Sister's Gift (Rarity TG)

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  1. Click, click, click. Nothing on TV, again. Micheal wondered why the internet was so slow today so he could not really stream anything of significance, but either way, his younger sister Jessica had to be taken care of, while their parents enjoyed their second honeymoon.
  3. “I’m bored Micheal! Come play with me!” she pleaded, trying her best puppy-eyes technique to persuade her less than eager brother.
  5. “Fine, what did you have in mind?” Micheal replied, trying his best to hide his groan.
  7. “It could actually be more fun than Storage Wars, so why the hell not?” he mumbled to himself, as they went upstairs to Jessica’s room.
  9. The pair set down on the bed, with Jessica smiling sheepishly. She put her hand under the bed, and revealed a large gem.
  11. “Where did you get that?!” asked Micheal, his eyes fixed on the glistening stone.
  13. “Oh that is my secret. I wanted to give it to you as a gift, for being a good big brother!” Jessica smiled and shove the big purple diamond into Micheal’s hands, making the strange copy of a gem glow in the same color.
  15. Micheal wanted to ask again as to where Jessica had gotten this thing, but the soft glow felt so nice and warm, his mind wandered. A vacant smile crawled on his face, as the large gem slowly melted in his hand, leaving a feint white trail on his palm. Only once the whole thing had vanished did he return to his senses.
  17. “Wow, that felt... amazing.” He whispered, falling back onto the bed.
  19. “Oh it looked really cool. Especially that horn on your head!” Jessica exclaimed, jumping next to her big brother.
  21. “...What?”
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  25. Micheal looked above to his forehead, the place Jessica pointed, and to his shock, a cone like structure was probing out of his skin, with no piercing, or oddly enough, pain. What ensued can only be described as young girl’s scream coming from a young man’s mouth.
  27. “This can’t be real, I must be dreamin’! I gotta wake up!” Micheal mumbled as he tried to stand up, but some force alien to him kept him pinned down onto the bed of his sister.
  29. Jessica simply looked on in wonder, almost not breathing, a guilty smile not leaving her face. Micheal wanted to respond, but a sharp pain, followed by a numbing sensation in his nose stopped him. The whole front of his face was moving out, as if at any moment it would fly away, and not only that, but the nose began to morph with it, into one structure.
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  33. “Jess... Help...” he mumbled, as his hands moved closer to his view, the stiffness of his fingers becoming alarming. The answer as to why was impossible, yet Micheal looked it dead in the face. As his thumb shrank into the white mass, the rest of the fingers had merged, forming a white furry hoof. He gingerly moved the appendage, as if to test if it was his. And it flexed as Micheal wanted, he could only think as to how stylish it looked, which freaked him out even more.
  35. The fur traveled faster now, with each of his hands changed into hooves, as the skull itself moved to a more equine stature. The cone on his forehead kept getting larger and pointer, with a feint cyan tint on it. Twisting and merging, the snout had also formed, and Micheal felt how his teeth were all flat now, perfect for some lettuce, which scarily enough, he craved more than anything at the moment.
  37. His momentary deafness did not help his stress level, as he fought every step of his transformation, but to no avail. He closed his eyes, hoping that if he does not see the change, it would not happen, but on the contrary, as he did, his very eyes became larger, with exquisite eyelashes rounding out the feminine gaze.
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  41. His back had already snapped, as he grew additional spines, which in turn flourished into a spinning purple scarf, or rather his tail. Swishing it felt good, and it gave him a small sense of control over everything that was happening.
  43. The snapping of his legs shattered that illusion quickly. The pain was massive, but again, something quickly washed over it, and the change became something his body craved, if not his mind.
  45. His hair had already gained a purple color, but now it was becoming wavy and stylish, much like his tail, which on some level pleased him.
  47. He could hear Jessica saying “Pretty pony!” over and over again, but replying was still out of capability. The white fur had covered him completely, and his whole body shrank in stature. All that was left of it was the skin on the snout, and his... Crotch.
  49. Micheal had heard the phrase “to go out with a bang”, but as his member soaked the jeans he wore, which to the manufacturer’s credit, did not break during the phase of change, he understood what it meant.
  51. Every last drop of his male semen was gone, and the balls and said appendage slowly retreated, getting comfortable inside, creating their female counterpart.
  53. Panting and sweaty, a the now pristine white unicorn looked into her sisters eyes.
  55. “Jessica... Why?!” she cried, making the young girl frown too.
  57. “Don’t worry sis, I am sure everything will be okay, the purple pony said so!”
  59. “The what... Oh, Twilight!”
  61. Micheal placed her hooves onto her head, but the magic quickly overwhelmed her and she lost control.
  63. “My head, it hurts so much!” Micheal groaned, as the horn she now had was now glowing in full effect, her eyes too, looking towards it.
  65. Echoes of memories seeped in, like a mountain river etching its way trough solid rock. Only this river was stronger, faster and meticulous in its erosion of Micheal’s psyche. A faint voice became intertwined with his, lighter, with a distinct accent, one she knew was influenced by Canterlot, even though that very morning he knew nothing of the place.
  67. “I must find a way to change back, but why, it suits me so... No, I am not this, this exquisite, divine, pristine mare. Ah, I can’t, I can’t fight it, nor should I... Like coal, pressed into a gem, I must be pressed into... perfection. Ah, much better, it feels so nice, to let the magic in, to embrace it’s silky touch...”
  69. The magical glow subdued, as the mare took full control, and her blue eyes looked upon Jessica, a wide smile covering her muzzle. She stood up, on her four hooves, her tails swishing elegantly as she did.
  71. There was no mistaking it, Rarity, the Element of Generosity was in front of the young girl, which prompted the little tyke to hug her and cuddle against her well kept fur.
  73. “Well done Jessica, your big sister is very proud of you.” Rarity replied, patting the young human.
  75. “I am so happy, I always wanted a big sister!” Jessica admitted sheepishly.
  77. “Oh I am happy I can be that mare for you darling. In fact, I am so happy that I really wanted to return the favor.”
  79. “Really?” Jessica’s eyes grew big as she looked at Rarity’s horn, which began to glow once again.
  81. “Of course darling, I am always eager to share. Now, prepare for a makeover, Rarity style!”
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