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  2. *       Topic is: There it is.
  3. *       Topic set by telnet_reddit_80!~telnet@wtlvfw.sored.pl on 3/20/2013 5:04:41 AM
  4. RPman   reinforcements!
  5. RPman   have arrived
  6. Schadenfreude   ?
  7. @Son-of-Man     Is this the SRD posing as SRS brigade again?
  8. Schadenfreude   nope
  9. Schadenfreude   I'm not in SRD or SRS
  10. Schadenfreude   I left SRD because the mods kept obsessing over SRS, and I can't stand SRS because they're idiots.
  11. @Son-of-Man     New TRP member?
  12. Schadenfreude   no, I'm not that either.
  13. @Son-of-Man     Why are you here?
  14. Schadenfreude   just trying to learn a bit is all
  15. Schadenfreude   thought I'd lurk for a while and see what there is to see, is that OK?
  16. Fab500  huh? reinforcements?
  17. @Son-of-Man     Sure, read the sidebar in the sub, ask any questions here.
  18. Fab500  whatchu talking about willis
  19. @Son-of-Man     If you aren't derailing or trolling we'll be happy to oblige.
  20. Schadenfreude   will do, thanks
  21. Schadenfreude   ok, so I was looking at TheBluePill sub today after I found you guys, and found this posting. These are quotes supposedly from one of your sidebar featured submissions, and I'm just wondering if this is really how redpill views rape: http://www.reddit.com/r/TheBluePill/comments/1bma3e/i_found_rtheredpill_s_position_on_rape_surely/
  22. Schadenfreude   I swear I'm not trolling by asking that
  23. @Son-of-Man     If you attack a stranger, hold them down and fuck them, you should be put in a deep dark hole.
  24. Schadenfreude   OK, sure, but what about the rest of it?
  25. @Son-of-Man     You'll have to be more specific.
  26. Schadenfreude   well, OK
  27. Schadenfreude   what about date rape? You take a girl out, get her drunk, and fuck her knowing that she wouldn't be into it sober. Is that OK?
  28. @Son-of-Man     There are a few problems with that question.
  29. @Son-of-Man     1.) Unless I'm holding a gun to her head, she got herself drunk.
  30. Schadenfreude   also I'm assuming that you guys also find rohypnol (however you spell it) and other drugs like that to be slimey
  31. @Son-of-Man     2.) Her "not being into it sober" is such an ambiguous statement it is nearly impossible to define.
  32. @Son-of-Man     3.) The definition of rape should never change based on her feelings, although it often does.
  33. @Son-of-Man     Yes, rohypnol and other such drugs are for cowards and bottom feeders.
  34. Schadenfreude   ok, can you expand on point 3?
  35. @Son-of-Man     Girl gets drunk, sleeps with dude, wakes up, doesn't want to feel like the slut she is, screams rape.
  36. @Son-of-Man     PRoblem.
  37. Schadenfreude   like, is that saying that even if your spouse doesn't feel like having sex she's still obliged to have sex with you?
  38. @Son-of-Man     Reverse it.
  39. @Son-of-Man     Guy gets drunk, sleeps with girl, isn't attracted to her, accepts ribbing from friends, world keeps spinning.
  40. Schadenfreude   what about coerced sex from those in power? "If you don't have sex with me you're fired" kind of situations?
  41. Fab500  so the article is taking issue with girls who cry rape after the fact when at the time it seemed to be enthusiastic and consensual?
  42. @Son-of-Man     Schaden: Ultimatums based on power are also in the "date rape" category and I do not condone them.
  43. @Son-of-Man     Fab: Exactly.
  44. Schadenfreude   what about my question regarding spouses?
  45. @Son-of-Man     If your wife doesn't want to fuck you it means she isn't attracted to you.
  46. Schadenfreude   what if she just had a long day?
  47. @Son-of-Man     If she isn't attracted to you then you have a whole new set of issues.
  48. RPman   what do you think schaden?
  49. Schadenfreude   RPman, what do I think of what?
  50. @Son-of-Man     Then she should have no problem with me watching porn or going to the strip club.
  51. RPman   about women who aren't attracted to their husbands?
  52. RPman   or reverse?
  53. @Son-of-Man     I have needs, if you can't satisfy those needs I will get them satisfied until you're ready.
  54. @Son-of-Man     If you're not ready for any length of time I will replace you.
  55. @Son-of-Man     Simple math.
  56. Schadenfreude   son-of-man, that doesn't really answer my question. Are you saying that it's OK to force yourself on your wife even if she's tired and doesn't feel like having sex when you want to?
  57. RPman   who said force?
  58. Schadenfreude   I said force
  59. @Son-of-Man     Define force.
  60. Schadenfreude   because son-of-man defined rape as a forced act.
  61. Schadenfreude   but he also said it's a forced act on a stranger
  62. @Son-of-Man     If your wife isn't into you then you should fix the attraction issue, or get a girlfriend/divorce her.
  63. RPman   you went from obliged to forced
  64. @Son-of-Man     but TRP official stance is to avoid marriage altogether.
  65. RPman   so you're not very clear
  66. Schadenfreude   RPman: sorry if I'm not being clear, I'm learning your guys' "jargon", if you will.
  67. Schadenfreude   let me try rephrasing the question:
  68. RPman   what jargon?
  69. RPman   the word oblige is not jargon
  70. RPman   are you asking if sex is an expectation of marriage?
  71. RPman   or if a man forces himself on his unwilling wife is that rape?
  72. Schadenfreude   You and your significant other both work. You have a healthy sex life and are both attracted to each other. One day you come home and want to have sex, but your SO/GF/Wife/Husband/Whatever just spent the day putting out fires and is exhausted. Would you say it's rape to physically force yourself on that person?
  73. RPman   seems like two very diffrent questions
  74. RPman   not sure why you need all the qualifiers before your last sentence
  75. Schadenfreude   because you guys keep ASKING for qualifiers.
  76. Schadenfreude   I cannot possibly be any more clear with a question than that. At this point a failure to answer is dodging the question.
  77. RPman   oh but you're "just asking" and "not trolling?"
  78. @Son-of-Man     No, we're just not going to fall into the feminist fallacy traps you are trying to be so clever with.
  79. Schadenfreude   sorry?
  80. Schadenfreude   what traps?
  81. @Son-of-Man     Hmm.
  82. Schadenfreude   it's a question. do you not wish to answer it?
  83. RPman   cat traps?
  84. @Son-of-Man     Oblige suddenly means force.
  85. Fab500  uh, hold on
  86. @Son-of-Man     There's an interesting one.
  87. Schadenfreude   OK, simple question
  88. Schadenfreude   is your spouse obliged to have sex with you?
  89. Fab500  Schadenfreude's question seems straightforward enough
  90. RPman   Is there an expectation of sexual intimacy in a marraige?
  91. Schadenfreude   that is not the question I asked
  92. Schadenfreude   I asked "is your spouse obliged to have sex with you?"
  93. RPman   ya you're asking on any given moment then right?
  94. RPman   as in, she wants sex, but you don't
  95. Schadenfreude   I am asking "is your spouse obliged ot have sex with you?"
  96. RPman   are you obliged as a man to have sex with er?
  97. Schadenfreude   I'm sorry, do I need to qualify the question?
  98. Fab500  RPman, other way around. You want sex that day, she doesn't want sex that day.
  99. Fab500  Is she obliged to have sex with you?
  100. Fab500  Or can it wait for another day?
  101. RPman   There's more to a relationship than sex
  102. @Son-of-Man     Let me tell you a story
  103. @Son-of-Man     a story about my ex-girlfriend and I
  104. Fab500  Story time!
  105. Fab500  woooo
  106. Schadenfreude   hooray!
  107. @Son-of-Man     we were in the midst of some relationship issues and she was dryer than the Mojave
  108. @Son-of-Man     laying in bed, cold shoulders all around
  109. @Son-of-Man     I was horny, because it had been a minute and she is a very attractive woman
  110. @Son-of-Man     Multiple seduction attempts, she started to warm up
  111. RPman   she made you wait a minute?
  112. @Son-of-Man     still wasn't really into it
  113. @Son-of-Man     but I am good at what I do, and even after multiple verbal and physical attempts at turning me down we finally had sex
  114. @Son-of-Man     afterwards
  115. @Son-of-Man     "That was the best sex of my life, I really needed that, thanks!"
  116. @Son-of-Man     So, gray area at best.
  117. @Son-of-Man     A radfem could easily define that as rape.
  118. @Son-of-Man     I define it as building attraction.
  119. Fab500  Well yeah
  120. @Son-of-Man     and it worked
  121. @Son-of-Man     You could go talk to her today.
  122. @Son-of-Man     The R word would never come out of her mouth.
  123. @Son-of-Man     so
  124. @Son-of-Man     Gray area at best
  125. Schadenfreude   alright, I'll take that as an answer
  126. @Son-of-Man     Women typically have reactive sex drives.
  127. Fab500  But let's say that when it came to putting it in she outright said no, get off me, i don't want to do this tonight, i'm going to bed. And you did it anyway. Is that still a gray area?
  128. @Son-of-Man     Men have proactive sex drives.
  129. @Son-of-Man     So the dynamics are quite a bit different.
  130. @Son-of-Man     She could go to bed and then I would go on the computer or go to the strip club.
  131. @Son-of-Man     If she got pissed she would probably be single.
  132. @Son-of-Man     but again
  133. @Son-of-Man     if you build the attraction you can turn No into Yes
  134. @Son-of-Man     happens all the time
  135. @Son-of-Man     and it is about the farthest thing from rape you can get
  136. Schadenfreude   what if it hadn't been the best sex of her life? what if the whole time it had hurt, and she hated the experience?
  137. @Son-of-Man     I don't deal in what ifs
  138. @Son-of-Man     I deal in what happeneds
  139. Schadenfreude   then what's the point of asking questions?
  140. @Son-of-Man     I agree.
  141. Schadenfreude   sooooooooo I'm not allowed to ask questions in here?
  142. @Son-of-Man     Sure you are, but you are asking leading questions as ammo to write us off and confirm your own biases.
  143. @Son-of-Man     I warned you earlier.
  144. RPman   there's a whole side bar of research to help you with your questions
  145. Schadenfreude   I don't know what was leading about what I asked
  146. @Son-of-Man     Of course you don't.
  147. @Son-of-Man     Or you will you say you don't.
  148. @Son-of-Man     Go read the sidebar.
  149. Schadenfreude   I felt like I had to work REALLY hard to qualify my questions enough to get anything approximating an answer.
  150. RPman   can't help the way you feel
  151. Schadenfreude   may I ask another question?
  152. @Son-of-Man     You can't define rape outside of date rape or dark alley rape because then it is based on her FEELINGS.
  153. @Son-of-Man     And you can't define FEELINGS.
  154. Schadenfreude   it's not about rape
  155. @Son-of-Man     Shoot.
  156. Schadenfreude   OK
  157. Schadenfreude   and please don't take this the wrong way
  158. RPman   every question is about rape so far
  159. @Son-of-Man     This should be good.
  160. RPman   yet not one post on /r/theredpill mentions it right now
  161. Schadenfreude   but a lot of your sidebar presents this attitude that feminism is some kind of conspiracy. Is this something redpill really thinks?
  162. Schadenfreude   or am I misreading it?
  163. RPman   misreading or intentionally mischaracterizing
  164. @Son-of-Man     It is cultural marxism and female supremacy through shame and proxy (via MEN) violence and legislation.
  165. @Son-of-Man     It is pointless, outdated, and thankfully: dying.
  166. Schadenfreude   well what I mean is like, does the redpill philosophy view female supremacy as an intentional goal of some clandestine group, or is it just something that kind of formed in the zeitgeist?
  167. RPman   hey Shaden, are men oppressed now or in the past?
  168. Schadenfreude   no, I do not feel that men are overall oppressed, although there are certainly double standards in some areas (especially court cases involving kids)
  169. @Son-of-Man     No one is 100% sure of the puppet masters but the message is the same: Women are perpetual victims who can do no wrong while men are perpetual attackers who are always wrong.
  170. RPman   I see
  171. @Son-of-Man     Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can honestly buy into that.
  172. @Son-of-Man     cannot*
  173. Fab500  So you are saying men in fact are oppressed?
  175. BipolarBear0    How2rapewomen
  177. RPman   lol rape obsession
  178. RPman   you guys
  179. RPman   haha
  180. Fab500  lol
  181. RPman   maybe it's projection?
  182. Fab500  BpB, what a characted
  183. @Son-of-Man     Rape Fantasy Culture
  184. Fab500  what now?
  185. @Son-of-Man     That is what it is really about.
  186. Fab500  Explain
  187. @Son-of-Man     These highly unattractive feminists have created a projection that all men everywhere want to fuck them.
  188. @Son-of-Man     They are trying to be the heroine in the latest Danielle Steel novel.
  189. @Son-of-Man     It is hilarious.
  190. RPman   And yes men of the past and present have certainly been marginalized.
  191. Fab500  RPman: Never said they haven't
  192. RPman   so shouldn't it be humanist
  193. RPman   ?
  194. Schadenfreude   alright, I have to run.
  195. RPman   see ya
  196. Schadenfreude   nice talking to you
  197. RPman   you too
  198. @Son-of-Man     Definitely.
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