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Coursera's Functional Programming - Cheating Discovered

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Oct 9th, 2012
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  1. We are saddened to report that some students have been uploading the solutions of the weekly exercises to public spaces. As you might have guessed, this is a clear violation of Coursera honor code article 3 (
  3. We have even discovered a number of graded assignment submissions that are identical to the submissions uploaded by other students. This is a clear violation of Coursera honor code article 4 (see link above).
  5. So, we've decided to take the following action in response to these violations:
  7. We have staff monitoring for solutions being posted on all public venues.
  9. If we find that solutions continue to be posted, we will reconsider offering certificates of completion.
  11. We have identified several individual students with solutions publicly posted (github included) who will be expelled from the course in the coming days if these solutions remain public.
  13. Thus, as a bottom-line:
  14. If you have uploaded solutions to any public space, including github, please remove them ASAP or face immediate expulsion.
  16. For those students for whom it's been discovered have uploaded similar or duplicate solutions, cases will be handled on an individual basis. Though beware, that cheating in any capacity not be tolerated.
  18. We're truly saddened to have to be taking these steps, but we hope you understand that such steps are necessary in order to preserve academic integrity and the value of the course and certificates of completion.
  20. Best Regards,
  21. Martin Odersky & the Functional Programming Principles in Scala Course Staff
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