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  1. #OpKhylii           #JusticeForKhylii             #OpKhylii                     #JusticeForKhylii [===================================================================================================]
  2. Greatings cittizens of the world we are Anonymous
  3.  [===================================================================================================]
  5. Sign This Petition : http://www.thepetitionsite.com/121/306/501/justice-for-khylii/
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Peaceful Protest:
  9. First peaceful protest:
  10. WHEN: Saturday, March 16th, 2013
  11. TIME: 1:00pm
  12. WHERE: Weirton City Municipal Plaza, 200 Municipal Plaza, Weirton, WV 26062
  14. Second Peaceful Protest: (Expect Us)
  15. WHEN: Saturday, May 4th, 2013
  16. TIME: 3:30pm - 6:00pm
  17. WHERE: Weirton City Municipal Plaza, 200 Municipal Plaza, Weirton, WV 26062
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  20. DOX
  21. Amber Coen (Keffer) (Ward )
  22. Weirton, WV <--- I will not give out address children in the home
  23. DOB 03-11-1982
  24. SS# ***-**-2436 <--- Yes I have it
  25. (deleted her facebook)
  26. Married to: Chet Coen  (Brooke County WV)
  27. Employment: Currently Unemployed, Subway Weirton (wallmart), Gieos (penna ave. Weirton)
  30. Don Weekley II  
  31. Wheeling , WV 26062 <- minor children in home will not release address
  32. DOB; 12-01-1970
  33. DL# E494683 (WV)
  34. SS#***-**-8766 <--- Yes I have it
  35. http://www.facebook.com/#!/don.weekley.5?fref=ts
  36. lived:204 Arena Dr. Weirton, WV 26062, 709 Loucks Ave. Scottdale, PA 15683, Bridgeville, PA Wellsburg,WV Weirton, WV Mount Pleasant, PA Follansbee, WV Bethany, WV Tarentum, PA New Kensington PA
  38. Daughter A***** Weekley (minor Leave Alone) <-yes I have her info
  40. Son C*** Weekley (minor Leave Alone) <-yes I have his info
  42. Son Richie Weekley
  43. DOB 04-07-1992
  44. http://www.facebook.com/don.weekley.5?fref=ts#!/richie.weekley?group_id=0
  45. Hangs out at: Anytime Fitness (Weirton, WV)
  50. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. We Want to Know
  52. 1) Who hurt Khylii?
  53. 2) Why Khylii (and her 6 brothers and sisters) is living back with her mother?
  54. 3) We want Amber Coen (Keffer) (Ward ) charged?
  55.  (she was acquitted of her charges due to lack of Evidence's) Refile the Charges!
  60. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. FACTS
  63. -Feb15-17 Khylii complains of nausea and vomiting
  65. -Feb 17,2011 an Ambulance was sent to Amber Coen (Keffers) (Ward ) and her boyfriend Don Weekley II home they found a 3 year old girl who was was purple and unresponsive, her mother handed Khylii naked lifeless body over to the ambulance. On the ambulance report she was described at Flaccid and demonstrated no motor control, having Central Cyanosis (abdominal area was blue and cold), Distended abdomen (her belly was bloated) with no radial or biracial pulses (her body was shutting down so it rushed blood from arms and legs to save vital organs) she SpO2 was 72% (she was not getting much 02) . She was transported to Weirton Medical Center and flown to UPMC Childrens hospital in Pittsburg PA.where she was taken to surgery then placed on life Support In ICU, leaving her stomach exposed and open tell the Feb 25th
  67. Feb. 21, four days after an alleged child abuse, Weirton police said they started an investigation after medical reports suggested the girl's injuries were suspicious.
  69. March 11, 2011 order was filed giving the courts emergency custody of all children in the home
  71. March 12, 2011 Khylii was discharged from Childrens Hospital
  73. March 13, 2011 Civil Abuse and neglect charges against Ambler Coen (Keffer) (Ward )
  75. March 15, 2011The Hancock County grand jury indicted Donald R. Weekly II, charging him with child neglect causing serious bodily injury. Prosecutors said Weekly was caring for Khylii when she was injured. (which is now come into question)
  77. July 28, 2011 Civil case of Abuse and neglect and dropped Amber Coen (Keffer) (Ward ) children returned to Amber Coen (Keffer) (Ward).
  79. Oct 2012 Amber Coen (Keffer) (Ward ) Don Weekley II and his attorney all meet a ast prosecutors office for Plea, of Kennedy Plea, with a 2 year probation. (unknown to Mike Keffer father of Khylii)
  81. -The surgeon that operated on Khylii has stated that the injury occurred between 9:30 – 11:30 am on the day in question (They got this time line due to the stomach contents of Khylii)
  83. -The boyfriend provide receipts to my whereabouts from 9:30-11:30 and did not start watching the child until Noon of the day in question.
  86. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. -Don (boyfriend) "I don’t in anyway condone child abuse. I just wish that I would have been contacted to get my side of the story rather than just one side being posted on here. This case has never been swept under the rug as people are saying. This case was investigated for almost 2 years and once the evidence came out then all charges were dropped against me in December 2012. The surgeon that operated on Khylii has stated that the injury occurred between 9:30 – 11:30 am on the day in question and I had to provide receipts to my whereabouts at that time because I was not even there at that time. They got this time line due to the stomach contents of Khylii. I did not start watching Khylii that day until noon when her mother had already put her down for a nap and left for work. When Khylii woke up later in the day is when I noticed a problem and took the appropriate actions to get her help. Once all these facts came out that is when the charges against me were dropped in December 2012. Then the case was presented to the grand jury in January 2013 to see if the mother should be indicted and the grand jury chose not to indict her. So as for the statements that this was swept under the rug all I can say is that they followed the evidence, presented it to the grand jury and ultimately no more charges have been filed."
  90. "Also at the grand jury in January 2013 the father of Khylii was indicted on child neglect charges resulting in bodily injury for an incident that happened to his 6 year old son while in Mike’s custody. The child really didn’t get hurt and I feel the charges are bogus just as I felt the charges against me were bogus but of course this was not mentioned in the blog either. I do feel that Mike is the better parent of these kids and I hope to see him one day having full custody of his kids. I just feel that Mike needs to step up and tell everyone the truth, ie: the fact that this was investigated and that all charges against me were dropped. My name no longer needs to be associated with this case and I will continue to take all necessary actions to make sure the truth about me is out there. I hope Khylii lives a normal life and remains healthy."
  91. In this case grand jury in January 2013 of (Mike Keffer) Where in this case it was self admitted by the child that he opened the door him self - there was no significant injury to the child (proven by hospital records provided by father)
  93. -Original CPS investigator (who was fired for her work on this case) - Megan : "I am a friend of mike Keffer. I was the CPS investigator when Khylii was injured. Ill tell u anything you want to know. CPS dropped the ball and when I questioned them about their decisions they fired me. Khylii had 2 other major injuries that CPS swept user the rug. In all 3, Mom and Don were the common denominators. I know she had 2 previous horrible injuries that CPS never pinpointed who did it.One was a huge laceration to the head (blamed on hitting her head off a TV stand at a daycare/babysitter). Next one was what they call ‘ear battle bruising’. It’s when someone cups their hands and bangs the ears. The eyes and face bruise. Blame that on daycare too; in fact, she was arrested but let go. Never did find out the truth. Her baby sister had a broken arm; mom said she fell from a swing. Then a few months later this horrible injury to her abdomen."
  95. -Father "The surgeon said it had to be some kind of major trauma blow to the stomach area".
  96. "They weren't sure how it happened, but they said it was the largest hole that they'd seen."
  98. " After Spending almost A Month At Childrens In Pittsburgh,Seeing my Daughter in the Shape she was in, Having to here the Dr's say She only may have A 50/ 50 chance of Living,That Killed Me To Here That,I Prayed Everyday To GOD,AND ALL I KEPT ASKING IS WHY???....WHY DID THIS HAPPENED,AND WHO COULD DO THIS TO A SWEET LITTLE GIRL WHO LOVES EVERYONE?????I tried to make deals with God,And The Devil at the same Time,I JUST WANTED TO HAVE MY LITTLE GIRL BACK.What Hurts The Most Is I Believe this is And Was A Lead Up To Abuse Because There was Many Reports To CPS,About What My Kids Were Telling Me,About What Was Happening in there Mothers Home,The Kids Dr Making Reports to CPS,AND SO ON!!!!AND FOR CPS,TO JUST VISIT THE MOTHERS HOME AND TALK WITH THE MOTHER,AND HER BOYFRIEND,AND NOT TAKE IT ANY FEATHER THEN THAT COME ON????Amber is Always Trying to Drum up Drama,When The Heat is On Her,Always Claims Domestic Violence,from ALL THE MEN SHE IS WITH,SHE IS ALWAYS A VICTIM,AND MISS USES THE JUSTICE SYSTEM TO GAIN CONTROL OVER OTHER'S,LIKE GETTING PROTECTIVE ORDERS ON ALL OF THE MEN SHE HAS BEEN WITH LYING TO FAMILY COURT TO TRY AND REGAIN FULL CUSTODY"
  100. https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForKhylii
  102. http://anthonymesojednik.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/justice-for-khylii/
  104. http://www.reviewonline.com/page/content.detail/id/543006/Hancock-County-Grand-Jury-4-15.html?nav=5188
  106. http://radionewz.net/2013/03/wiertondailytimes-protest-rally-held-in-hancock-county/?wpmp_switcher=mobile
  108. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wtov9.com%2Fnews%2Fnews%2Ffather-speaks-out-after-child-injured%2FnDbX8%2F&h=bAQF-gomt&s=1
  110. I PERSONALLY would like to say thank you to Khylii father for never giving up @{---
  112. Justice, and freedom are more than words they are perspectives. So if you've seen nothing wrong with child neglect, then turn a blind eye. But if you see what we see, if you feel as we feel, and are seak justice then I ask you to stand beside one another, March 16th and  May 4th, ouside Weirton City Municipal Plaza in Weirton, WV DEMANDING JusticeForKhylii!  Brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes! When are we going to stand up for are children your moment is now!
  114. Together we stand against this injustice
  116. We are Anonymous.
  117. We are Legion.
  118. We do not forgive.
  119. We do not forget.
  120. Expect us.
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