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  1. Help Menu: -help [1-6]
  2. Toggle the GUI: -gui toggle [on/off]
  3. Toggle Sneak: -sneak toggle [on/off]
  4. Toggle Sprint: -sprint toggle [on/off]
  5. Toggle NoFall: -nofall toggle [on/off]
  6. Toggle FullBright: -fullbright toggle [on/off]
  7. Toggle Xray: -xray toggle [on/off]
  8. Set Xray Type: -xray set [normal/opacity]
  9. Toggle Spider: -spider toggle [on/off]
  10. Toggle Fly: -fly toggle [on/off]
  11. Set Fly Speed: -fly set [speed]
  12. Toggle Derp Mode: -derp toggle [on/off]
  13. Toggle Fastplace: -fastplace toggle [on/off]
  14. [BROKEN] Toggle Fastbreak: -fastbreak toggle [on/off]
  15. Toggle Unpushable: -unpushable toggle [on/off]
  16. Toggle AlwaysDay: -allday toggle [on/off]
  17. Toggle HighJump: -highjump toggle [on/off]
  18. Spam Message: -spam=[message]
  19. Toggle AutoFisher: -autofish toggle [on/off]
  20. CareCup: -carecup
  21. Reload the Config: -reload
  22. Keybind: -bind=[keyid]=[message/command]
  23. [BROKEN] Find KeyID: -bind getkey
  24. Set Fly Up Key: -bind=[keyid]=flyup
  25. Set Fly Down Key: -bind=[keyid]=flydown
  26. Delete a Keybind: -bind=[keyid]=delete
  27. Clear Keybinds: -bind clear
  28. Reset Keybinds: -bind reset
  29. Friends List/Clear: -friend [list/clear]
  30. Add a Friend: -friend add [username]
  31. Delete a Friend: -friend delete [username]
  32. Enemy List/Clear: -enemy [list/clear]
  33. Add an Enemy: -enemy add [username]
  34. Delete an Enemy: -enemy delete [username]
  35. Toggle Tracers: -tracer toggle [on/off]
  36. Toggle AimBot/Forcefield: -aimbot toggle [on/off]
  37. Toggle Follow: -follow [start/stop/toggle]
  38. Set Follow Target: -follow=[username]
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