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  1. Adneva: he said u told him
  2. Adneva: that i said u should boot him
  3. lamonte322: tld him wat?
  4. lamonte322: -_-
  5. lamonte322: scott i dont even tlk 2 u
  6. lamonte322: so how was it me
  7. sw33tnycandy has joined the chat
  8. Adneva: look im tired of dramas
  9. Adneva: i hate dramas
  10. ILLUSTRATEDSCOTT: i know you didn't say it to me
  11. lamonte322: -
  12. lamonte322: -_- tell me about it
  13. ILLUSTRATEDSCOTT: but i find out what you say to people
  14. lamonte322: pple wen u say dat u mean blue
  15. Whispering to
  16. Stop whisper
  17. lamonte322: pple wen u say dat u mean blue
  18. lamonte322: smdh
  19. ILLUSTRATEDSCOTT: i'm not even talking to her
  20. lamonte322: dats da only 1 u tlk 2
  21. Adneva: yes she must have
  22. Adneva: or who else
  23. lamonte322: yea who else
  24. Whispering to
  25. Stop whisper
  26. lamonte322: yea who else
  27. sw33tnycandy: x. damn load lag
  28. lamonte322: i hate bein lied on
  29. Whispering to
  30. Stop whisper
  31. ILLUSTRATEDSCOTT: i am friends with most who come in here
  32. lamonte322: n i only tlk 2 blue
  33. Adneva: and all of them told u that Adneva is what
  34. ILLUSTRATEDSCOTT: yes i don't like being lied to either
  35. lamonte322: -_- u told wit out telln
  36. Whispering to
  37. Stop whisper
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