Weekly Blind 4/20

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  2. DL:
  4. Game: Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem
  5. aka Touhou Castlevania II
  6. Goal: Beat level The Game (Normal difficulty)
  8. Start: Pick "Game Start" on the title screen
  9. End: Upon "Stage Clear" appearing at the end of stage 4
  11. Setup: download the game
  12. Open "Config.ini" with a text editor like wordpad, change "Fullscreen=1" to "Fullscreen=0" for window mode
  13. Run Koumajou2.exe
  14. When the title screen appears, navigate to Options and choose "Pad Configure". Hit whatever buttons you want for each input
  15. Set lives to 20 and difficulty to normal
  17. Buttons:
  18. Attack (also pick options)
  19. Jump/fly
  20. Sub Weapon
  21. Switch sub weapon
  22. Pause
  24. How to play:
  25. When the level starts, you have to pick sub-weapons. Push "Attack" to pick the dagger then the clock then pick "End" to start the level. In later levels, you'll also get to pick a girl as a sub weapon.
  27. Kill things and break stuff for red power, this fuels sub weapons.
  29. Sometimes you'll find food in pots to restore some health.
  31. When in the air, press jump again to fly. Flying eats up blue mana, but it recharges when you aren't flying.
  33. You have 20 lives. If you die you'll restart the current room. Your red power will persist after death, unless it is less than 50, then you'll start with 50 red power.
  35. If you run out of lives, just use "Continue" on the title screen and pick the highest number since that's the level you died on.
  37. During the level, if you pause and pick "Retry" you'll restart the level from the weapon select, but go back to 20 lives.
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