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Aug 26th, 2017
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  1. Dragon Gate vs Destiny General
  2. Preset 1
  3. Autolineup by ability, making sure that best conditioned of We Are Jimmyz/El Stingdaman gets to play and is central CB.
  4. Ensure Snackpine is starting GK, unless it's purple.
  5. Ensure the Left and Right CK takers are the RMF and the LMF, respectively.
  6. If Speed Star is on the pitch, sub in MaxiMuM Oi as long as he is not purple. If MaxiMuM Oi is on the pitch, sub in Speed Star as long as he is not purple.
  9. Subs @65: best conditioned DMF, LMF and RMF. If bench DMFs are of similar condition, pick whichever one is funniest to you. If none of them are, go in order of It's Kzy Time -> Beeg Futa Shimizu -> FUCKING HATE SHINGO -> HYOU-KUN~ -> Who the fuck ever.
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