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  1. :Unlucky_Servant_NekoMancer:
  3. Solomon's Skills:
  4. [Knitting]: Knows how to knit very well, just needs the tools.
  5. [Servant]: Knows the mannerisms, ins & outs of being a servant. [Currently serving Vivi D'Roix]
  6. [Create Water]: You can use magic to create water, about the size of a cup of water.
  7. [Create Fire]: Using your finger or hand, can create a small flame, typically used to quickly light a candle.
  8. [Fire Sprites]: Can conjure small Fire Sprites, they look like small cartoonish humans devoid of expression. About 3-4 inches in height. (Currently can cast more several if given time)
  9. [Enhanced Hearing](Basic): Has learned how to enhance his hearing, making them more sensitive to sound, as well as being able to pick up on conversations 1 room away. (Best when he has silence to hear properly)
  10. [Enhanced Sight](Basic): Has learned how to enhance his sight, can see better in the dark, harder to see during the day. Only slightly.
  11. [Increased Durability](Basic): Can increase the durability of an object to make it less likely susceptible to damage.
  12. [HairGrowth Key]: Can grow a person's hair a few inches.
  13. [PolyInk]: Can take the form of a person using an item that belongs to them. Results vary based on the individual.[Look at Thread #4 for more info, search "polyink" for details.
  14. [Enhanced Hearing](Basic)
  15. [Enhanced Hearing](Intermediate): Increase the range of hearing and sensitivities of the ear. (May be difficult to use at first, but can get used to)
  16. [Fishing Holes]: The ability to pass into a different plane of existence created by J̷̧͖̮̜̈̈́͐͋a̶͍̻̹̹͊̔͂̈́m̸̊̐̊͗́͜ë̶̹̘̣́̐̍̈́͝s̷̝͊͘ ̴̨̭͍̜̫̌͝À̶̜̙̈́͠l̵̥̣͍̻͂̍̓͜l̸̢͙̖͔͆̓̈́̚ẽ̶̪̘̟͓͆n̸̫̹̻͔̿ . (Can Visit Land/Sky/Sea areas with thought. Can choose appearance based on what doors chose during trials).
  17. [Item Box]: Place to store/Take out items.
  18. [Summon Ship: Cutter]: The ability to summon your cutter. (Comes with Fishing Rod & FishBox).
  20. **[Enhanced Hearing](Intermediate, Permanent)**: Due to a side effect with Mercedes's keys. Solomon's hearing is permanently enhanced.
  22. Solomon's Skills In-Progress:
  23. [Enhanced Scent of Smell], allows you to smell odors, from a farther distance, or be able to track people with certain scents(?)
  25. Solomon's Inventory(In ItemBox):
  26. 5x 15ml Vials of Ink
  27. Ink Brush
  28. Uramel Academy's Headmaster Business Card
  29. Granola Bar 1x
  30. Free Alcoholic Drinks for 1 hour @Blue Moon
  31. Knitting Kit/Multicolored balls of Yarn
  32. Belaying Pin
  33. Shiba Coin
  34. Marcie's Sweater
  36. Solomon's RelationShips:
  37. Vivi [Best friends] (BFF Forever, Wants to know more about Marcie)
  38. Mercedes [Friends] (Considers your a good friend)
  39. Marcie[Friends] (Partner for Magical Studies, & Fellow Occult Club Member. Has a crush on you)
  40. Caren [Friend(?)] (Knows you mostly through Vivi, Wants to ask you something)
  41. Hiren[Friend] (Fellow Occult Club Member)
  42. Charles [Friend(?)] (Knows you mostly through Vivi, Appreciates you)
  43. Griselda[Small Shrimp Friend] (Wants to stuff you in her buxom, Wants to meet Marcie, Wants to stuff to hug both of you close)
  44. Prince Roland[Friend] (Fellow Occult Club Member, Likes your advice regarding Hilda)
  45. Prince Henrision[Just another Servant](Owes you a favor?)
  46. FH[Acquaintance](Likes you)
  47. Rena [Acquaintance] (Fellow Servant, Supports your [fake] relationship)
  48. Hilda [(?)](Thinks you run slow)
  49. Dr. Fredrick [(?)] (Went Fishing together with you, Field Studies Prof)
  50. Mrs. Alabaster [(?)] (Professor for Magical Studies, Likes that you came early to her class)
  51. CzSara[(?)] (Curious about your [fake] relationship with Marcie)
  52. Samuel[(?)] (Wants Vivi to come by the Blacksmithing Club more)
  53. Headmaster AKA The Baker[(?)] (Very Interested in you+++)
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