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  1. Insane PVP D.Yoyo STR +99 awake
  2. Insane HP Trin Yoyo HP+21% STA+33
  4. Insane PVP Celes. Helm IA+21% STR+33
  5. Insane PVP Celes. Suit IA+22% STR+33
  6. Insane PVP Celes. Gaunt IA+22% STR+33
  7. Insane PVP Celes. Boots IA+30%
  9. Insane HP Celes. Helm HP+31%
  10. Insane All Stat Celes. Suit HP+ 31%
  11. Insane HP Celes. Gaunt STA+62 HP+11%
  12. Insane HP Celes. Boots STA+64 HP+11%
  14. Leos Ring HP+22% STR+33
  15. Leos Ring IA+21% STR+31
  16. Leos Ear HP+22% STR+33
  17. Leos Ear IA+11% STR+66
  18. Leos Ear IA+11% STR+64
  19. Leos Necklace IA+22% STR+33
  21. Trin Cloak HP+22% STR+31
  22. Trin Cloak STR+94
  23. Trin Wing IA+30%
  24. Trin Crown IA+31% /STR+33 IA+11% HP+12%
  25. Trin Suit HP+11% STR+66
  26. Trin Suit IA+11% STR+68
  27. Trin Gaunt HP+23% STR+33
  28. Trin Gaunt IA+22% STR+30
  29. Trin Boots HP+21% STR+35
  31. B.PET IA+22% STR+33 w/ 6 colo beads
  32. M.Tiger IA+31%
  33. M.Lion HP+ 27%
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