been outside in 503489743897448974376435678 years. Which is the truth.
  88. "That-" She pointed to the person sitting across from her "-is the middle. Her name is L, though sometimes we refer to her as Eru, or the Roki Stan." L looked like... what L looks like. (im sorry gfjkdbjkfd)
  89. She pointed at the person sitting next to L. "That is Akire, the eldest. Also known as Erokire." (im sorry idk how to do this part either)
  90. "Sit down, please."
  91. Sou and Wolpis both somehow fit in the seat. As soon as they sat down, the waiter, Risru, came.
  93. "So, what would you like?"
  94. "..."
  95. Silence filled the room.
  96. "...Mozzerella sticks."
  97. Risru paused, and his happy demeanor changed. "...Alright. Sou, could you please come this way?"
  98. He was prepared. He knew what was going to happen next.
  99. Then, he entered the office.
  101. "Hello." It was Silvana, sitting there with the cat.
  102. Sou took it back. He took it ALL back. He wasn't prepared at all.
  103. "oh, uh, hi."
  104. "I believe you came because you.. wanted to save your friends?"
  105. "Yes. Please, change them back."
  106. Silvana did that thing that anime villains do when they bang the desk and look up at the protag. "Never! You will never have your little chair friend back- except if you want to keep him as a chair!"
  107. Sou looked at the cat, and thought of something.
  108. Something... he realized! The cat... was Mafu.
  109. "...so you know mafu, right."
  110. "yeah?"
  111. "well isnt he... alLERGIC TO CATS???"
  113. The cat fell off of the desk, and Mafu got up.
  114. "Where the hell am I??"
  115. He looked around for a bit, then just left through the window.
  116. "...Anyways, what was that supposed to do?"
  117. "Oh, I just reversed the curse."
  118. "FUCK."
  120. Silvana stood there. He was now powerless. So he, too, left through the window.
  121. Sou went outside to go take a break, and saw both Nemubaka and Wolpis standing there. He turned around, and-
  122. the fucking applebees was on fire.
  123. "...What the FUCK you guys???"
  124. "The Applebees just... caught on fire. I don't know how but-" Wolpis was interrupted by someone.
  125. "...It was that kid." They pointed to Emimin.
  127. Sou left and took Wolpis with him. Nobody knows what happened to Nemubaka, but some say... they didn't do anything.
  129. -------------------------------
  131. They arrived home, and saw Isu back to normal. They both cheered, and Isu was confused as hell.
  132. "What.. happened?"
  133. "Ok, so long story short:"
  134. "Silvana ran an Applebees, and turned Mafu into a cat. Then, he sent Mafu out to turn people into inanimate objects n stuff. You were a chair, and Ivu was anime art or something. So, Wolpis and I went out to go find the cause of this."
  135. "...And?"
  136. "we set an applebees on fire."
  137. "god FUCKING dammit."
  139. The 3 continued living like they normally did. Still banned from Denny's though, so there's that.
  141. the end
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