Oran Mini - A different side of shipping

Nov 10th, 2011
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  1. [01:42:01] * @Nephene has since changed into her usual dress, and wipes down the counter.
  2. [01:45:52] * Arawn arrives eventually. He has changed into actual pants now and dried off but seems fine to continue going without a shirt today. "Yo~!"
  3. [01:46:25] <@Nephene> "Oh! Hi, there!"
  4. [01:46:50] * Arawn is carrying a large bag with him, Spring sitting on his head. "Just stopping by to congratulate you. Oh, and something else, I guess~"
  5. [01:47:06] <@Nephene> "Hm?"
  6. [01:47:25] * Arawn starts fishing around in the bag. "Now, let's see here..."
  7. [01:49:05] * Jack` is now known as BB
  8. [01:49:22] * Arawn eventually pulls out a small bag, and hands it to Nephene. "Here. I'm done."
  9. [01:49:44] <@Nephene> "Done? Don't I have to pay you?"
  10. [01:50:06] * @Nephene notes that they're more or less alone. Her eyes dart back and forth between something under the counter, and Arawn.
  11. [01:50:51] <Arawn> "Nope. You didn't even formally request them, I just... actually I don't remember!" he laughs a little. "I didn't even really intend to make them but by the time I was done making everything else in the last few days... there they were."
  12. [01:51:03] * @Nephene finally swallows her pride.
  13. [01:51:07] <@Nephene> "Um....look."
  14. [01:51:14] <@Nephene> "Are you.....doing anything this week?"
  15. [01:51:44] <Arawn> "...Huh?" Whee over his head it goes.
  16. [01:51:58] <@Nephene> "....maybe we can get dinner. That's all."
  17. [01:52:11] <@Nephene> "Flynn's place."
  18. [01:53:17] <Arawn> "...Oh!" Arawn looks moderately surprised, like he's really quite not sure how to take this. "Well, no I guess I don't really have any plans now that my fervor has subsided, other than delivering the rest of the orders."
  19. [01:53:42] <@Nephene> "Whenever you're available, really."
  20. [01:53:54] <@Nephene> "Maybe it's a payment, maybe it's....something else."
  21. [01:55:06] <Clarity> Maybe it's... BOOM.
  22. [01:55:06] <Arawn> "..." he's biting his lower lip a little. "Well, I intended this to be, y'know... thanks for the food you keep bringing over. I swear some days I'd go without eating and not even notice if you didn't show up."
  23. [01:55:17] <Clarity> "NEFFYYYYYY! I'M HUNGRY~!"
  24. [01:56:06] * Clarity ROLLS in like an action hero, accompanied by a terrified shinx and his hat. Balthazar seems to have been taken home too, as the crazy teen has no idea what she's interrupting. No idea.
  25. [01:56:51] * @Nephene sighs, equal parts grateful and annoyed for having the tension broken. "....perhaps I'll just visit you later, yeah?"
  26. [01:56:57] <@Nephene> "Thanks so much for the gloves."
  27. [01:57:54] <Arawn> "Sure. We'll go for dinner sometime, one way or another," he nods, and waves to her as he takes the bag and heads out.
  28. [01:57:55] <Clarity> "Ooooh, you weren't in the middle of something, right?" Ponytail lazily pulled back due to the wetness, Clarity hops up. "If you're gonna make out I can turn around! We're not THAT hungry, right guys?"
  29. [01:58:03] <@Nephene> "See you then."
  30. [01:58:07] <@Nephene> "...."
  31. [01:58:45] <@Nephene> "Um....well, don't worry about it," Neph says to Clarity. "It can wait a bit. Victory curry, chicken, spicy, right?"
  32. [01:59:22] * Clarity prances up with a giggle. "You bet~! EXTRA spicy."
  33. [01:59:58] <Clarity> And then a slam, straight on the stool. Well, a slamming of an omanye on a separate stool. And a shinx on another. Neither of them like it. Clarity's own expression is the goofiest grin in the universe.
  34. [02:01:20] * @Nephene sighs. "Coming right up, then."
  35. [02:01:33] <@Nephene> With that, she's already at work preparing the ingredients.
  36. [02:01:50] * Clarity rests her head on the counter, smiling along the whole time. Before the horrific sound of her voice about to come out.
  37. [02:02:05] <Clarity> "... So I didn't know you two were dating! How long's it been going on?"
  38. [02:02:11] <@Nephene> "....what?"
  39. [02:02:15] <@Nephene> "We aren't dating."
  40. [02:02:26] <Clarity> "Reaaaally? He looked SO happy on his way out."
  41. [02:03:27] <@Nephene> "He's -been- happy all day. He's kind of weird like that."
  42. [02:03:36] <Clarity> Roll, roll, roll. "But you-know-who and the guard lady both have that look all the time too! Man, I'm so jealous of you guys."
  43. [02:04:06] <@Nephene> "Gruff normally, weird when inspired, and who-knows-what-else. He's kind of a black box."
  44. [02:04:56] <@Nephene> The rice seems to be done.
  45. [02:05:12] <Clarity> "So you don't have feelings for him? ... Huh." A little giggle comes out. "I guess he's just one of those guys, huh? 'Ka is always blushing around him too. I told her to ask him out, buuuut~"
  46. [02:05:20] * Clarity covers her mouth with a childlike "oops."
  47. [02:05:31] <@Nephene> "....."
  48. [02:05:33] <@Nephene> "You're an odd one."
  49. [02:05:55] <Clarity> "What if it's my empty stomach speaking~?" A big cackle follows that line.
  50. [02:06:22] <Clarity> "... But it's really weird, I haven't felt sleepy all day. Or very often for the past FEW days, y'know?"
  51. [02:06:36] <@Nephene> "....Clarity, are you blackmailing me?"
  52. [02:07:11] <Clarity> Tilt. "Huh? Isn't that thing where you..." A glance shoots to the shinx. "I don't even HAVE anything to write letters on."
  53. [02:08:01] <@Nephene> "Never mind. Food's done."
  54. [02:08:36] <Clarity> "Yaaaaay~!" Her feet kick the counter in excitement on accident a couple times. Sky hops on the counter just to give an apologetic bow, as has become tradition by now.
  55. [02:08:58] * @Nephene is slowly getting better at this - less fumbling, less time wasted, with the ingredients in better proportions.
  56. [02:09:29] * @Nephene scoops the green curry onto a bed of white rice, as per usual, and slides the plate over to Clarity.
  57. [02:09:45] <@Nephene> She stops briefly to smile at Sky and scratch under his chin. :)
  58. [02:09:49] * Clarity beams. "Thanks a lot! I hope it tastes like WINNING today~!"
  59. [02:10:07] <@Nephene> "You tell me. Does it?"
  60. [02:10:08] <Clarity> He purrs and smiles. This is probably why he doesn't stop her from causing mayhem in this place.
  61. [02:10:33] <Clarity> "Mmmm~! You BET it does!" The fork stalls at some rice for a second, "... But everything tastes better lately."
  62. [02:10:46] <@Nephene> "Just practicing."
  63. [02:10:49] <Clarity> "Everything FEELS better lately. Wonder why?"
  64. [02:11:06] <@Nephene> "That part, I dunno. Wouldn't be able to tell you."
  65. [02:11:12] <Clarity> "Maybe I'm evolving?" A staring contest with the shinx, who wants none of those. "Or maybe your cooking's just THAT good?"
  66. [02:11:16] <@Nephene> "Either I'm improving a bit, or you're just in a better mood than usual."
  67. [02:11:28] <Clarity> "Hehehe. I bet it's both!" CHOMP.
  68. [02:11:33] <@Nephene> ....okay, it hasn't improved -that- much. But it's noticeable.
  69. [02:11:42] <Clarity> "Bmfff... mmm wmmtd to mmmfk."
  70. [02:11:51] * Clarity pauses and swallows.
  71. [02:12:22] <Clarity> "So since you're not dating, you DON'T know what that 'love' stuff is like? You seemed like the best kind of person in the village to know about that stuff, Neffy."
  72. [02:12:31] <@Nephene> "Honestly, though, I've more or less only focused on the curry. The rest is too hard to screw up, but..."
  73. [02:12:33] <@Nephene> ".....uh?"
  74. [02:12:41] <@Nephene> "I mean, I do."
  75. [02:12:59] <Clarity> A nod. "Great! Then can I ask something?" Another chomp, then a drink of... probably water or something.
  76. [02:13:05] <@Nephene> "Had a boyfriend once, but he moved away only a couple of months after we dated."
  77. [02:13:16] <@Nephene> "Went to the city, haven't heard from him or had a boyfriend since."
  78. [02:13:28] <Clarity> "... But didjya really like him?"
  79. [02:13:41] <@Nephene> "He was charming, sure."
  80. [02:14:04] <Clarity> "But didjya like him for real? Like, did being with him make everything seem shiny and awesome all the time?"
  81. [02:14:08] <@Nephene> "I didn't really know him as well as I liked, though."
  82. [02:14:17] <@Nephene> "....sort of, I guess?"
  83. [02:14:45] <@Nephene> "That's the kind of thing you read about in copper-awful romance pulps, though."
  84. [02:14:46] <Clarity> Chomp. Gulp. "'Sort of' isn't good enough! Everything I hear about love says you have to put ALL YOUR HEART into it!"
  85. [02:15:14] <Clarity> "So uh... I dunno, but..." Chomp gulp swish. "You could probably tell. I'm not in it, am I?"
  86. [02:15:24] <@Nephene> " what, now?"
  87. [02:15:30] <Clarity> "You know, in love!"
  88. [02:15:45] <@Nephene> "....I wouldn't know, Clarity. -Are- you into anyone?"
  89. [02:15:51] * @Nephene patpats Sky. :)
  90. [02:16:23] <Clarity> "I don't know, that's why I gotta ask!" Sky keeps on being cheerful, while Clarity moves her fork to the side with a mumble of "oohyougottatrythis." The omanyte makes a face and shuffles away.
  91. [02:17:42] <Clarity> "I mean, I've been helpin' Thaz- I mean that Balthazar guy out with the stuff he's been making, and everything DOES feel really shiny and awesome when I'm doing it... but that's totally just because I think robots are awesome, right?"
  92. [02:17:57] <@Nephene> "Maybe you're just having lots of fun."
  93. [02:18:12] <@Nephene> "Maybe it's more. I can't really tell you one way or the other. Your life, after all!"
  94. [02:18:30] <Clarity> "Oh... phew." The non-fork-holding hand wipes her forehead. "I was scared, because if it WAS something like that, what was I gonna do?"
  95. [02:18:49] <Clarity> ... Chomp.
  96. [02:18:57] <@Nephene> "Well, -have- you read any of those copper-awfuls?"
  97. [02:19:22] <Clarity> "Oh, yeah! 'Ka has a bunch of 'em. They're really bad, I always stop halfway through." Munch. "She scolds me when I do, too."
  98. [02:19:39] <Clarity> "It gets into really lame kissy scenes, or they talk about things that don't really matter..."
  99. [02:20:31] <@Nephene> "Some people do silly things when they're in love."
  100. [02:20:50] <@Nephene> "That's a big part of why I can't tell you, besides it being all individual and all that rot."
  101. [02:20:56] <@Nephene> "'re -always- pretty silly."
  102. [02:20:57] <Clarity> Chomp gulp. "And I haven't done anything silly, right?"
  103. [02:21:00] <Clarity> "... Oh."
  104. [02:21:03] <Clarity> "Oh."
  105. [02:21:22] <@Nephene> "Not that that's a bad thing, of course."
  106. [02:21:35] <Clarity> "Well, I haven't wanted to kiss, or prattle on about lives, or anything like THAAAAT..." The fork spins around in what little rice is left over.
  107. [02:22:31] <Clarity> "But does wanting to be around one person all the time because they're really awesome mean anything? That doesn't mean I'm gonna turn into a creepy stalker, does it?"
  108. [02:23:05] <@Nephene> "You could just be best friends."
  109. [02:23:07] <Clarity> "'Cause I'd rather be a trashy romance character than a creepy stalker. Even though they're both pretty bad!"
  110. [02:23:28] <Clarity> "Friends... oh yeah. Friends." A piece of food gets poked with the fork, now.
  111. [02:23:59] <Clarity> "But even though 'Ka is nice, I don't think she's totally awesome or that I want to spend hours and hours every day... reading books, you know? But we're so friends!"
  112. [02:24:34] <Clarity> Chomp. "... Oh, that's all of it. Hey, I have enough and it's not busy, could I get seconds? Preeeetty please? It really IS the best today."
  113. [02:25:21] <@Nephene> "Usually one's enough for people, but....."
  114. [02:25:27] <@Nephene> "Alright. No freebies, of course."
  115. [02:25:45] <Clarity> "You bet! Y'know I'm loaded!" And loaded she indeed is, as say the imperials on the counter.
  116. [02:26:13] * @Nephene nods, and gets to work on a second serving. "Sky, you want anything?"
  117. [02:26:49] <Clarity> "He'll have hal- what's that look for?" The look he's giving says he likes sweet things a lot more.
  118. [02:28:54] <@Nephene> "The usual? Alright."
  119. [02:29:19] <Clarity> "... Yeah, his usual. Tell her thanks, okay?" The playful little animal gets a poke in the stomach. Even though he hates it and it shows.
  120. [02:29:47] <Clarity> "So... how do I make sure I'm not sillier than usual?"
  121. [02:30:01] * Clarity stares straight up at the ceiling. "He already said he'd take me to the moon..."
  122. [02:30:12] * @Nephene mixes the batter on the side. On some consideration, she doubles up, thinking that she'll have breakfast for dinner.
  123. [02:30:21] <@Nephene> "Buh?"
  124. [02:30:48] <Clarity> "What, is that a bad thing? I mean, the whole village can't go to the moon at the same time, right?"
  125. [02:31:15] <@Nephene> "I, um."
  126. [02:31:29] <Clarity> "... Oh no, that doesn't mean something that I don't know about, does it?"
  127. [02:31:47] <@Nephene> "It -can- be."
  128. [02:31:49] <Clarity> Loud gasp. "Oh crap, what if that means he proposed and I didn't even catch on?"
  129. [02:32:02] <Clarity> "The moon IS a real place, right? With real cheese on it?"
  130. [02:32:07] <@Nephene> "Usually isn--okay, now you're just worrying too much."
  131. [02:32:39] <Clarity> "Aaaaaah- And worrying is silly, ISN'T IT?"
  132. [02:32:52] <Clarity> "Crap crap, whatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoido..."
  133. [02:34:10] <@Nephene> "'"
  134. [02:34:23] <@Nephene> "Just calm down and don't worry so much about it. I'm sure you haven't missed anything."
  135. [02:34:25] <@Nephene> "..."
  136. [02:34:29] <@Nephene> "Or misinterpreted."
  137. [02:34:56] <Clarity> "But what if I HAVE? What if he's actually an alien with all the robots I've never seen before and when he says 'the moon' he actually means his home planet and I'm actually going to be kidnapped and..."
  138. [02:36:19] <@Nephene> "You haven't. Just....."
  139. [02:36:46] <Clarity> "Just get a weapon, right? Since he seems pretty human, the aliens on his home planet might not be tentacle monsters, but if they are..."
  140. [02:36:51] * @Nephene scoops another batch of curry onto another bed of rice, and sets three plates down.
  141. [02:37:03] <@Nephene> "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about anymore."
  142. [02:37:42] * @Nephene butters Sky's pancake a bit, and adds a bit of syrup. She soon does the same for her own plate of pancakes.
  143. [02:37:53] <Clarity> "Right? Because that's the alien race's mind tricks! They want to make it to where I can't talk to people any more so they can take my body parts and use it to study us, and then INVADE."
  144. [02:38:02] <Clarity> ... Chomp.
  145. [02:38:43] <Clarity> Sky smiles happily and gives a bow of thanks before slowly beginning to nibble. The omanyte waddles over and tries a piece of pancake too before looking like it's about to retch and... rolling away.
  146. [02:40:00] <Clarity> "Mmmmmbut this is so GOOD! There's no way aliens can cook either, I bet!"
  147. [02:40:13] <Clarity> "... I KNOW. I should ask him if he can cook, and if he can't, it's safe, right?"
  148. [02:40:54] <@Nephene> "I....."
  149. [02:40:54] <Clarity> Chomp slurp gulp munch. "But... if he can't cook then I can't cook either! Oh crap, so if he's not an alien and we really are in love we'll both not be able to eat anything and starve and die on the moon..."
  150. [02:41:09] * @Nephene has officially stopped trying.
  151. [02:42:14] <Clarity> "So I have to learn how to cook!" SLURRRRRP. HOW CAN SHE EVEN DO THAT TO RICE. "Food Guy tried to teach me how to bake cake but... uh, I messed up with the milk." A pause to collect all this information. "... Curry doesn't use milk, does it? That's only for when you're eating it?"
  152. [02:42:18] <@Nephene> She simply tends to her breakfast, letting Clarity ramble. Mid-meal, she counts out the Imperials on the counter.
  153. [02:42:21] <Clarity> "Because I can never drink too much milk."
  154. [02:42:28] <@Nephene> "...."
  155. [02:42:44] <Clarity> There's a tip included. Whether Clarity herself was actually generous or another source did it is unknown, but Sky winks in the middle of his eating. Huh.
  156. [02:42:44] <@Nephene> ".....bwuh?" Finally, something resembling relevance!
  157. [02:43:31] <@Nephene> "Some exotic curries use milk, from what I understand."
  158. [02:43:46] <Clarity> "... Huh. But that's not this kind, right?"
  159. [02:44:26] <@Nephene> "Nope."
  160. [02:44:56] <Clarity> The chomping and munching slows down and becomes less panicked. "Food Guy taught you how to make this too, didn't he?"
  161. [02:45:19] <@Nephene> "Yep."
  162. [02:46:22] <Clarity> "The way he explains things is really weird. I didn't get it when I said it so THAT'S why I put too much milk in." Chomp. "How much would you want for this recipe? Like... you could teach me so I don't starve if I get kidnapped by aliens, right, Neffy?"
  163. [02:46:47] <@Nephene> "Um, Flynn would really be a better teacher...."
  164. [02:47:04] <@Nephene> "Not to mention that he's got better stock. It's hard for me to adapt meals."
  165. [02:47:13] <Clarity> "..."
  166. [02:47:16] <Clarity> "Stock."
  167. [02:47:19] <Clarity> "Stoooock."
  168. [02:47:33] * Clarity gives a terrifying look, which turns into a maniacal grin.
  169. [02:47:40] <Clarity> "... So can I make curry with nothing but fish?"
  170. [02:47:46] <@Nephene> "....."
  171. [02:47:50] <@Nephene> "I....don't know."
  172. [02:47:55] <Clarity> "Or just... a lot of fish and SOME other things?"
  173. [02:47:58] <@Nephene> "That sounds like it wouldn't work out so well, though."
  174. [02:47:59] <Clarity> "I NEVER run out of fish."
  175. [02:48:21] <@Nephene> "The idea of a fish curry in general isn't such a terrible one at first blush, though...."
  176. [02:48:23] <Clarity> "Fish anything would be awesome, though! Food Guy didn't like the sound of a seafood cake, but it'd be totally awesome, wouldn't it?"
  177. [02:48:37] <@Nephene> "....actually, I think I'd have to agree with Flynn."
  178. [02:48:39] <Clarity> "... Er."
  179. [02:48:42] <Clarity> Cough cough.
  180. [02:48:48] <Clarity> "But fish curry would be awesomer, right?"
  181. [02:49:11] <Clarity> "Not that yours isn't the best or anything!" That's probably because of how extraordinarily spicy it is, one would think, and spicy fish... eeyuck. Spicy fish.
  182. [02:49:14] <@Nephene> "....maybe? You'd have to try it, I guess."
  183. [02:49:35] <Clarity> "Yeah! Alright then! You teach me to make curry and I put fish in it! Deal?"
  184. [02:49:48] <@Nephene> "....I don't think it's that simple, Clarity."
  185. [02:49:54] <Clarity> "... Oh."
  186. [02:50:00] <Clarity> Chomp munch.
  187. [02:50:06] <Clarity> Chew chew chew chew.
  188. [02:50:45] <Clarity> Sky continues modestly nibbling off pieces of his pancake. Salt, on the other hand, fishes out a non-syrup-covered one from under it and finds it strangely edible, smiling along. Could a paradox have been created? Only maybe.
  189. [02:51:44] * Clarity continues to eat, quietly all of a sudden. Which can only mean bad things.
  190. [02:52:25] <@Nephene> "Something wrong?"
  191. [02:52:45] <Clarity> "Yeah... kinda."
  192. [02:53:17] <Clarity> "Even without the stuff about aliens or fish curry he's still all I'm thinking about. Even when I'm fishing or taking walks."
  193. [02:53:26] <Clarity> Chew. Chew. "I'm really messed up, huh?"
  194. [02:54:09] <@Nephene> "Not really, no."
  195. [02:54:26] <@Nephene> "Seems normal to me."
  196. [02:54:41] <Clarity> "And people think about their friends like that all the time too?"
  197. [02:54:51] <@Nephene> "Well, uh....."
  198. [02:55:12] <Clarity> "Because I dunno if I wanna go tell 'Ka she isn't awesome, that'd be totally uncool."
  199. [02:56:41] * @Nephene doesn't even know what to do anymore. :(
  200. [02:57:14] <Clarity> Neither does Clarity, apparently, with 3/4th-finished curry while Sky's plate is clean. And that NEVER happens.
  201. [02:58:03] <Clarity> "Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't stop at curry. I should learn how to make all SORTS of things with fish."
  202. [02:58:23] <Clarity> "Fish pie... fish cake... fish casserole... fishburgers... fish ice cream..."
  203. [02:58:37] <@Nephene> "...."
  204. [02:59:19] <Clarity> "Fish fries... fish cookies... fish pancakes..."
  205. [02:59:31] * Clarity looks Sky dead in the eye. "You'd eat a fish pancake, right?"
  206. [02:59:40] <Clarity> He stands up and walks away.
  207. [03:00:56] <Clarity> "... Huh. I'd eat a fish pancake."
  208. [03:05:57] * Clarity remains silent in DEEP CONTEMPLATION and finishes up the curry, pushing both plates over to the edge of the counter. A comple extra imperials find their way too. With a sound that's probably more relieving for Nephene than anything else, she stands up.
  209. [03:06:18] <Clarity> "... Okay, I'm full up! Thanks a bunch, Neffy. It really IS the best when you have something to be happy about."
  210. [03:06:20] <@Nephene> "Alright, then."
  211. [03:06:27] <@Nephene> "It is."
  212. [03:07:08] <Clarity> "So... if my suspicions are anywhere NEAR right, I gotta get Food Guy to teach me how to make real fish curry. And when I'm at my happiest it'll be AWESOME!"
  213. [03:08:00] <Clarity> "We'll be back someday!" Sky's eyes show his thankfulness. "He's glad too, I think. Eheh." With a smile, she scoops the omanyte up too. "C'mon guys, we're gonna take a nap outside."
  214. [03:08:07] <Clarity> The door creaks open.
  215. [03:09:46] <Clarity> ... And slams closed. A minute or so later, the familiar noise of 'ZZZzzzzzzzZZZZzzZZZZZZzZZZZ' can already be heard throughout the Slaking. Probably even moreso due to people not being there.
  216. [03:10:14] <@Nephene> "......"
  217. [03:10:28] <@Nephene> "Oh, dear. She's not sleeping just outside, is she?"
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