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  2.     Fare Regulation
  3.     Reservation changeable(fare difference and commission charged)
  4.         In case you want to change the different conditions (date, flight number, fare, etc.), such as purchase fares, commission charged.
  5.         Possible changes to the same or higher fare only.(F CLS ticket cannot not be changed as the same CLS.)
  6.         Required rebooking after refund, because it can not change to a lower fare
  7.         Route change is not possible, refund first and book another itinerary.
  8.         On the same day(by 23:49, by 22:59 PM on sunday), the itinerary can be changed without change fee(when fare differences occur, should pay the amount of difference)
  9.     1Route, 운임종류, 여정변경수수료, 환불수수료, 스탬프 적립으로 구성된 1Route 여정안내입니다.
  10.     1Route  Tokyo(Narita)(NRT) - Busan(PUS)
  11.     Flight change fee   4,000JPY per person
  12.     Refund charge   0JPY per person
  13.     STAMP storing   Ineligible
  14.     Free baggage allowance  1pc/15kg(Infant : 10kg)
  15.     2Route, 운임종류, 여정변경수수료, 환불수수료, 스탬프 적립으로 구성된 2Route 여정안내입니다.
  16.     2Route  Busan(PUS) - Da Nang(DAD)
  17.     Flight change fee   4,000JPY per person
  18.     Refund charge   0JPY per person
  19.     STAMP storing   Ineligible
  20.     Free baggage allowance  1pc/15kg(Infant : 10kg)
  22.     Refundable (charges collected)
  24.     [Criteria: Won / One Way]
  25.     노선(대구발 동일), 항공권 종류, 1단계(출발15 이내), 2단계(출발16일~30일전), 3단계(출발31일~60일전), 4단계(출발61일~90일전), 5단계(출발91일이상)로 구성된 운임규정입니다.
  26.      Route    Kinds of flight fare    ~to 30 days before departure    D-31~60
  27.     from departure  D-61~90
  28.     from departure  ~ 91 days before departure
  29.     All     일반  30,000  20,000  10,000  -
  30.     Special Fare    60,000  40,000  20,000  -
  31.     Super Special Fare  60,000
  32.     Promotion ticket
  33.         in the case of purchasing a round-trip ticket, refund of single route of depart flight is not available.
  34.         in the case of purchasing a round-trip ticket, refund of single route of arrival flight is not available online, Please contact our service center or overseas branch, you must refund to arrival flight after boarding departure flight.
  35.         If the refund fee exceeds the amount you paid, the purchased amount will be imposed.
  36.         For unused route, Refundable the airport taxes and fuel surcharges
  37.         Without refund charge by 23:49 PM on the same purchase date (by 22:59 PM on sunday)(Korea standard time)
  38.     No-Show Fee
  40.     통화별 No-Show 수수료 규정입니다.
  41.     Division    No-Show Fee
  42.     KRW     JPY     CNY     TWD     HKD/MOP     USD     EUR
  43.     Counter
  44.     No-show     100,000     10,000  600     3,000   800     100     100
  45.     Gate
  46.     No-show     240,000     24,000  1,400   7,000   1,700   240     200
  47.         Gate No-Show: Charged if you do not board after check-in (Impose a Cancellation fee).
  48.     When you reissue ticket issued by convenience store settlements / real-time accounts, only credit cards are accepted. (Other payment method is not available)
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