Old LeanTweaks Changelogs

Mar 28th, 2012
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  4. Old changelogs:
  6. v12.2:
  7. -Added aggressive minfree tweaks at boot recommended by Imoseyon
  8. -Added aggressive UV preset to UV menu
  9. -Updated OP screenshot
  12. v12.1:
  13. -Fixed HQ playback check
  14. -Fixed check menu number selections
  17. v12.0:
  18. -Added rom init.d script stripper for Rom's that have init scripts that interfere with leantweaks
  19. -Added init.d doctor for those having issues with init.d starting (may have to install busybox through the menu as well)
  20. -Added sound control menu (Sound boost and HQ playback toggles)
  21. -Updated system and sdcard speedup, no longer any drain issues (thanks liquid!)
  22. -Added backup/restore for all new features
  23. -Fixed a couple random things
  24. -Added checks for new features
  25. -Updated screenshot in OP
  28. v11.0:
  29. -Added color control support for the stable lean kernel
  30. -Changed 63c for lower freqs than 1520 MHz to 75c
  31. -Added user set values for temp throttle controls and preset menu
  32. -Added backup/restore for the temp throttle value
  33. -Added check for temp throttle value
  34. -Took all 1420 MHz options out of all menus as it no longer exists in lean kernel
  35. -Some other things I probably forgot :)
  39. v10.6:
  40. -Fixed UV after a reboot, forgot to merge them in init in 10.5
  43. v10.5:
  44. -Added 80c auto change for 1520 and 1650 GHz and 63c for anything set lower
  45. -Merged kernel version exp and notrim into one because that's what Imo did :)
  48. v10.4:
  49. -Very slightly changed UV presets
  50. -Fixed USB quick charge at boot
  51. -Added download and install working busybox to main menu options :D
  52. -Updated screenshot in OP
  55. v10.3:
  56. -Reverted polling time change for hotplugX and ondemand governor, user can decide now
  57. -Changed a couple of UV preset values for those having issues
  58. -Added USB quick charge at boot option
  59. -Added check for USB quick charge at boot option
  62. v10.2:
  63. -Fixed UV bug with preset values not sticking (stupid error, my bad!)
  64. -Fixed lkflash not working in the new Imoseyon script menu
  67. v10.1:
  68. -Forgot to mention this is previous changelog but stock settings are now interactive governor and 1200 MHz max due to the amount of people's own personal preferences and the amount of options available.
  69. -Fixed color control menu for color control v2
  70. -Fixed file name error for scaling tweaks and go_hispeed_load
  71. -Added new menu dedicated to Imoseyon's included kernel scripts :D
  72. -*May* have fixed the battery drain issues with the system speedup mod, the sdcard speedup however does not cause drain. Test it for me! :)
  73. -Updated screenshot in OP
  74. -Moved old changelogs to the bottom of OP
  77. v10.0:
  78. -Updated all menus to look nicer and for easier navigation
  79. -Condensed main menu to fit on screen
  80. -Added navigation section to all menus
  81. -Moved most kernel options to a new "CPU menu"
  82. -Fixeda small error with backup/restore
  83. -Updated preset UV values (heavily tested)
  84. -Fast charge toggle is coming soon! Can't say why I can't include it in this release though!
  87. v9.0:
  88. -Added notrim kernel support
  89. -Added auto check for notrim kernel
  90. -Added notrim UV support
  91. -Updated preset UV values
  92. -Added 1520 and 1650 slots to min and max menus
  93. -Fixed small interactive scaling bug
  94. -Disabled sdcard and system speed up by default, you can enable it if you want to
  95. -No time to elaborate now, can explain more later
  97. v8.1:
  98. -Changed leantweaks stock polling time to 75000
  99. -Added Smart Reflex calibration to the undervolt menu (thank you imoseyon!)
  100. -Added toggle status to the main menu (you must restart leantweaks to see the toggle changes in the main menu after making a change)
  101. -Made the main menu look much nicer
  102. -Changed toggle variables to strings (.on or off)
  103. -Added system speed up
  104. -Added sdcard speed up
  105. -Added new options to the backup
  106. -Fixed the path issue with scaling options
  107. (New screenshot attached to the bottom of this OP)
  110. v8.0:
  111. -Removed all cpu1 errors
  112. -Added scaling polling time user editing and user scaling up threshold editing
  113. -Fixed color control bug
  114. -Updated backup/restore for new settings
  115. -Updated and cleaned A LOT of code due to a better understanding of bash
  116. -Added all slots to both Min and Max frequency menu's (You can set 180,230,350,700,920,1200,1350,1420 as min and max if you so desire)
  117. -Better use of resources
  118. -Updated UV preset/user code exclusively
  119. -Added checks for new scaling options
  120. -Big thanks to Abqnm for being an awesome tester!
  121. -Much more to come! :)
  124. v7.3:
  125. -Added hotplugX to governor choices
  126. -Reverted a couple tweaks to more stable values
  129. v7.2:
  130. -Removed deep sleep fix option as it caused issues for some and doesn't seem necessary any longer
  131. -Cleaned up some text
  132. -Fixed the script not determining between stable and experimental, somehow a "$" slipped in where it shouldn't have been
  133. Note: If you have custom options for stable and switch to experimental or vice versa, a reflash of leantweaks is necessary. The way that the UV options are applied among other things will cause a bootloop otherwise.
  136. v7.1:
  137. -Added symlink from leantweaks to lt as requested (you can now open up terminal and type in leantweaks or lt to access the menus)
  138. -Reverted hotplug and ondemand scaling tweak to a more stable timer for battery life
  139. -Added deep sleep fix for those with deep sleep issues on a certain rom/setup, this will come disabled by default and is enable-able through the menu's
  140. ^This option will run at bootup with a created temporary file. The script sleeps for 65 seconds and waits for the system and radios to boot up and calm down, then kills the camera and prompts you to enable bluetooth. Enable bluetooth and then manually disable it and deep sleep should resume working.^
  143. v7.0:
  144. -Self checks and decides which version of kernel installed (stable or experimental)
  145. -Rewrote almost everything with new forms of variables
  146. -New variables added easier/more efficient changing of settings etc.
  147. -Added custom user undervolt settings (You pick your own voltages!)
  148. ^Presets still available!^
  149. -Added custom user color adjustments (You pick your own color values!)
  150. ^Presets still available!^
  151. -Added backup and restore previous Lean Tweaks settings
  152. -Removed enable undervolt, swap and zram all at once due to new custom undervolting and backup/restore
  153. -Created instead enable swap and zram at once
  154. -Modified hotplug and ondemand governor tweaks to preform even faster (give hotplug a try!)
  155. -Added instant governor and max frequency tweaks, no more need to reboot for it
  156. -Added checks for: custom undervolt values, custom color values, kernel version (Stable or Experimental)
  157. -Minimized error text when changing settings that aren't even errors to begin with
  158. ^When changing governors and a cpu is offline, these errors occur. It doesn't mean that the setting didn't stick, just that the cpu was offline at the time of setting the value. When the cpu comes back online, the desired setting is applied by the system. ^
  159. -Removed begining animation beginning (Was fun for a minute, but then just got annoying)
  160. -Condensed everything into /system/etc/init.d/99leantweaks, updater-script will erase old files
  161. -Went insane while redoing/adding/everything else
  164. This was a huge almost week long project and update. I'd like to give my thanks to Abqnm for testing and advise as well as thekid42 for the same.
  168. v6.4:
  169. -Added enable Undervolt, Swap and Zram all in one option to the main menu per request
  172. v6.3:
  173. -Fixed one more very minor typo, did a quick read through and I believe it's the last one (Cleaning up the menu's epic fail)
  174. -Added an option in the main menu to utilize Imo's new lkflash(download the latest Lean Kernel right from the phone) right in leantweaks with everything else (Thank's Imo!)
  175. -Flipped Zram toggle and Swap toggle for no real reason at all, I like change or something
  178. v6.2:
  179. -Fixed 1350MHz not being set as the default value upon install
  180. This only happened because of a new variable being added to support the 920MHz max option. It made all of my variable values shift up and I forgot to change it to the new variable for 1350 in the 99cpufreq file. Sorry for the rapid fire release!
  183. v6.1:
  184. -Added support for 920MHz as a maximum frequency choice at boot in the menus
  185. -Fixed the typo's in the maximum frequency menu
  188. v6.0
  189. -Changed the 350MHz slot's undervolt value to 900mV to decrease lag and for overall stability
  190. -Updated menu's to look nicer and added a beginning animation for fun :D
  191. -Added custom color changer to the main menu, choose between:
  192. Stock color values, Franco's color values, Ezekeel's color values or Abqnm's color values
  195. v5.3:
  196. -Added another tweak for the interactive and interactiveX governor which changes the value in the file go_hispeed_freq. I lowered it to 80 which is what comes stock on the ondemand governor most of the time for the scaling load. This basically means the cpu will scale up faster to the hispeed_freq value increasing user experience speeds.
  199. v5.2(Added my post to GSM section now as well):
  200. -Fixed conservativeX governor switch
  201. -Added performanceX governor support
  202. -Fixed a RW,RO typo
  203. -Added a sampling_rate tweak for the hotplug and ondemand governor which greatly improves the speed of these governors. Basically I cut the value in half meaning the governor will poll for scaling twice as fast which makes for a faster user experience.
  204. ^Please note that it is not recommended to use my undervolt tweaks with the hotplug governor as in my own personal testing, it causes MANY MANY SOD's^
  206. v5.1:
  207. -Fixed the undervolt toggle not being able to disable after enabling
  208. -Added Conservative and ConservativeX to the governor choice menu
  209. ^ ConservativeX isn't available yet in lean kernel, according to Imo it's on it's way possibly tonight. Just added it in so Lean Tweaks is ready for it when it is included! ^
  212. v5:
  213. -Cleaned up some text to make the menus/outputs look nicer
  214. -Introduced initial undervolting options
  215. Works with both exp and stable kernels, the script will ask which you have installed when enabling kernel undervolt. For now it will undervolt with voltages that I have deemed stable for most phones. I used Fabolous's chart to help me decide this. I'll add in a user set menu later on.
  218. v4.3:
  219. -Fixed a couple of minor bugs/typos
  220. -System now gets remounted read-only at the end of init.d scripts
  221. -When exiting leantweaks in terminal system also will get remounted read-only
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