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  1. through.the.wormhole.s01e05.how.did.we.get.here.hdtv.xvid-momentum.avi
  3. Academy Award-winning actor and space enthusiast Morgan Freeman executive produces, hosts and narrates this exploration of the greatest mysteries of the universe. This new series, produced by Freeman's Revelations Entertainment, seeks the answers to the big questions: Are we alone? Where did we come from? Is there life on other planets? From the latest work at NASA and private enterprise facilities to the latest theories from futurists and physicists, this series looks at black holes, colonizing the planets, string theory and more. Science Channel invites viewers on the journey as Morgan Freeman picks up where Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" left off and explores the new frontiers of what is beyond earth.
  6. Genre............: Documentary
  7. Channel..........: Science HD
  8. Filesize.........: 350 MB
  9. Runtime..........: 44:32
  10. Video Codec......: XVID MPG4
  11. Video Bitrate....: 964 Kb/s
  12. Audio Codec......: MPEG-1 Layer 3
  13. Audio Bitrate....: 128 Kb/s, 2 channel
  14. Frame Size.......: 624 x 352 pixels
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