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  1. 01:07:35 - you w key a little too fast without really knowing where they are, you even say "he probably has shield" which is a consideration you need to be making, he may have a better loadout than you, don't be psycho, play slow on a roof, spot him out, try to get chip damage and then you can w key based on that
  3. 01:07:49 - once you dont find him you immediately go back to farming with your back turned to containers without any information - this could cost you if he was tracking you...
  5. 01:08:23 - this is much better play, not giving away position, slowly waiting for them to eat at each other and trying to take the perfect moment to 3rd party... only thing is you saw 2 people landing with you im not sure why you are confused that there are people here, you could have also seen this guy land towards rock circle, you definitely need to keep track of where they land better as you could have seen this option coming
  7. 01:08:55 - really nice boogie bomb split, though you should clear the right side first by the door rather than the left side (he can't really escape left side but he has the opportunity to sneak out on right side, if he's there)
  9. 01:13:15 - jesus christ you destroyed lyricen...
  11. 01:13:38 - you know you need shield, you have medkit and campfire, there are mushrooms around AND a guy just grappled height outside of zone, rotate in zone here and use your medkit, I think thats a good possible path for you here, especially to try to avoid this fight..
  13. 01:26:58 - nice find on the brick stairs with the deagle!! way to spot that the guy forgot to put a floor
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