Being an Eidolon Kain't Be This Silly

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  1. [00:36:44] <Kain> A little later, once you're back at the hideout, you feel a tingling in your forehead. "Ruuuubyyyy~"
  2. [00:37:10] <Magical_Cat> Since time freezes there doesn't even need to be a pause!  "Oh, hi!"
  3. [00:37:51] <Kain> "Hehe, it still works. He... I am soooo drunk right now..."
  4. [00:38:33] <Magical_Cat> "Oh um... oh.  I had a little too- wait, you're okay, right?  D-Did something happen?"
  5. [00:40:09] <Kain> "While daddy was out, I took a little nipnip from the wine chellar... seller... -hic- cellar..." oh god you even hear her -hics- across this. "...okay and maybe I shnuck a little brandy in too~"
  6. [00:40:46] <Kain> "I can't help it, it's just so gooood..."
  7. [00:41:12] <Magical_Cat> "... Oh, that's actually normal!  Ammy drinks way more than that and she's just fine from it, and since you're so strong you should be okay!  ... Um, should I come help just in case?"
  8. [00:42:37] <Kain> "Naw... I'm okay... but that's so nice of you to offer like that..." you hear her tearing up. "I missed you so much you know, I know I've already said it buuut..."
  9. [00:43:04] <Kain> "It's just good having you back and having someone to talk too..." -sniff-
  10. [00:43:05] <Magical_Cat> "Hee hee... ooooookay, talk to me then.  I'm always listening~"
  11. [00:43:35] <Magical_Cat> "Uh-huh!  And I'm always gonna be here this time, too!"
  12. [00:44:29] <Kain> "Rubyyy, this is just between you and me, 'kay? But I want Bunce so bad... I want to give him a nice new year's present~ but I don't think he even likes meee...." :<
  13. [00:45:31] <Magical_Cat> "B- ... hmph!  Is that all it is?  Well you can trust me, just give me an order!  ... Um... if you... don't mind me asking who he is."
  14. [00:46:56] <Magical_Cat> "S-Still!  Since everyone thinks I'm a human now my disguise is perfect for stuff like that."
  15. [00:47:58] <Kain> "He's... he's the leader of our little band of thieves, ruby~ Not Tantarus, the one me, him, and her shtarted. The... uh.... tantalizing... titilating... tit... tarta....fuck it, Me, him, and his sister."
  16. [00:48:18] <Kain> "He's so cuuuute, I want to see where he's hiding his horn, if ya catch my drift~"
  17. [00:49:05] <Kain> "Did I really say that? oooops. I think I need more wine... 'sec..."
  18. [00:49:13] <Magical_Cat> "Oh!  Okay!  Well I-" The feeling of blushing is transmitted "Can totally just talk to him, right?  That is SO easy."
  19. [00:49:58] <Magical_Cat> "SO SO SO easy.  You want me to find out what he likes?  OR just get him REALLY drunk and send him your way~?"
  20. [00:50:05] <Kain> "Would you? That'd be great! Consider that yer firs' order since comin' back then, Ruby~ Hook me and Bunce up!"
  21. [00:50:18] <Kain> "Just whatever you think is besht..."
  22. [00:50:48] <Magical_Cat> There's an nnnnn~ as an excited tingling noise but not really a voice-sound.  MAN that's weird to emphasize.  "Ooooooookay!  Leave it to me!  Oh and uhm..."
  23. [00:51:29] <Magical_Cat> "I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally missed you too.  Sorry for being gone so long... IIIII'll just make up for it by doing the BEST job you've ever seen!"
  24. [00:51:41] <Magical_Cat> "Maybe I can use Ruby Light to reflect his heart and- oooh that's really silly though..."
  25. [00:51:58] <Magical_Cat> "Don't worry, I'll do it!"
  26. [00:52:03] <Kain> "Is there anyone yooou like that way, Ruby?"
  27. [00:52:37] <Magical_Cat> "Hee hee, that'd be silly if we felt that way!  ... Well, if I did before I guess I don't remember it."
  28. [00:53:00] <Magical_Cat> "I do have really good friends that I'm glad to have around and thaaaaaaaaaaat kinda thing but...."
  29. [00:53:16] <Magical_Cat> *we = eidolons in general
  30. [00:54:13] <Kain> "Really? Why do you think it'd be silly...?" :< She sounds disappointed.
  31. [00:54:29] <Magical_Cat> "Hmm... y'know, I have no idea why it'd be silly!"
  32. [00:55:10] <Magical_Cat> "Maybe it's my memories again."  A half-:< transmits but cuts itself off.  "Nah, it's that my job is more important, that's all~!  ... Jobs."
  33. [00:55:36] <Magical_Cat> "Even the whole time pretending to be a human I never thought about that stuff.  ... I think."
  34. [00:57:09] <Kain> "I want you to be happy, Ruby, so that's my second order! I want you to eventually find someone you can love! Jobsh are important, but you're important too, you know?? Not telling you to be a sluut or anything, but I want you to give it more thought!"
  35. [00:58:06] <Kain> "Hee, what am I even saying? do me a favor and let me know what we talked about when I'm not drunk anymore??"
  36. [00:58:12] <Magical_Cat> "Eek!  O-Okay!  Then I'll do that too.  Whether I do it as a human or as real-me though... hnnnnnnnnnnnn... nnnnnnnnn."
  37. [00:59:08] <Magical_Cat> "Okay, will do!"  Another worried feeling.  "Try to be careful when drinking, okay?  Make sure to cast Poisona if you know it!  I never learned it and my friend suffers all the time.  ... That feels pretty bad."
  38. [01:00:03] <Kain> "Okay~" you feel her beaming at you. "You're the besht, Ruby... I love you~"
  39. [01:00:31] <Magical_Cat> "You too, Eiko~  Stay safe!  I'll do all I can!"
  40. [01:00:52] <Kain> "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
  41. [01:00:58] <Magical_Cat> "Nn~!"
  42. [01:01:00] <Kain> click
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