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  1. I sat on the edge of my bed, a cigarette stuck in my mouth, my best friend, Jacob, by my side. As I blew some smoke into his mouth he chuckled and shoved me. “Stop that, Steven, you know I don’t like it when you blow smoke into my face.” We both started silently laughing, then perking up when Lex Perkins, the forty seven year old man that we volunteered to assist today, stepped into the room.
  3. I tried hiding the cigarette, but I sighed when there was no place to hide it. “Calm down, Steven, I’m a smoker too, so I don’t mind if you smoke in my house.” He pulled a paper out of his pocket and handed it to me, smiling gently. “This is the list of chores you will need to do and in return, I will pay you, let’s say five hundred bucks each? That sound fair?”
  5. We both nodded in delight of how easy the chores were and the insane amount of cash he was paying for it. Mister Perkins was the richest man in the neighborhood, his mansion standing out from all the rest. We lived in a rich neighborhood already, but Mister Perkins was insanely rich due to being a famous inventor.
  7. “Now, I have only a few rules that you two must follow. One, you don’t get paid a single cent if any of those chores goes incomplete. Two, if you move something, please move it back to its rightful position. And three, when you do chores that involve my room, do not, and that means not under any circumstances, touch anything. Of course, there are a few things you can touch, because the chores require you to. You can touch my bed, my dresser, and any of the rugs in there, but everything else is off limits.” He took a deep breath and then grabbed his jacket, slipping it on and walking out the door. “Help yourself to some snacks if you get hungry or thirsty! I will be back in three hours!”
  9. I stood up and handed Jacob the list so he could read over it. “Man this is going to be so simple! Well, let’s get to work so if we have time before he gets back we can watch some television or something.” I nodded and started getting to work on the chores with Jacob.
  11. We went through mopping the floors, dusting the furniture, cleaning the windows, and then finally came to making the bedrooms look neat. One by one, Jacob and I cleaned the guest rooms and then arrived at Mister Perkins’s bedroom. “Alright, remember, don’t touch anything,” Jacob warned me.
  13. “Stop being such a stick in the mud, Jacob. Since when have you cared about following rules? Let’s just go in there, get our job done, and we can look around a little bit and maybe find out some interesting things about him.” Before he could respond, I ran in. “Trust me, it isn’t like something bad will happen!”
  15. Quickly, I finished most of the job myself and smirked, trying to figure out where to start looking. Jacob had given in and was starting to wonder where he would look as well. “I’m going to go check the closet and see if anything is in there.” Jacob nodded and ducked down to see if there was anything interesting under the bed.
  17. I crept into the closet and turned on the lights, seeing the long hallway of clothes Mister Perkins had. “Man, this guy really does like his clothing!” I chuckled and walked up and down the line of clothes, admiring each piece of clothing. A strange light from behind a tuxedo caught my attention and I walked over, peering in in between the clothes and finding a little knob there. “Is this a door?”
  19. Slowly, I reached in and turned the doorknob, opening it up and being temporarily blinded by a bright light. Once my eyes adjusted I looked in and found it was a wardrobe fit for a woman. I crawled inside, chuckling lightly, not knowing why exactly Mister Perkins had all of this. “Mister Perkins doesn’t have a wife, so why does he have women’s clothing?”
  21. I tapped my lips as a thought crossed my mind. Quickly, I started grabbing random clothes to create an outfit and rushed out into the bedroom. “Hey, Jacob, I dare you to put on these clothes!” Jacob crawled out and looked at the clothes I was holding.
  23. “You want me to put on women’s clothing?”
  25. “Yeah, it will be hilarious!”
  27. “Hell no, Steven, I’m not putting on the shit!”
  29. I glared at him and put it back into the rightful closet, letting Jacob keep searching. He reached deeper under the bed and pulled out one of those baby “games” that the baby has to match the shaped block to the correctly shaped hole. “What the hell is this? Man, first women clothes, and now he has baby toys?” He reached even farther again and pulled out even more baby toys along with a bag of diapers, a milk bottle, and a box of binkies. “This man is insane. Steven, can we get out of here, I think I have had enough of this creepy man!”
  31. I emerged from the closet, scratching my chest gently and nodding. “Yeah, I think that is a good idea. I’m kind of creeped out by all of this. How about we go get a snack or something?”
  33. “That sounds good.” He got up and walked downstairs with me, both of us sitting on the couch and deciding on something to watch. We finally settled on watching Friends and we relaxed.
  35. “I will go grab the snacks at the next commercial break,” I offered. But I groaned when I found out that we had turned the channel only seconds before the break, so I got up and stretched. Slowly, I walked into the kitchen, not noticing the sway in my hips as I walked. I threw a bag of popcorn into the microwave and then grabbed a beer from the fridge.
  37. I looked around, trying to find some applesauce, and finally, I had found it down at the bottom. As I bent down, I couldn’t help but feel a pulsing sensation in my ass, but I excused it, causing me to miss the fact that my hind had swelled into a heart shape, also causing my hips to widen, waist to fall inwards, and thighs to become rounder and harder. It put immense pressure on my jeans, but I pushed past it and closed the fridge.
  39. After grabbing a spoon and the popped popcorn, I walked out to the living room and sat down on the sofa next to Jacob, who had seemed to have shrunk to just under five feet tall. “Alright, Jacobkins, here is you applesauce.” I handed him the applesauce and the spoon, opening the applesauce for him.
  41. “Applesauce? Why the hell did you grab me applesauce. And why do you get popcorn and a beer? You aren’t even legally able to drink!”
  43. I turned to Jacob and glared at him, sipping my beer and then ruffling his hair. “Oh yeah, that is right, you can’t eat at your age.” Jacob opened his mouth to speak, but I shoved some applesauce in his mouth and he swallowed with delight, opening his mouth again so I could feed him some more. I rubbed my head gently and looked down at the applesauce. “Why am I giving you this?”
  45. Jacob crossed his arms in a pout when I set the applesauce down, but I just giggled and pulled him onto my lap. He was only about four feet tall, but it still looked odd for a boy to be sitting on my lap. I pulled off my shirt and chucked it to the other end of the sofa. Jacob shook his head and his eyes became wide. “What in the world are you doing Steven?”
  47. I didn’t respond bet I held my hand behind Jacob’s head and tried to pull him closer, but he wouldn’t budge. “Come on Jacobkins, you need to eat up.” Finally, I just forced his head closer to me harder and his lips ran into my nipple. He tried pushing himself away but I gently opened his mouth and he started to gently wrap his lips into a better position around my nipple.
  49. Jacob shrunk to about three feet and he wrapped his legs around my torso, allowing me to pick him up with one of my arms. He tried sucking on my nipple, but both of us were confused why he wasn’t being fed. I was even more confused when I started to feel my nipples get larger and my areolas grow and harden. This seemed to signal fat to fill my breasts, causing them to become C cup boobs. I moaned in delight once I felt breast milk fill my breasts and then start to get sucked out by Jacob.
  51. He sucked happily, now only the size of a baby, but with all of the features of a man. His clothes had fallen off of him, leaving him naked. Finally, his facial features started to become baby-like and his hair started to thin into nothing but a thin layer of blond hair. His teeth had shrunk back into his gums, also making me feel better now that he wasn’t biting my nipples. Then, to finish his transformation, his manhood left him, leaving him a female, and baby fat started to fill his, now her, body.
  53. She pulled away and looked up at me, but her eyes became wide and she started crying. Her mind hadn’t completely changed yet, so she was frightened by the new feel of her best friend, who had breasts now, towering over her, and her tiny frame. “What is it Jakea?” Jacob, now Jakea, paused for a moment and felt a new diaper wrap around her just in time for her to soil it, causing her to squirm in discomfort and cry louder.
  55. “Phew, little girl has got a stinky bottom! Don’t worry, I will get the fixed.” I got up slowly, scratching my crotch as it flattened out and then I stopped halfway up the stairs, suddenly out of breath. My body shrank to only five feet and ten inches, half a foot smaller than what I once was. My other proportions changed to fit my new height, this including skinnier arms and petite hands and feet.
  57. As I continued, my finger and toe nails lengthened and were painted over with a gray nail polish. I grabbed a clean diaper along with a binky, then returning downstairs. My hair got in my eyes as I returned downstairs and I had to brush the shoulder blade length blonde locks out of my eyes and behind my shoulders.
  59. I laid Jakea on her back and lifted her legs, starting to change the diapers. Once it was off, I tossed it on the trash and groaned as Jakea kept crying. “What?” I was getting irritated. “You know what? Just suck on your binky.” I popped the binky in her mouth and watched her relax, then close her eyes.
  61. Her mind was shifted, losing all memories of Jacob, all words that she still didn’t know how to say, and any way of understanding what to happen. All she knew was how to babble, crawl, cry, and want things such as food or a fresh diaper. She fell asleep in minutes.
  63. I heard the front door open and turned my head, my facial features and structure now feminine. “Oh, welcome back from work honey!” I exclaimed as Mister Perkins, who I now knew as my loving husband, walked in through the door.
  65. Lex looked at the two of us and groaned, realizing what had happened. He was about to talk but then realized he had all that he had ever wanted, a wife and a child. “Uh, glad to see ya darling.” He set his suitcase down and took his tie off, sitting down next to me and looking at the television. “Ugh, Friends?” When he looked back at me, my whole outfit had changed.
  67. My undergarments were now fit for a female and above it, only a few stitched were being placed to finish off my clothing. I was wearing knee high, high heel boots, a black leather skirt, a white tank top with a black leather jacket around it, and black leather gloves. My sunglasses and purse sat on the table in front of us.
  69. “I can change it if you want honey, or…” I paused and got on his lap, facing him. I started unbuttoning his shirt and smirking. “…we can take it to the bedroom.”
  71. Lex grinned and nodded, taking his shirt off and kissing my lips. “Why don’t you turn off the television and I will take Jakea to her room.” How he knew the name of his new child, he didn’t know.
  73. I got up and walked over the television, bending over to hit the power button, exposing my ass and thongs to Lex. He looked over and covered his mouth, trying not to vomit or dry heave because there was one transformation not done yet. My whole body was still hairy, including my ass and legs. He eased as the hair retreated, but that also seemed to make him confused, because he looked around, not knowing what was going on. “Come on honey, I thought you were taking Jakea to her room.”
  75. Lex looked down, not realizing that his mind had just shifted to fit that of Lex that was married to the beautiful forty five year old actress, Stella, me. He didn’t even remember that his wife and child used to be young teenagers that were doing chores for him. “Oh yeah, I guess I’m losing my memory.” We both chuckled and he stood up with Jakea in his arms. We walked upstairs together and then set our baby girl in her crib, turning off the lights and moving into our room. “Rock my world, Stella,” Lex said, winking to me as he undressed.
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