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  1. Jerry Peet /cow/ FAQ (Updated 18/4/2018)
  3. The quick rundown: Jerry is a transtrender canadian youtuber who spergs about the characters and themes of MLP and Steven Universe in relation to real world 21st century politics. If that already wasn't laughable enough, he's also a long running cow for other reasons- His "nuanced" approach to politics and life situations that are retarded at best and sociopathic at worst, his fetishism for lesbians, trannies, bestiality and pedophillia (many of which are present in his "erotic" work) and his inability to treat his friends like actual human beings.
  5. 1) Who is Jerry Peet?
  6. Starting out in 2010 by ripping off Zero Punctuation and writing fanfics about fucking a gardevoir from pokemon, Jerry (now called "Lily") has a slowly growing youtube channel dedicated to analysing shows meant for children. He also actively brags about his writing talents which are demonstrated with two series' of his; Whispering illusion, A WoW/MLP/Family guy crossover fanfiction about demigod mary sues, some of whom he now uses to roleplay killing Donald Trump on tumblr, and Stockholm, a "Sex comedy" about the not so comedic antics of a pedophile tranny having sex with children in graphic detail that Jerry now actively denies ever writing.
  8. 2) What's notable about him as a cow?
  9. A lot of things! Here's but a few:
  11. -Jerry was caught using sockpuppets to defend himself, Pinkiepony and Antia Sarkeesian on derpibooru and was subsequently laughed at by the mods. ( It was then revealed years later that the reason he was defending Pinkiepony, a graphic rape image of her made to mock her alleged history as a rape victim, was actually uploaded by Jerry himself.
  13. -His approach to politic is also bizarre and hilarious. He claims to be "nuanced" but actively believes in a black/white morality (Dems = Good, Reps = Bad) to the point where he larps about killing nazis and Donald Trump. Like any brain damaged manchild, he also compares politics to events in harry potter and star wars. He also actively encourages his followers to handle any simple family situation with threats of violence. In recent months he's also become a tankie and a satanist, and believes that satanists are anti-fascists.
  15. -His own family hates him. His father uses his deadname for the lulz, his mother made him sperg out publicly when revealing on twitter he has autism and ADD, and his brother prevents him from seeing his younger cousin
  17. -Adopted a fake child in his videos who he voice acts in his own videos. He has now written that fake child to be an implied "non-binary" child.
  19. -Spergs out about my little pony for a living and makes analysis videos filled with half-baked theories (He believes a character that actively flirts with boys is secretly a lesbian and that another character could encourage kids to self harm, shortly after saying that children are smarter than people think and that their ideas aren't developed by consuming media)
  21. -Made up a girlfriend named Tara Callie (more about "her" later on)
  23. -As said made up girlfriend, spent years talking to Jerry's friend circle on facebook about how she raped a child and kept the recording of the ordeal as blackmail, as well as bragging about fucking dogs and her dead underaged sister.
  25. -Is generally incapable of keeping any friends for more than 3 years at most before ditching them over insignificant things, only then to stalk and shittalk them until they retaliate, where he'll cry about how they're lying about him
  27. -Believes Gamergate, 8chan, the Kiwi Farms and Ben Garrison are trying to murder him on the street
  29. -Very far left leaning to the point that he's actually starting to morph into a tankie who worships one-world governments.
  31. -Generally unhinged, admits he cries on the floor frequently, will lie to peoples faces whenever he gets caught only then to make attempts to hide shit
  33. 3) Who is Tara Callie?
  34. Tara Callie (also went by alchorative and Pegasisterclop) is a sockpuppet account of Jerry's. She is his former ex-girlfriend and credited as a producer of his old RVI videos.
  36. She supposedly ran all the way from Colorado with her little sister who then died in the snow Brandon Crisp style. Said sisters death might be for her own good however, as it turns out Tara Callie is a pedophile who was engaging in sexual acts with said sister who also raped another child for making homophobic comments.
  38. For a while people suspected she might not exist, including Jerry's own father. When the accusations were reaching their peak she died in a car crash, only then to come back to life a day later. She then eventually disappeared for good in late 2014 after getting V&.
  39. She also wrote fanfiction under the name Alchorative, and her only story is about a small child being molested by their adoptive mother. Furthermore, an account with this exact same alias was editing Jerry's TVTropes page for over a year until people started questioning if it was ran by "Tara".
  41. 4) What is Stockholm?
  43. Stockholm is a "Sex comedy" series written by Jerry that gave him heavy flack. The main titular story was set in an alternate MLP universe where the main characters were both human and sexual deviants, with affairs, rape and spousal abuse culminating in preteen orgies and a woman with a cock fucking a child. Spinoff books aren't any better in this regard.
  45. The nature of the series was baffling given that Jerry had condemned "magical girl" anime and "Ask princess molestia" for enabling "pedophillic content" and "rape culture" respectively, but was actively writing fapfiction about child molestation. When this hypocrisy was brought to public attention, Jerry shat himself and tried to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING in what he claimed to Brittany was in response to "a doxxing attempt". Stories, fimfiction accounts and even wikia pages were either deleted or altered to reduce the amount of people finding out about this story and its content.
  47. About two years later in 2017 it seemed that Jerry was slowly bringing it back via asks about the lore and universe and even releasing a timeline of the plots events, but has once again retracted all involvement with writing it following the ToonKriticY2K pedo scandal- now he claims that the large quantity of pedophillic content was forged by other people in an attempt to frame him and to prevent him from calling out Toon. This theory makes very little sense as that would mean someone would have had to hijack Jerry's heavy social media presence for 4+ years when he was still highly obscure and still generally liked to write millions of words and then publicise the fanfictions without his knowledge while also knowing about a highly specific series of events that would happen over that period, including that a brony youtuber would become part of the snowball effect of the #metoo movement.
  49. 5) Who are Blake, Josh, Brittany and Lizzy?
  50. Blake was a former friend of Jerry from 2013 to 2015. He attempted suicide but failed, to which Jerry in his own words "chewed him the fuck out". What Jerry actually meant was that he stalked Blake and sent him aggressive messages under the Tara Callie persona.
  52. Things eventually got worse when Blake decided to become an anti feminist in 2015 which lead to Jerry ditching him outright, but not before spending the next few weeks talking shit about him and even making comics where its implied hes about to kill him. Blake's wife defended him on tumblr, which lead to Jerry saying he would attack her if they were face to face.
  54. Josh used to hire Jerry as his video editor and was his friend until June 2016 when he made posts stating that he had a revelation regarding their relationship: it was borderline abusive. Jerry apologized to Josh for any wrongdoings he may have done, but inexplicably did a 180 just a few days later and started accusing Josh of being a racist. Eventually, Jerry uploaded a video where he made false claims about Joshes religion and military experience purely out of spite for him.
  56. Josh kept his cool up to that point, even coming on /cow/ to say he doesn't want to do anything more than "turn the other cheek", but after Jerry's video came out he made a response video of his own calmly calling Jerry out for lying to his audience about their history together, causing Jerry to lose fans and patreonbux. That hasn't stopped Jerry for shittalking him or even calling him a nazi, but he is such a massive pussy that he's yet to watch Joshes response nearly a year after it came out. This shittalking has now become a smear campaign because of Joshes former affiliation with exposed pedophile Toonkriticy2k as well as his decision to release a series of finished videos that featured Toonkritic for historical purposes.
  58. Brittany is yet another former long-time friend of Jerry's. After "Taras" arrest, Jerry decided to pursue a romantic relationship with her. However, this relationship ended relatively quickly when he attacked her for being pagan and, of all things, not playing World of Warcraft with him. Brittany responded years later by leaking skype logs that revealed Tara Callies' deviant nature and now runs a blog calling him out for his lies. Jerry has allegedly started threatening to ban people who bring her up on his discord and claims she's a conspiracy theorist on par with Alex Jones.
  60. Finally, Lizzy is Jerry's wife. They started dating almost instantly after he burned bridges with Brittany purely because she drew fanart of his OC. Unlike Tara, she is a real person and despite being 19 looks like shes entering her 40's. She actively tries to defend Jerry and denies all knowledge of knowing about his closeted pedophillia, using the same excuse Jerry has that stockholm was modified by trolls. (Though she has stated that if she was aware and there was undeniable evidence, the relationship would end immediately)
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