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2.16.54 android

WABetaInfo Apr 29th, 2016 (edited) 242 Never
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  1. Changelog of WhatsApp for Android 2.16.54 (Google Play Beta version):
  3. 01) Bugs fix.
  4. 02) Added more support for Wallpaper preview.
  5. 03) Added some checks about spam calls.
  6. 04) Added some checks about wrong backup files.
  7. 05) WhatsApp for Android recognizes BlackBerry chat history backup.
  8. 06) Added some other checks when your storage is almost full.
  9. 07) Added quoted messages (DISABLED). See iOS news below to see what are quoted messages.
  11. ---------------------------------
  12. NOTE:
  13. Some features of this changelog could be disabled.
  14. Wait next versions to see them enabled or wait that WhatsApp will roll-out them.
  15. ---------------------------------
  16. THANKS:
  17. @Alvaromusic_ for reporting me very fast quoted messages in beta.
  18. ---------------------------------
  19. iOS NEWS (You will see these in Android too in future)
  20. 01) WhatsApp video calls screeshots: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/722432323195678720
  21. 02) Deleting feature: http://pastebin.com/AVZj0BwA.
  22. 03) Quoted messages screen thanks to @iMokhles: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/715112165250826240
  23. 04) You can see future WhatsApp stickers here: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/711146316026478592
  24. 05) New Profile section for adding in easy mode other phone numbers: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/721431371458195460
  25. ---------------------------------
  26. Follow this WhatsApp for Android and iOS bot on Twitter: @WhatsAppBetaBot
  27. Follow me on Twitter: @WABetaInfo.
  28. Not affiliated with WhatsApp INC.
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