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cuddles continued

HylianZelda Mar 31st, 2020 116 Never
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  1. [18:42] *[user]Hylian Zelda-[/user] pressed her lips against those puffy nether lips, her tongue pushing into them as the former huntress ground herself against the princess's face.  Zelda had long admired [sub]And desired[/sub] the Huntress.  To see her brought low and into a needy almost animal had shocked her, but that look had aroused her something greatly as she saw her nude body, those limbs made it more surprising and erotic at the same time.  And there was that dominance showing through as the ex huntress pinned her arms to the ground and pushed her needy cunt against the princesses equally needy lips.  Her moan rippling against her nether lips as she lapped and tasted her deeply.
  3. [18:49] *[user]Cold-hearted Samus[/user] makes long and firm grinds against the princess' face, actually slowing down a bit when she feels that slippery tongue lashing against coated cunt, the princess getting a good taste of the pup's warm nectar. The former is quick to align her erect clit with that tongue and grinds against it specifically, a domineering display as she straddles Zelda's face. The metallic limbs fill cold and heavy to the touch but appears to be highly responsive and glistens in the low light. There's no doubt that these additions are quite costly and the oily sheen on the metal surface shows those limbs are maintained to excellent standard. She makes sure that slippery twat is connected to Zelda's face and already she managed to get her juices all spread out over her mouth, chin and even a bit on her cheeks! "Wrrruuufffff!" She barks excitingly and from the distracted look in her eyes she is enjoying herself to the fullest.
  5. [19:15] *[user]Hylian Zelda-[/user] wraps her lips around the nub as it was pushed against her lips, her moaning mufflied as her voice vibrated against her clit.  She moved her arms a bit to caress the metal limbs teasing, running her hands along their slick metal surface.  Her own legs parted, the silk dress rising up along her thighs as she moaned softly, the scent of her arousal was there, but the princess was reveling in the dominance of the pup on her, giving her a hint of what it would be like to be with this puppy on the farm itself.
  7. [19:23] *[user]Cold-hearted Samus[/user] firmly grinds onto the princess for a little while longer. As she feels the suction and the vibrations against her clit, she can feel shivers running down her spine and she kicks it up a gear, that juicy cunt of hers slipping and sliding across the poor princess' face. By now, that pretty face is glistening in pussy juice and the huntress pants and growls audibly. It doesn't take much and she is finally sent over the edge, the puppy shivering and shaking on the spot, pushing her bald mound up against the princess' only to have it actively squirt against and into that pretty royal mouth. She squirts a few jets in orgasm, the act of it making her howl out almost like a wolf in pleasure. "Ahhh Ahh aAaaawooooo!" She continues to grind furiously while cumming and after she is completely spent, she briefly collapses on top of her new friend. Though she seems distracted, she definitely noticed how easy the princess submitted, something she would definitely take into account if she ever finds her on the farm.
  9. [19:41] *[user]Hylian Zelda-[/user] moaned and lapped at her lips as the huntress came all over her face, some of the nectar squirting into her mouth causing her to gasp slightly before she swallowed what dripped in.  She shuddered as the girl fell atop of her, spent for the moment she lay underneath of the more dominating presence of Samus, her chest rising, her own arousal still unabated as her hips squirmed a bit...did her hips look slightly wider?  Her legs slid together as she ground her thighs against each other trying to cause her damp underwear to rub against her slit.  She nibbled and lapped at Samus's inner thighs and her gleaming slit still.
  11. [19:57] *[user]Cold-hearted Samus[/user] let out a content growl as she could feel the aftercare being applied by the princess, diligently lapping up the mess that the puppy made. After a whole of resting, the alpha pup got up and turned around, peering down at the messy face of the princess with a smirk on her face. She walked over and made a single, long drag of her wet tongue, starting at Zelda's soft, juice stained lips, moving down towards her chin, neck and chest, skipping the dress covered parts of her body. Ultimately, she ends up at those damp panties and she swiftly reaches down to tear them clean off with her teeth, again giving that hot and bothered royal cunt a single lap of her tongue. She glances back at Zelda once more. "I have your scent... your taste.... You'll do fine on the Farm..." She says in a teasing tone before nodding and letting out another excited bark. Her way of saying thanks.
  13. [20:18] *[user]Hylian Zelda-[/user] shuddered a bit as that tongue slid along her body, her eyes snapping open as the alpha started from her stained lips and down along her neck causing the princess to squirm and moan, she panted softly as that tongue slowly worked their way down her front and underneath of her dress.  She gasped softly as her panties were torn from her body, leaving her own slit exposed to the pup, her pubic hair shaved into an intricate design reminiscent of her family crest.  She panted softly then cried out, her back arching after all the pent up arousal that tongue along her royal cunt sent the princess over the edge, her voice rising in a wailing cry of pleasure while her entire body rocked before her.
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