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Double Fine Game Club: The Secret Of Monkey Island (part 1)

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Aug 26th, 2012
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  1. (05:03:44 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty, well, do you want to throw the link to part 1 up, Syd?
  2. (05:03:55 AM) Cheeseness: I'll tweet that and get it added to the first post of the forums
  3. (05:04:15 AM) Syd: The recording I made last night of my "hybrid" version of SoMI can be found here:
  4. (05:04:46 AM) Cheeseness: for the first part
  5. (05:05:17 AM) Syd: Split into two parts because my internet went out for a moment about an hour in. :P
  6. (05:05:41 AM) Syd: Didn't lose anything important. Just walking across the map and a bit of Guybrush reading a sign.
  7. (05:07:33 AM) SigmaX: I picked this up during the steam summer sale and I still haven't played it yet
  8. (05:07:47 AM) lietu: meh, they haven't liked to monkey island thread on /dfa
  9. (05:08:15 AM) Syd: The version I streamed was built using data from the special edition. It's basically the classic CD version, but with voices from the SE, and a few tweaks here and there
  10. (05:08:31 AM) Cheeseness: SigmaX, you haven't played Monkey Island ever before?
  11. (05:09:12 AM) Cheeseness: lietu: Yeah :(
  12. (05:09:40 AM) SigmaX: nope I haven't
  13. (05:09:41 AM) Cheeseness: Hey udoncat. How long have you been hiding here?
  14. (05:09:57 AM) lietu: I hate it that they didn't include the dog screen for the original version in the special edition where they had included the dog screen in the HD version
  15. (05:09:57 AM) Cheeseness: SigmaX: You're in for a treat, if you like adventure games :)
  16. (05:10:17 AM) SigmaX: Is the video just a walk through?
  17. (05:10:32 AM) Syd: Just playing it like normal, taking my time. Not a speed run
  18. (05:10:34 AM) Cheeseness: It's just a play through for people who haven't played it before or don't want to play it again (that way we can all still talk about the game)
  19. (05:11:37 AM) Cheeseness: This pirate in the bar sounds a bit like Ignatius Cheese from Monkey Island 4 >_<
  20. (05:12:02 AM) lietu: what was the pin on monkey island 3 about? grim fandango?
  21. (05:12:10 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  22. (05:12:16 AM) Syd: Yeah, "Ask me about Grim Fandango"
  23. (05:12:23 AM) lietu: oh, the doggy screen, awesome
  24. (05:12:32 AM) Cheeseness: I'm a bit behind >_<
  25. (05:12:45 AM) Syd: The doggy screen is just a scaled down VGA version of the SE one, but something is better than nothing, lol
  26. (05:12:48 AM) Cheeseness: Personally, I would have liked to have seen a recreation of the original dog
  27. (05:12:55 AM) Cheeseness: But yeah, better than nothing ^_^
  28. (05:13:09 AM) lietu: yeah, looked like it
  29. (05:13:16 AM) Cheeseness:
  30. (05:13:25 AM) Cheeseness: That's what the original would have looked like (if it were in the game)
  31. (05:14:03 AM) lietu: mjeah
  32. (05:14:03 AM) Syd: But the only place it showed up is on the back of the Amiga box. I had heard that there was a lot of cut content that showed up on the backs of various versions.
  33. (05:14:05 AM) Cheeseness: For anybody who's not aware, that scene was cut from the original game (to conserve disk space, I believe), but it still appeared on some box art and was something that players searched for for a long time
  34. (05:14:46 AM) nicholasdelucca [] entered the room.
  35. (05:14:58 AM) Cheeseness: All of the gamers I knew when Monkey Island came out were using Amigas ^_^
  36. (05:15:01 AM) bddn [bddn@BC40E1E5.C869EC35.9EAE1B87.IP] entered the room.
  37. (05:15:03 AM) lietu: mjeah, I hate it that so many companies have just thrown away content like that and it's impossible to get it anymore
  38. (05:15:10 AM) Syd: I have a feeling that there weren't any artists to help put together this version. If they had one, they might have been able to recreate the original dog closeup.
  39. (05:15:41 AM) lietu: mjeah, free decent artists are difficult to come by, as are free and good coders ;)
  40. (05:15:43 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: It might also be that they're specifically avoiding adding any content that's not a part of one of the existing versions (to avoid copyright infringement, blah blah blah)
  41. (05:16:01 AM) Syd: Perhaps
  42. (05:16:05 AM) Cheeseness: I've contributed art assets to open source projects from time to time
  43. (05:16:21 AM) Syd: One must tread lightly around LucasArt's robo-lawyers.
  44. (05:16:25 AM) Cheeseness: Exactly
  45. (05:16:36 AM) Syd: They are programmed to litigate without mercy
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  47. (05:17:08 AM) Syd: One again, link to the pre-recorded stream for any newcomers
  48. (05:17:11 AM) Cheeseness: Does anybody remember when some news show picked up the recipe for Grog and thought it was something that young kids were drinking?
  49. (05:17:31 AM) Syd: Oh, I heard about that. The Grog XD incident
  50. (05:17:34 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Might be best to link to part 1 since the second video starts playing if you go to that link)
  51. (05:17:41 AM) lietu: people who make news aren't the brightest of the bunch
  52. (05:17:44 AM) Syd: Okay
  53. (05:18:02 AM) Syd: First part of the video
  54. (05:18:06 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  55. (05:18:24 AM) Cheeseness: How long did it take everybody to work out how to get into the kitchen first time (for those who have played before)
  56. (05:18:45 AM) lietu: not long
  57. (05:18:49 AM) Syd: It was just one of those things I didn't know I could do for a while, and felt silly after I figured it out
  58. (05:18:57 AM) Syd: Like being able to pick up the dog in MI2
  59. (05:19:06 AM) Cheeseness: I remember timing the seagull being a really difficult thing to time when I first played it >_<
  60. (05:19:29 AM) lietu: yeah, same .. the seagull was a bit tougher the first time
  61. (05:19:34 AM) Syd: To the game's credit, the pirate in the bar that tells the LeChuck story hints that you can go back in the kitchen
  62. (05:20:01 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, I had no idea I could pick up Little Guybrush in MI2. I ended up looking at a walkthrough, which was in a pommy magazine and said you should "Half inch" the dog. My rhyming slang fu was weak, so I was still stuck >_<
  63. (05:20:10 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it's pretty obvious you need to go there
  64. (05:21:24 AM) Cheeseness: In some respects, I miss this "realistic" aspect of Monkey Island. The closeups really add to the game IMO
  65. (05:21:47 AM) Syd: I think Ron said in his blog that he wasn't really that fond of the closeups looking back on it
  66. (05:21:54 AM) Syd: I'd have to find where he said that, though
  67. (05:21:54 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, I think he did
  68. (05:22:15 AM) Cheeseness: Don't know how much I love the narrator voice either >_<
  69. (05:22:36 AM) Syd: at least the narrator isn't used that often, heh.
  70. (05:22:43 AM) Cheeseness: (for anybody who's not familiar with the game, it didn't originally play voices - Syd is playing a special version that combines the voices from the special edition with the original graphics)
  71. (05:23:13 AM) lietu: I dunno, I sort of like the narrator voice
  72. (05:23:46 AM) Cheeseness: Is anybody in the stream chat to redirect anybody there back here?
  73. (05:23:56 AM) Syd: I think he just overdoes the silliness a wee bit too much. I don't hate him, though
  74. (05:23:58 AM) Cheeseness: (I'm hanging out in my stream's chat thingy, so I can't see it)
  75. (05:24:09 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it's not awful
  76. (05:24:12 AM) Syd: Also, the tool to make the version I recorded is found here:
  77. (05:24:19 AM) Syd: You need the special edition installed to make it
  78. (05:24:53 AM) Syd: Runs in ScummVM and can be run on old DOS machines as well.
  79. (05:25:17 AM) Cheeseness: I feel like the voices for this part kinda ruin the timing of the scene a little bit
  80. (05:25:39 AM) Cheeseness: In the original game, it's much faster and they seem a lot more manic :D
  81. (05:26:18 AM) lietu: I set up this fettuccini brothers music as my "pre-wakeup" tone for my morning alarm .. nice, cheery, not too loud .. I let it ring for 30 minutes which gives me time to wake up to the low volume music without getting the typical "shock wakeup" of a loud alarm
  82. (05:26:18 AM) Syd: I have to say that I like pretty much all the voices they picked, though
  83. (05:26:36 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, I'd love to wake up to this every day ^_^
  84. (05:26:50 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: I'm not so sure about the Loom guy
  85. (05:26:54 AM) Cheeseness: But most of them are good
  86. (05:27:04 AM) Syd: Yeah, Loom guy is a bit like the narrator. Overdoing the silliness
  87. (05:27:14 AM) Cheeseness: These voices are a good fit - it's just that the original timing didn't really account for spoken word timing
  88. (05:27:46 AM) Cheeseness: Hey yama, are you about?
  89. (05:28:38 AM) Syd: I have a feeling that the GW2 launch has distracted some of the people that normally show up. :P
  90. (05:28:40 AM) Cheeseness: I love the soundtrack to this game. I hooked my cassette player up to my Amiga and recorded all the music onto tape so I could listen to it whenever I wanted :D
  91. (05:28:49 AM) Cheeseness: GW2?
  92. (05:28:54 AM) Syd: Guild Wars 2
  93. (05:28:58 AM) Cheeseness: Ah
  94. (05:29:15 AM) Cheeseness: udoncat said she'd set an alarm to be up
  95. (05:29:25 AM) Syd: I know the co-admin of the backer steam group is playing GW2 right now
  96. (05:29:31 AM) Cheeseness: But it looks like that might not have worked ^_^
  97. (05:30:35 AM) Cheeseness: The timing of these guys is pretty messed up too
  98. (05:30:47 AM) Syd: Looking back on it, a lot of the puzzles in SoMI were at least somewhat logical, which was rare to see in an adventure game back then
  99. (05:31:04 AM) lietu: hm .. could try out GW2 if there's some sort of a trial for it
  100. (05:31:11 AM) Syd: At the very least, the puzzles usually made sense when you looked back on it
  101. (05:31:36 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Yeah, definitely. Most things had a good number of hints in dialogue as well
  102. (05:32:26 AM) Cheeseness: I love that the dancing lessons are still an accurate map to get to the treasure
  103. (05:32:31 AM) lietu: yeah, I think that was one of the things Tim mentioned in one of the videos .. that even if the puzzle can be difficult-ish, it should still make sense
  104. (05:33:00 AM) Syd: LucasArts adventure games in general usually had good puzzle design
  105. (05:33:06 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  106. (05:33:26 AM) Syd: The hardest they made, I think, was Sam and Max, mostly because the puzzles existed in cartoon logic.
  107. (05:33:30 AM) lietu: some of the things in Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2 were pretty unexpected, but often also made sense .. like to get in to the "guild of crazy people" or something, you had to "wear porridge", which meant the guy slapped a bowl of porridge on his head
  108. (05:33:45 AM) Syd: It was consistent cartoon logic, but it could be hard to wrap your head around it sometimes
  109. (05:33:50 AM) lietu: mjeah, similar issue was with Simon the Sorcerer, they're magic logic
  110. (05:33:59 AM) Cheeseness: I kinda hope we get to play the Goblins games with Game Club - I absolutely love those
  111. (05:34:17 AM) Cheeseness: (they're completely illogical :D )
  112. (05:34:47 AM) lietu: watched let's plays of them
  113. (05:34:50 AM) Heartborne [] entered the room.
  114. (05:34:55 AM) Syd: I spent so long stuck in the beginning of Sam and Max, because I just couldn't get used to thinking the way the game wanted me to think
  115. (05:35:08 AM) Syd: Once it clicked, things started to make sense
  116. (05:35:18 AM) Cheeseness: So I wonder why less important characters such as the pirates in the bar got closeups, but people like the Voodoo Lady didn't
  117. (05:35:32 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, Sam & Max live in a pretty well established world.
  118. (05:35:35 AM) lietu: I was pretty young when I started on sam & max, maybe that's why the logic never was that far fetched for me
  119. (05:35:37 AM) Syd: Also, linking to the first part of the pre-recorded stream again:
  120. (05:36:31 AM) Syd: Maybe the voodoo lady wasn't originally intended to be too important. You could play the entire game without talking to her
  121. (05:37:12 AM) Cheeseness: Otis and Meathook don't, but Carla does
  122. (05:37:16 AM) Cheeseness: Herman doesn't
  123. (05:37:47 AM) Syd: Maybe they just wanted to show off the closeups early in the game. I bet there would have been more if it wasn't for memory limits
  124. (05:37:53 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  125. (05:38:15 AM) lietu: was it a memory issue? I thought it was disk & diskette space issue
  126. (05:38:27 AM) Syd: Well, disc space
  127. (05:38:29 AM) Syd: That's what I meant
  128. (05:38:40 AM) Cheeseness: It's all memory ^_^
  129. (05:38:57 AM) lietu: no it's not ;)
  130. (05:39:30 AM) lietu: I'm a deeply technical person and not many things annoy me more than people who constantly confuse them
  131. (05:39:40 AM) Cheeseness: Sorry, but it's still memory
  132. (05:39:43 AM) lietu: thinking a USB stick will give them more RAM
  133. (05:39:55 AM) Cheeseness: It's not random access memory, but it's memory nonetheless
  134. (05:40:04 AM) Cheeseness: (if you really want to be technical :b )
  135. (05:40:46 AM) Cheeseness: RAM and memory aren't quite synonymous ^_^
  136. (05:41:05 AM) lietu: they really are when talking about computers
  137. (05:41:19 AM) Cheeseness: Not really
  138. (05:41:26 AM) lietu: yes, really ;)
  139. (05:41:30 AM) Cheeseness: lol
  140. (05:42:09 AM) lietu: there are some other things with computers people often get confused with, but none of them annoy me that much than the huge difference between RAM and storage space
  141. (05:42:11 AM) Syd: :P
  142. (05:43:08 AM) Syd: I'll assure you that I don't get confused between the two. I've made a hobby out of building computers for myself or friends.
  143. (05:43:53 AM) Cheeseness: I started a new job doing embedded systems design. We're using all sorts of different types of memory on the boards we're working on
  144. (05:44:55 AM) Syd: Anyway, back to Monkey Island. I introduced a friend to SoMI not too long ago, and he got stuck on the part where Guybrush is tied to the idol underwater.
  145. (05:44:58 AM) lietu: hehe, yeah .. I know, and I know that it might not officially be that clear and simple either, but if someone says they upgraded their memory, to me and most other techies it is always obvious that they're talking about RAM sticks, not disks, usb sticks, DVD discs, tape drives, or any other storage device
  146. (05:45:35 AM) Cheeseness: lietu: Sure, but saying that RAM is the only type of memory is just perpetuating the sort of misconception that irritates you anyway >_<
  147. (05:45:39 AM) lietu: yeah, I remember being stuck with the idol for quite a while
  148. (05:45:41 AM) Syd: He was massively overthinking the puzzle, and I kept trying to nudge him in the right direction through chat.
  149. (05:45:42 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Interesting, did they drown?
  150. (05:46:01 AM) Syd: Yeah, he drowned in the first try.
  151. (05:46:11 AM) Cheeseness: Wow, that's quite a time investment
  152. (05:46:49 AM) Syd: He sent this to me in chat when he finally figured it out: "OMG I'M SO DUMB"
  153. (05:46:54 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  154. (05:47:50 AM) Syd: What's funny in that part, and I considered sitting around until the scene happened but decided against it, is when the two pirates show up overhead and discuss dropping a sword in to the water
  155. (05:48:03 AM) Syd: And end up just walking away
  156. (05:48:36 AM) Syd: But I think it takes at least about 5 minutes for them to show up, and I didn't want to stand around that long
  157. (05:48:45 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  158. (05:48:57 AM) Cheeseness: We should do an easter egg hunt or something after the game's finished
  159. (05:49:03 AM) Cheeseness: (like we did with Gemini Rue)
  160. (05:50:27 AM) lietu: and sit in the bottom of the lake for 10 minutes? ;) .. someone better have video editing software
  161. (05:50:35 AM) Cheeseness: ;)
  162. (05:52:06 AM) Syd: I like how all the verbs change if you drown. "Float" "Decompose", etc.
  163. (05:52:14 AM) Syd: Not to mention the phone number to their hint line
  164. (05:52:27 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  165. (05:55:10 AM) Syd: I know it's highly unlikely that the hint line is still a hint line, but I wonder if it's still operational in any way. Like, if there's a recording directing you to LucasArts' website or something.
  166. (05:55:40 AM) Cheeseness: Didn't Tim try to call it in one of the videos?
  167. (05:55:57 AM) Syd: Now that I think about it, he might have
  168. (05:55:58 AM) lietu: I think so
  169. (05:56:02 AM) Syd: I think it was a recording of some sort
  170. (05:56:13 AM) lietu: star wars or something iirc
  171. (05:57:18 AM) Cheeseness: I wonder if Dom would be interested in doing a Q&A with us if we could get in touch with him
  172. (05:57:48 AM) Syd: Possibly
  173. (05:58:40 AM) Syd: I've listened to podcast interviews with him. He seems like a really laid-back, nice guy. Not quite sure how one would get in contact with him, though.
  174. (05:59:23 AM) Cheeseness: I may have found him on Twitter
  175. (05:59:38 AM) Cheeseness: I love the look on Guybrush's face when the idol gets kicked into the water
  176. (06:00:23 AM) Syd: Here's a good interview with Dominic if anyone wants to listen to it
  177. (06:00:34 AM) Syd: I think it's pretty long, but I really enjoyed it
  178. (06:01:55 AM) Syd: One of the funny parts of the interview is when he talks about how grumpy he was when he watched Pirates of the Caribbean, because he thought it should have been a Monkey Island movie instead.
  179. (06:02:09 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  180. (06:03:04 AM) Syd: We almost got an animated Monkey Island movie, too. Ah, what could have been.
  181. (06:03:13 AM) bddn left the room (quit: Input/output error).
  182. (06:04:51 AM) Syd: I've always thought Dominic was a great pick for voicing Guybrush. It's obvious how passionate he is about the role from interviews as well.
  183. (06:05:01 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it's awesome :)
  184. (06:06:55 AM) Cheeseness: I like to pretend that Orlando Bloom's character in the Pirates of the Caribbean is based on Dom
  185. (06:06:56 AM) Cheeseness: lol
  186. (06:09:18 AM) Cheeseness: How crazy is the music cue for THE MACHINE in the Special Edition? >_<
  187. (06:09:31 AM) Syd: lol, yeah
  188. (06:09:35 AM) Cheeseness: (or is it like that in the CD version as well?)
  189. (06:09:57 AM) Syd: Possibly. I'd have to check sometime
  190. (06:10:17 AM) Cheeseness: I don't think that Smirk's voice is arrogant or sleazy enough
  191. (06:10:27 AM) Cheeseness: He still makes me laugh though
  192. (06:10:28 AM) Cheeseness: lol
  193. (06:11:11 AM) Syd: I think they were going for a stereotypical drill sergeant voice for him
  194. (06:11:20 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, I think so
  195. (06:11:38 AM) Cheeseness: He's not angry enough for that kind of thing though IMO
  196. (06:11:56 AM) Cheeseness: And suddenly the island is absolutely crawling with pirates
  197. (06:11:58 AM) Cheeseness: lol
  198. (06:12:10 AM) Syd: And that's the part where the game slows down to a crawl, lol
  199. (06:12:17 AM) Cheeseness: You know you don't have to click on the pirates
  200. (06:12:25 AM) Cheeseness: Just stand on the road in front of them and they'll come to you
  201. (06:12:25 AM) Syd: I get annoyed by the "useless" pirate encounters when they don't give me any new insults or responses
  202. (06:12:42 AM) Cheeseness: It's not too bad
  203. (06:12:45 AM) Cheeseness: You did it pretty quickly
  204. (06:12:46 AM) Syd: Well, now I know. Hah
  205. (06:14:06 AM) Cheeseness: It's interesting that they got the voice actor to drop out of character for the "Come on Guybrush, play along" line
  206. (06:14:23 AM) Syd: I really liked how he slipped in and out of the pirate accent pretty fluidly
  207. (06:14:28 AM) lietu: I loved it
  208. (06:14:54 AM) Cheeseness: It was totally unexpected for me first time I played the SE
  209. (06:16:29 AM) Cheeseness: Did we get all of Guybrish's losing dialogue for the fight scenes?
  210. (06:17:08 AM) SigmaX left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  211. (06:17:23 AM) Syd: You mean when he reads the lines differently because he gave the wrong response? I didn't record those, but I could record it separately sometime.
  212. (06:17:34 AM) Syd: Or if he loses against a pirate
  213. (06:17:38 AM) Cheeseness: I mean when he loses an entire fight
  214. (06:17:40 AM) Syd: Because we at least got most of those
  215. (06:17:45 AM) Syd: I'm not sure about all, though
  216. (06:17:48 AM) Cheeseness: But yeah, the uncertain responses are pretty interesting as well
  217. (06:18:14 AM) Syd: We at least got "Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!" at one point
  218. (06:18:18 AM) Syd: and that's the important one, lol
  219. (06:18:23 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah :D
  220. (06:19:17 AM) lietu: that JUST happened on the video for me
  221. (06:19:22 AM) Syd: lol
  222. (06:19:58 AM) Cheeseness: I love when you get dumb ones who don't know any responses at all
  223. (06:20:14 AM) Cheeseness: And then say you're good enough to fight the swordmaster lol
  224. (06:20:38 AM) Syd: A little joke I don't think I'll record when the time comes because it's too repetitive, but I think it's pretty funny, is how the cannibals keep locking Guybrush behind increasingly complex locks
  225. (06:20:55 AM) Syd: Up to locking him behind a high-tec metal door
  226. (06:21:23 AM) Syd: And he just keeps getting out through the floor each time. They never figure it out
  227. (06:21:31 AM) Cheeseness: My advice is to try to do that as early as possible, but leave the solution to the puzzle as long as possible (that way you can keep coming back over time and do some other stuff inbetween)
  228. (06:21:55 AM) Syd: I may try something like that
  229. (06:22:18 AM) Cheeseness: And if you look at the chained, lazerified, electronically bolted door, he stills says "In a primitive, yet effective way, it's locked."
  230. (06:22:34 AM) Syd: Yeah :)
  231. (06:22:41 AM) lietu: really thesedays the sword fighting part doesn't take that long .. you collect more than enough replies in a short-ish amount of time
  232. (06:23:11 AM) Syd: Yeah, it's not really that bad.
  233. (06:23:34 AM) Syd: It's just that how quickly you get through it is up to the game giving you the responses you need
  234. (06:23:46 AM) Syd: And sometimes you get a string of dumb pirates with no good comebacks
  235. (06:24:01 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  236. (06:24:02 AM) lietu: yep
  237. (06:24:20 AM) Cheeseness: Or there's one insult you really want the answer to, but nobody has it
  238. (06:24:29 AM) lietu: yep
  239. (06:24:33 AM) Cheeseness: Also, did you fight the hat wearing pirate?
  240. (06:24:40 AM) Cheeseness: I didn't spot him
  241. (06:24:48 AM) lietu: I think it got a bit better in MI3
  242. (06:25:04 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, MI3 was very clever
  243. (06:25:15 AM) Syd: MI3's insult sword fighting was a bit more streamlined, I think
  244. (06:25:42 AM) Syd: And they gave it the interesting twist that it had to rhyme
  245. (06:26:47 AM) Cheeseness: There's still something pretty awesome about MI1's sword fighting though
  246. (06:26:51 AM) lietu: And they had the pirate song too, which was awesome
  247. (06:27:07 AM) Syd: "A pirate I was meant to be, trim the sails and roam the sea"
  248. (06:27:08 AM) Cheeseness: I have an extracted version of that in my music library :D
  249. (06:27:38 AM) ion: I wonder why MI3 isn’t available on, say, Steam.
  250. (06:27:56 AM) bddn [bddn@BC40E1E5.C869EC35.9EAE1B87.IP] entered the room.
  251. (06:28:01 AM) Cheeseness: Apathy, I imagine
  252. (06:28:01 AM) lietu: dunno
  253. (06:28:11 AM) Syd: LucasArt's last president halted pretty much all of their adventure game re-releases
  254. (06:28:12 AM) ion: I’d like to buy it.
  255. (06:28:15 AM) Syd: Maybe the new guy will be a bit better
  256. (06:28:17 AM) Cheeseness: Hi bddn
  257. (06:28:29 AM) Cheeseness: Hey ion
  258. (06:28:33 AM) ion: hai
  259. (06:28:41 AM) Syd: Though they could be holding off on possibly making another HD remake. I think I'd like to see a faithful HD version of Curse.
  260. (06:28:44 AM) lietu: ok, watched the video now
  261. (06:28:54 AM) lietu: it was pretty nice
  262. (06:28:57 AM) Cheeseness: What would a HD version add to Curse?
  263. (06:29:02 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, thanks for streaming :D
  264. (06:29:07 AM) Syd: Just make it HD, really
  265. (06:29:20 AM) Syd: Curse still looks gorgeous, but it's held back by that low resolution
  266. (06:29:21 AM) Cheeseness: That's a lot of work with not so much impact
  267. (06:29:22 AM) lietu: yeah, but compared to MI1 and 2, 3 still looks excellent
  268. (06:29:32 AM) Syd: If they still have the original art assets, it probably wouldn't be too hard for them to do
  269. (06:29:43 AM) Cheeseness: Adding voices to 1 and 2 was enough of a point of difference to guarantee lots of fan interest
  270. (06:29:43 AM) lietu: I'd rather see them go for DOTT and Sam & Max first
  271. (06:29:46 AM) Syd: But if nothing else, I would like to see a proper digital re-release
  272. (06:29:58 AM) Cheeseness: It's hard to know if a Curse Special Edition would be as well receieved
  273. (06:30:09 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, I'd love to see DoTT or Sam & Max
  274. (06:30:17 AM) Syd: Maybe just re-release Curse as-is, but add commentary and concept art
  275. (06:30:21 AM) Cheeseness: Or even The Dig
  276. (06:30:43 AM) lietu: maniac mansion
  277. (06:30:48 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Yeah, that's an option, but how many people are going to feel ripped off by that sort of thing?
  278. (06:31:25 AM) Syd: Dunno. :P
  279. (06:31:26 AM) Cheeseness: lietu: That's a good point - reimagined visuals for that would certainly be a point of interest
  280. (06:31:59 AM) Cheeseness: (and voices)
  281. (06:32:21 AM) Syd: I think the biggest thing they could do would be to make and add in the cinematics from the end that were originally cut.
  282. (06:32:32 AM) Syd: Because so much of Curse's ending was cut
  283. (06:32:32 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  284. (06:32:40 AM) Cheeseness: Wait, from Curse?
  285. (06:32:53 AM) Syd: They had storyboards and voice recordings, but the cinematics weren't animated
  286. (06:33:00 AM) Cheeseness: Oh, really?
  287. (06:33:01 AM) Syd: That's why Curse feels like it has such a rushed ending
  288. (06:33:11 AM) lietu: btw, you might want to bookmark this ;)
  289. (06:33:15 AM) Syd: There was, I think, two different cinematics they ended up not putting in
  290. (06:33:52 AM) Cheeseness: I should read up a bit. I had no idea that stuff was cut ^_^
  291. (06:34:00 AM) Syd: One that shows Guybrush getting into the roller coaster and explains why he wasn't killed in it with more than a throwaway line, and another one that was a proper longer ending cinematic after LeChuck was defeated
  292. (06:34:15 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, nice
  293. (06:34:46 AM) Syd: I think the storyboards for the first one I mentioned was in the official game guide.
  294. (06:34:57 AM) Cheeseness: Hmm
  295. (06:35:09 AM) Cheeseness: I never had that
  296. (06:35:26 AM) Syd: I saw a scan of it online. I never had it myself either
  297. (06:35:59 AM) Syd: I recall an interview by one of the creators of Curse that he regretted not pushing for more time and money so those cutscenes didn't have to be cut
  298. (06:37:31 AM) Syd: But I'd love to see an HD Curse using original art assets. Hopefully they have them stored somewhere.
  299. (06:40:12 AM) Cheeseness: It'd be nice, but I can see it being a really hard project to get good fan response from. Anything less than amazing would disappoint fans, and I don't know if updated art assets is enough (I imagine some would say that LucasArts were milking the game instead of updating it). Effort vs reward, there's not a lot that could be done to Curse that would be high impact
  300. (06:40:29 AM) lietu: probably, since they had the original assets for 1&2
  301. (06:40:36 AM) Cheeseness: It'd be neat to see Fate Of Atlantis given a facelift
  302. (06:41:09 AM) Syd: Yeah, at best, I don't think an HD version of Curse should be given any sort of priory, though I still would like to see it re-released in some way.
  303. (06:41:14 AM) lietu: mjeah, though I never liked the indy games THAT much, and afaik neither did the larger audience
  304. (06:41:15 AM) Syd: *priority
  305. (06:41:26 AM) Cheeseness: Aww, I loved Atlantis
  306. (06:41:33 AM) lietu: anyways, I really need to get some sleep .. nite
  307. (06:41:40 AM) Syd: Night
  308. (06:41:40 AM) Cheeseness: Night lietu :)
  309. (06:41:55 AM) Cheeseness: I'll pop a log up in IRC in a bit
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