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  1. # works on Mac OS X and Linux. haven't tried BSD. obviously windows is out.
  3. import os
  4. import subprocess
  5. import signal
  7. def get_tty_fg():
  8.     # make a new process group within the same session as the parent. we
  9.     # do this so that if the user hits ctrl-c, etc in the curses program
  10.     # that's about to be exec'd, the SIGINT and friends won't be sent to
  11.     # the parent.
  12.     os.setpgrp()
  14.     # don't stop the process when we get SIGTTOU. since this is now in a
  15.     # background process group, SIGTTOU will be sent to this process when
  16.     # we call tcsetpgrp(), below. the default action when receiving that
  17.     # signal is to stop (process mode T).
  18.     hdlr = signal.signal(signal.SIGTTOU, signal.SIG_IGN)
  20.     # open a file handle to the current tty
  21.     tty = os.open('/dev/tty', os.O_RDWR)
  23.     # ask for our new process group to be the foreground one on the
  24.     # controlling tty.
  25.     os.tcsetpgrp(tty, os.getpgrp())
  27.     # replace the old signal handler to minimize the chance of the child
  28.     # getting confused by a non-standard starting signal table.
  29.     signal.signal(signal.SIGTTOU, hdlr)
  31. def spawn_pager(path):
  32.     # should always allow users to configure their own pager. "pager" by
  33.     # itself is a better default than less on Debian-based systems, but
  34.     # that's not everywhere. Best default to "less" for maximum
  35.     # compatibility.
  36.     pager = os.environ.get('PAGER', 'less')
  38.     # if your calling process also expects to use the tty, you'll need to
  39.     # do some extra stuff here to stop using it and handle SIGTTOU, SIGHUP,
  40.     # and possibly SIGTTIN, as appropriate, until the child is done.
  42.     # run with our tty-foreground code in the child before exec'ing the
  43.     # pager. return the pager process object.
  44.     return subprocess.Popen([pager, path], preexec_fn=get_tty_fg)
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