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How to form a good Draft League team!

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Jan 14th, 2020
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  1. #1. Hazard Removal
  3. Hazard removal is vital in draft leagues because if you have very limited and weak hazard removal or don't have any at all then it can easily be exploited to hazard stack and cripple and weaken your team. Rapid spin is preferred most of the time because it keeps up your hazards on the opponent's side and is effective on most Pokemon that get it(except delibird probably lol).Defog is more widespread and is amazing on Pokemon like Zapdos and Empoleon which can tank hits and get rid of hazards.
  5. #2.Cores
  7. For a successful team you need to have 1 or a couple cores you can use. One commonly used core is a Fairy,Dragon,Steel core in which the 3 typing a compliment each other to either break down or wall huge portions of teams. A core isn't just 2 powerful pokémon slapped together, the 2 or 3 Pokémon you pair together should have synergy between each other and not share numerous common weaknesses.
  9. #3. Walls
  11. Having walls are very important to make a functioning team. Even if you are making a dominantly offensive team you should always draft at least 2 defensive Pokémon. Defensive backbone will always help your team by allowing you to tank hits and stop opposing Pokémon from stomping over your team. There are many defensive Pokémon that can wall or stop many things.It should be noted that some walls are extremely passive and can be taken advantage of and set up on, while this is scary this is a small price to pay for huge walls.
  13. #4. Hazards
  15. Well this is why you need hazard removal,lol. Hazards are very important in draft leagues and can put you at a huge advantage just by having them up. Stealth rocks are the most common but Spikes and toxic spikes can stack up damage extremely quickly if the opponent is not levitating. Many things can learn Stealth rocks and is a contribution factor to why it is used so much. Most of the time you will want a defensive Pokémon with stealth rocks because you can take hits while setting up your hazards. Fast hazard setters can also be effective if you outspeed and set up rocks. It is good to normally have 2-4 rockers on a team so you can keep your opponent guessing which Pokémon has rocks.
  17. #5. Sweepers/Win cons
  19. Sweepers cause you to win games. If you can get a Pokémon to come in late game to sweep and pick of weakened Pokémon then you win. This is harder than it sounds though because you have to weaken threats to were priority or a strong move from a fast Pokémon will knock it out. If you lose your win con early on you are put far behind and it would be challenging to come back. You can run multiple sweepers on the same team which is effective.
  21. #6. Momentum
  23. U turn and Volt switch are great in a normal metagame and are even better in draft leagues. Gaining momentum is amazing and will allow you to go to a counter after forcing a switch. Gaining and keeping up momentum can win you a game and create situations where you cena play leniently. Having multiple Pokémon with u turn or volt switch can form it's own core in itself.
  25. #7. Wallbreakers/Stallbreaker
  27. Wallbreakers and sweepers are extremely different than what is thought. Wallbreakers are used to dent the opponent's walls instead of sweeping late game, something like mega Heracross is a great example of a wallbreaker. Stallbreakers are different in the way that they stop stalling by using moves like taunt to stop being stalled. Both of these are important so you don't lose to certain types of teams and play styles.
  29. #8.Other important things
  31. Bulky water:
  33. Water types are very good defensively and wall many good Pokémon, for most teams a bulky water is important because any weakness that bulky water has can be easily covered.
  35. Knock off abuser:
  37. Something that can abuse knock off is important when making a team. Knock off is a very good move and cripples many things like eviolite walls.
  39. Ghost type:
  41. Having a ghost type isn't a necessity but it is good to have a spinblocker in a draft league.
  43. Fast Pokémon:
  45. It is generally good to have atleast 1 or 2 Pokémon above the 110 speed tier so you can outspeed other Pokémon and not be put on the backhand.
  47. Fast Electric type:
  49. You can get a fast volt switch and gain momentum while having a strong and fast Pokémon.
  51. Pursuit trappers:
  53. It can apply pressure to ghost and psychic types also denting any frail Pokemon.
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