Royalty Greentexts: The Crossbridge Python

Mar 1st, 2015
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  1. >Celestia and Luna lie in the lounge, relaxing after a day of politics.
  2. >It had been a busy day, and the sisters were beat.
  3. >So, imagine their annoyance when they heard a knocking at the door.
  4. >"Come in," Celestia calmly said.
  5. >The door opened, and in came a messenger pony looking quite pleased with himself.
  6. >"What do you have for us today?" Luna asked as the pony approached the two.
  7. >"Just a declaration of the founding of a new territory!"
  8. >At this, both princesses perked up, attentive.
  9. >"Please, do continue," Celestia told him.
  10. >As the messenger pulled out a scroll, he cleared his throat. "From the explorer Caver Caper comes a letter on the recent founding of a community on the islands south of Equestria."
  11. >"But weren't those deemed uninhabitable?"
  12. >The messenger smiled at the moon pony. "Not anymore."
  13. >The stallion unrolled the scroll and began to read, "My dearest princesses, after months of expeditions, I am proud to announce that these mysterious islands south of Equestria can now be considered its own land. We have named them the Crossbridge Islands due to the small, rocky bridge-like connections between the islands. We'll be returning to Canterlot with some goods we've found on the islands, along with some documents requesting we be recognized as an independent state in a week. Signed, Caver Caper."
  14. >The sisters shared a glance as the messenger rolled the scroll back up and put it back in his bag.
  15. >"Well, I know what we're doing in a week," Celestia teased.
  16. >Luna rolled her eyes. "Why not make the islands a part of Equestria? We would benefit greatly if it were integrated into the mainland."
  17. >Sunhorse shrugged. "I don't see a problem with letting them be their own state. Caver founded the community, so he's allowed to do with it as he pleases."
  18. >The moon princess scoffed. "It's just preposterous that he's putting himself before Equestria as a whole. If he truly cared for our land, he would claim it as an extension of Equestria."
  19. >"I doubt he's stopped caring for Equestria, Luna. If he did, he wouldn't be coming back, would he?"
  20. >The moonpony arose from her lounging couch and left the room in a huff, preferring not to answer her sister.
  21. >The messenger pony looked to Celestia with a confused frown. "Will she be okay?"
  22. >Celestia chuckled and nodded. "In time, she'll come to terms with the decision."
  24. >As the week went by, anytime Caver Caper was mentioned, Luna became irate.
  25. >She had still been steamed over the decision, and when Caver had finally come back, she was in full-on grump mode.
  26. >Celestia signed the documents to make Crossbridge its own independent state, Luna only watching with a scowl.
  27. >"Thank you, princess. It means very much to me that you'd approve of this," Caver told Celestia after the signing.
  28. >"She does," Luna mumbled under her breath.
  29. >"Just know that despite the separate lands, we'd still be willing to consider Equestria an ally."
  30. >"And I feel the same about Crossbridge. Know that if you need help with anything, I'd be willing to send aid."
  31. >Luna stayed silent, begrudgingly accepting what was happening in front of her.
  32. >"Now, about those goods," Caver said with a sly smile. "Boys, bring in some of our findings," he said to two ponies next to him.
  33. >Caver's assistants rushed out of the throne room, then came back within a minute with crates.
  34. >As they dropped the few crates with their magic, the princesses descended the throne, approaching the cargo.
  35. >The assistants pried open one crate and used their magic to bring out its contents.
  36. >Small, circular objects were revealed to be inside the crate.
  37. >"What are these?" Celestia asked as the assistant floated one of the objects to her and Luna.
  38. >"These," Caver began, "are fruits that we found on the island. They were our main sustenance once we ran out of food. Good thing, too, because they were everywhere."
  39. >Celestia pops the fruit into her mouth, and as she chews, her expression shifts to one of pleasure.
  40. >"Mmm, this is delicious."
  41. >Luna stared at her fruit with a frown.
  42. >"Don't like fruit, princess?" Caver teased.
  43. >Despite her dower mood, Luna nonetheless ate the fruit to avoid looking rude.
  44. >What she tasted was an overly sweet citrus flavor, balanced with a hint of tart.
  45. >She tried her absolute hardest not to leap up and proclaim its desirable flavor.
  46. >"It is acceptable to my palette."
  47. >"Very stoic. I like that. I can speak for myself or my comrades when I say I had a much greater reaction."
  48. >Celestia grabbed a small ball of the fruits in her magic and continued to eat.
  49. >She swallowed her mouthful, and spoke. "Was there anything else?"
  50. >The next crate was opened, and out came large crystals, shining brightly.
  51. >Celestia ooed quietly, taking a crystal in her magic and looking it over.
  52. >"This will make a fine export, wouldn't you agree?" Caver asked the sun pony.
  53. >"Absolutely. I'd argue this might be what kickstarts your economy."
  54. >Caver chuckled. "We'll see." He turned to Luna, who remained stoic. "Not a fan of jewels, your highness?"
  55. >"Never."
  56. >That was a lie, of course. Luna at times was absolutely enamored by jewelry presented to her.
  57. >But she didn't want to give Caver the satisfaction of winning her over.
  58. >"Quite a shame. That's two strikes."
  59. >"You believed I would be more excited?"
  60. >"Very much so. Oh well, we still have more goods to go through."
  61. >Another crate was opened, and the assistants brought out several bottles, each filled with a spice.
  62. >Celestia read the labels on the bottles out loud. "Ginger, cinnamon, pepper, salt..."
  63. >Caver nudged Luna. "Now, don't tell me you don't like a little flavor on your food."
  64. >"I'm perfectly capable of eating food plain, thank you."
  65. >Caver gave a sly grin. "You must have a boring set of tastes, then."
  66. >"I manage."
  67. >Once Celestia finished looking through the spices, she grinned. "I'd say you're set to begin making money, Caver."
  68. >"Good to know you think so. I was unsure at first, but if you believe we'll be fine, I'll hold off on asking for any financial aid."
  69. >"Is that the last of your wares, Caver?" Luna asked the explorer.
  70. >"Not quite. We've got one last surprise to bring in."
  71. >Caver nodded his head to the door, and his assistants were gone instantly.
  72. >They were gone longer than when they got the first crates.
  73. >"It's a big crate," he told the princesses, explaining the assistants' slow pace.
  74. >Celestia munched on the fruits while Luna tapped her hoof impatiently, wanting to get this entire meeting over with.
  75. >When the assistants finally came back in, the crate was so large that they had to carry one side each on their backs.
  76. >Celestia's eyes lit up in excitement.
  77. >The huge crate was set down, and a crowbar was brought out to pry open the top.
  78. >There was silence, but then the assistants pulled at the sides of the crate to help free whatever was contained inside.
  79. >The princesses watched in anticipation as the ponies battled with the wooden crate.
  80. >Eventually, the sides fell, and the contents of the box were revealed.
  81. >It startled Celestia.
  82. >"A snake?" Luna asked, unimpressed.
  83. >The large reptile had coiled within itself, but upon being freed, lifted its head to investigate its surroundings.
  84. >"A new species of snake, as we discovered on the island," Caver told the skeptical princess.
  85. >Celestia looked back at Caver. "It's not dangerous, is it?"
  86. >He shook his head. "It's both non-venomous and very docile. It won't bite."
  87. >Celestia slowly approached the snake and cooed with delight when it brushed up against her hooves.
  88. >"He's friendly," she said behind a smile and giggles.
  89. >It wrapped itself around her hoof and looked up at her, its tongue flicking out at every second.
  90. >"Charming," Luna duly stated.
  91. >Caver laughed out loud. "Come on, princess. Surely you're not afraid of snakes?"
  92. >Luna grunted, but stayed in her place.
  93. >Celestia smiled as the snake slithered around her, then moved on in search of a new pony.
  94. >It flicked its tongue more, and found one it didn't recognize.
  95. >It moved right over to Luna, who lifted her hoof at its approach.
  96. >She leered as it came closer, but stayed still.
  97. >"Why so on edge, princess? It won't attack, I swear."
  98. >"I don't trust wild animals who've been just introduced to me mere moments ago."
  99. >The snake flicked its tongue at Luna's hooves, then moved towards her lower body before wrapping itself around her hind legs.
  100. >"How do I know it won't try to squeeze me to death?" she asked aggressively.
  101. >"Calm down, princess. We've tamed this snake, though it wasn't much of an effort to begin with. It seems to be a naturally friendly species."
  102. >The snake continued to coil around Luna's body, the night princess stiff as a statue.
  103. >It moved along her torso, continuing to wrap itself around her body until it reached her neck.
  104. >"It must really like you, Luna," Celestia teased.
  105. >Luna had no trouble breathing, but tensed up as the snake wrapped around her neck.
  106. >It moved its head far enough to look back at the paralyzed pony, continuing to flick its tongue.
  107. >Its eyes stared into hers, and there was a pause in Luna's train of thought.
  108. >The snake's gaze almost suggested something sinister was afoot.
  109. >Luna couldn't gauge it, but for some reason, she felt very uneasy looking at the snake.
  110. >It almost looked as though it grinned devilishly at her.
  111. >"Luna?"
  112. >The moon pony snapped out of her reverie as the snake continued to flick its tongue harmlessly.
  113. >"Luna, are you still with us?" Celestia asked.
  114. >"Yes, I'm sorry, I was lost in thought."
  115. >Caver chuckled. "Or did the snake entrance you with its beauty?"
  116. >"It did no such thing."
  117. >Caver continued to smile, seemingly unaffected by Luna's bluntness.
  118. >"Whatever you say, princess. Now, with the last of the cargo unloaded, it's my pleasure to tell you that these are all gifts from me to you."
  119. >"Even the snake?" Celestia asked.
  120. >"Yes, even the snake."
  121. >"Hm, I suppose we could keep it in the gardens under supervision."
  122. >Luna broke eye contact with the snake to look at her sister. "If we must keep the snake, I can agree with it staying in the garden."
  123. >Caver smiled, pleased with what he heard. "Fantastic. If that's settled, my group and I will take our leave." He turned to his assistants. "Boys, we're heading back to the hotel. We'll leave for Ponyville in the morning." Returning his gaze to the princesses, he nodded. "I hope you enjoy these gifts from Crossbridge."
  124. >Celestia got into more fruit, eating away.
  125. >Luna finally relaxed herself and used her magic to pull the snake off of her.
  126. >It was reluctant to leave its new buddy, but came off regardless.
  127. >It was only now that the moon pony was able to see its full size.
  128. >"Sister, this snake is larger than both of us!"
  129. >"It's nothing the guards can't handle. Have them take it to the garden and feed it."
  130. >"But what does it eat?"
  131. >Celestia was silent for a moment, before she realized that was something she forgot to ask Caver.
  132. >"Hopefully I can catch Caver before it's too late," the day princess said before running out of the room.
  134. >Night came to Canterlot, and the princesses carried on as usual, going about their duties until after dinner.
  135. >"Sister, that snake..." Luna said to her sister as they headed to their respective chambers.
  136. >"What about it?"
  137. >"I feel very uneasy with it being here."
  138. >Celestia patted her sister's shoulder. "You're overreacting, Luna. You saw it earlier; it was really friendly."
  139. >"But, it gave off a negative vibe when I looked into its eyes. I'm serious, sister. It was frightening how much I felt it."
  140. >The older sister stopped the younger one, putting her hooves on her shoulders.
  141. >"Luna, it's fine. Even if something were to happen, the guards are keeping a close eye on the snake. There's nothing to worry about."
  142. >The night pony digested her sister's words and slowly thought it over.
  143. >The guards could handle anything that went wrong.
  144. >Even then, she was a powerful alicorn princess. She could handle herself.
  145. >Her unsettling feelings were relinquished, and she nodded at her sister.
  146. >"I suppose you're right. Maybe I am worrying too much."
  147. >Celestia smiled as they reached her chambers. "Good. There's no need to worry when there's many precautions in place. I still think there's nothing wrong with that snake, though."
  148. >The sun pony opened the door to her chambers and walked through.
  149. >"Rest easy, sister," Luna said, feeling less anxious.
  150. >"You too, Luna. We've got a busy day tomorrow."
  151. >The door closed, leaving Luna alone in the halls of the castle.
  152. >The silence was eerie, and the night princess quickly paced herself to her chambers, ready to get to bed and start the next day.
  153. >She reached the room and hopped into bed, getting under the covers and closing her eyes.
  154. >There was nothing to worry about.
  155. >Hearing that from her older sister calmed Luna for some reason.
  156. >Perhaps it was an older sibling thing.
  157. >As Luna felt herself drifting off to sleep, she figured she could think more on it in the morning.
  159. >The quiet night went on as both rulers of Equestria slept, the entire castle almost shut down completely.
  160. >The guards in the garden watched the snake as it lie in its coils, asleep.
  161. >Or what looked like sleep, at least.
  162. >One of the guards groaned, bored out of his mind.
  163. >"What's troubling you, Bright Sky?"
  164. >The young guard paced back and forth. "This wasn't what I signed up for, High Noon."
  165. >"What did you expect to do?"
  166. >"Take down criminals, go on daring missions in the princesses' honor, y'know, cool stuff."
  167. >"You're not satisfied with simply serving your princesses?"
  168. >Bright Sky grunted. "I would be, if I was actually doing something."
  169. >"That's not the kind of attitude you should have, Bright. Just be happy you're able to help serve Canterlot and Equestria at large."
  170. >Before Bright Sky could say something back, the snake suddenly moved.
  171. >Both guards gasped and watched the reptile as it started to uncoil itself.
  172. >"What's it doing?" the young guard asked.
  173. >"I don't know. Keep an eye on it," the older guard ordered.
  174. >As the snake continued to unravel itself, the guards tried to make sense of what it was doing.
  175. >It stuck its head up and flicked its tongue out at the guards.
  176. >They stood at alert, unsure of whether the snake would attack or not.
  177. >It flicked its tongue once more, and then seemed to stare at the guards with malice.
  178. >High Noon readied his spear as Bright Sky approached the snake.
  179. >"Uh, hey, snakey, whatcha doin'?"
  180. >High Noon kept his eyes on the snake, ready at any moment to pounce.
  181. >Even if Celestia had said the snake was friendly, High Noon was prepared for anything.
  182. >Bright Sky, being inexperienced, was not.
  183. >High Noon was so focused on the snake that he didn't notice Bright Sky suddenly tilting to the left and right.
  184. >"High...Noon..."
  185. >"What is it, cadet?"
  186. >"It's...doing something...I-" Bright yawned loudly, "I-I can't...stay...awaaayy..."
  187. >Bright fell to the ground, asleep.
  188. >"Cadet!?"
  189. >The snake locked eyes with the older guard, who now noticed something off with it.
  190. >Specifically, the eyes.
  191. >Odd colors rippled through them, and for some reason, High Noon felt his knees buckle as he continued to stare into them.
  192. >What was happening!?
  193. >High Noon suddenly started to feel very relaxed.
  194. >He wanted to keep looking into those orbs of color.
  195. >He wanted to listen to that voice in the back of his head telling him, "Yes, sleep. Sleep."
  196. >There was a part of him that wanted to fight. It told him to call for backup, attack the snake, and most importantly, stop looking into its eyes.
  197. >Its beautiful eyes.
  198. >"Wh-what...is...happening?"
  199. >His mind felt like it was melting, losing control to this snake.
  200. >This snake, and his beautiful eyes.
  201. >"Sleep," it seemed to command. "Lay down your head and rest, officer."
  202. >He wanted to sleep.
  203. >No matter what remnant of his old mind that told him to stand said, he liked listening to the snake.
  204. >He wanted to keep looking into those eyes.
  205. >He wanted to sleep, as they told him to.
  206. >As his eyes shut, he smiled, glad to have been able to look at such a magnificent sight before resting.
  207. >"Sweet dreams," the voice told him.
  208. >His smile grew wider at its wish.
  210. >The snake had finished off the guards, who now both snored away on the ground.
  211. >The snake, seemingly on a mission, slithered around the garden and made it inside the castle.
  212. >Any guards it passed received the same sleepy treatment.
  213. >As it slithered through the halls, it flicked its tongue, searching for the scent of the one it remembered the most.
  214. >When it reached the door to the room she slept in, it found two guards posted outside.
  215. >"What is tha-"
  216. >It made quick work of the first guard, and it didn't take long before the other followed suit.
  217. >It pushed its way through the door, and found the one it was searching for.
  218. >She was asleep in her bed.
  219. >This didn't deter the snake as it found the lower part of the bed and crawled under the covers at the end.
  220. >It slithered around until it found the pony's bottom hooves, coiling itself around them and working its way up her body.
  221. >It wrapped further around the pony, reaching past her torso and wrapping around her upper hooves.
  222. >Not an inch of an opening could be found through the coils.
  223. >As it reached her neck, the pony suddenly awoke with a jolt.
  225. >Luna was sound asleep, exploring the realm of dreams as usual.
  226. >There were several dreams she went through, but none held her attention.
  227. >It seemed tonight, everypony was sleeping soundly with no troubles.
  228. >Except...her?
  229. >She wasn't sure why, but she was being pulled out of the dream state, and before she knew it, all she saw was the darkness of her closed eyelids.
  230. >Something felt like it was constricting her, and it was cold.
  231. >And the sensation continued upwards all the way to her neck.
  232. >She tried to move her hooves, her legs, or any part of her body, but felt herself bound by something.
  233. >She opened her eyes and jolted awake, finding a sight she somewhat expected.
  234. >The snake.
  235. >She immediately struggled in its coils, angry.
  237. >The snake coiled itself around her mouth, preventing her from speaking.
  238. >Luna thrashed about on the bed, screaming as loud as she could, but to no avail.
  239. >The snake, now fully coiled around Luna, brought its head to hers.
  240. >The continuous thrashing both hurt and tired the snake, so it felt the need to remedy that.
  241. >It looked into her eyes as she thrashed, and waited for her to look back.
  242. >It took all of three seconds.
  243. >She stared quizzically at the snake as it began sending ripples of colors through its eyes.
  244. >Suddenly, the night princess felt...different.
  245. >These odd colors, they were soothing.
  246. >The snake released its grip on her mouth, her mind now slowly coming under his control.
  247. >Her eyes reflected his, colorful circles spinning through them.
  248. >"I...what?"
  249. >She kept looking into those colors.
  250. >She felt her body relax as she stared further into them.
  251. >They were enamoring.
  252. >For whatever reason, she felt compelled to continue staring into the snake's eyes.
  253. >They were wonderful.
  254. >The more she looked, the more relaxed she felt.
  255. >A stupid grin began to form on her face as she continued to stare into those deep pools of color.
  256. >Those rainbow pools.
  257. >"They're...irresistible..."
  258. >She wanted to look at them.
  259. >The snake could do whatever to her, as long as she could look at those eyes.
  260. >It gave her a few squeezes within its coils, as if making sure she was within its grip.
  261. >"Give in," she heard a voice say.
  262. >Suddenly, she felt her mind slip away a little.
  263. >She wanted to listen to the voice and lose herself.
  264. >"Give yourself up to me."
  265. >Wherever this voice came from, it was soothing, and compelled Luna to listen to it.
  266. >It was all she cared about now.
  267. >As the snake moved its head, hers followed.
  268. >All to look at those eyes.
  269. >There was a voice inside telling her to fight back.
  270. >To resist.
  271. >Why would she want to do that when there were these eyes telling her not to?
  272. >No more fighting.
  273. >The last of Luna's thought process was lost to the spinning, attractive colors.
  275. >As soon as her mind was gone and she was left in a stupid, smiling state, the snake coiled itself around the bedposts and hung from the cover overhead, waiting as it was instructed to.
  276. >In time, the other one would come, and he would take her mind as well.
  277. >After that, he would go to where he was told.
  278. >He remembered well enough, anyways.
  280. >Celestia woke up with a smile, greeting the new day as cheerily as she always did.
  281. >She got out of bed and rose the sun, officially starting the new day.
  282. >After she prepared for the day, she stepped out of her chambers and dismissed her guards.
  283. >Today would be a fine day.
  284. >First, though, Celestia wanted to check on her sister, as she wanted to make sure she slept without worry last night.
  285. >Despite her soothing words to her last night, Celestia couldn't help but worry about her little sister.
  286. >She headed to Luna's room, ready to comfort her sister if need be.
  287. >Reaching her room, though, she found two sleeping guards.
  288. >That was odd.
  289. >Why were they asleep?
  290. >She shook one until he woke up, startled.
  291. >"HUH!?"
  292. >The other guard quickly followed, waking up in a flurry of "WHAT? HUH? WHO?"
  293. >"I'll get to sleeping on the job later, you two. You are dismissed from your posts."
  294. >Ashamed, the guards left the door, heads bowed low.
  295. >Celestia let herself in and gasped at what she found.
  296. >The snake was in here, oddly enough, but otherwise Luna was soundly asleep in her bed.
  297. >And the snake was coiled around her.
  298. >It raised its head at her arrival and approached her, the coils moving around Luna as it did.
  299. >"What are you doing here? Why are you-"
  300. >Celestia was silenced as the snake started doing this odd thing with its eyes.
  301. >They started forming into colorful circles, and Celestia found herself drawn to them.
  302. >"Wha..."
  303. >The snake moved closer to Celestia's face, letting its eyes do their work on her mind.
  304. >Her eyes became the same swirl of colors, and suddenly, she felt herself slipping out of any kind of thought.
  305. >The eyes.
  306. >The eyes were all she could think of.
  307. >It was bliss to stare into them.
  308. >No matter what came, she knew it would be fine if she kept looking at the colorful eyes.
  309. >She grinned as she kept looking, the snake's face pressed against her snout.
  310. >While she stood entranced by the pretty colors, the snake brought some of its coils behind her and wrapped itself around the sun princess' legs.
  311. >She didn't notice as the coils tightened around her legs.
  312. >She didn't notice as they reached her neck and squeezed her a little.
  313. >She didn't notice as the tip of its tail booped her nose.
  314. >All she could notice were the eyes.
  315. >Their amazing pattern, and their soothing effect.
  316. >"Give yourself to me," a voice called to her.
  317. >But, why would she do that?
  318. >She was a princess, a ruler of a country.
  319. >To give in would be putting her land at risk.
  320. >"N...no..."
  321. >"Yes. Let yourself go. Lose yourself. Give in."
  322. >She wanted to fight.
  323. >She wanted to say no.
  324. >But the voice was so persuasive.
  325. >It was hard to fight it at this point.
  326. >"Give in. Don't you want to? To slip away from your troubles? You would be so free."
  327. >The last of Celestia's will was chipped away, and her mind, too, was lost to the snake.
  329. >The snake had finished his job, both princesses now in his grasp.
  330. >As he was told, he snuck out of the room, dragging both princesses along in his coils.
  331. >Luckily for the snake, most of the castle was still asleep.
  332. >Though the combined weight of both princesses wore him down, he pushed forward with determination, heading to the one spot.
  333. >The one spot he was told to go to.
  334. >The sisters didn't mind being dragged along as they smiled mindlessly, lost in what was left of their minds.
  335. >The early morning meant the snake was able to move out of the castle and through a few of the streets unseen.
  336. >He reached the spot, which was inside an alley, waiting for the next command.
  337. >A couple ponies came from the opposite end of the alley, approaching the snake.
  338. >"Good job! I wasn't sure he'd pull it off!"
  339. >"I know, right? Let go of the princesses, little buddy."
  340. >At the command, the snake uncoiled itself from the entranced princesses.
  341. >One of the ponies brought out two large burlap sacks, encasing the princesses in them with magic.
  342. >"Lucky burlap sacks come this big, eh?"
  343. >"Got that right. Okay bud, we gotta get back and hit the train to Ponyville," the other pony said, picking the snake up with his magic.
  344. >The snake was fine with whatever happened next.
  345. >He just liked to please his master.
  346. >He, along with the two princesses, were carried off to parts unknown.
  348. >As Canterlot began frantically searching for the princesses, the snake found itself travelling to a new town.
  349. >Its orders were to get a new princess for whatever his master wanted.
  350. >It didn't matter why, as long as his master was happy.
  351. >He was put into a crate after the train ride and brought to some place he didn't know.
  352. >All part of what master wanted.
  354. >"And our last gift from Crossbridge is this wonderful thing!"
  355. >The large crate was brought into the room and presented to Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  356. >She ooed as it was pried open, but then screamed as she saw what was inside.
  357. >"S-s-s-snake!"
  358. >Caver Caper laughed and tried to calm down the frantic princess. "Relax, Princess Twilight. It is a tamed beast. It won't hurt you."
  359. >The purple princess shivered at the sight of such a huge snake.
  360. >The friendly creature made its way over towards the almost traumatized princess, flicking its tongue to familiarize itself with the scents around it.
  361. >It marked the new pony sitting on the throne and approached her.
  362. >"Eeeee, it's coming over to me!"
  363. >"Relax, princess. He's only curious. He wants to get to know you."
  364. >The snake slithered over to the bottom of Twilight's throne, picking up her scent in stronger waves.
  365. >The terrified princess stuck out her hoof to the snake.
  366. >"J-j-just smell me and get it over with."
  367. >The snake flicked his tongue again and started to coil itself on Twilight's leg.
  368. >"Eeeee!"
  369. >Caver only chuckled as the snake investigated his new friend.
  370. >Twilight was helpless as the snake continued to smell her, but she tried her best to warm up to it.
  371. >"H-h-hello there, f-friend."
  372. >It wrapped itself around her torso, the princess tensing up as it did.
  373. >"He likes you, princess. No need to fear. Especially since I'm leaving him with you."
  374. >"R-r-right, of course."
  375. >Caver nodded. "I'll take my leave then. Boys, to the hotel!"
  376. >Caver's assistants followed him out of the castle.
  377. >"S-S-Spike!" the princess called out as she stared at the snake.
  379. >"Boss, how do we change the time of day when we've got both the night and day princesses all messed up in the head?"
  380. >"They're under a hypnotic spell, aren't they? They should be vulnerable to suggestion. Just tell them to do it."
  381. >"Uh, right," the lackey replied as he opened up the burlap sack with Luna. "Uh, hey, you think you could make it night time?"
  382. >Luna's horn lit up and moved the sun and moon to their rightful spots.
  383. >"Huh, worked like a charm," he mused, closing the sack once again.
  384. >"Has word of the princesses' disappearance reached the Crystal Empire yet?"
  385. >"No sir," the other lackey answered.
  386. >"Good. If we can get Princess Twilight tonight, we might be able to reach the Crystal Empire before they go on alert."
  387. >"Do the ponies in Ponyville know?"
  388. >"They do, but it doesn't matter. Our friend's already been put in the castle. He'll bring Twilight to us in due time."
  390. >Night fell on Ponyville, and everypony slept, but with much on their minds.
  391. >With the princesses gone, who would protect them?
  392. >Where did the princesses go?
  393. >Why were they gone?
  394. >None more so than Twilight wondered this, but she put those fears to bed along with herself.
  395. >She slept with anxiety, her dreams reflecting this.
  396. >She was the sole ruler of Equestria, and she couldn't handle it.
  397. >A typical nightmare she had from when she first became princess.
  399. >The snake, waking himself up, knew what he was to do.
  400. >The pen that contained him was weak, and broke as he exerted pressure on the sides.
  401. >He followed the scent he had remembered and slithered through the castle.
  402. >Finding the pony was simple, and then he would follow through with his routine.
  403. >Reaching the room where the smell was strongest, he entered it and found the pony he was told to capture.
  404. >He coiled around on the bed until he was able to get under the covers, just as he had done with that other pony.
  405. >He began to coil around the sleeping pony, doing what he did best.
  406. >When she woke up suddenly as he coiled around her neck, he brought his face to hers and started the process.
  408. >Twilight felt something against her as she slept, but she wanted to ignore it.
  409. >She needed as much sleep as she could get, considering she was going to help look for the princesses tomorrow.
  410. >Yet, the more Twilight tried to ignore the feeling, the more it persisted.
  411. >When she felt it across her neck, she gasped and opened her eyes.
  412. >The snake greeted her.
  413. >"SPI-"
  414. >Coils went around her mouth almost instantly.
  415. >She struggled about in the snake's coils, screaming her head off.
  416. >The snake calmly brought its face to Twilight's.
  417. >She froze in fear of what the snake would do next, and was surprised when it seemingly did nothing.
  418. >Then something happened with its eyes, and everything changed.
  419. >When Twilight looked into those eyes, she suddenly felt...calm.
  420. >There was nothing to be afraid of anymore.
  421. >The eyes told her this as hers became like his.
  422. >There was nothing but peace to be found in the colors.
  423. >Twilight suddenly wasn't even afraid of snakes anymore.
  424. >Why couldn't they all be like this one?
  425. >She felt relaxed and safe in this one's coils.
  426. >"Give in. Relax. Let go," a voice told her.
  427. >The coils around Twilight's mouth were removed, revealing a grin on her face.
  428. >Twilight didn't care about the other princesses anymore.
  429. >All she cared about was the snake and his eyes.
  430. >His wonderful, relaxing eyes.
  431. >"Give yourself to me."
  432. >"Of...course..."
  433. >And with those words, Twilight was gone.
  435. >The snake had claimed this one, as expected.
  436. >Now that he was finished, he dragged her out to the halls of the castle, finding his way out.
  437. >Master told him the spot to go to, and he would get there.
  438. >All he needed was master's approval.
  439. >He moved through the hallways and out of the castle, into the streets.
  440. >It wasn't long before he reached the spot master told him about.
  441. >His friends were here to help with the pony.
  442. >"Fantastic! This thing is a miracle worker!"
  443. >"I got the sack. Just stuff her in here."
  444. >Twilight was deposited in the sack, raising the tally to three princesses.
  445. >"Next stop, the Crystal Empire!"
  446. >As the lackeys picked up both the princess and the snake, they laughed and ran out of the alley.
  448. >Ponyville too suffered from missing-princess-syndrome, the populace of the small town going haywire.
  449. >Twilight's friends were the most distressed, leading the search for their purple friend.
  450. >In the panic, nopony noticed a group of mysterious ponies with burlap sacks boarding a train.
  451. >Really, to not notice them, they had to be in QUITE a panic.
  453. >You are Anonymous.
  454. >You've been staying with Cadance and Shining Armor in the Crystal Empire ever since you got to Equestria.
  455. >Life's been okay.
  456. >Today, the royal couple was expecting some visitor from these islands that were recently declared a new land.
  457. >Riveting.
  458. "You have fun with that whole, uh, meeting thing, you two."
  459. >"Thank you, Anon. We will," Cadance told you matter-of-factly.
  460. >"How can you not be excited for this? There's a brand new country! You don't even feel a bit of curiosity?"
  461. "Not really, no."
  462. >"Well Anon, what if I told you the explorer who founded the state is bringing special goods from the island?"
  463. "Save me some of whatever he brings, then."
  464. >Cadance shook her head. "You are no fun, Anon."
  465. >Shining nudged his wife. "I'm sure if you told him we found a female of his species he wouldn't care either."
  466. >Not when there was sweet marepussy you could have.
  467. "Just go do your thing, guys. I'll be around."
  468. >The couple shrugged, then went to the throne room, where they expected to meet Caver.
  469. >You went out into the empire to screw around.
  471. >"Before we go, we have one more gift to give to you," Caver lead on as his assistants brought in one large crate.
  472. >As Shining ate more of the tiny fruits, Cadance looked on in wonder at the size of the box.
  473. >What could have been in such a huge crate?
  474. >The assistants pried open the crate, revealing a snake that Cadance swore was as big as Discord.
  475. >"Whoa!" Shining said through a mouthful of fruit.
  476. >The snake slithered around after its release, flicking its tongue.
  477. >It seemed to be a curious animal.
  478. >As its tongue flicked, the snake approached Shining Armor, who had finished the last of his fruit.
  479. >"Hey little guy...er, big guy."
  480. >The snake stared up at him, flicking its tongue.
  481. >"He's actually kinda cute," Cadance noted as she looked at the snake.
  482. >The reptile decided to coil itself around Shining Armor's leg, making its way around his torso.
  483. >"Whoa, whoa, hold on. You're sure this thing's not hostile, Caver?"
  484. >"I give you my word, my prince. It is a tamed animal and wouldn't hurt a fly."
  485. >The snake flicked its tongue as it met with Shining's face, capturing his scent.
  486. >Shining only smiled as it continued slithering around him, even going as far as patting the reptile on the head.
  487. >It didn't react, but it did leave Shining and move towards Cadance.
  488. >The pink princess shivered as she felt the cold scales of the snake slink up her legs.
  489. >"Are you satisfied with this gift?" Caver asked the two.
  490. >"Of course. It seems like it'd make a good pet," Shining told the explorer.
  491. >Cadance wasn't able to speak a reply, as the snake flicked its tongue, causing her to laugh.
  492. >"I'll take that as a yes," Caver said. He signaled for his assistants to leave with him, leaving the royal couple with the snake.
  494. >"And that's why I think you should buy some of my crops."
  495. >You looked over the stall again, eyeing the weird crystal corn.
  496. >Never mind the fact that you weren't that big on corn to begin with.
  497. "Uh, yeah, no thanks."
  498. >The vendor, disappointed, hung her head.
  499. >Today was pretty uneventful when it came to the marketplace.
  500. >Not a single thing bought.
  501. >You decided to head back to the castle to end the day.
  502. >After a short walk, you reached the entrance to the castle.
  503. >It was pretty nice that it was right in the middle of the city.
  504. >Moseying your way through the castle, you eventually found both Cadance and Shining Armor among the halls.
  505. >Cadance's back was turned to you, so it was hard to see what exactly they were doing.
  506. >Approaching them, you speak.
  507. "Hey guys, what's going o-"
  508. >The closer you got, the more you saw what they were doing.
  509. >Shining was laughing as a GIANT FUCKING SNAKE was wrapped around his legs.
  510. "HOLY SHIT!"
  511. >Both ponies jumped at your voice, turning to you quickly.
  512. >"A-Anon!"
  514. >"Nononononono," Cadance repeated, waving her hooves. "Calm down, Anon!"
  515. "How can I calm down when there's a fucking twenty foot snake around your husband!?"
  516. >"Because Anon," Shining said, "it's not choking me. He's friendly."
  517. >The snake looked at you, his eyes shining with innocence.
  518. >"See, just look at him," Cadance said as she walked over to the snake and stroked its head. "He's just a big softy."
  519. >Once you're able to get your heart rate down to normal, you take the time to process what's going on in front of you.
  520. >The snake, wrapped around Shining, was staring at you with kind eyes.
  521. >Never trust a snake.
  522. "This thing's friendly?"
  523. >"Yes, Anon. He was a gift from Caver."
  524. "Riiight."
  525. >Your skeptical expression hardened.
  526. >Never, ever trust a snake.
  527. >"Oh come on, Anon. Give him a chance. He hasn't even squeezed me!"
  528. >Despite your frowning face, you nonetheless hold your hand up to the snake's head.
  529. >It senses your presence and flicks its tongue at your hand, smelling you.
  530. >Creepy.
  532. "FUCK NO!" you yell, pulling your arm back.
  533. >Cadance shakes her head. "Come on, you're not really still afraid of him, are you?"
  534. "It's not that I'm afraid of him, it's that I don't trust him."
  535. >"Really?" Cadance asked, annoyed.
  536. "Never, ever, ever trust snakes. They're bad news."
  537. >Shining shrugged. "Hey, I can understand that. Twily's scared of snakes."
  538. >"She is?"
  539. >"Yeah, really bad. I bet if she saw this guy, she'd run all the way to me."
  540. >As Shining and Cadance delved into a story about an older brother protecting his little sister, you glared at the snake.
  541. >It gave no strong expression back.
  542. >Never, ever, ever, ever trust a snake.
  544. >Night fell on the Crystal Empire, and the city slept peacefully.
  545. >News moved slowly, so they still hadn't heard of the princesses' disappearance.
  546. >This worked out well for the snake and his cohorts.
  547. >As he had done before, the snake woke himself up and traced the scents he remembered.
  548. >Guards stood no chance against his hypnotic powers, and within moments, the snake had put the entire castle to sleep.
  549. >It was what he was good at.
  550. >As the snake crawled through the castle, he picked up a third scent.
  551. >The one of that other being.
  552. >Would master want him, too?
  553. >...probably not.
  554. >He had been instructed to specifically go for the pink and white ponies.
  555. >An extra load may upset master.
  556. >The snake ignored the third scent and followed the two he had picked up from the ponies.
  557. >They were together, it seemed.
  558. >It made retrieving them easier.
  559. >He followed the scent until he reached the room they were contained in.
  560. >The guards were dealt with accordingly before he made his way inside.
  561. >As he had done with the previous targets, the snake crawled under the covers hanging off the end of the bed, making his way around the mattress.
  562. >Because there were two of them, though, coiling around them to secure both was tricky.
  563. >He started on the left with the pink one, then made his way around to the white one.
  564. >He was able to get his coils around the both of them, and once he was sure of it, he did his regular job of wrapping around the targets.
  565. >They stayed asleep, unaware of the danger posed to them.
  566. >As he wrapped around the ponies, they were brought closer together, until they touched chests.
  567. >In response, the pink one took the white one in her arms for a hug.
  568. >If the snake had emotion, that may have moved him.
  569. >The two came closer and closer together, until the white one opened his eyes.
  570. >He met the face of the pink one and smiled.
  571. >Then he looked at the snake and gasped.
  572. >"Cadance!"
  573. >The pink one awoke with a start.
  574. >She noticed the snake's coils around her and the white one and struggled with him.
  575. >It was time to put them to sleep.
  577. >Shining awoke with an odd feeling on his back.
  578. >It was cold and smooth, and almost felt like it was binding around him.
  579. >All he found, though, was his wife's sleeping face.
  580. >He smiled at the sight.
  581. >But that didn't make the binding feeling go away.
  582. >He decided to look up, and what he saw shocked him.
  583. >The snake stared him in the eyes.
  584. >"Cadance!"
  585. >The pink princess woke up suddenly, hearing her distressed husband.
  586. >Before she could say anything, she looked around her and Shining and noticed coils.
  587. >The snake?
  588. >Cadance and her husband quickly started to struggle in the snake's grasp, figuring they'd get over his betrayal later.
  589. >Then it did something with its eyes.
  590. >Weird colors began spinning in them, and slowly, the royal couple stopped struggling to look at its eyes.
  591. >Big mistake.
  592. >Their curiosity became obsession as they found their eyes glued to his.
  593. >It was easy to get lost in this endless flow of pretty colors.
  594. >As their eyes became like his, they mindlessly smiled, suddenly forgetting about their current predicament.
  595. >Why struggle?
  596. >When you found something as beautiful as this to look at, there was no point in fighting.
  597. >Staring was all that was needed.
  598. >They liked it.
  599. >They wanted to keep staring forever.
  600. >The royal couple's minds were losing themselves over this pattern of beauty.
  601. >"Give in," a voice told them.
  602. >What a soothing, compelling voice.
  603. >They wanted to listen, but for some reason, there was something telling them to fight back.
  604. >How silly.
  605. >The snake continued to show them absolute bliss, and the couple were entranced by the display, ignoring the voices telling them to resist.
  606. >"Give up. Give in. Submit."
  607. >How could they say no to such a persuasive, compelling voice?
  608. >Why even bother with anything anymore when all you needed was this beauty?
  609. >Cadance fell first, lost in a trance.
  610. >Shining, despite his will telling him to resist, gave up and let the snake take him not soon after.
  612. >"Cadance!"
  613. >Oh, great, did the couple decide to have spontaneous late night sex again?
  614. >There goes your sleep for the rest of the night.
  615. >Grumbling to yourself, you throw the covers off and leave the bedroom.
  616. >Where to tonight?
  617. >Usually, the kitchen was your first stop since you figured if you couldn't sleep, you could always eat.
  618. >Heading there, you ignored the sleeping guard you passed.
  619. >Dumb fucker was gonna get it tomorrow.
  620. >Reaching the kitchen, you opened the fridge, ripped off a chunk of cheese from a cheese wheel, and ate.
  621. >It was the quickest snack to obtain.
  622. >After the cheese was finished, you figured you'd do what always came next: wander the halls aimlessly in thought.
  623. >As dumb as it sounded, there were times when you really got philosophical on these walks.
  624. >If anything, they made you smarter.
  625. >So, leaving the kitchen, you walked around and thought, heading back to where you came.
  626. >As you turned the corner to that hallway though, you saw something in the dark.
  627. >A slithering, scaly tail.
  628. >That snake was up to no good, and you knew it.
  629. >Running after the tail, you found the snake slithering away down another hallway.
  630. >He had something big in his coils, though you couldn't tell what.
  631. >Whatever it was, you'd find out and take it away.
  632. >Who cares what it was?
  633. >If a snake had it, then they would use it for no good.
  634. >Run, Anon, run!
  635. >You ran after the snake and turned the corner, watching as it pushed through the exit of the castle.
  636. >The door closed behind it, but you were hot on its tail now.
  637. >You dashed down the hall and busted through the door, making your way towards the slithering bastard.
  638. >The moonlight revealed the precious cargo the snake carried.
  639. >Shining and Cadance.
  640. >You could tell just from the color inside the coils.
  641. >Never, ever, ever, ever, ever trust a snake.
  642. >There was a snake that had to be killed, and you would be just the man for the job.
  643. >I told you so's were also your strong point.
  644. >As the snake slithered to an alley, you made sure to stay on it, but to keep your presence unknown.
  645. >The element of surprise was always good to have.
  646. >As you chased the snake, though, you wondered how you'd kill it.
  647. >You were in nothing but boxers and a t-shirt, so anything in your pockets was left in the castle.
  648. >Grab a rock or something.
  649. >Stopping, you looked around on the ground for a sizable rock, and found something even better.
  650. >A stray crystal.
  651. >Good thing this city was made of it.
  652. >You picked up the shiny rock and continued your pursuit.
  653. >When you reached the alley, though, the snake wasn't alone.
  654. >"That's the last of 'em!"
  655. >"The boss is gonna be real happy with us. Pay raise here we come!"
  656. >One of the ponies hauled the royal couple in huge burlap sacks, laughing.
  657. >"It's all thanks to you, little buddy," the other one said, kneeling down and patting the snake's head.
  658. >It stared at the thug.
  659. >What the fuck was going on here?
  660. >Maybe it'd be best to stay hidden and follow these guys.
  661. >You waited for them to stop celebrating and leave.
  662. >They picked up the snake and sacks, then casually walked out the other end of the alley.
  663. >They obviously weren't expecting anyone to be awake right now.
  664. >Sucks for them.
  665. >You walked through the alley and went out the other end, catching them as they made their way to the Crystal Hotel.
  666. >Seems these guys were out-of-town workers.
  667. >Crouched down, you followed them through the streets and into the building.
  668. >Considering it was really late into the night, none of the staff were in their places, save for a lone janitor who noticed nothing going on around him.
  669. >The thugs ran up the lobby stairs and through the hallways of the hotel, climbing more stairs and looking at the door numbers.
  670. >You kept your distance so they didn't hear your footsteps.
  671. >While you followed them though, another question came to mind: what if they see you?
  672. >You weren't all that experienced of a fighter, and you had no idea how tough these guys were, either.
  673. >And what if the snake turns out to be some venomous psycho-killer?
  674. >You clutched the crystal a little harder, knowing that it was your only defense.
  675. >The best you could do was give it your all.
  676. >The thugs stopped at a door and fumbled their hooves around in their jacket pockets before grabbing a key.
  677. >Whatever was in there, it wasn't good.
  678. >The two thugs entered the room, but before the door shut completely, you ran towards it and put the crystal in the opening of the door.
  679. >Now you could eavesdrop and think out a plan, as long as they didn't notice.
  681. >The snake was currently very happy.
  682. >Master would be very pleased with his work.
  683. >If the underlings' reactions were anything to go by, there was no doubt he would be rewarded.
  684. >The thugs took the snake to the big building they stayed in, congratulating it on a job well done.
  685. >Anything to please master.
  686. >Walking up several stairs, the thugs eventually made it to the room and entered, finding master talking to the white and blue mares.
  687. >"-and you thought you could keep running this country to the ground with your tyrannical rule! You never had faith in me as a politician, but you did have faith in my expeditions. All I needed was my own state, and then I would've built my empire until it rivaled Equestria!"
  688. >"The boss is doing this again," one of the lackeys whispered.
  689. >"But then I found the snake. Oh, he was my secret weapon. He sped up the overthrowing process by-"
  690. >"Boss?"
  691. >The ranting pony went silent, then slowly turned his head back to his thugs, a tint of red on his cheeks.
  692. >"Oh! You're back!"
  693. >"Yeah, and we got the goods!"
  694. >The snake was released from one of the thugs' grip and slithered to his master.
  695. >"I missed you too," he said, rubbing its head. After his moment with the snake, he looked at the sacks in the thug's magical grip. "Excellent. With all the royals out of the picture Equestria will be weakened exponentially. Send a letter to the rebellion that they can move in and begin the takeover."
  696. >"Right on it, boss," one of the thugs said, tossing the sacks containing the royal couple onto a bed.
  697. >The head honcho turned back to the mindless royal sisters.
  698. >"It's so funny. Here they are, the all-powerful, all-knowing alicorn sisters of Equestria, in my grasp." He laughed. "To think, so powerful, yet when they're so easily entranced, they suddenly lose that power."
  699. >"Uh, yeah..."
  700. >The boss ignored his underling and continued his tirade, playing with Luna's smiling face. "When this is all said and done, we'll put you to good use as little slaves. You'll certainly be 'serving Equestria' then, won't you?"
  701. >He laughed heartily, his lackeys having gotten used to his madness.
  702. >The snake felt at home here.
  703. >As long as he was with master, he was home.
  704. >The stupid, smiling ponies he so easily took control of were nothing compared to master.
  705. >In time, they would know their places.
  706. >He flicked his tongue to bring in his master's scent once again, enjoying every bit of it he got.
  707. >...and then he smelled something else.
  708. >Something that wasn't master or his lackeys.
  709. >The snake flicked his tongue again, and smelled the same smell of that third scent.
  710. >The one from the castle.
  711. >He was right outside.
  712. >The snake left his master and slithered towards the door to investigate.
  714. >Holy shit.
  715. >This guy was bent on nationwide domination.
  716. >What to do, call the police (or whatever authority force there was in Equestria) or go in like Rambo?
  717. >Before you could make a decision, though, you had a visitor at the door.
  718. >The snake.
  719. >That fucking snake.
  720. >You weren't prepared for that.
  721. >It lunged at you, but luckily, it was toothless.
  722. >You dodged to the right and grabbed the crystal, which shut the door on the snake.
  723. >It writhed as it was squished by the closing door.
  724. >You heard voices from inside the room as they came over to see what the commotion was.
  725. >There was no going back now.
  726. >You held the crystal up, ready for an all-out brawl.
  727. >"What's happening out here?"
  728. >The door opened and the snake slithered back into the room in pain.
  729. >One of the thug ponies came out and was shocked to see you.
  730. >Man, it was like he'd never seen a human before.
  731. >"CAVER! CAVER!" he shouted.
  732. >Caver?
  733. >Why did that name sound familiar?
  734. >The other thug ran out along with a third pony.
  735. >He looked cleaner and more dignified than the thugs.
  736. >"What is this thing!?"
  737. >"Doesn't matter, get him!"
  738. >The two thugs tackled you to the ground.
  739. >You still had the crystal in hand, though, so you followed up by stabbing one of the thugs.
  740. >You weren't sure where on his body you got him, but he reeled back in pain.
  741. >You were able to kick the other thug off of you and made a run for the stairs.
  742. >Get to a guard or someone and you'd be able to report these guys.
  743. >You ran down the stairs with the healthy thug in hot pursuit.
  744. >Reaching the lobby again, you bash through the exit and run towards the nearest guard post/police station/whatever.
  745. >The thug was catching up to you, and fast.
  746. >You tossed the crystal back at him, hitting the thug in the legs and tripping him.
  747. >Home free!
  748. >The thug was lost to the Crystal Empire night, leaving you to be able to slow down and catch your breath.
  749. >Up ahead, a guard was patrolling the street alone.
  750. >Get to him.
  751. >You jogged over to the guard, who recognized you instantly.
  752. >You were the only human in Equestria. Why wouldn't he?
  753. >"Anonymous. How do you do this fair night?"
  754. >Between gasps of breath, you spoke.
  755. "There's...a kidnapping going on...at the hotel...phew."
  756. >"A kidnapping!?"
  757. "Yeah...some guy named Caver...has all the royalty in Equestria."
  758. >"I'll report back to the guard tower and bring a group. Come with me."
  759. >Yeah, here comes the fucking cavalry!
  760. >You go with the guard back to the post, and in a few minutes, you're leading the charge back to the hotel!
  761. >Shit, this was turning out to be an awesome night!
  762. >Slamming through the hotel doors, the group of guards follow you up to the room the thugs stayed in.
  763. >The guards ram the door down and enter, catching the packing criminals off guard.
  764. >"Caver Caper!?"
  765. >The clean pony points to the guards and shouts, "Get them!"
  766. >The slithery fucker, having healed from his encounter with you, arose and stared hard at the guards.
  767. >They all pointed their spears at the snake, but it didn't move.
  768. >Instead, it flashed colors in its- OH SHIT.
  769. "Don't look at its eyes!"
  770. >You shielded your eyes from the snake, but you weren't sure the guards did, too.
  771. >You'd watched enough cartoons to know that colorful circles in a snake's (or any character's) eyes meant they were trying hypnosis!
  772. >Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever trust snakes.
  773. >You waited for a moment before uncovering your eyes, and found none of the guards followed your advice.
  774. >Fuck.
  775. >While the snake was busy taking down the last guard, the uninjured thug went right back to charging you as he did outside.
  776. >You strafed to the left and picked up one of the guards' spears.
  777. >"Put that down. You don't know how to wield it."
  778. >As the thug reeled for another charge behind you, you did what should have been done when that snake came into the castle.
  779. >Distracted with the last guard standing, you stabbed the snake in the head with your spear, killing the slimy shit.
  780. >"NO!"
  781. >The other thug successfully tackled you to the ground, but before he could get a hold on your arms, you tripped the standing guard, causing him to fall to the ground and break out of his trance.
  782. >You were winning now.
  784. >The snake easily took out the guards with his hypnotic stare, as he did with every other weak-willed creature.
  785. >The only one not brought down was the pesky creature on two legs.
  786. >He seemed to know of the snake's powers and covered his eyes.
  787. >No matter, the snake would take him down, too.
  788. >"Sleep," it told the guards through its hypnosis.
  789. >All but one fell to the ground, snoring.
  790. >He stood his ground and fought.
  791. >A futile effort.
  792. >The snake leaned in and stared deeper into the guards eyes, telling it to give in and sleep.
  793. >He looked very close to falling.
  794. >As expected.
  795. >While the snake was busy, though, it didn't happen to notice the two legged creature pick up a spear and stab right at it.
  796. >Before its death, the snake could only think of master.
  797. >How he loved to please master.
  798. >He was happy to have served him well, but knew there was no avoiding the spear.
  799. >It wanted to show its gratitude to master.
  800. >All it could think of, though, was "thank you for looking after me."
  801. >Then everything faded out.
  803. >"You...YOU!"
  804. >Caver ignored the guard slowly rising to his hooves and came right over to you.
  805. >The thug backed off of you, letting his boss have his way with you.
  806. >Caver kicked you in the face, cracking your jaw.
  808. >He stomped on your head.
  809. "Got rid of your tool to take over the country?"
  810. >He flipped you over onto your back, but before he could attack you anymore, a guard tackled him into the wall.
  811. >Caver let out an agonizing cry as another guard secured the free thug.
  812. >The other guards, having been awoken, grabbed the stabbed thug.
  813. >You got up and dusted yourself off.
  814. "Thanks, officers."
  815. >"Just doing our job," one of them told you as he escorted one of the thugs out of the room.
  816. >Caver thrashed as the guard secured him into some type of hoof-cuffs.
  818. >Ignoring Caver, you went over to the beds, which had huge burlap sacks on them.
  819. >One of the guards opened up a sack and found Twilight inside.
  820. >"How did they get bags this large?" he asked as he slid the purple princess out.
  821. >The rest of the royalty were released from their burlap bondage, but were left in a trance-like state.
  822. >Their blank stares and wide grins were enough to give anyone the creeps.
  823. >"Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight, and Prince Shining Armor. You have a lot of explaining to do," a guard menacingly told Caver.
  824. >The explorer only let out a vicious growl as he was escorted out of the room.
  825. >"So, how do we awaken the royalty?"
  826. >Your answer to the guard came in the form of little pats to Luna's face.
  827. >She flinched and came to.
  828. >"Where am I!?"
  829. >You followed suit with each of the hypnotized royals, each of them having the same reaction.
  830. >Shock.
  831. >"What's going on!?"
  832. >"How did we get here!?"
  833. >"Wh-wh-where d-d-did that s-snake go?"
  834. >You calmed all of the royalty down, kneeling to speak to them.
  835. "Okay, first, Twilight, that snake?"
  836. >You pointed over to the snake's corpse, which made Twilight reel back in disgust.
  837. "At least it can't hurt you anymore, right?"
  838. >"I didn't want it to get hurt, though..."
  839. >There was an awkward silence as the ponies looked on at their dead captor.
  840. "...SO, yeah, anyways, uh..."
  841. >Their attention went back to you.
  842. "From what I got from that Caver guy, he used this snake to hypnotize you guys and capture you. He was planning to take over Equestria or something."
  843. >"Really?"
  844. >Celestia did not sound amused.
  845. >"I was always wary about Caver. Good to know my feelings were well placed," Luna stated with a bit of pride.
  846. >"So how'd we get free, Anon?" Cadance asked.
  847. "I caught the snake carrying off you and Shining and followed it here. Got some guards to help me take these guys out and here we are."
  848. >Twilight hugged you.
  849. >"Anon, you saved us!"
  850. >"If you hadn't seen the snake, we probably wouldn't be here right now!" Shining proclaimed.
  851. >"Yes, thank you, Anonymous," Celestia told you as she and her sister got up from the bed they sat on.
  852. "Aw, you guys..."
  853. >"If you'll excuse us," Luna started, "my sister and I must speak with Caver. There is much to discuss."
  854. >The royal sisters left the room, leaving behind a foreboding aura.
  855. >They were pissed.
  856. >"Your majesties, it would be my pleasure to escort you out of here," a guard told the remaining royals.
  857. >"Uh, actually," Twilight began with a sheepish grin, "I think I'd be more comfortable leaving with my big brother. No offense."
  858. >"None taken."
  859. >The purple princess smiled at her brother, who returned the gesture.
  860. >The three of them got up, Twilight clutching her big brother as they passed the dead snake.
  861. >Even with it dead, Twilight was still cautious around the snake.
  862. >Must be some pretty deep-rooted fear.
  863. >Now you were left with guards who were cleaning the mess.
  864. >What a night.
  865. >As much as you wanted to go back to sleep right here, you knew it'd be better to return to the castle.
  866. >Besides, now that the other princesses were here, you had company!
  867. >Really, where else would they stay for the night?
  869. >"I-I was part of a rebellion. The Iron Hoof."
  870. >"And they're stationed at Crossbridge, aren't they?"
  871. >"...yes."
  872. >"Thank you for your cooperation, Caver Caper. We'll have the guards take it from here. Boys?"
  873. >A guard shoved Caver out of the hotel door.
  874. >"Keep moving, criminal."
  875. >As the guard left, Luna faced her sister.
  876. >"What are we to do about the Iron Hoof, then?"
  877. >"We'll send down some of our forces to contain it. I doubt they'll be much trouble, though."
  878. >"And Crossbridge as a whole?"
  879. >Celestia tapped her chin.
  880. >"I suppose considering the founder of the state is now a convicted criminal and the only ones running the island are rebels, I see no harm in making it Equestrian territory once we're finished with said rebels."
  881. >Luna smiled.
  882. >"So we're integrating it into Equestria, as I wanted before?"
  883. >Celestia chuckled.
  884. >"Yes, Luna."
  885. >The moon pony couldn't have been happier.
  887. >It was every day that you got to talk to royalty.
  888. >It WASN'T every day that you got to talk to non-crystal royalty.
  889. >As you expected, Twilight and the Canterlot sisters stayed with you and the Crystals for the night.
  890. >At breakfast the next morning, the royals, since they were all technically related, did some catching up.
  891. >It was a pleasant sight, watching them laugh at each others' stories and enjoy each other's company like a family.
  892. >...damn, it was making you mushy.
  893. >Once breakfast was over, the royals already had to leave to bring order back to their own parts of the kingdom.
  894. >Fair enough, really.
  895. >You couldn't imagine how fucked up Canterlot was without Celestia and Luna.
  896. >You, Cadance, and Shining said your goodbyes to the other three royals as they rode a special train back to their respective parts of the country.
  897. >They'd be back some other day.
  899. >In Ponyville, news of Princess Twilight's rescue by Anonymous the human had spread the moment the new day came.
  900. >It may have helped that Twilight sent a letter to her friends explaining what happened.
  901. >The whole of Ponyville waited at the train station, and soon enough, the train arrived.
  902. >As it screeched to a halt at the station, the doors opened, their princess Twilight disembarking with a wave to the townsponies.
  903. >She was immediately tackled and hugged by her fellow elements of harmony and her dragon assistant.
  904. >Truly, she felt at home again.
  906. >The Canterlot royal sisters arrived back to much cheering from the townsponies.
  907. >They celebrated the return of their rulers for a short while, the sisters waving and treating it as just another public appearance.
  908. >When they reached the castle, they figured they would get back to what they should have been doing a few days ago.
  909. >While the sisters walked through the halls, however, Luna asked the sun princess, "Sister, that snake...it was from Crossbridge. Should we worry about another incident like this?"
  910. >Celestia shook her head. "Along with the soldiers I sent down there, I had a few zoologists go with them as well. They'll be checking for any new wildlife and containing any more of those snakes if they can find them."
  911. >The moon pony breathed a sigh of relief. "At least officially they won't be a threat anymore. Still, there are black markets to look out for."
  912. >"And I can imagine some ponies will be capturing one themselves. Crossbridge is a new territory, so there will be many ponies exploring it."
  913. >"We can only hope for the best."
  914. >At this, both princesses nodded in agreement.
  915. >The two returned to their royal duties, bringing Canterlot back to its peaceful state.
  917. "So, you think they're gonna erect some kind of statue in my honor?"
  918. >Cadance laughed. "I doubt that, Anon."
  919. >You lifted your arms in a semi-shrug.
  920. "But Spike got a statue! Hell, the entire empire still kisses the ground he walks on!"
  921. >Cadance frowned nervously.
  922. >"I...uh..."
  923. >You waved your hand teasingly.
  924. "Just messing with ya."
  925. >"I didn't doubt that for a second," Shining said over his food at the table.
  926. >As the three of you continued to eat, you decided to ask them a question.
  927. "So, you guys with me on the whole not trusting snakes thing now?"
  928. >Shining stifled his laughter.
  929. >"Uh, I can't say I do, Anon. Honey?"
  930. >"Nope. THAT snake was bad, but it doesn't mean they all are."
  931. >You rolled your eyes and went back to your food.
  932. >Some day, they would learn that you never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever trust a snake.
  933. >Ever.
  934. >As Big Boss once said, "The world would be better off without snakes."
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