413 IQ thinking

Jun 14th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. UPDATE: 413 IQ Thinking
  2. My most important thoughts
  3. By Kurt B. Lopez-davis ~*World's Smartest Man*~
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  9. #1.) Life is likely eternal. The Universe is fundamentally unstable as there is something instead of nothing. There are only so many ways for a big-bang to begin (or a massive energy release, maybe somewhat like light, because of dimension/force of time (see #16 for a more thorough explanation of space/time) that eventually compacts and cools because of time and forms into all matter), so that is a finite number of variables. Because the universe is fundamentally unstable (likely because of the eternal force of time) it is likely eternal. What is happening is a finite number of variables (potential ways for a big-bang to materialize in response to the force of time) in an eternal Universe (the dimension of time itself, which may be physically impossible to not exist) at the very start. The big-bang can only begin so many ways, and even if there is a 1E100 in 1 googol of a chance of you, an evolved chemical computer, being re-assembled, it will happen. As soon as it starts, it is all pre-determined to make you no matter what happens due to simple cause and effect. Due to the expanse of the Universe (which may extend into an infinite multi-verse because there is likely infinite time beyond the big-bang itself as time, the fabric of space itself, presupposes the big-bang for more instability/big-bangs), each big-bang has somewhat of a high chance to create you even if it is very unlikely to be so. Do not live your life like this is a guarantee even though it likely is. Assume oblivion on death. This is called Eternal Return.
  11. #2.) There may be parallel realities because of the finite nature of the big-bang itself. Because there are only so many ways for a big-bang to begin in an unstable yet likely infinite Universe, and because the dimension of Time itself is likely a universal force in a void (see #16 to better understand Time and space), this means it's possible for there to be two copies of you in existence at the same exact time, just separated by an extreme distance. Even an infinite number all started at different times, some time-synchronized with your life and others not. No one knows how big the Universe really is or what is beyond it. There could easily be a clone of you that exists in a multi-verse more than 1E1,000,0000,000,000 light years away that has a parallel consciousness to your own that may be linked to your own consciousness on earth as it is you. Personally, I have heard footsteps of my dog soon after he passed away. This may be a link to a parallel reality where in one reality the dog is alive, and in this reality he is dead. (it may have been a rat as well, but I never saw one even though I searched, and the steps seemed synchronized with his) There is no way of knowing as any parallel reality would be near totally synchronized with this one (everything exactly the same even if the time is wrong) because it would take extreme selection just for another copy of you to exist, or else it likely wouldn't be real. But despite the need for extreme selection, it is possible for there to be variance in a parallel universe that your brain is linked to as all that must be done is selection for an embryo containing your DNA. Everything else may be subject to change.
  13. #3.) There is no free will. The human brain is a chemical computer and operates through cause and effect like any other object. If you looked at all of the parts that make-up the human brain in extreme detail, you would find that they are all connected and pre-programmed to make responses in response to stimuli exactly as a computer runs a program or opens a file. Sight itself is built in this way through trial-and-error by evolution (X does not see Y, so keep up the selection pressure until X sees Y or else X does not pass on its genetics/dies while maintaining heredity). This biochemical programming process applies to everything in the human brain including human emotions, senses, memory, and intelligence itself. Human consciousness itself is reduceable to chemical reactions, evolutionary wiring (what does and doesn't work for reproduction/survival), space-time (what a human being thinks and feels is affected by the spin of the earth itself and the greater plan of the universe/the dimension/force of time), and atoms. There is no room for free will. It is all just illusory. Every person on earth is primarily motivated by space-time, and the force of space-time interacts with the pre-set evolutionary programming to determine everything a person will do in their lifetime before it ever happens through cause and effect. Everything man does is not his own doing, but the doing of reality itself. Organisms, or everything alive in the universe, are just tools for space-time to run through. Everything in the universe is pre-determined by simple cause and effect before it ever happens, including space-time and man.
  15. #4.) The Bible is not true. It is a lie written by extremely controlling, manipulative men with an IQ of 285 or so. You can tell their IQ is 285 because they invented every single name you see written, and the typical man named, and naming your child is a test of intelligence, John, Paul, or Adam, has an IQ of roughly 285. I do not understand how there can be 1.5 billion years of cannibalism, as there is today, when there could just be plants instead if a god were real. I think the fact that man exists, along with all animal life, is proof there is no god, and it is just the most direct route forward at all times. Man needs to eat animal meat just to survive. A predator built on top of a predator. I can not see anything more unguided and godless than that. The only thing that works is evolution. People themselves do not have free-will (see #3), and it is extremely obvious what they are/were going to do before/after they do it. Everything falls down to space-time and time itself predictably and reasonably including the origin of the Universe. I have not believed in this book since I was 13. I do not agree with Albert Einstein, a 275 IQ, that man can not know if god exists. That is not true, that is mental retardation, stupidity/insanity. It is very obvious that people came from bacteria that came from random chemical reactions in the sea. When you see that people spawn into this place randomly, see Westley Allan Dodd (335 IQ) and his brother (230 IQ), that is more evidence that there is nothing guiding anything. If everyone were collectively more intelligent, they would not believe lies like the bible or any other religious text. It is all a wicked virus written by cruel and uncaring men that support suffering.
  17. #5.) People are fundamentally evil. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU INTEND TO REPRODUCE. ONCE YOU READ THIS, THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO NOT KNOWING. YOU WILL DIE AND NEVER NOT KNOW. IT CAN NOT BE ERASED FROM YOUR BRAIN. Man has made technology to make his life easier and so that he may grow at a rapid rate. It is my conviction that technology is 100% normal and the logical end of the human species. There was never anything else coming except electricity, industrial farming and animal murder, computers, cars, air-planes, oil and gas, etc. The issue is that by using technology to artificially inseminate female animals (i.e. pigs, chickens, etc.) man has destroyed the perfect amount of white matter and gray matter in the brains of male pigs and chickens. They are creating autistic pigs and chickens by mixing pigs that contain the pig equivalent of 180 IQ into pigs that are meant to hold an average IQ of 80. This is boosting the intelligence of masculine faced pigs to abnormal levels. The natural standard is that low forehead = low IQ, but man has erased this by running technology on the lives of pigs. Naturally, it is the feminine faced male pig to the even more feminine faced female one. But with the artificial insemination, this is gone. What is now there is potential for feminine faced male pigs, which have naturally increased in prenatal estrogen to compensate for their rising intelligence, to masculine faced female pigs, which are naturally low iQ pigs. Because the average male pig IQ would be 120, and there are pigs meant to only contain an average IQ of 80 (with all of the intelligence variance), this automatically cranks the masculine faced pigs to an average IQ of 100, which is 20 IQ points removed from where they should be. When you adjust for the rolling up in the males, it is possible to have a 170 IQ masculine faced male pig in only one generation. Of course, because pigs are slaughtered at 13 years of age, this is more like a 135 IQ, and because it's 95 IQ due to no exercise at all, there isn't much happening at the start. But there is potential for each generation to build on-top of each past one. To the point that they are killing 300-400 IQ autistic male pigs, condemning them to death while they are aware that it is coming without escape. Every year, they murder over 1.5 billion of pigs. The average male one not being any different from broccoli, but if you run this enough, it is guaranteed to create one of the most evil and wicked lives on the face of the earth. I expect that the highest male IQ on a pig-farm would be a pig IQ of 600 due to the removal of natural selection. This would cause extreme suffering just from existing. In the end, this is proof that man is no good. From man to pig, there is a reduction in male semen count so as to limit variability (prevent autism, schizophrenia relative to brain white matter) and keep the same amount of mental ability/strength in the males (providers of food, shelter). The boar Sus Scrofa has 100x the sperm of a human male, and this is likely 100x the variability per milliliter of sperm as well. This means that men and animals have similar amounts of IQ variability (roughly 1/4 of brain at max between two parents) despite one being over 10x smarter than the other, so pigs may as well be humans. I have seen cats that are 3.6x smarter than other cats (longer skull relative to ear), so this is easily verified by looking at animal skull variance. This is proof that men are worse than snakes or sharks or any other natural predator as in the natural order, there is no serious autism, so there is no true suffering. They need the meat or else they will be malnourished and killed by foreign invaders. There is no choice but animal murder and artificial insemination. Cultured meat (artificial meat grown from stem cells) may never be a viable replacement for animal slaughter. At best it will be occasionally used in places like Japan or Singapore. What can be done is the installation of a pig IQ test, an escape route, into pig-pens. Any male pig that escapes the pen is to be examined for autism, likely euthanized for meat before the IQ runs higher. This is doubtful to happen. I can only see them installing botched intelligence tests that test mathematical ability on autistic male pigs, if anything, failing to protect them, likely intentionally. You can also try and enforce regulations on artificial insemination, like passing over pigs with abnormally large skulls, but this is likely to not be realized under the time constraint and low standard of thinking most people inseminating animals run off of. So I do not believe in man at all. If I were a snake or an owl, I would reproduce into this place. But people are the worst creatures to ever come out of this place.
  19. #6.) The Holocaust is real, but it was largely humane. All of the intelligent Jews saw what was coming and fled the country before it ever came for them. The ones that stayed behind were low IQ, low fear peoples. There were intelligent Jewish males in the holocaust, but they were children and likely missing 60-40 IQ points. If they were smarter, they would have gotten away as well. There was likely little to no real suffering. Just externalization of pain. Adolf Hitler did the Holocaust because he knew Jews would not fight in a world war, so he could not kill them. He sent them to death camps solely to murder them. When you look at men like Saddam Hussein and their own genocide against Iraqis and Kurds, it becomes evident that someone like Hitler is just a more capable Hussein and would definitely slaughter everyone, as was done during WW2.
  21. #7.) Even a little bit of foreign blood, genetic distances like German-to-Norwegian, destroys the race. The human brain evolved from the most discriminating species on the face of the earth. The ones that could love inanimate objects or foreign species did not reproduce even if they survived. Discrimination was selected for to keep the chain of reproduction going. Love is used as a chemical reward. There is not much genetic distance from man to fish, but they kill them en-masse. The Armenian and Bosnian genocides, as well as the Norway Attack from Anders Behring Breivik (who is half-german, half-norwegian) are proof that minute genetic distances mean you are not the same people anymore. This means you can no longer love the females or males. It is totally gone. All that is there is a wicked lust for their body. Anywhere in Russia where there is even a little bit of Mongol DNA from rape, there is an extremely high suicide rate as there is no love. America has a very high suicide rate when compared to the racially pure sections of the UK, Norway. The race came from billions of years of evolution. It can not be replaced. Even a bit of different DNA means it is dead. Most Syrian serial murderers are in other neighboring lands. Any country you see a very high suicide rate, that is a result of blood-mixing. There are almost no nations on earth without blood-mixing. I do not think that parents and children have the same DNA even though one makes the other in a mixed-raced society. They may as well be strangers to their kids, but with a greater mental reward for associating as the genetic symbols are more congruous, not real love just similar. I have automatically cared more for dogs than my own "family", so I have to think that this is true. I also eat food after my male cat (higher estrogen standard than my Dad) has bitten off of it, but do not do the same with my Dad. I do not consider the many races of man complete enemies in-spite of all this even though racially pure ones will kill anything that is not their race to grow. I really see a symbiotic relationship at the first opportunity in the same way clown fish and sea anomenes work together to grow as soon as the ethnic nation is gone. Minority races in ethnic nations do get genocide eventually though, but if everyone is a minority race, then it's fine.
  23. #8.) Race-mixing selects for autism. When you cross DNA, what ends-up happening is masculine faced (low forehead/eyebrow) men look hideous to feminine faced (high forehead/eyebrow) women as the DNA is no longer the same race. The feminine faced, high-forehead/high-eyebrow men (who are also naturally higher IQ) become preferred. And the feminine faced women become too feminine for the men as they are no longer the same DNA. The X chromosome (female, XX) that has evolved from bacteria-to-man to be increased in males (XY) to compensate for increasing amounts of intelligence (steadily higher forehead/eyebrow with more estrogen/feminine bone structure) still prefers the male Y portion of the females as it is closer to the original life (likely pure Y without an X chromosome) and therefor sexually favorable. Women, which are an increased XX chromosome (half-men), no longer prefer the Y due to the DNA change (they did naturally when racially the same, yet it was wired enough to keep feminine faced women from extremely masculine faced men), but still prefer the X as their own X in their XX chromosome has been biologically increased through evolution, and it is closer to the original female life (XX), so it is sexually attractive in other race men (Who have pronounced X in their XY chromosomes relative to other men) as it appears congruous. Having a pronounced X chromosome (high forehead/eyebrow) and being XY (male) relative to an XX female is essentially polish for the male face. In both genders, Men are originally Y and wired for X chromosomes, and women are originally XX and wired to be attracted to Y chromosomes, so any blood-mixing soils this forced evolutionary wiring within the race. All that is left behind once the race is gone is sexual attraction to the self (Male XY to Y, female XX to X) (which is in-line with the original asexual life.). Likely, it is so that the sexuality of asexual life is still wired into the brains of all sexual life today as it is the first thing to work with evolution with minor adjustments to prevent too much self-love. So what you see is high forehead males (which are naturally intelligent or else they would be schizophrenic and not reproduce) and low forehead females (which are naturally low IQ), and this creates autism in the offspring as it causes excess gray matter in the brain due to increased intelligence, so someone, male or female, with a low forehead is meant to have a low IQ to keep their brain strong-willed and driven, but because of the race-mixing and sexual selection, it is installing a high IQ into something meant to be low IQ at all times. So it is creating autistic, disabled men without drive for life like Adam Lanza, Westley Dodd, Eric Harris, etc. This is happening because the parents are not the same race.
  25. #9.) Birds of a feather flock together. Time affects everything in the brain, including all thoughts in the human brain, because time itself moves around the spinning world in the same way water moves around a spinning ball under water. Anytime you are thinking of something, it is likely right there. For an example, I would think of my bird feeder, and I would step-outside, and I would immediately see a squirrel or a bird feeding at it. That is because we are both there at the feeder at the same time in our lifespan. We are both nearby and thinking about the same thing because we have been selected through extreme conditions to be at the same place at the same time. This applies to everything in life. If you are thinking about something, then it is coming/there. I have also come to realize that we are like synchronized clocks because of the earth's space-time moving everything above, on, and inside earth in a circular motion due to the earth spinning on its axis (imagine a piece of rope on a spinning globe, eventually curling into a repeating circle yet capable of staying one location), so we think about the same thing at the same time because we are in the same area, and end-up at the same place. This is because the dimension/force of time affecting us at the precise time because we're in the same location even if our brains are radically different from one another. If someone or something is similar to yourself (similar IQ and gray-to-white matter balance in the brain itself), you will likely think of the same thing at the same time as them and even end-up in the same location because of the circular pull on every living thing caused by the earth's spin. This also applies if someone or something is dis-similar to yourself (they will end-up doing different things from you because the parts they spin on are fundamentally unlike yours). I am also aware that because similar agents end-up doing similar things, entire areas may end-up with a higher or lower IQ. This is the same thing as weighted marbles rolling faster down a slope than unweighted ones and clustering together. I even played the video game Combat Arms with Adam Lanza when I was 11 and he was 16 because of this. We were 10 IQ points apart from each other and had a similar amount of gray matter-to-white matter in our brains respectively.
  27. #10.) It is better to never come into this place than be aborted or killed as an infant or anything of the sort or kind if you are not born with your race. There is no value here unless you are strong, and even then, it's not worth it. This is just a satanic thresher that punishes sentient men and supports strong/insane men and all women while being fueled by animal murder. The earth is a horrific spinning prison because of time/gravity that punishes those that do not move forward through space-time toward ever expanding goals. Human biology itself mentally brutalizes people through boredom, murder-programming (deprivation of joy from foreign places outside of the race the closer you are to the racial-facial average), and white-matter programming (Mental messages like: You are worthless, You are regressing, etc that produce a negative response in the brain) that decide to remain still in this place and refuse to do anything in life. This is because evolution favors violence/reproduction, activity in response to space-time. Eventually it all compounds as time goes on. Everyone here is somewhat insane, incapable of knowing what's really happening in their own brain and in the brains of other people. The average person does not know how much pain they are really in or how spun they are by space-time. It is no good to be born into this place without your race which is the ultimate biological goal in response to the force of time and space (earth's spin). Without the race, most people are just existing in a state of frustration in response to the earth's spin, pain and only the strong/insane or the cruel (those who take advantage of violence) find joy in life.
  29. #11.) Your name is an IQ test that your parents took, and because IQ is hereditary, you can not escape your name no matter how hard you run-up in IQ (the ceiling for a run/drop likely being about 81 IQ points). The only way out of this is if your father has a low IQ and your mother has a high IQ, and your father brute-forced your name onto you. Even then, you are connected to the IQ standard of your name through at least one parent. You can look-up people with your name, and you will know your intelligence standing. The best one to check is a father of someone with a given name. Richard/Geraint is 306 IQ. Anything from the Bible is about 285 IQ, and Kurt is 311 IQ. Edward is the best human name at 330 IQ. Names can run-up or down by 20 IQ points from the average IQ standard for them as well. The names of Kings and presidents recur throughout history because of names being an IQ test. Some names have stronger thinking behind them than others.
  31. #12.) Adolf Hitler is a good man, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Do not believe the lies about his life. He didn't do anything wrong to anyone. He stopped extreme and real animal suffering in his lifespan by stopping cruel and demonic men from living and then reproducing and slaughtering weaker life. All of the intelligent/sentient men escaped before anything ever came to them.
  37. #13.) *WARNING SEE ABOVE* DOUBLE WARNING TO BE AWARE THAT THIS TEXT MAY RUIN WOMEN FOR YOU. BE CAREFUL. At the high-range of human intelligence, Abortion is likely extremely evil for male fetuses. It takes time to build-up the necessary white matter for male babies. Female babies have brains of pure white-matter from the start, so they can never feel anything. Male babies are alive in the womb, with a brain of mostly primitive and original gray matter (male), and they can feel everything. Gray matter is the part of the brain that allows for sentience, disconnect, and high-standard thinking and ability to experience pain and love, etc. Most babies this is not an issue as their IQ is low and even if they were adults they would not feel anything. The original life-form is male, and the original brain is gray matter intense. It takes prenatal estrogen (from the female) to increase the white matter in the brain of males so that they are strong enough to run, jump, and reproduce while having an increased amount of intelligence. Otherwise you will make disabled males that experience too much pain to live life, and they would likely die in infancy as they would not be able to eat enough food in the womb. They would come out with a low birth-weight. Female fetuses are the root of white matter, which is your mental and physical power, your mathematical ability, your ability to imagine, and your ability to pay attention. Females have 9x the white matter of males automatically (6.5x in the part of the brain responsible for thinking). So female fetuses can not experience anything. They can only externalize all of it. It is like being high on the strongest drugs imaginable forever. Too much white matter in the brain causes a low amount of human development, for the men become like women. Women alone are near the developmental standard of male Walruses (maybe a bit below at 3.7 billion neurons instead of 3.1 billion). Asian men have too much white matter in their brain, so to compensate for this, they evolved to be smarter. So a 78 IQ African would have to be an 88 IQ Amerindian if they lived in the same exact conditions because Amerindian men have the White-matter baked into their DNA itself. There is no "high-low-forehead with a preference", so there is no variation. A 106 IQ Korean man would be a 96 IQ European man because they would live under similar conditions. The thing is, 2 IQ points up in gray matter = 1 real IQ point. Which is why the European have a higher standard of living than the Korean, Japanese. So the more gray matter in the brain, the stronger the thinking on average. It's also why women are on a similar standard to male Walruses. They would be men if they only had about a 1/4 of their brain (3.5 IQ points in white matter equaling the loss of 1 real IQ point). So near the male standard of Walruses.
  41. #14.) The races are all biologically different with different characteristics, and this includes IQ as we have all come from bacteria, so some races are further from it than others. But if you select for a trait through eugenics, you can over-come all biological standings because there is that much variance in the human species. So an 81.25 IQ West African (true West African IQ) could be 100 IQ if there were selection pressure for intelligence.
  45. (*some of this is inaccurate as some peoples are naturally low-exercise, low-nutrition in industrial systems due to a naturally lower IQ score, so some collectives may be missing 1 IQ point or more like Amerindians being marked 88 IQ max when they're really 89 IQ. Any peoples 84 IQ (Arabs are really 85.75 IQ), (Indians 84.5 IQ) or lower may be subject to this. You can use facial averages as a marker of IQ score if you do not have a reliable IQ table.)
  47. #15.) The lower your IQ, the more liable you are to find joy in life. This is because you are strong enough (high white-matter (Connection/attention) relative to gray matter (disconnect/sentience)) to be insane enough to find joy in most things you find as you think you are what you are seeing, and you are free to grow through things that are not substantial.
  49. #16.) Everything moves through space-time, people included. This has been called Will to Power by Friedrich Nietzsche. Without space-time, something that has existed from the beginning of the universe (the dimension of time, in all its raw power, coming before space and likely being the origin of space itself), there is nothing motivating life on earth. People are no different from a flowing stream because of this, and you can expect them to constantly move forward, and because there is evolutionary coding to prefer certain shapes and objects and symbols, what ends-up happening is reproduction even through race-mixing. If you could see the grand plan of space-time, it would look like a smear of a moving object forwards and backwards. Space-time, but primarily the dimension/force of time (space is just affected by time), is the force responsible for gravity as well, so that's another way to look at this. There's universal pressure from the dimension/force of time, and the "force" of gravity as we can see it is just the universal force of time exposing itself through a large disturbance caused by large space (planets, stars, etc.). I think time has existed since before the big-bang, and physical objects travel through it (are permeated by time) and influence it with their mass, and the resulting bend of time bends space (the bigger the mass the bigger the bend in time and therefor space), so that the force of gravity exists, which is actually the curvature and power of space-time itself. It is primarily a consequence of the dimension of time that all this happens as it is the real force to gravity. Space is just what is manipulated by time. Without time, objects would just spawn and stay in one place. There would be no potential for movement in reality at all because this is how important time is as a dimension of reality. Everything that exists in space moves through the dimension of time as well. So when a person experiences time, they are experiencing a dimension of reality that they evolved to perceive in moving objects. I see space as fighting the ocean of time, which is more than a universe wide, for the right to exist, and the primary reason time bends space is because it is larger than space. If I had to say what space-time looks like in action, I would say that it is like a ball (earth) moving through water (time) complete with a trail as objects move forward themselves. Space-time, but really the dimension of time, is a force so strong that it ties down everything to earth due to the force time has on the space of the earth. This is why objects fall when they are dropped, etc. Light is a universal constant because there is no space for time to bend. Human beings did not evolve to see the space-time continuum itself, but I am very sure this is what is happening. The forces of time and space influence the big-bang as well, forcing it to happen. Organisms create their own consistent bend in space-time, and this bend pushes them forward at all times when combined with the world's bend in space-time. This means people are like space-junk or the moon orbiting the earth. I think a good visual example of space-time affecting matter on earth would be ocean currents and weather/hurricanes. They both move forward, but in a circular manner. Of course, these are caused by the spin of the earth (which expands beyond the earth itself due to time impacting space and then space impacting time, creating a circle in air and water and organisms as stationary objects are spun into an imperceptible circle by the spin of the earth and its space-time), but that spin is the space-time of earth itself, and this force is affecting every living thing on earth. So the circle of the earth's spin on its axis creates a circle in organic life that moves forward at all times due to its own bend in space-time, exactly like the earth. This is the force responsible for all of the people, buildings, businesses, and nations on earth today. All of it behaves according to the circular nature of the earth's space-time (which spins and forms an invisible circle in time) on man. Another great visible example would be the gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn. Space-time is likely affecting matter on earth in a similar way to the gases on those planets. I think an important thing to ask yourself is "Why not a still ocean/cloud?" or "Why do objects fall and not levitate?" when considering all of this.
  51. #17.) Everyone has a racial standard for prenatal estrogen/asian body structure (forehead/eyebrow height). This is unique to the individual of any race by as much as 13 IQ points up or down (potentially as much as 20 or more) from the average even while having the exact same amount of prenatal estrogen exposure (Some West African men are at a 107 IQ estrogen standard while having a 130 estrogen IQ face, while others are at a 143 IQ estrogen standard while having a 130 estrogen IQ face; Some European men are at a 137 IQ estrogen standard while having a 150 estrogen IQ standard face, some are at a 163 IQ estrogen standard, etc.) The average estrogen standard changes all the way from Bacteria to man, so how people treat animals is how they treat people in mixed-raced countries. The European male is set at 150 IQ. The Arab male is at 135. The African male is set at 130 IQ along with the East Asian. They also have racial standards for Asian facial structure. The European, Arab, and African are set at 130 IQ. The Amerindian at 138 IQ. The North East Asian male at 157 IQ. What happens is that the average European/African/Arab is hated by the average East Asian male because they are at the average. They are considered disgusting, and they would be killed/brutalized along with the women. The estrogen standard of a human face affect everything a person sees in other people. A higher estrogen standard on a person (10+ or more) means they appreciate other race women more than men at lower estrogen standards. A lower estrogen standard (10- or more) means they appreciate other race men more than the average estrogen standard. This is applicable to women as well (who have a +15 to the standard as they are female) Anything that falls into a value of 10 or less is a danger-zone. 12 is not much better, but slightly more acceptable. This also happens with Europeans. If a man is at the European standard for prenatal estrogen, he will hate any other race of man that is at the same facial standard. African Americans are set at 135 prenatal estrogen due to European admixture, but they are at the 130 standard because of their mother's high testosterone womb. Latin Americans are at a 136 IQ estrogen standard due to European admixture, but like African Americans, they are set at 130. They are largely oriental as well, but there are some Latin American men and women that lead with prenatal estrogen. All of this is because as IQ escalated, there was a need for brain white matter to go up as well so as to keep men wanting to reproduce into this place, and willing to fight for life at all times. So as you move away from bacteria, the forehead/eyebrows go higher and higher along with the size of the brain itself. It is increasing the white matter of the male brain, which is naturally primitive and before the female brain. If some one has an Asian value of 131, and a prenatal estrogen value of 132, then they will think like a European male and treat Asian men like they are European. And if someone has an Asian value of 132 and a prenatal estrogen value of 131, they will think strictly like an Asian and treat European men like they are Asian. So understand your own face, and you will understand other people. For a visual example see:
  55. #18.) The ideal other race wife is intelligent (not going to run-off and destroy everything you have done due to being low IQ) and primitive faced (lower eyebrow/forehead than your own, by at least 15 IQ points in feminization) compared to your own facial structure. If you grab a wife that is not your DNA that has a matching or higher forehead/eyebrows than your own, you will only ever encounter hate. They may try and kill you if they are 326 IQ or higher with poison because women are like male Leopard Seals, so they can think to hurt you if they are smart enough. The best thing to do if you lead with prenatal estrogen is to find a female you are attracted toward that does not lead with an Asian facial structure, or with very low Asian eyebrows relative to your own, and vice versa if you are Asian. You may want to leave the country you reside in and go live somewhere else if you can not secure one due to having too low of a forehead/eyebrow, or if you are Asian in a European country or European in an Asian country. But then you cut yourself off from finding isolated potential partners, although harder to find. If you are high forehead and high eyebrow, consider Morocco, or Uruguay. If you are higher forehead and lower-eyebrow, then you likely want a slightly low-forehead wife from Morocco. Consider using the internet, dating applications like Tinder, and setting your location to Morocco/Uruguay with tinder passport. See what happens. If your male child is set to have autism because of such practices (high IQ, low forehead), you can probably go to a hospital and ask for your doctor to give your partner estrogen so that your child's forehead becomes higher. If they do not allow for this, consider buying phytoestrogen supplements made of vegetables off of Amazon or at Wal-mart as this makes a male child's forehead higher safely. Something like Solaray Phytoestrogen supplements, made of vegetables (linked down below this paragraph). You may also want to try Pueraria Mirifica; it's such a strong phytoestrogen that 1500 miligrams for 8 months daily will make a man grow B-cup breasts if he takes a testosterone blocker like Vitex at 1800 miligrams daily for 6 weeks. This may run a baby from 92 estrogen IQ to 185 estrogen IQ because of how strong it is if taken during a pregnancy while maintaining relative safety due to being a phytoestrogen. Of course, this idea of PM may be as wrong by as much as 100 IQ points up or 50 IQ points down from 185 estrogen IQ, so be aware it's not a very safe thing as there is a very big lack of information. And be sure to exercise caution if you do choose to expose an unborn child to more prenatal estrogen to match their IQ score. Also be aware that there is a lack of information on schizophrenia due to inaccurate diagnosing of this condition. I believe the average IQ is 123 while the average feminization is 150 IQ for a European male, so anything lower than that would mean schizophrenia. I can not prove this though, so be aware that is another portion of reality where there is a lack of information. Also, if you increase a males forehead height, he will be extremely liable to reproduce and have children even if he has a 400 IQ because it would become way too easy as they would have extreme attraction to women and women would be attracted to them as well. It is giving someone cancer for women and reproduction, so it is likely to end-up creating 7 or more children once the male child grows into a man. The Pueraria Mirifica increases the white matter in the human brain, and the likelihood of schizophrenia in a child if you are not careful. (linked below) This will make them mentally stronger, and better at mathematics. Consider that your child may drop 50 or 81-100 IQ points (this depends on the IQ between the parents, it's always 1/4 of brain at all times and this varies, so a 123 IQ at max only becomes 153 IQ or 93 IQ, and a 332 IQ becomes either a 413 IQ or a 251 IQ) or run 81-100 IQ points above the average of you and your wife when you do this, and that if you buy hard chemical estrogen supplements without a doctor, you may put your child at risk for premature birth or miscarriage. And it is good to have a difference between parent and child in terms of estrogen so as to diminish violence and domestic issues. Be careful to not give your child too much estrogen. This would make your son homosexual, schizophrenic. It would ensure a lower quality of living. In a European country, the average male is 150 IQ estrogen and 124 IQ healthy. So try to not run beyond 17 IQ points between the average of the two parents. You can use this photograph for a visual. The Egyptian man on the left is at 135 IQ estrogen, the British man on the right is at 150 IQ estrogen. Uruguay exists and is fully functional despite being 96 IQ with 130 IQ math ability, so you should not worry too much about your child's mathematical talent. Remember that males have the potential to go up or down 70 IQ points or more from their parents. So if you add the estrogen, remember to keep this in mind. Be sure to check if you can get estrogen before you think of any of this, otherwise you could be building a tragedy. I'll be honest, I can only feel irrational hate for my Dad for bringing me into this place. The sexual differences do not mean a thing. It does stop me from stealing from my Dad though, but that's also because of the autism as well combined with the facial differences. I think if I were 100% mentally average, I may attack my Dad in some way, but I am who I am. *All the above is not any form of child/marital advice. It is simply information.
  61. #19.) Killer Whales are 2.637x smarter than man. They have a greater volume of cortical neurons, and a bigger brain. They are feeding a bigger body and have higher caloric needs than man naturally, so it makes sense they would need smarter thinking to survive, especially in a place where the animals evolved to not get eaten. The reason they do not control the entire planet is because they can not survive on land, and flippers are not as versatile as a human hand. I've seen squirrels open bird feeders with their paw-hands, but my cat and dog have never done anything as complex as that due to the lack of versatility. I expect that the maximum intelligence for most animals in the wild is a 2.5x on the average member of their species. This means the smartest natural male Chimpanzee in the world would score around 142 IQ on a human IQ test if the average Chimpanzee IQ is set at 40. I do not think something like me, a 3.76x, could survive without technology.
  65. #20.) The industrial system can not be destroyed at this point in human history without nuclear bombs/extreme warfare, and even then if any people survived it would simply rebuild itself. This is because of time/gravity forcing technological progress from man when combined with the spin of the earth. Every country is in a grueling struggle for life. The first one to dissolve its government and rid itself of technology, firearms, gas, and military, is going to be invaded. The first people to make themselves weak will be the first to die. Like the Europeans and the Amerindians. In light of how modern men live, with all of the race-mixing, I don't see much benefit in going back to a hunter-gatherer society anyway. It's not going to be much more enjoyable than having a job. There is a 306 IQ man in power willing to invade a country and kill people at all times. So there is no going back to spears and bows at this point. Man is fused to whatever technology comes out.
  67. #21.) Technology has radically altered human life. Creating a 40 point IQ drop in sedentary modern man due to lack of blood and oxygen in the brain and organs (the only way to fix this is to do hard cardiovascular exercise and increase the blood and oxygen in the brain) Be aware this makes you a lazier person that sees less value in most things in life as you are no longer mentally connected to your surroundings, so you feel less inclined to grow through them in response to the earth's space-time. In the natural environment, men are meant to hunt 2-4 hours a day. They primarily hunted by running. So the human body has evolved to run. When you do not run and sit down 24/7 because of all of the technology around you, you destroy your own heart, lungs, liver, and brain. You drop your IQ score as you cut off the brain and oxygen to your brain that needs an increased daily supply to run at max capacity. And Yes, men are best off fighting for their life in this place. That is the most gratifying life possible. This is called a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The human body needs fish, water, vitamin D, fiber, and meat/vegetables to run at its best. If you can not secure these things yourself, you're best off buying Omega 3 supplements and taking a daily Vitamin D capsule. Buying Fiber gummies. This is a complete list of everything I do to care for my body at 413 IQ
  69. Drink half-a-gallon or more of water a day (adjust to body weight and activity level), cut-out as much processed sugar as possible (can cause brain damage), take daily Omega-3 and vitamin D supplements if you lack fish or sunlight (best to eat real fish and go outside at noon for 10-30 minutes or more a couple of times per week depending on skin color), eat fiber and avoid man-made carbohydrates (sugar, bread, alcohol) (it causes fatigue, unnecessary hunger, and weight gain), and take a daily multivitamin. Eat all of your food within a 4-to-8 hour period (maybe less) to start a 16-20 hour fast for better thinking, more energy, better digestion of food, superior calorie burn, and improved mood. (try and eat in the afternoon to not lose sleep at night, be sure to at least eat at your Basal Metabolic Rate daily, and eat nutrient dense food, not junk to avoid binge eating) Eat a healthy diet high in fiber, and eat meats, eggs, and various fruits/vegetables. Shoot for Probiotics as well. Sleep at least 8 hours a day, but know that you will receive better rest by exercising, fasting, and eating well. Do cardiovascular exercise (go as fast as possible and then take a break, listen to your body. This gives you the best vascular improvement whether you are running or jumping rope))(3-4 miles + of walking, 1-2 miles of running, jump-rope, etc) daily/when possible (take breaks from it when stressed by it and listen to your body if something brings it pain) and supplement it with anaerobic exercise (push-ups, sit-ups, etc). All of this is necessary and good for your brain and mood. It will make you a smarter, healthier, more attractive, more creative, stronger, and happier human being.
  71. This is a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and the one true way of living designed for all human and animal life. Technology has radically changed the world.
  76. #22.) The angle of a person's eyebrow is reflected in their personality. So brows in a "V" shape show that that person is a "Grab what is directly in front of me.", brows in a straight line show that that person is a "Grab what is coming and more valuable in the future, and stay steady down the road." There is no study on this, but from what I've seen of people, generally that is true.
  78. #23.) The Universe is most likely not a simulation. It takes food scarcity and general inability for hands, something with near total control over their environment, to evolve. Large organisms with potential for very big brains like whales can not sustain a large size with food scarcity or general inability (lack of ability to obtain food through raw power). It is not possible. A planet that can support large organisms can not go through true food scarcity (a prerequisite for hands) without killing said large life. And because man, the typical intelligent species from a planet with typical gravity and in the habitable zone, has evolved to do the bare minimum at all times (their intelligence is a product of their body size), it is looking less and less likely that any evolved life would ever simulate a Universe. It is likely not possible. Man still can not code convincing artificial intelligence despite having all of the resources to do so today, so it is very unlikely that they could code an entire reality at any point in the future, even if it all compounds on top of everything else. They have been using the same architecture planning since the 1800s because that is already the end of the human brain. Electricity, engines, and computers being introduced look like they're man beating the odds of nature and advancing, but really it is just man catching up to its IQ in a new medium. Once you hit the end, you can go no further. I do not think it is possible for alien life to somehow cheat this system either. Any intelligent life out there likely lives on a planet much like earth, and comes to a similar IQ stop that man has come to biologically. It's probably a similar form of orbit of the earth around the sun every-time a habitable planet with intelligent life exists as well irrespective of size, so the ice-age comes and then there's nothing that boosts the intelligence of life after that. Planets too close or too far from their sun, even in orbit, simply damage/simplify the potential organisms that can evolve. I'm certain that something like human life is all that ever happens in the universe. I do not think that a large brain in a large body with huge caloric needs can slowly evolve hands without dying (something that came from a lack of food) as they are set in their evolutionary niche. And once an organism has hands and a sufficiently high IQ, they create technology like farming and are naturally no longer under the selective pressure of nature, so it's all over at that point. I do not believe that the IQ, at this point, is high enough for the average man/alien to think of and support a eugenics program despite their desire to reproduce, on top of it being extremely difficult to implement due to this naturally low average IQ even in a potential war scenario, so it never happens. Even if some world leader, which is very unlikely as it demands violence, low IQ, to be in power, thinks to implement a Eugenics program at this point, they will likely botch it and end-up giving people autism, early death, if they are not over-thrown by their own populace first. What nature gives man is all that man will ever have, and because man is all that the Universe will ever make, I do not think that the Universe is ever able to simulate itself. The Universe experiencing itself is the end.
  80. #24.) Inbreeding in response to race-mixing is satanic to your own race. You are sending your own DNA into hell. A spinning prison (earth) constantly hammered by time/gravity without power to reproduce, and if they do reproduce, they are sending their own DNA into deafness, blindness, paralysis, low IQ, organ failure, cancer, and early death. This is because inbreeding causes genetic damage to DNA that works at the cellular level. This makes it so slowly the eyes can no longer see, the nerves to the brain do not send or receive electric signals, the bones do not heal from stress, the brain can no longer think, and the heart can no longer pump blood. It is pure poison. Eventually, they will be targeted by stronger and healthier races for destruction, and they will be destroyed. It is better to never do this than to do anything. And if you try and say "Just exist" you are wicked for they are under constant pressure to move forward through space-time. It is better for nothing to exist than anything such as this. If you do not believe that low IQ and low capability are bad, look at what men do to pigs, chickens, and cows. They use them for food solely because they are weak. This will be your family in some form if you inbreed, most likely through slavery, or direct murder if they are occupying land. I am aware that the 30 IQ point drop from generation to generation slowly erodes sentience and increases schizophrenia, but it still doesn't make for an acceptable way of living when there are potential +81 IQ point jumps upward on top of 50-70 IQ point jumps up in the males or females (who make more males), who will most likely be blind and deaf, potentially paralyzed, and suffering from brittle bones, etc. I consider reproducing into something that is fundamentally poisonous immoral and theft from my own race. And this I would never do. I do not consider the weak being destroyed by the strong a bad thing. It is what happens naturally even if there were nothing there.
  82. #25.) Do not feel bad that you are alive and taking life from other things by doing so. Most life on this earth, even if industrially produced, does not feel true pain even if it is male, running into the millions-to-billions, and 20-40% of all food that is produced is wasted in most countries every year, so there is no drain from keeping people alive.
  84. #26.) Recidivism is everywhere. Everything flows through the easiest channel forward in space-time. It will all just keep repeating itself in the same way the Sun rises and sets. The space of earth itself spins in a repeating circle while being pressed by time/gravity (this creates circles in all life even at the highest level of ability), which guarantees events to recur in organic life as similar positions in space-time repeat. This applies to all biological life as well no matter how complex things get. So if a criminal starts committing crimes at 16, he will keep committing crimes until he is 70 years old. Entire nations are on a form of repeat because of the loop the spin of the earth's space-time forms on individual men, so history is prone to repeating itself. If a business does poorly and then well and it shows itself to be a cycle, then it will likely do well after doing poorly. Of course, that is bearing that all of the variables are in place for the business to perform well. If something is missing or off, then it may finally crash in the same way a criminal may stop committing crime due to an old brain/body.
  86. #27.) Caffeine is a toxin for Herbivores. It drops human IQ by constricting the blood vessels in the brain. I have better athletic performance from Caffeine as it retards my IQ, but I have to do hard cardio daily to help my body counter-act the effect of this drug. Even then, it shuts-off the gray matter in the male brain and drops intelligence while keeping it relatively the same by stopping male disconnect. I became addicted to it because of my mother. It is confirmed to drop suicide risk though, and because I am living without my race, it is helping me to feel better about living life. I am aware that if I do not do hard cardio and drink caffeine, I am putting my brain at risk for long-term brain damage. Caffeine also causes malnutrition by irritating your bowels, causing improper food digestion and therefor lower IQ at all times. Caffeine also partially removes your sense of taste by constricting the blood vessels in your sinuses. The studies that claim caffeine drinking = higher IQ do not show that it takes a high IQ to drink caffeine in the first place. Especially in women. Women are the only people that will show the true impact of caffeine on the brain over a long period of time with the current IQ tests, and there isn't much information studying that. (Since writing this, I have quit drinking caffeine and have found I can think clearly and food taste better despite life being somewhat less enjoyable.)
  91. "The caffeine in coffee beans serves as a toxic substance protecting the seeds of the plant, a form of natural plant defense against herbivory" - Ecology of Coffea, the plant Caffeine comes from.
  93. #28.) The ideal Eugenics program would target one section of the populace at a time, label them communist, against the government, etc, and send the males to internment and the females to another separate internment. This secrecy is because the average man would say "No" to not being able to reproduce. Any genetic tampering may cause rejection from the original race as well (it all compound as any changes are permanently 100% hereditary and can not be undone once run) if this is done in a racially pure land. You can keep the men in camps and make them produce for the country through farming, wood-cutting and processing, etc. If the population uses prenatal estrogen (Arab, Jewish, European, etc), you would use semen from a high IQ male and artificially inseminate the females, but you would increase the prenatal estrogen so that the forehead (which is the amount of white matter in the brain) increases. This would make it so that upon release from the internment camp, the males and females will stay in one area as natural men do. If there is too much gray matter, then you will get eugenic men running to separate areas of the country to blood-mix, which would create extreme autism and help to destroy the entire country. A 161 average IQ (which is what is to be expected from a 200 IQ male ran on a 123 IQ population) would demand a 178 estrogen forehead. The natural standard for a European male is 140 estrogen with a 123 IQ. There is also IQ rolling up and down (as much as 80 or 90 IQ points), so you would have to adjust the amount of estrogen per person (up or down) depending on the female even if you use a single male (which is advisable against as to avoid inbreeding, at least 100 or more interchangeable male donors are recommended) as women have IQ variance. You could likely tell their IQ score instantly from using their Ears and the size of their skull alone. This would need to be extensively verified with IQ tests before anything ever happens. You can likely just take the median IQ of the sperm donor and the female and mark the estrogen at that standard. So a 200 IQ male and a 167 IQ female would need a son that is at 183 estrogen. It is also advisable to measure IQ in various families and record all of it, so you would know ahead of time what a 200 IQ male and a 150 IQ female produce. East Asians can simply find a 200 IQ with 217 white matter and use that for a eugenics program. This would eliminate all autism. Of course, if the average nation finds out that this has been happening, any leader would be deposed immediately. And then there is a high chance that because the people are smarter, making them normal by increasing the white-matter will not help. They will blood-mix selfishly and create autism anyway. So you would have to make a delayed release of any and all men in internment, but a low average IQ of 155 or so may prevent this. I would never release this information, but industrial evil is already here. So the only solution is to improve the human species. A 50 IQ point jump in thinking would create trillions of dollars in gains for any country to do this, and it would lead to more humane treatment for animals that are food for man. Too much estrogen would lead to schizophrenia, homosexuality in the males. And an inability to disconnect and therefor think. Too little estrogen would make the average man think like me, autistic, not want to have a job, and quickly commit suicide if pressed at all to suffer. So this is the only thing to do. And of course, the men would all be above their estrogen standard, but then natural selection would take care of everything else. The ones not willing to murder would be selected out from society and the gene pool. A leap in development of 50 IQ points on average would be like the leap in development from Sans Bushman to Western European. This one exists because man is only 24 times smarter than male dogs, so there is much need for improvement. I do predict a form of Eugenic arms race if this ever begins. The nations that do not practice it being destroyed by the ones that do. I do see this creating extreme autism in man. The males unfortunate enough to be mothered by a 100 IQ female (in truth 123 IQ) and blood-mixed with a 150 IQ (in truth 173 IQ) people will suffer extremely, so there would need to be total state control of marriage. Maybe even state borders for ones that have been processed through eugenics. Or a baby screening program while 140 IQ points are gone from the adult brain, babies with serious autism being heavily drugged (because it would have beyond an adult IQ score and brain), and then euthanized. Ideally, this would all be tested on animals like rats and pigs before it is ever started on human beings. A natural amount of white matter in the male brain will ensure technological progress in the future. You can not have a "I don't care about that" on a global scale. When this begins, there is no way to stop it. It will spread like a virus and man will be fused to it like they are fused to nuclear bombs and computers, but this will unleash even more technology and pain on the world as the 150 IQ babies will grow to make technology themselves. I can only see this putting an end to serious animal suffering as the increased intelligence will allow for better vigilance during animal insemination, animal execution, and animal treatment, etc. While creating pockets of extreme autism and true suffering in man, but roughly 25 IQ points over-clocked if done correctly which will eventually be phased out. One serious issue is that the sperm count of males with higher IQ scores would need to be dropped through selection for less variability as as IQ runs upward there's a demand for less deviance from the average. Otherwise you create autism, schizophrenia. Dogs are at 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Humans are at 105 million sperm per milliliter of semen. The one serious issue I can see is that all of the men will be extremely removed from the facial average, which is set by evolution to support murder, and in an industrial system, where they are not exposed to killing daily, that may mean that they are no good as soldiers because they may not be able to kill their enemies. The best possible solution to this is to select for faces that run higher in estrogen/asian features on average due to genetic variation. The average person can vary by 15 IQ points up or down from the estrogen standard (so some European men are at 160 estrogen IQ while others are at 135 estrogen IQ), and this variation is permanent and genetic, so it can be selected for along with intelligence to create a racially superior breed as it is visible when compared against two separate faces. (Someone sees two faces, is aware of their own estrogen standing, and they predict another person's estrogen standing off of seeing two faces selected to be average/above or below average, but of real men/women, so they can see any genetic deviation from the racial estrogen standard and select people that have a higher standing and higher intelligence.) Hopefully, this effect is applied to both men if this should ever happen, but should their enemy be Asian, then it may create issues where they are killed and the Asian lives because there is no hesitation from the Asian faced soldier as there would be in a prenatal estrogen faced soldier. Because they are disconnected from the murder of animal themselves, they may not be murderers in their brain, which is a major issue in a world built of murder. It may be that the idea of dying will motivate them to kill anyway, but I do not believe it until it is observable. There is hope that there will be an understanding that reproduction means murder though, and that the rejection based off of DNA and the murderous brain from the increased white matter will make them kill anyway. It may just be that this is another part of the natural selection for murder. I think the best solution is to practice eugenics on a predator such as a wolf or lion, and then increase the amount of prenatal estrogen and intelligence by selecting lions with larger skulls until you have a predator with the equivalent of 300 estrogen or so in a man. Then expose the eugenic predator to its natural prey and see if it will kill it. It is also necessary to expect autism due to race-mixing, so it is advisable to test autistic yet high estrogen predators as well to be sure that high-low-forehead, high IQ will kill as well. It may take up to 3 thousand years in an industrial system for the new standard to be the facial average because of the new industrial lifestyle stopping people from killing just to live. It may never correct as well, and the people would just exist permanently out-of-balance with nature itself. The men unwilling to kill male and female animals to survive as they are too far removed from the facial average (280 estrogen from a 120-140 estrogen people) but eating food and producing for the country anyway. In a mixed-raced social system like Iraq, Uruguay, or the United States, running an oppressive Eugenics program would be easy because the people are not truly unified and would run at the first sight of danger as they are not genetically related to the people interned. Just silencing them as well would work too if they even look slightly dangerous, like they would say something just to hurt the current government. It is my belief that the primary reason Eugenics has never been realized is because men could not think of how to implement it, and due to civil freedom in places where they can, not because it is dangerous. I do not believe in increasing intelligence without increasing prenatal estrogen/white matter in the brain as that is destructive to the power and unity of a people. Ideally, there would be nothing, no reproduction at all, and no nightmare like this.
  95. #29.) Animals are alive and think exactly as man does just with less intelligence (both mathematical and raw brain). Anything that moves and breathes may as well be human in its brain. Worms and roaches included. This is because we all come from bacteria and evolution has selected for one kind of brain (one set standard of gray-matter relative to white matter for both genders) to multiply itself across all species, and it is this mind that man shares with all animal life.
  97. #30.) People are their IQ, the amount of gray-matter (ability to disconnect and think creatively/brain sensitivity to sensation/pain) in their brain relative to white-matter (ability to pay attention/do mathematics) (scales with IQ and facial features) (low IQ, high forehead/eyebrows = high white matter, high IQ, low forehead/eyebrows = high gray matter) (white matter simply being an evolved cover over gray matter which is the original and more primitive between the two brain matters as it is male) Pro-survival White-matter programming in their brain inherited from evolution (what they find desirable, disgusting, and moral as well as their self-control (all of this is variable from person to person even if they have the same face, but the average is most prominent and typical)), how high their forehead is, and how high their eyebrows are (the more prominent feature between the forehead (European) and eyebrows (East Asian) determining the amount of white-matter/mathematical ability in their brain and the internal morality of the person.(if they are facially average for a European, they would morally kill most, or if their East Asian features (eyebrows) are more prominent over their European features (making them strictly Asian even if it's 130 estrogen IQ and 131 Eyebrow/Asian IQ), they may be average faced and would kill most while looking like they are not to the uneducated observer, etc.) One feature more prominent over the other (higher forehead than eyebrow value, etc.) sealing them as Asian or European, and all of the variance in morality that brings (if they have low eyebrows and an even lower forehead and are asian they may want to protect you and kill your sister even if you are not Asian, etc.). You can predict everything a person will ever say and do based off of their geographic location, their IQ, and how effeminate or masculine their face is when factored in with their prenatal estrogen standing relative to their racial DNA (which means they may love men and hate women if it is a low estrogen/Asian standing, or they may hate everyone except very high estrogen/asian standing men if they are facially a bit below the racial average (15 down - Adolf Hitler/Saddam Hussein), but love women and men if it is a high estrogen/asian standing (30 up - Daniel Dennett.) This applies to all life on earth, and it is the root reason as to why people do similar things over and over. They are being affected by space-time that presses them into a circular motion forward and there are only so many parts to their brain. This is why you can predict who will do what off of the actions of people that have existed before them. They are like a hurricane if it were made of very specific parts. At 265 IQ, a person can think to tell a serious lie; at 326 IQ, a person can think to kill others; at 350 IQ a person can think to exploit nations to kill others, etc. This is applicable to all males and females even though females are more undeveloped than males mentally as they still externalize as if they are at their true IQ score.
  99. #31.) Morality, and what is morally acceptable, changes from person to person based off of feminization and IQ, but feminization generally somewhat out-weighing IQ (which is why there are murderers with average faces and very high IQ scores). In a mixed-raced society, morality is a serious issue that it is not in a mono-racial society (everyone is safe as everyone is genetically the same and evolutionary moral programming protects them) as even a little bit of foreign DNA forces a serious deficit in social morality. A lower IQ increases the likelihood of lower moral thinking as well (which is built out of the central nervous system); this also erases sentience/disconnect in the human brain (gray matter) making them less sensitive to biological morality, so it is even more unlikely that they would see an issue, so fundamentally it is a more murderous brain unless it can't think to bring a person harm. There is only one moral structure (that is evolved into the brain of man), and all human beings share it, but it changes from person-to-person. This biological morality is built around animal murder and the race (animals share the same DNA as people yet are killed for food. This murder morality applies to all other-race people.), so the average male and female are morally built to kill all animals and people. Despite this being so, it is subject to change from person to person. This even impacts what people find joy in in daily life (low forehead men enjoying high forehead music/company, high eyebrow asian man enjoying low eyebrow asian music/company, all of it present in both genders, etc) One man with a semi-high feminization standing may want to protect women and would kill other men. One man with a masculine feminization may want to protect men and would kill women. One man with a very high feminization may want to semi-protect everyone, but he would kill men that look exactly like himself. And the average man morally being a murderer of all even at the highest standard of IQ if there is a lack of sentience. I would say it is a 10 point IQ range up or down in feminization for automatic murder. When everyone is on the same facial standing (all estrogen/asian faced), they can immediately tell, to some degree, who would do what to them just by seeing their face. The thinking of "I will hurt you." runs both ways in such conditions. What the facial average is for estrogen changes from race-to-race because of man evolving from bacteria. So West African would be at 131, Middle Eastern at 135, and Turkish/Jewish at 140/142 with Western European at 150 and Russian at 147. (the number coming from how much of their IQ is devoted to mathematical thinking/white matter on average) This applies to Asians as well. Furthermore, different people (like Asian) have a different standing of morality. An average faced Asian man (starting at an eyebrow value of 131 for most non-asians that may still be Asian) will kill a very high/low feminization Estrogen man with average Asian eyebrows even if that man would not hurt him. Some people may think "These people aren't alive. It's okay to destroy them.", so you can't really just trust a human face even though that is dependable as you do not know what they are thinking at all times unless you know their IQ score. All of the above applies to animals as well, so a person that would kill an animal would kill a man and vice versa because animals have their own estrogen/asian standard as do people; it's just a more primitive version. Some races also have collectively different morality. Asian people, especially lower IQ ones like Amerindians, may think it's okay to boil or flay people/animals alive because they collectively have less sentience in their brain, can not think that the animal may not think like them because they are low IQ, and feel less pain. I think a good rule in light of all this is to do unto others as they do unto you.
  101. #32.) The best possible meaning to life is to grow and move forward through things that are appealing to you as space-time pushes you ahead. Before industrialization or agriculture, the race automatically fulfilled this to an extreme standard as there was nothing more desirable than something with the same DNA as yourself. But with all of the war from technology and consequent race-mixing this is totally erased for most people. Fundamentally, without the race, this means most people have an almost totally meaningless life, and the only thing keeping them growing toward goals at all times is their own particular amount of insanity and amount of desire for other race peoples (which is also marked by insanity on top of their facial feminization). They can not disconnect from what is in front of their face, and they think it is a part of themselves because both the males and females have a lot of white-matter in their brain as this was necessary to keep the chain of reproduction running in the worst possible circumstances from bacteria to man. Of course, different people have different desires, and different meanings to their life as people are all different because without differentiation it would be impossible for man to evolve from bacteria, so everyone is chasing their own personal meaning in life. At a basal level though, everyone without their race is growing in an insane way, void of love, and living in a cold and black pit, and their faces reflect this reality, but they think they are very happy inside even if they really are not. It is my perception that most people are just existing, moving ahead at the first desire to do so, and unaware of how they really feel about life while thinking they do because the sentient part of themselves does not totally handle their brain as this would be a death sentence in the natural habitat, so this keeps the chain of reproduction going. As mixed-raced life goes, the more white-matter (amount of ability to pay attention) in your brain relative to gray matter (amount that you can disconnect from your surroundings and see things as they really are), the more meaning you will find in life as you will pay more attention to your surroundings and believe that they are a part of you; leaving you totally free to personally grow through them. Your perception of reality changes with your IQ score by up to 90 IQ points depending on if you are drunk, tired, malnourished, and sedentary, or if you have done hard cardio exercise everyday for the past month, are well rested, and use no stimulants. This is because there's a definite amount of white-matter (ability to pay attention and move your muscles) in the human brain which is easily visible in the face and body, and it is all just something of a cover for a mostly gray-matter brain (ability to disconnect from your surroundings and think clearly and experience sensations like pain/have a sense of self) in males and females. Gray matter evolving first and most likely being the original brain of most life on earth, and white matter existing because of the need for mental toughness, desire for children, and mathematical ability for continued survival and reproduction. When the brain itself starts to shut-down due to ill effects, the white matter is there at all times, so the gray matter is what starts to turn off in the human brain. It is likely biologically programmed to be this way in the human mind as well.
  103. #33.) Earth's water likely came from stores of hydrogen on a very hot and primitive earth (particles still forming into the earth we know today) interacting with stores of oxygen. Both gases likely came from gases around the sun as the earth was forming. The heat from the friction of the earth's forming particles (clustering due to pull of space-time) and the sun (lack of atmosphere) likely cooked the hydrogen into the atmosphere along with the oxygen. Both gases were held-down by the earth's space-time (which only exists because the earth is so big compared to mars or the moon). As the earth began to stabilize and cool down, the hydrogen and oxygen, now bonded together as H2O, turned from a gas into a liquid. It is because of the earth's position from the sun that the water was allowed to become liquid and not just stay stuck in the atmosphere forever. This process makes the bulk of the water that is on the earth today. This is the same process that made the earth's atmosphere. It also explains why there is hydrogen in the earth's mantle and crust as well as in the atmosphere (part of it combining with oxygen, the other part of it combining with the earth's crust and mantle.) It is exactly as how mars is red and Jupiter is primarily made of gases.
  105. #34.) Life is likely abundant throughout the Universe. Life on earth began very soon after there was a stable body of water. LUCA (an abbreviation for last universal common ancestor for all life) is projected to have existed 4.5 billion years ago while the age of the earth is 4.54 billion years old. The first chemical reaction to replicate itself and keep going (which is very easy in a soup of chemicals) counts as alive. If the planet is big enough to maintain a protective atmosphere, then it likely has deposits of nickel and copper as well to create a magnetic field to protect itself from radiation and solar rays. Oxygen is likely a necessity for life as it takes a lot of Oxygen just to have enough H20 to sustain life. But because the observable universe is so big, and because water as we know it exists on Mars (meaning that hydrogen again combined with oxygen within the same solar system while it having a weak space-time compared to earth) then that means the first planet to fall into a goldilocks zone and have water and oxygen on it will eventually create life within 1 billion years. This is because of space-time having a "anything that can happen will happen" pattern to itself. On top of everything, the sun in our universe is known to be an ordinary and typical star, so the probability of a sizeable planet forming with water in a habitable zone seriously escalates, along with the probability of alien life. I do not believe that man will ever be contacted by aliens or even find intelligent alien signals as the conditions for intelligent life may be way too demanding as that takes an ice-age, but simple organisms like alien bacteria and microbes are likely within our solar system or a solar system or ten away from man. Furthermore, I expect for capable alien life to be low IQ for what they could be and solely focused on reproduction as man is. This is because at the first opportunity for total freedom from natural selection (which starts at Iraq/87 IQ for a human being), this path is automatically chosen as it is the easiest path forward. So there are likely no space-faring civilizations that exist. The ones that try likely never get beyond their neighboring planet as they simply are not smart enough to do so. I also can not see any freedom from war or disease or famine for intelligent alien species. I'm certain that intelligent life on earth is just repeating itself universally for all intelligent life in the universe, so it is very unlikely that there is an inter-galactic council of any sort or kind when man will never have that kind of capability even if they practice eugenics.
  107. #35.) Global Nuclear warfare is guaranteed. It has only been 76 years since the first atomic bombs have been dropped. They have been used before in war, so this is proof that it's coming back again. With the space-time of the earth violently pushing everyone forward and the low IQ in the ruling members of human society (306-330 IQ on average - which comes with a failure to learn from the past and lack of understanding as to why things like the holocaust happen) and lack of sentience, nuclear winter is likely going to happen. Nuclear bombs can easily be deployed and detonated at the push of a button. It's only a matter of time before a world leader with an IQ of 348 or higher ends-up in power and starts to demand the construction of nuclear weapons in their home country if there are none (and many nations are capable of making nuclear weapons quickly due to nuclear reactors) so that they can likely blow them on a civilian populace and declare war. This is inevitable as power ends-up in the hands of the intelligent, and if they are above 350 IQ, they will most probably conceal all of it successfully until it is too late. Within the next 500 years, I predict that there will be at least a second Hiroshima/Nagasaki, but most probably a real global nuclear war. I do not consider man intelligent enough to handle Nuclear weapons safely; nor do I think that denuclearization will ever be a reality due to nations needing to keep pace with other nations or else face destruction. I do not believe that mutually assured destruction will protect people in the long-run as people are fundamentally insane and willing to die for almost nothing as there is no life without insanity.
  109. #36.) There is no such thing as Dark Matter or Dark Energy. If it were real, it would be possible to identify such a thing happening on earth as it would need to be a universal force. What is more likely is that we live in a form of void, maybe even a Universe next to multiple unseen Universes, and the observable "Universe" as we know it is being pulled by unseen forces/clusters by gravity/time, so what ends-up happening from our perspective is we see red-shifted light that appears as if the Universe is having rapid expansion when it collectively is not. It has been said that complex structures such as galaxies can not form because the gravity from stars isn't strong enough, but this idea does not factor in that the collective space from galaxies is simply holding back the true brute force of time (something powerful enough to create an entire Universe) which means stars inside galaxies do not need to have an especially strong gravity to attract other stars into a pattern as the stars are in-line with the space-time of the entire galaxy. Gravity itself is just the dimension/force of time being disrupted by space (matter, planets, etc) (constant universal pressure due to the dimension/force of time, so any change in the dimension of time appears in space as gravity). Furthermore, it is likely that space-time extends well beyond the immediate space of objects. I believe there is corruption/fear in the Nobel prize society to support the idea of Dark Matter/Energy with very little evidence. The shape of the Universe itself likely mimics the shape of the galaxies seen from telescopes as time extends beyond the Universe and impacts all of it because it is a force strong enough to create the Universe itself. Really, all there is to the Universe is space and time and nothing more. People like to complicate things out of uncertainty, so they include things such as Dark Matter/Energy when such ideas are not grounded in reality and are simply failures to process the scale of the Universe and the scale of time (which extends beyond the Universe itself into the past and into the future.)
  111. #37.) Everything in the Universe is pre-determined. All of it is affected and predestined by space-time, time itself. In the same way a rolling ball will reach the bottom of a hill, everything, from the curvature of the roll to the speed, is pre-ordained before it ever happens. There is research on Quantum Mechanics that states Quantum particles are purely random, but this is likely because man can not see what underlies the physics of Quantum particles. If they could see that, they would know that the particles, even at the Quantum scale, are affected by time. If there were true randomness to Quantum particles and atoms themselves, it would not be possible for any matter to form as atoms would not be affected by the force of time, and there would be no clustering. So it is obvious there is still information that is missing.
  113. #38.) Evolution has set it so that females are the root of man's power. As intelligence (increased versatility/creativity in response to stimuli) moved away from bacteria in response to various environmental pressures (lack of food, need to escape predation, etc) forcing larger bodies, the amount of White-matter in the brain of males (how high the forehead/eyebrows are/how effeminate the face is) increased to keep the body functional in response to an increase of gray-matter (original brain matter) from higher intelligence. This increase of white-matter to cover gray matter in males prompted an increase in the amount of white-matter in females as well. The original life was likely a purely asexual Y chromosome bacteria with a brain/brain-plan of near total gray matter. At some point it split into male and female because it had to over-come the challenges it faced to continue its survival as sexual reproduction offered more genetic variability than asexual. Females evolved to mentally lag males in evolution, lack sentience and capability, and to be used and care for males and offspring. Males evolved to be genuinely intelligent, independent, capable and strong in contrast while maintaining an element of insanity or suffer death at all times. Both sexes increased in intelligence as well as everything is 100% hereditary. Every time there was an increase in White-matter due to a need for higher intelligence (higher forehead/eyebrows) there was a new facial standard for murder for food with each species as man moved away from bacteria. This is because all mobile life on earth is condemned to kill their own DNA due to a need for protein, vitamins & minerals to prevent death, so it all demands a brain to commit murder to keep reproduction running. Any brain that did not kill due to too much love for what they see in foreign DNA did not reproduce (encouraging racial discrimination even at 99.9+ DNA shared, etc.). This process happened over 1.05 billion years, and it is made of murder, natural selection, violence, and extreme suffering. It has installed pro-group thinking in the brain of man and a mostly evil form of biological morality that is generally pro-reproduction, murder, and suffering at all times. Senses and pleasures (food, joy of violence, etc) to encourage survival. Disgust from disease, the chemical Love, and Emotions to encourage pro-survival/reproduction. Insane thinking such as "I have special forces" or "I am protected by a special force" has also been selected for as the one to think everything will be okay reproduced into the coldest and blackest pit. This evolutionary brain-wiring been used by religions to spread lies. A fear of the unknown has also been selected for as organisms to venture too deep and fast into unknown land generally died/did not reproduce. Social cues and signals (I am hungry, tired, etc) have also evolved through time. All of this is simply wiring Evolution has placed into the brain to keep the chain of reproduction running. This is all proof human beings themselves are chemical computers that have been programmed by space-time itself.
  115. (Really, I am only 3.76x smarter than the average adult man, for a 376 IQ, as I have a head value of 6.72 while the average male has a head value of 1.80 in ears, but because the average very healthy man would score 123 on IQ tests set to 100 IQ, and Nathan Leopold is 2x smarter than the average man when fully exercised and at 4.15 head value in ears, I would be at 413 IQ as I am about 62% smarter than him. The smartest possible man on the face of the earth likely has an IQ of 413, or exactly at my 413 IQ. That's because the name Edward is the smartest possible name and at a 330 IQ standard. Kurt is a 311 IQ name, but it carries to 332 IQ (which is what I came from). The median IQ between my parents is 332 for an 81 IQ point run-upward. Edward is the last functional name in the human species, so that's all there is likely forever. Anytime something like a 347 or 365 marries a female, it is generally a return to 330 IQ due to lack of people. I do not think it smart to drop my IQ score when other men will claim higher, and because the average IQ is so high there is greater variance between people as well. I also think it is not smart to erase the 40 point IQ drop from lack of exercise by setting everyone at a 100 IQ standard, which conceals reality. I am supposed to be at 432 estrogen IQ too as someone at 123 IQ is supposed to be at 150 estrogen IQ. ) For more information see:
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